Friday, August 29, 2008

We interupt this program....


How pissed is Hillary today? Looks like she'll miss out on being this countries first female president. Once McCain falls over from a heart attack, Palin will be the countries first female president!

WOOT! looks "bush" will get his wish and actually be able to spend another term in office! By proxy that is! get it? another bush in the whitehouse? blahahahahahah

and for that... here is a litle celebratory 80's retro for that mah-va-lous pick!

I'm dying, Mr. Tanneran, just like that girl in the poem... only quicker, and with a hard-on

I love this time of year. School starts in a week (if not already), Football started aready (College last night), and baseball is coming into the time where it gets most exciting. There are stories to follow everyday. Who won, who lost, how many are they behind/ ahead?

The weather turns a little cooler, the days aren't quite as long ( I hate the sun), and everyone is forced back into a daily routine. No more swim clubs, play dates, birthday parties, sleep overs, etc... That kind of stuff is all good, don't get me wrong. But it throws a wrench into the cogs of productivity. Nobody seems anxious to get anything done during those summer months because of plans, vacations, kids being home, etc. Who knows what it is. Anyway, I'm glad its over.

Weekly poker games will come alive again. No more texts and phone calls about not being able to do it this week because x is out of town, or y has a family reunion. It will get serious again, and the drink will slow a little. The introduction of goofy games will be kept at a minimum and serious discussion will again flow across the tables about HH's, and scenarios. More frequent trips to the casinos will be had with serious goals and ambitions from some, and more realistic approaches from others. They won't drink, get stupid, and dust off at the 3-card poker tables.

They'll actually play real poker, and take good measure in doing so to the best of their abilities.

Everyone assumes that spring is a time for renewal. I believe its the fall.

Don for President. The man speaks the truth.

Here's a few 80's vids by request....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think this place is restricted Wang, so don't tell them your jewish.. alright? ok?

Nothing is worse than indecision. It shows a complete lack of competence and confidence. It also shows a lack of understanding about the situation.

Christ, make the wrong decision, just be willing to at least pull the trigger on what you deem may work. You can always deal with the consequences. What you can't deal with is doing nothing at all.

Don't understand? Ask. Afraid? get a dog. Worried? go hide.

The videos seem to be getting some attention. I'm even getting requests. I have some lined up but I spotted this one last minute and just HAD to put it up....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's called a lance... HELLO!

Picture Day!

Mets v Phils last night....

Dad, I caught a fish!!

Pony Rides!

Some Douchebag with Aviator sun glasses on...

And of course some 80's revival!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

did you ever hear the expression "man's reach exceeds his grasp?"

Just a little 80's revival for ya...

Lots a good posts out there over the last few days. Buddy has a re-do of his radio site. check that out. Waffles is on the verge of eating up some prop bets from Bayne and LJ(?) I think.

AL is getting all giddy and ready for the Bash, as am I, and everyone seems to be doing a little house cleaning getting ready for the fall, or summers end as it were.

My ankle is all shredded and I have an MRI scheduled. Seems as if surgery will be unavoidable however, as the likely culprit seems to be the ole liz frank or some torn tendons.

We'll see.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What? You mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh?

Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That's a fucking violation is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high-priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along came that Steve Wynn cocksucker and knocks her up and put her in a fucking family way. Now she's nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much fucking make-up. I look at her and see all her fucking stretch marks. It makes me want to cry because I remember the way she used to be.

I just loved that movie! can you name it?

So I was watching some reruns of Inside the Actors Studio late last night, and I always wanted to answer those ten questions. So I am. Feel free to do the same.

1. What is your favorite word?


2. What is your least favorite word?


3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?


4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?


5. What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of natural water. Whether it be a river, creek, or the ocean

6. What sound or noise do you hate?

Crying. and not because it worries me. I genuinely hate it without compassion. The stopping of it takes precedent over why it exists. It gets in the way of defining the problem.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

Tits. as an adjective.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?


9. What profession would you not like to do?


10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?


