Friday, September 5, 2008

Now I have a place to put my hand!

Redskins are really, really, really bad. The defensive backfield dropped how many interceptions? Campbell threw how many balls short of first downs when it was 3rd and x?
The o-line is worse than swiss cheese. And all of this against the Giants who are less than a serviceable squad.

And how fixed was that game? It ended EXACTLY 1 minute before the Republican National Convention. McCain was a little "meh" for me. He is not a very charismatic guy. He spoke about things he would never speak of before, obviously taking the marketing advice of his advisors.

I can't see him winnig any debate between himself and Obama because the delivery, rather than the content of those answers are usually what is perceived as winning.

Keith Oberman is a douche bag. Talk about spinning everything his way. What a cock sucker. he should have stuck to sports. At least he would be less salty.

Evy ships 20k! WOOOT! Transmissions don't seem so pressing anymore, no?

PL starts school again and will vanish for a few months.

I missed a shot at drinking with Fuel this past weekend. Looks like Decemeber if the wife allows him some play time.

Off to the Borgata right now with the reverand to have some meetings and eat some noodles.

Bam and family need some Karma! SHIP IT BITCHES! Cheers from the rail my friend!

canadians talking about US politics! GOLD!

Raise up with some more 80's! (actually a little early 90's) Have a great weekend!

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