Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We interupt the bash reports for a moment...

Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad Against McCain

I found this video here. Obviously it's in total jest, but I think it outlines something I have been saying for quite a while. That the democrats go soft against the Republicans when it counts.

Thursday night should be the classic example. I mean, will Biden even have to say anything? Why wouldn't he look at the moderator after Palin answers a guestion, giggle, and put his hands up as if to say, "Do I even need to offer a rebuttal?"

But he won't. He'll go soft and be nice, and leave a lot of stuff on the table, just like Obama did, and not shutdown this trainwreck of a campaign that the Republicans have put together.

Not that it matters much. I can't see the elephants winning. It wouldn't make sense at this point. How bad do the Democrats have to mess up to lose the election this time?

Thursday night Live!

Ususally there is only one to a stool... It seemed as if all 3 of the tucks were sitting in Al's when CK and I walked in.

It was good to get it started off. But there was one particular story that has been eluded to in several posts, but I think has to be told script style....

outside of a bar on any main st. in the US. Cool weather, very well lit by street lamps and moonlight. 6 people smoking and laughing telling stories and general anticipation for the following days.

Act 1:

Two young men (both dressed in oversized khakis, and striped (horizontally) long sleeved polo shirts. One is short, skinny, and boyish looking. the other short, chubby and a full grown beard and messy curly hair. They approach the group from the east, strolling slowly towards with a noticable decline in speed until they arrive.

Both stop as if to mingle with the group. Bam is leaning up against the brick wall of the Pub smoking a cigarette with one leg proped up against the wall itself. I am directly to the right of him facing Carson who is directly to the left of him. Both are standing perpendicular to Bam. Donkaa is stading in front of bam. The rest of the group is more to the right of us near the door and laughing hysterically about numerous things.

Boyish looking man: "Hey dudes whats up?"
Me: "nothing"
Bam: Stares deeply through him, and his demeanor goes from playful to business like.
BLM: "Hey, do you mind if I bum a cigarette?"
Bam: "Not a fucking chance."
Donkaa, and Carson both laugh hysterically. I look surprised at Bam, then toward the kid as if to warn him off.
BLM: "nah, thats cool, you don't have to be mean about it."
Bam: "As a matter of fact, there is nothing you can say to get me to give you one, because you are a punk. I look at you and I see myself 50 years ago. Trust me, I'm saving your life."
BLM: "I would give you $0.15 for one"
Me: "I think you got your answer. Keep Walking."

Carson and Donkaa are truly in hysterics, either at the verbal exchange, or my expression of disbelief. Poor little guy!

More to come....

Monday, September 29, 2008

The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid

Ummm.... Still processing. When 72 hours allows for 6 hours of sleep, mixed with booze, fun, very cool people, AND some cake is raised to help save boobs... Well, lets just say I need to take some time gather my thoughts.

Bam and carson are now officially blood. And we are truly the adopted sons of the ever watchful DonkAA.

Al is a new man.

Drizz will be offering a rematch in December. This time HE will be reaching across the 4 ft. table.


Spaceman has turned me into a democrat. (and all I did was listen to his conversation with someone else, from afar)

Dawn makes me feel empathetic towards Mets fans. (Thats a good thing) I <3 Dawn

I will definately be meeting up with Vinnay for some non-blogger hanging out with just another really cool dude. (not gay, although it might sound it)

Bad Blood impressed me more than any other human being when he decided to take on drizz with a broken arm. That dude is hard core. I actually cringed. Nothing makes me cringe.

The Doc and Wife should be the model for every single marriage in the universe. Exceptional, really. Bam and pebs are close as well.

Falstaff never disappoints. Ever.

Recess... Recess and I had a lot in common. The most blaring being that we both agree Fuel is gay

Jordon... This is the second time I met Jordan. Its like I grew up with him.

soooo much more. Thanks to everyone who came and participated and just hung out for a good time! I have some good stories.... will post shortly.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't worry about it people, we'll walk you through it.... HA!

It's been a long wait, but it's finally here. I'll be sure to have some updates along the way. Not promising anything because I cant guarantee any level of consciousness, but I'll do my best.

The Bash commences.... Tonight!

Consider this part of the opening ceremonies. Now those of you that can't make it, can at least be a part of it. But you must watch the video and dance in your cubicle.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Mother F%$!er so cool, when he goes to sleep , sheep count

Eagles V Steelers... Is Pittsburgh a good team? Was Ben banged up? Are they just not that good? Granted the Eagles D played viciously and Johnsons game plans tend to be able to do things like that at least one game a season. That is just run rampid over an unsuspecting team.

But is it an indication that Pittsurgh isn't just that good? Time will tell I guess.

The phils continue their climb to the playofffs. Only now it seems all down hill. I can only hope for a Cubs v Phils NLCS. I think that would be good not only for the respective cities, but for baseball as well.