Friday, August 15, 2008

You want to know about politics in Washington? Four words. Watch your back, Jack.

I was doing some research on a story I am writing about sports betting. I came to a page that offered no results, but of course, all sorts of ads to something you are not legally allowed to do. On one of the worlds most respected media outlets.

Commence with the hypocrisy of our grand company. I mean country.

PE wrote a post about blogger tournies and taking a break. I tend to agree with him. They are fun and garner a lot of commraderie within the community, but within the context of what they have become, I think its best that there actually is a break.
I don't know that you have to stop them completely, or not make them available. People are going to play anyway. Thats what we do. But I also think that when it gets to whatever competition Al puts together for some ridiculous prizes, it becomes more of a competition, than a weekly gathering.
Plus with everyone trying to get in on the action, more and more events are offered on just about every single day of the week. I think if we all just temper ourselves, not feel obligated to play in every single one, and just take them as fun, all will revert back to what it was.
Which is to say more of a gathering place for everyone to just hang out, shove the hammer, and call off 1/2 your stack with a gutterball because you know, in the end, it will be hilarious to do so.
Everyone have a fantastic, splendid, and ferocious weekend! Be excellent to each other!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

taste a little more

Both of these all in pre... The second one was my bust out of the RPT. Pirate lawyer says I shouln't make decisions while angry (obv), but this is getting re-fucking- dick-u-lous!!!

Have some fun with this!

A full month back to FT and nothing seems to have changed....

this one was all in pre... I shoved on him

This one was 3 handed on t bubble to the flop. I raised she called. I jammed the flop

All in pre, he jammed my 3 bet

These are three of about 20 like it in the last two days. This site is really gettting retarded. It seems I go on these runs where I can't do no wrong and then hit a wall that just doesn't end until I exempt myself.

I wrote about PLO on Bodog a while back. I have won over 5k on that site just playing PLO, at the $100-$400 max levels.

I have played PLO on FT and haven't won a damned hand. Not one. Not one stinking hand. Not one pot raised pre, not one showdown. I have gotten in with AA over KK both with the same suited diamonds, only to have two diamonds fall on the flop, get it all in, and he hits a K on the river.

I really don't know if this site is meant for me at all. I just cant seem to get past the most ridiculous beats ever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You been talking about that Queen of yours again Bob? On Independance Day?

I've seen a lot of reports about the Olympics on blogs and such, and most are stories of incredible wins, Hot chics, or some other form of information about what they are watching, or what they get out of it.

But one thing caught me by surprise. My neighbor called me over and asked me to check somethingout. The handball event between Spain and Poland was going on. I said Handball? This isn't handball!

Whenever I thought of handball I immediately pictured racquetball without the raquets.

We watched this display of guys trying to get a ball, about half the size of a soccer ball, into a net, guarded by a goalie with no pads or proective gear at all. The field looked to me like a field hockey net on a basketball court.

Dudes were recking each other. Clotheslining opposing team members, dropping forearm shivers, and head butting each other.

The perfect blend of violence and athletic abilities. I have to play this game. How is this the first time I am ever seeing this game???

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 if we don't get some cool rules ourselves - pronto - we'll just be bogus too! Get it?

I missed the LPR tourny last night on Full Tilt, denying my chance to defend my first out at the final table of last week. Would have loved to do that. Last night was possible as well as it seemed the best never won until IT's AA final stood up against Astin's QJ. At least it did when it mattered.

Congrats to IT for taking down the second of his own Tournies! Luck Sack!

Al has been diligently working his new employ at our favorite site, and asked me for a post. I wrote up a little about tourny chops. You can read it here. Not to mention I relly like this new blog from Full Tilt. Its a very cool site with some good articles from those you know, and some you may not know.

Book mark it and visit it often. You never know what you might miss.

Skills tonight??

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thats how conspiracies work...

"The boys in the grassy knoll where dead and buried 3 hours after Kennedy was shot."

"You know this for fact?"

"Still have the shovel!"

Come out tonight to play the newly formed Live Poker Radio Tour presented by IT.

Last week was good. This week should be better.....

When: 10 P.M. ET

Where: Full Tilt Poker Monday Night

Buy In: $10 + $1

Format : Double Stack NLHE KNOCKOUT! $2 Bounty per player

PW : Boom

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Greatsky! The Phat One!

This day in sports history...

Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to LA.

My neighbor and I are sitting on my back deck playing some sng's and watching 9 little girls try to sleep out in the tent tonight.

Of course this leads to some alcohol consumption, and that leads to discussions of sports history. To which he mentioned that today is the day when Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to LA.

That begged the question of why. Edmonton got a ridiculous deal with McSorley, two other guys, like 47 first round picks, and 15 million in cash.

His deduction, which I defer to always because he is a sports history GOD, was that 1) Gretzky's wife had something to do with it, 2) The NHL had something to do with it, and 3) That Edmonton just couldn't pass up the cash and the draft picks.

Gretzky's wife was obviously an actress and was probably right near the prime of her career. Wanting to be in LA was probably a big part of Wayne trying to get the deal done. Or at least receptive to it, if not the one who requested the intiation of a deal.

The NHL back in those days were on a marketing drive because the game had seen some growth through popularity and were probably interested in driving some traffic on the west coast.

Any of you canuks out there remember this? any thoughts on why he was traded?

And this begs another question...

If there was a Mount Rushmore of sports icons, who would they be?

Our picks are:

1) GREATsky
2) Babe Ruth
3) Muhammad Ali
4) Michael Jordan

Friday, August 8, 2008

POST 225!

Cause I missed 200. And all I am going to do is bitch.

about the new blog roll feature.

It sucks.

I've tried to add all of you that were on the orignal list and it just won't let me. It says, unable to load rss feed. Please try again at a later time.

I have also to rename with your identifiable names instead of your tag lines (which it auto fills). Some happen some don't.

I like the feature in the sense that it lists according to most recent update, along with the title of that post (you can choose to do so by checking a box).

But its starting to get, well, stupid. I might be changing back.

Final Table Riverchasers last night. Second in chips with a full table. I pick up TT. I raise and get min raised by Rakefeeder. I call.

Flop is KJT. I check, He raises, I shove. All 18k of it. And I'm the only one that can hurt him at the table. And he calls. with QQ. Of course the A hits the river, and I'm done.

Any thoughts on that call by QQ? I was happy getting it in pretty good there. But is snap calling with second pair and a draw for really almost all of your chips when you have a pretty massive chip lead prudent there? So early at the final table? Anyone?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Step Right up and Get your tickets! Tickets everyone! Step right up


Look to the right there my mates! 50 days and counting. Which is damn near tomorrow. Especially if you have kids. The time flies like dried fruit through a colon. Ok, so I didn't have to be that graphic, but you get the point.

Make your plans. Charitable events, golf, more charitable events, degenerative events, and BOOOZE! Plus maybe some celeb appearances that will make it even more special!

I was out last night and didn't make it back in time for the Mook. But I did get to watch the final table. Friggin Waffles seems to be on a mission to prove to everyone that this game has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with determination. Little guy took 2cnd in his quest to sit atop the roost o what has become the Mookie Leaderboard.

Hell, even I find myself rooting the little troll on every so often. What the hell has the world come to?

Heading to the Phils BPS today (business person special) with some friends. Should be a smashing time! I can't wait to tear up the right fielder for Florida. Maybe I'll throw some popcorn on him this time. Poop was just to messy last time.

Get off your asses and pencil in the dates for the Bash in you daytimers, outlook, crackberry, or whatever other form of technology you use for organization in your pathetic lives!

Riverchasers Tonight, and there is a bonus $100 added to the prize pool!
Come git some!

When: Tonight
Where: Full Tilt
Time: 21:00 est
password: riverchasers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Phil Ivey is the Tiger Woods of Poker!