Now, from time to time, Waffles fag chats me with some crazy business scheme. Sometimes he's serious, and sometimes he's not. Like the one time he said that he wanted to start a company that made calendars. Each month would have a picture of a different dog taking a shit somewhere in the US. His contention was that the looks on the dogs being caught in the act was enough to drive at least short term sales and make a quick buck. The upside would be having a product that would re-sell every year. He figured it would be a good office gift.

But I digress....

With the impending depression that will surely hit the US, Waffles seems to think that dollars will be hard to comeby. He does think however, that history has shown there are two things that people will always spend their money on. Booze and hookers. His idea is to start a site that will map out every hooker hang out in the country. Satellite maps if you will. There would be a forum so that customers could rate the area with different parameters. Some of those parameters....

1) Escort or crack whore.
2) likelyhood of getting rolled
3) chances of getting aids
4) chances of "she" being a "he"
5) hotel or her place
6) Pics of the walkers

etc. etc.

His issues were people being able to afford internet access. I said the likelyhood of that was high, because the government would take over all ISP's and it would be free. They would need a way to track individuals anyway.

Healthcare wouldn't be an issue either. I figure the Gov would set up MASH like units to take care of that. In this new society, Hookers become the aristocrats. Waffles sees that and wants be in on the ground floor. He's looking for investors.

Bash this weekend. God bless our souls!

Friday, September 19, 2008

You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson

That quote could be applicable to live tournament reporters as well. Last night was the finish of the Borgata Poker Open. Once all was cleaned up and the players paid, and the last line of wit written, the worker community set out for celebration. I was there to partake, and of course, influence my bretheren with talk of business and ideas, and could be's and must haves, while getting yelled at by the few who were too spent to think or talk yet one last thing about anything poker.

Al, Pauly, Friedman, and Steve were all in the back corner when I arrived kind of starring at each other. Like one of those scenes in a Vietnam Movie when a bomb goes off and everything goes deafly silent with the exception of the soft music in the background. Its how I experienced it anyway.

The whole Borgata staff was there. From brass to balls with everyone wishing to just chill, tell stories, and celebrate the end of hell week. Or month for that matter. The weary hit the sacks, the restless try and convince everyone else to stay, and the weak head right for the poker room once the party starts to die down. 5/10 was the choice. No real stories to tell accept that Al was dealt a pocket pair everyhand, hit a set 75% of the time, and NEVER won a hand. His penance for pushing the karmic boundaries I guess.

The Phils have never beaten ANY team 9 consecutive times, on the road in franchise history. That happened against the braves last night. And it kept the slim half game lead against the Mets, because they won their game. This is looking like a chess match. First mistake will lose it.

Lots of kiddie stuff this weekend with field hockey games, practices, and parties. Enjoy yours!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why is it your moves are always so grand and noble and I'm always the idiot piece of shit?!?

Busy Busy day here in Riggs land...

I have a meeting in one hour, then heading down to the Borg for the final table of the Borgata Poker Open. Al is already there doing his best to stay sane and alive. Mark Seif is at the final table today. I wonder what he thinks about this article that came out on msnbc this morning?

The Phils continue to win, and the Mets ALMOST gave up another game. I guess they ran good last night after having a 5-0 lead, to a 9-5 lead, to finally a 9-7 win with the bases loaded in the 9th. We can't expect them to dust off as easily as they did last year. Santana is pitching tonight for the Mets. After last nights run through the bull pen, he's going to need a complete game with under 170 pitches to have give his team a chance at another win.

As much as I rip the Mets I still love the rivalry and the race. I am, in fact, a bigger fan of the game than I am a team. This is ruly the best time of year for me. With the Phils in it, it just makes it that much better!

Goat and I have engaged in a political debate of sorts. He is one of the few I can discuss, or even argue politics with, with the understanding that they are really only differences. In the end we find each other wanting the same outcomes. His wit is unmatched though. I try to be funny, but because of my conservative background, I have way too much hate and angst to pull it off.

We spoke last night and I couldn't fall asleep for a while after this little dialouge:

[00:39] Goat: The point is you could believe it happening, because no presidential candidate in history has had the sick handle of Obama
[00:39] Riggs: true
[00:40] Riggs: kennedy had some chops on the court though
[00:40] Riggs: but that was like richie cunningham days
[00:40] Riggs: probably made free throws from between his legs
[00:40] Goat: right
[00:40] Goat: he couldn't drive left
[00:40] Goat: he had no fade away
[00:40] Riggs: nobody had a left back then
[00:40] Goat: he could drive back and to the left
[00:40] Goat: back and to the left
[00:40] Goat: back and to the left
[00:40] Riggs: LOLOLOL
[00:40] Riggs: ksjdflkjsdfjsdlkfjl;kjfs;kljf
[00:40] Goat: BOOOOOOOM
[00:40] Riggs: fdkdjf;sakjdf;kjdfskjfksf
[00:41] Goat: And with that I say goodnight
[00:41] Riggs: <-- TEARS!!!

Ok, so I'm easily amused. The debate is a 5 part series consisting of one question per series. There will be an answer, and rebuttal, and an answer. Each of us will take turns asking the question. Like this years election, I have no shot at winning, so I will try to be as vile, hurtful, and as condescending as possible.

Off to the meetings and AC. Have a nice day!

EDIT: As I reread this I realized that I had forgotten about Bill Bradley. He didnt' make it to be the presidential candidate but he did run in the primary against Gore in the 2000 election. Now hat dude had a handle! Basketball hall of famer!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where else could I get beaten up every day, treated like shit by prima donna Canadians, and get my nuts shaved?

Scotty Upshall made it to the cash in the Borgata poker open! Thats big news. Why? Cause he was doing it all for charity. God bless the little right winger from my home team Flyers!

This is one team in Philadelphia that takes the least amount of shit, on a national public level. But the fans here in Philly that are true hockey fans don't hold back. They love their Flyers.

"Eagle fans are about the dumbest group of people on earth, sorry but it just has to be said. McNabb played AWESOME with one mental error and many dropped passes."

LOL!!! Coming from someone who hasn't lived in Philly, thats typical. McNabb did play an awesome game. That is true. And he got his props in town. Still is getting them. But what you wouldn't get fom not living here, and being able to watch every single game he has ever played in is the fact that his biggest issues are still there... 1) he has a tendency to throw at the feet of his receivers 2) Reid puts restraints on his ability to run the ball. In his earlier seasons, he would not hesitate to take off if he saw an opening. Those opportunities are all gone now, because of the coach. The fans aren't ripping him for it. They rip the coach. On the final two drives he threw at least 4 balls at the feet of an open receiver. Thats not saying that he sucks and should be kicked out of town. That's pointing out that this is something he should be working on, yet still doing it. This far in his career and he is still throwing those stupid balls. So as intelligent fans, we point that out, and I guess we suck because we do. But if you want to suck Mcnabbs dick and blame it on receivers (which the fans here blame on management for not getting those guys. We won't blame a guy fo being short), go right ahead.

You don't get free passes here in Philadelphia. Fans here expect perfection from their athletes because thats what they expect of themselves. Thats what we expect because we pay a lot of money to see these people perform. You are not a celebrity. You are an employee. A product. We want value for our money spent. We will shower you with praise when you perform, but we will also destroy you if you blow it. The teams here in Philadelphia belong to the fans. Management, the players, the owners are all secondary. If anyone of them is deemed to be the cause of the teams demise, they will be casted out. Plain and simple.

"Last time I checked Philly was arguably the worst sports city in America, no team from there ever wins."

I provided several examples of surveys where Philly is placed among the top 10 sports city's in every one. There is no argument. And not winning recently is the MAIN reason we expect perfection.

The Phils took over First place last night with a HUGE two run shot by Howard with 2 outs and 1 on in the 8th. So clutch. Lidge pulled off another miracle by striking out the last out with sacks juiced in the bottom of the ninth. Lidge has really been a force for us. We're lucky to have him. And you know what... He would be killed today if he blew that save. Crushed! Thats what makes us the worst sports fans.

WAAAAAAHHH!!! Stop ripping the players. Fuck them. Put out or get out. We can tell when it's a lack of effort, or just a bad night. DO YOUR JOB! Thats the Philly way.

The Muts have proven their true colors by seemingly being on the way to blowing another september lead. When will the ownership get it? How will they stand for it again this year?

I guess the Mets fans are better fans for letting their team off the hook for choking yet again. Oh wait, They're killing the team? I guess they are the worst sports fans then.

Final table will be set after today at the Borgata Open. Al is putting up some good updates, so if you are interested, check it out. Some good names there already. Forrest however is out, when his AA was cracked by Rassmussens 88, a'la Moneymaker in the '03 ME. Maybe its his time.

I'll be back down there for the final table tomorrow. Should be a good show.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tom! Get the president on the phone... We're surrendring our position here in Cuba

The attacks on Palin just won't stop. And never will. That is until after 8pm on election day.
I would think the reason lies in the fact that about 37.2 million viewers saw her convention speech, a larger audience than the American Idol finals or the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games.

That she made such an impression on viewers ranging from hard core party junkies to women and men not normally attuned to politics explains why it’s essential for the Obama campaign and its media allies to tarnish Palin.

And they will continue to do it wrapped in their M.O. of disguising every little comment as an act of service. Plain and simple, Political campaigns are about popularity. One side is not going to take a different line than the other when it comes to spilling vile and misleading remarks about the other. And neither side will let up until they have garnered as many electoral votes as possible to take office.

Anyone see that Monday night Football game last night? What a show! Absolutely awesome game that had everything a football game should have. Long range TD passes, controversy, hard hitting, sacks, defensive touchdowns, rivalries that didn't disappoint.