Honestly, does Phil Ivey really resemble Tiger Woods in anyway, other than looking like him? Don't get me wrong, Ivey is a phenomenal player, but he certainly does not dominate the poker world like Woods dominates the golf world.

I mean good lord, people have pretty much stopped caring about golf since Woods went on the DL, but I would guess that it would take at least a year for people to even recognize if Ivey vanished for whatever reason. Other than his hardcore fans. And barring any reason that would merit a front page story in the mass media.

But here's my point...

Other than poker players and those who follow the game, the name Phil Ivey doesn't mean a thing. You metion Tiger Woods ANYWHERE in the civilized world and some hermit would recognize the name.

Obviously Golf and Tiger Woods reach a much wider audience than poker, but his accomplishments on the course and in his field are much much greater than Phil Iveys do in poker.

Again, don't get me wrong, I love Phil Ivey. I think he is one of the best players in the game, but to be compared with the greatest golfer that ever picked up the working end of a golf club, and probably ever will be, is just retarded.

So, you can make the assumption that because they bare a similar resemblance that this is why the comparison is usually made. You can also argue that because they are both at the top of their fields, that the argument can be made.

But I disagree. Tiger is not at the top of his field. He is the field. He OWNS the field. Where else can you get odds on one player vs. the field?

And because the comparison is most likely based on resemblance, could the argument be made that it is a racist statement? To compare the two? Any lawyers, or litigators out there willing to make that argument?

I would love to see a back and forth between two good debaters on this subject. Woods and Ivey comparison is racist. Get after it. I wonder if James Carville is available?

To end this little discourse (rant), I would say that comparing the two is an insult to Tiger Woods. He has a level to his game that others can never, and will never phathom. Not even the second best player in the world.

I know its hard to argue the comparison between the sports as well because Poker has a luck factor. But if luck was taken out of the game, do you think Ivey would dominate? Do you think he would consistently beat the likes of Chan, Ngyun, Hellmuth, Negraneu, Lindgren, Seed, Forrest, lederer, (do I have to continue)?

Anyone agree? Anyone Disagree? Anyone else care?


Friday, August 1, 2008

The cop shit his pants! The cop shit his pants!!

So yesterday, there was some news from the Borgata Poker Room.

Read here...

I hear about this later in the day. No one knew the specifics other than the guy was 400 lbs., he smelled, and the players asked him to leave, the floor asked him to leave, and he decided to file a complaint with the gaming commission because he felt embarrassed.

So, I, like a good detective, made some calls to friends that are there almost every single day. And I got lucky with the first phone call.

This guy tells me, as he's laughing hysteically, that he was actually a table away from this train wreck, and that their table was dying from the stench. The guy not only smelled because he hadn't showered. The guy smelled because he shit his pants. It wasn't just BO.

The floor was called over because the players got no satisfaction from the man because he ignored their pleas for his departure. When the floor came over, my guy tells me that they did everything possible to be as nice to this guy as they could.

He argued about having to leave, and that if they were willing to publicly embarrass him, that they owed him a free room to clean himself up. From my buddy's perspective, the guy had no idea that he soiled himself.

He also stated that the floor personnel was as accomodating as possible. They made it clear that there was no intent to embarrass, just an intent to do what was for the good of the table, AND the room.

Now, this guy gets all jammed up, ignoring the big smash in his pants, and goes directly to the gaming commission and files a report. I also heard something about more press in the NY papers and such. I haven't scanned the internets yet this morning to find out if anything was actually printed about it in any other paper but I thinks its obvious, that if it does go that far, the only one embarrassing the guy is himself.

The one complaint I had about the Borgata poker room had nothing to do with the Borgata. It had to do with the animals in there going ot the bathroom, and leaving without washing their hands. Now we got a guy using his pants as is own personal toilet.

All of this has given me an idea though... Poker Diapers! I know it must be really hard to get up when your ono a rush. So why do it? We can market them as ... hmmm?

Any Suggestions on the name of this new product would be awesome.

And by the way... The first person who can name the movie that the title of this post came from, gets $5 shipped to their FT aacount!