Its a shame the Eagles didn't prevail, but its not the end of the world. Not too many teams are going to go undeafeated in the league, so a loss is expected. The disappontment in McNabb from the home fans will be less than it usually is after any loss, but it will still be there. The main reason is for the amount of balls he threw short, or at the receivers feet. This is a trait he has shown over and over again, and the fans here hate nothing more than repeated mistakes. Another common complaint will be the percieved lack of timing McNabb showed when the opportunity came for running the ball.

It seemed that there were times where if he had only ran for the first down when it looked as if he could have clearly made it, based on the TV angles, instead of throwing an incompletion to Greg Lewis' feet. Yes, this will be the crying call of some fans this morning. But he gets no complaints from me. It's common knowledge that Reid puts a harness on Mcnab when it comes to his ability to run the ball for obvious reasons. But it is what it is. To go down to Dallas, on Monday night, and play like they did, is good enough for me. That game was really a coin flip. I think there were some missed opportunities, but it is what it is. I am happy.

Finally, Wonka left a comment on yesterdays post about Bret Myers:

Brett Myers is a Piece of shit who likes to BEAT HIS WIFE. I wonder if he went home after pitching a 2 hitter and Beat her cause he didn't get the NO NO.I still find it sad that guys like him are Cheered and Idolized.

See, this is what most people don't get. Athletes in Philadelphia are very rarely idolized. They are very rarely even seen as celebrities. What makes this a hard city for athletes to play in is the fact that you don't get star treatment. No one cares about you. And more to the point, you are getting creamed if you don't perform. You get nothing free here. Myers was killed in this town when that incident happened. Conversely though, when he did get through that mess, and started to perform, he was, and will be given his due, for that specific accomplishment. But that is all. Athletes in this town are not cheered for who they are. They are cheered for what they have done now. Per instance. Not for what they have done last season, or last week.

Unless you have lived in this town, you'll never get it. I love how everyone points to the fact that this is the town that boo'd Donovan when he was drafted. The contigent that was there was not booing Donovan. They were booing the eagles organization.

During the months between the end of the season and the NFL draft, the media here in Philly was reporting that the Eagles were going to take a runningback. Ricky Wiliams to be exact. The whole town was ready for it. For the first time in franchise history, this town was going to get a top back. One that everyone knew was going to be a HoF'er. Those people went up to NY for that moment alone. To witness the franchises first pick of the running back that every single media outlet had pegged as a guy who had the potential to be one of best ever. At the time, we were in desperate need of a back as well, and had lived with what quarterbacks were out there. There was even a pile of free agent QB's that were available and the assumption was picking up one of them.

But as fans, we live throught this, and we wait for our time again. Every single team in this city has won a championship. And they will again. And for that, we wait, and enjoy every moment 'til it comes again.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Brett Myers received a standing ovation from the near-capacity crowd... *Whenever Myers receives a standing ovation, you know something earth shattering happened. For a guy who was sent down earlier in the year, and is now contributing like he is... Its stuff Philly fans go crazy for. They'll write you off in a minute. But if you show up and perform like you should, your the towns next hero.
...Myers pitched a two-hitter and the Philadelphia Phillies moved into a tie for the NL wild-card lead, and one back of the Mets, who faltered in the late innings against the Braves.
This guy left a comment about Philadelphia being the worst sports town. Like someone from the left, he drinks the coolaide. In realtity, Philadelphia fans are one of the countries best. However, we have the most absolute horrid media in the country. The worst is always portrayed. Always. All of these guys have the red- haired step child syndrome. Makes for better print and sound bites I guess. The fact of the matter is there are no other fans more loyal to their teams. Here is a classic example. I don't agree with the assesment of Forbes to determine the best. Houston in the top three??? No offense JJ!
Here are some other recent snippets from articles ranking top sports towns:

His remarks were pointed directly at the Eagles and Mcnabb. He tried his best to get out of town? What the hell were you reading? Nothing credible. Because Andy Reid will die with McNabb, and McNabb will die with the Eagles. Which is a good thing in most fans opinions.

4. Eagles Consecutive sellouts: 71
Season-ticket waiting list: 70,000
No other team dictates a city's mood like the Eagles.
It's a loyal group of fans, but don't confuse it with blind loyalty.
When the Eagles play poorly, they face the wrath of the fans. That rattles some guys, but players such as Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Dawkins have thrived on that tough love. Fans of opposing teams should tread lightly in the Linc.
Tonight v Dallas. It is going ot be an awesome game. I think Dallas has the edge even if this game was played in Philadelphia. But its a close call either way, and will make for a very entertaining game. And if McNabb throws 3 interceptions, and the defense gives up 40 points, you're damn well told that the Philly fans will absolutely rip the team apart. But don't interpret that as jumping off the band wagon. The folks here just demand excellence. They will always give the team next week to gain back their respect.
I was at the Borgata yesterday for the start of the Poker Open Main Event. The Borgata set a precedent by offering a $5mm guarantee for the $10,000 main event. 516 players is the official count and I think this made for an overlay of $40k. Not bad considering I was told by many pros and insiders that most of the big names were heading to europe.
You can read here and here and here for updates on that tournament. Some big names who entered... John Juanda, Gavin Smith, Eric Seidel, Kristy Gazes, John Gale, Roy Winston (defending champion), and others.
So much to talk about and read about today with the end of week 2 in the NFL, Baseballs Penant race, (congrats to Zambrano for throwing a no no), The financial markets meltdown, Lehman, Merryl, and of course, the ever pressing run for the White house. Content shouldn't be an issue this week for anyone.
Enjoy it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Outright horseshit! All the time, everytime!

This just kills me. Factcheck.org proclaims to be a non-partisan outlet for information spewing out of politicians from everywhere. Lets just look at some of their "non-partisan" interpretations:

McCain's $5,000 Promise May 1, 2008 His new ad only tells half the story of what his health proposal could mean for U.S. workers. Summary McCain says in a new TV ad: "Let's give every American family a $5,000 refundable tax credit" to buy health insurance. Sounds good. But McCain failed to mention how existing employer-sponsored health benefits would be affected.

Workers would be taxed on the value of any employer-paid health benefits, partially offsetting the $5,000 credit for those now covered by such plans. Experts say a tax credit plan like this would likely cause companies to reduce or eliminate health benefits for their employees.

The aim of the McCain plan is to reduce health care costs through increased competition, by encouraging individuals to shop around for health insurance and medical care. There are many who favor such an approach, and we take no position on it one way or the other. But McCain's simplistic ad misleads viewers by promising to give "every American family" a $5,000 benefit while failing to mention what he would also take away.

First of all, to give every one 5k is retarded. I agree with that. But the premise behind discrediting his statement is so far out there, and such a reach it goes beyond anything witty I can think of right now. "He fails to mention what he would take away". Thats because he isn't taking anything away. Taxing those benefits that are already received is not taking something away. Its basically charging those who have, to pay for those that don't have. And listen you nits.... There are CEO's and high level executives today who ARE ALREADY TAXED on their benefits.

And what Experts are they talking about? "Most companies might just eliminate or reduce coverages now because of employees being taxed???" I doubt it. Employers would not be held responsible in the least for the employees tax burden on health care. Let Microsoft or Burger King tell their employees that they aren't going to receive health benefits anymore, because the government is taxing the employee. See how fast their attrition rate goes up, and see how fast they have problems providing goods and services to their customers. I don't want to debate the obvious issues with health care in our country. But to spin this the way they have above is just damn near slander.

By the measure most economists prefer, McCain is wrong in his claim that Sens. Clinton and Obama want to implement "the single largest tax increase since the Second World War;" it would be the fifth largest. At a more basic level, it's misleading to tag Clinton and Obama for something that was scheduled during the Bush administration - the expiration of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, which by law will occur at the end of 2010.

Read that again... The point being that they are insinuating that the McCain camp is saying that the expiration of the Bush Tax cuts in '01 and '03 are the plans for tax increases by the Obama camp. This is total spin of the worst kind. Do they actually think that the dumbest people in the country read this stuff? This is supposed to be non-partisan? Where in any speech that McCain has given does it say that? Where in that article does it imply that McCain is saying that? Other than the fact that THEY say it.

Now some stupid hippy is going to read this and automatically agree, get a wiff of supposed intelligence (cause he/she just actually read something) and go around spouting off to all who will listen about how the Republicans lie, misrepresent, and distort the truth about everything.

When in fact, you pigs, that McCain has said or indicated nothing of the kind. Its real simple to find each others tax plans. I would link, but I am under the assumption that you know how to google. Obamas tax increase have nothing to do with the expiration of the cuts in '01 and '03. they have everything to do with his own plan.

Annenberg! I used to park the guys car. Way back when, he held some rockin fund raisers on the Main Line here. I worked for the guy who had a valet service. Most of them were for PETA, or some other hippie cause. Non-Partisan my ass. Now who's lying? I mean deceiving.

Ok, so lets go with what they pin on the left.

First of all, 11 of the 12 articles on the site today are all "correcting" statements made by the republican party. Because the Left is so goddamn truthful all the time, obviously. They don't lie about anything do they. They don't cover up anything would they?

Here's the ONE that rights a wrong done to Palin (for being slimed). Here is the link for this one, because its just too much to write here. But what makes me just explode with laughter here is the fact that all of the statements here discount what the left is saying, but most have a little caveat about them.

"She did not demand that books be banned from the Wasilla library. Some of the books on a widely circulated list were not even in print at the time. The librarian has said Palin asked a "What if?" question, but the librarian continued in her job through most of Palin's first term."

Someone actually went to Alaska and interviewed this librarian. Who, most likely is a Palin supporter. They love her in that state. But that is a very large assumption on my part, so I will strike that from the record.

The real thing to look at here is this. One of you... and I won't say who, pointed to this website as being non-partisan and as a resource that will cut through all the bullshit and print the truths.
Not 10 minutes before he/ she told me this, they argued all the points that this site say are untruthful about Palin. So I guess the site is good, as long as its bashing a republican. Which is pretty goddamn often I might add.

I don't know who's right and who's wrong. I just want the person I am debating and arguing with to have at least some goddamn integrtiy and character when doing so.

In light of it all, I will still respect you, still be friends, etc. etc. I don't judge anyone for wanting a different party to be elected. I won't judge anyone for wanting a change, or not believing in what I believe in. Just be goddamn honest about it. Don't kid yourself, and don't fucking kid me. I am smarter than you. Always will be. You tell me this is a non-partisan web site? Then I think your an idiot. Because I won't be by virtue of agreeing with you after reading it.

Anyone for 2/4 PLO on Bodog tonight?

I go fag... you die

With the upcoing release of Righteous Kill, starring two of the most prolific actors of all time, I thought I would do a little side by side comparison.

Robert Deniro and Al Pacino both have had outstanding careers as actors. The question becomes who is better. I don't know that you can answer that question definitively without having some sort of personal bias. I myself think that Deniro has had a more prolific career, but I also think that Pacino has played better parts. Not in quantity, and maybe not in quality, but definately more entertaining.

I love the roll they both played in Heat. Pacino was very good in that movie as was Deniro. But I think Deniro could have been replaced and still have had the same movie. I don't think that could be said about Pacino.

Now, Pacino has 1 oscar out of 8 nominations (for Scent of a woman), and Deniro has 2 out of 6 nominations (God Father, pt II, and Raging Bull). That could certainly be used as an indication of who is better. Or, you could go with money.

Deniro movies are estimated to have grossed 2.2 billion. (56 features) whereas Pacino is 1.3 Billion (33 features). Average opening weekend gross' are about the same at 40 million (Pacino) to 39 million (Deniro).

So lets look at the films:

Deniro: Raging Bull, GF, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Cape Fear, Meet the Parents/ fockers, Analyze this, Heat, Good Fellas, Bronx Tale, etc. etc.

Pacino: GF 1-3, Scarface, Dog day afternoon, Heat, Scent of a Women, Devil's Advocate, Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, Carilto's Way, And Justice for all, Donnie Brasco, Any Given Sunday,etc. etc.

Both are equally due their own right in american film history. The reason I bring all of this up is the fact that once again, they pair up in a movie where they will actually be in scenes together.
Heat was the first movie they actually had a scene together and it was only two. At the coffee shop and at the end, when no words were spoken.

So I am interested in seeing this film. Very interested. I love both of these guys and would probably see any movie they have been, or are in. So the burning question I have is who ranks higher than the other?

I can't really decide, so I guess I will let this next film help me decide. It probably doesn't need to be answered anyway.

Can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

... and we all went down, to the lady bug picnick!

123, 456, 789, 10 11 12...

stupid song is stuck in my head. I guess that's what happens when you watch, almost exclusively, children's shows all day long. And if not watching, you can at least hear, probably moreso in your subconscious, those evil lyrics from the likes of sesame street, sponge bob, caillou, and Dora. Miley cyrus is no angel either.


My 10 year old basketball player, turned Field Hockey player, turned political analyst asked me a question the other day. "Do women actually make less than men?"

See, this question was spurred by a TV commercial promoting Obama for president. His contention was that he would demand equal pay for equal work. Relating specifically to the assumption that women make less money than men for the same work.

Try telling that to the likes of Exxon, or Walmart. Try to pass legislation that will require that all women get an equal salary to that of a man.

While your at it, try to pass legislation that says any person who holds the title of VP of corporate development makes exactly the same salary, receives exactly the same benefits, and exactly the same bonus structure. Regardless if they are male, 32 years old with about 5 years experience, obtain an MBA or not, have a college degree or not.

Anyone who has ever been in the corporate world knows that each position has a pay scale.

Lets say, District Sales Manager of a National Food wholesaler. That range will be anywhere from 45k-80k for starting salary.

The differences between the person making 55k and the one making 70k in starting salary alone ranges from how good they negotiated their offer when it was received, to as simple as their educational accomplishments. In this day and age, I would argue that it has nothing to do with whether or not they have male junk or female junk.

That is just ridiculous. To say that they will legislate that if they are elected president??? How retarded can you get?

You don't go to 7-11 and find any new employee shuckin' slurpees being paid less because they are female. Maybe because they are newer, but not because they have tits. That's just stupid to assume so. And manipulative.

My answer to my daughter? I don't know. Used to be that way. But its shouldn't be the government to decide that. It should be the people. And that will be done by social pressure, if not those it concerns directly. Take responsibility for yourself. If you feel something needs to be changed, then take steps to do so. Don't settle. But don't expect anything to be handed to you. Be so damned good at what you do that other companies want your talents, services, and production. Price yourself with your abilities. In e end, we all get what is coming to us.

Legislate salaries... Good Christ!!! Are you kidding me? That's almost as bad as when Hillary, during her failed attempt to gain the nominee for her party, pointed to the fact that Exxon made a gazzilion dollars in profit in one quater. Then she proclaimed that as President, she would take a portion of that and...

TAKE A PORTION??? just take it? Take profits earned by a corporation and spend it as she wishes?? TAKE????

Are you effing kidding me?? Check out your 401k. See if any of the funds you have invested in own shares of Exxon. Then tell me how you feel about governement TAKING profits because they made too much, and the candidate feels they would do much better things with it than the company who made them could. Like boost your 401K with a better a return.


Here's another 80's Gem...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just another cowboy shooting off his loudmouth and making an assclown of himself

I love that line!!!

Hoy responded to my post about the little nugget that Darryl Johnston made during yesterdays game.

I did a little research... Here is a link to those facts.

3/4's of the way down you see longest receptions, and its goes 97, 98 and 99 yards.

It doesn't include anything from 85 to 96yds. But there is only 1 guy who made at least 2 of those receptions. Gary Tinsely. and that was done in '37 and '38.

The orignal assertion was that no receiver has had more than one td reception longer than 85 yards, wth the exception of Hank Baskett, who had 3 (as of yesterday)

Clearly this proves that there is at least one more. The aforementioned Gary Tinsley.

back in the 30's I gotta belive both were some little flair pass out of the slot or back field. They just didn't pass like that back then.

A little bit further down you see a highest average gain for season, career and game for WR's.

The only big name see is Tory Holt for game. and thats 63. Everyone else is from the pre 80's era.

So maybe Mr. Johnston isn't that far off. Just forgot one no name guy from the 30's. and who knows, maybe that gy was a RB.

I'll keep looking....

EDIT: I looked up super bowl records. Mushin Muhammed holds the record for longest TD reception in a superbowl. That was 85 yds. That is his longest reception as a player. Just another tid bit that could help to prove Johnston's statement as well. At least by deduction. That is until I can find something that lists every single reception mad over 85 yards.

If I was half the man I was 5 years ago, I would take a FLAME THROWER TO THIS PLACE!

This just about sums it up on yestedays can of whoop ass the Eagles put on the Rams. The only bad thing about that picture is that Steven Jackson is my rb in one of my fantasy leagues.
Now, a good game for Eagles fans it was. The most lop-sided victory they have ever had on opening day in franchise history. Another little nugget is that this was also the first time all three receivers have had 100 + yards in a game.
The issue that the WR position being philly's weakest was compounded yesterday by the fact that two of their starters, Curtis and Brown, where on the bench with injuries had everyone all askew about this.
The talk here in philly the past few weeks has developed a slogan of sorts. No WR, no AR (andy Reid). Looks like AR has bought himself at least another week in that department. Here in Philadephia, thats about all a win like this is good for. One more week. You see, for at least another 7 days, Reid and Mcnabb will be talked about in the same company as the Lord Almighty.
But come Tuesday Morning next week, if the lose to the cowboys, even by a point, even if its something stupid like a bird flying in the path of a David Akers game winning kick, Reid will once again become a scape goat for failure. Thats how they roll in here in philly. Win or you suck.
I imagine its like that elswhere as well, but for now, all is right with the world.
Now, are the Rams that horrid? Probably not. They looked unprepared really. Linehan has better unfuck himself, and his team, or there are going to be issues with his employment come week 6.
Are the Eagles that good? Probably not well, but they did show that they are ready for the season. This wasn't a fluke. Mcnabb played extremely well because the o-line did its job, and gave him the opportunity to do so. Can they keep that up? We'll see. But I have to assume that going into Texas stadium on a monday night won't quite be the lions den they are expecting. More like hell.
We'll see if D-Jack can keep up his torrid pace, without getting his little school girl frame of a body from being disintegrated by the likes of Roy Williams.
One stat I found really wierd. And haven't checked it out yet to confirm. But Darryl Johnston yesterday during the game said that only one receiver in the history of the league has recorded more than one recieving touchdown more than 85 yards.
That receiver is none other than Hank Baskett. And he now has three (thanks to the blown coverage yesterday). Could that be possible?
Tom Brady seems to be out for the season. Really, stuff like that is horrible. No one likes to see that happen. Whether you like the guy or not, its just ridiculous that something like that occurs in the first game.
The significance of it really, in my mind at least, is whether or not Buffalo or the Jets can take advantage of it. Remains to be seen. The pats have been very good at overcoming injuries. They are well coached, and still have a lot of talent. But to lose the centerpiece of your offense, if not the whole team will be challenging in the least.
It'll be ineresting to see this season play out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Now I have a place to put my hand!

Redskins are really, really, really bad. The defensive backfield dropped how many interceptions? Campbell threw how many balls short of first downs when it was 3rd and x?
The o-line is worse than swiss cheese. And all of this against the Giants who are less than a serviceable squad.

And how fixed was that game? It ended EXACTLY 1 minute before the Republican National Convention. McCain was a little "meh" for me. He is not a very charismatic guy. He spoke about things he would never speak of before, obviously taking the marketing advice of his advisors.

I can't see him winnig any debate between himself and Obama because the delivery, rather than the content of those answers are usually what is perceived as winning.

Keith Oberman is a douche bag. Talk about spinning everything his way. What a cock sucker. he should have stuck to sports. At least he would be less salty.

Evy ships 20k! WOOOT! Transmissions don't seem so pressing anymore, no?

PL starts school again and will vanish for a few months.

I missed a shot at drinking with Fuel this past weekend. Looks like Decemeber if the wife allows him some play time.

Off to the Borgata right now with the reverand to have some meetings and eat some noodles.

Bam and family need some Karma! SHIP IT BITCHES! Cheers from the rail my friend!

canadians talking about US politics! GOLD!

Raise up with some more 80's! (actually a little early 90's) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More updates!!!

Ev is sitting on the shortst stack at 300k CHECK THAT: SHE JUST DOUBLED!!! with 9 left... here are the payouts...

1st $77,170
2nd $50,958
3rd $27,714
4th $24,138
5th $20,562
6th $16,986
7th $13,410
8th $9,835
9th $7,153

Pauly is also doing updates for the borg... check it out here....

I'm out.. off to a football party/ heart hand diamond game... maybe some chess as well


If you read Evy's blog this morning you would have read that she made day 2 of the $300 buyin at the Borg. And that there was 1200 players....

Well, at 5:30pm est. she is currently sitting on an above average chip stack with only 16 left.

Cheer her on!!!! WAFFLES STYLE!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No TIcky, No Laundry!

Ahhhhhh... Fantasy football, politics, Gambling, The Bash!!

Honestly.. Who could ask for more??? Lets take 'em one by one.

We have some discussion of politics flying around the blogasphere, and at the kitchen table as well for many of you.

Of course my wife does as she's told, so there will be no commie/ liberal talk in MY house!! *ducks

Each side goes back and forth back and forth about who does worse, who a lied, and what's better for the country. We went to war under false pretenses. No we didn't. We were going to war anway. 9/11 or no 9/11. If Gore was elected, we would be going to war. Its in the plan. There are hundreds of publications, books, c-span, all out there that will give you an idea of who's next as well. As socrates said, as long as there is man, there will be war. Get used to it. Hell, if your democrat, read Woodwards series of books, Bush at War. It damn near explains the certainty of war in the middle east. The question was which country.

Read any numerous books on Bin Laden. It shows you this clown isn't even viewed as a religious figure among his people. Hes a nut job. Who got pissed off because the west is the largest thriving civilization. He believes/d that the ottoman empire (the greatest to ever inhabit the earth, sorry Romans) should be the same way today. The problem is... they all hate each other. Too many different sects of muslims that can't get along. He figured if the west were to attack, they would have no choice but to ban together and once again, become a huge power. This is what it was all about for this clown. Power. Of course, he used religion to summon the masses who were to stupid to think for themselves, and really, had no reason to. They don't have anything because of their retarded stupid governments who cut off their hands for stealing a snickers bar. Oh wait, they don't have snickers bars.

The issue I have with our government... check that... our way of thinking, ,is that we need to turn all of these people into democracies. Who said they want to? Who said they care? Maybe they like living in mud and killing chickens and goats for dinner. Maybe they like the legal structure of taking a hand off or burning their wife if the husband feels he was wronged by her. Yeah its retarded to think anyone would want that, but maybe they do.

The issue with the war wasn't why we went. The issue with the war was how it was handled. Which you can get a good feel of how bad it was fucked up by reading the second Woodward book.

ahhh, I get tired talking about it.... We as Americans should take stock in our own actions, as individuals to do things to fix the stuff we complain about. you don't like it? Do something about it. Christ, at least vote. and I don't make enough money to be a democrat.

Fantasy Football....

Cracks me up the amount of people who look at this as some who's got the biggest dick contest. frankly I go for the free beer at the drafts. After that I'm lucky if I remember to fill out the roster week by week. All fun for me. the arguments during the drafts are priceless. Better than the Simpsons movie. Ok, that may be overstating it a little.

Gambling on football games...

I don't do it. Plain and simple. I'm scare'd. I run bad, so yo don't want me taking your lock of the week. Cause if I do, and you play it, forget christmas presents for the in-laws. I don't even see the enjoyment out of it. So I don't do it. But I do love reading about it, and the thought process that goes into it.

The Bash... Be there!

And that leads us to another 80's vid! This one reminded me of the Democratic party :)