Friday, February 29, 2008

Whats my name? FUCK you! That's my name!

Ghey poker day yesterday.

I finally got to play the second round in my HUC match. We played at 6pm and I win the first two matches to move on. Alan sends me an email coordinating the next match with Empty and he emails me sometime around 10:30pm stating he's available tongiht. Good! I think. We can get the next round out of the way as well....

I was already out of the RC event when a squeeze between Bayne and Crack with AT failed to convince Bayne tht I had mortal nuts. Of course his AK was a little to much to overcome. I had just about 1600 left into his utg raise of 240 and chads call. I figured that would be a good as time as any to try and grab and extra 500. They both know how to fold, so I figured I was 70% to take the pot without seeing any flop. Then I figured if a flop did come, I had about an 82% chance of sucking out to a dominated hand. Although Full Tilt forgot to spike the 8 for my straight on the river and I go home. What a cooler.

I had two prop bets last night. CK and Kat. Both outlasted me. so I"m a little lighter today.

Then Empty pings me and we go off to the races... We played three matches. The first was a good one. lasting probably around 100 hands or so. lead went back and forth about 7 times and I finally got it all when he was left with under 200 on a hand I turned a boat or something on.

The second game was brutal. For both of us. talk about grinding. We saw over 120 hands and I think probably only about 20% of those hands saw a flop even dealt. Again, I had him against the ropes with an almost 3 to 1 chip lead when I flopped top pair. He raised, I jammed and he called. He turned a straight flush and almost brought us back to even.

It was really late here in the east. after 1:30 and I was gettng really tired. I kept the pressure on preflop from the small almost every single time betting pot with any two. for the most part it worked. Then he started reciprocating. I took some losses and he had me by about 600-700 chips.

I noticed when he raised pre with a min raise, from the small, and the hand went to the flop turn or river, he almost always had a premium hand. Or bet like he did. When he raised from the small in pot size, I could usually get thim off of that holding with any paired or draw heavy board, OR, any re-raise pre. So in the second game, with the blinds at 120/240 I shoved with Q rag suited to his pot bet out of the small. I had a little fold equity, but he called with KQ and I was dead. I like his call there. It was late, the blinds were big, and I was raising pretty heavy the whole game. My range was really wide there as well and I think it was reasonable to think K high was good.

The third match was a killer for me. It was after 2am and I was reeling. I had been up the night before til about 3am working and playing and started to feel the effects. Again we went back and forth with 1800 to 1200 stacks and then 2k to 1k stacks. We got it all in after about 70 hands or so when we both held an A and he had a better kicker which held. It was a fun match through and through. Empty was a good opponent and neither of us really card racked at all. I never saw AA or KK and had Queens only twice out of the whole 3 matches. As a matter of fact, the only pairs I saw throughout the whole series were QQ, 55, 22 and 88. presto twice, never seeing action. the rest only once. Empty never showed a pair either so we were both pretty much playing preflop poker with both of us being aggressive enough to take what was available in preflop action.

Take that shit down the rest of the way brother...

On a side note...

Bam posted yesterday a very nice post about why bloggers do what they do. The poor little guy seemed overwhelmed with how cool everyone was and what they did to help make Eh Vegas what it was. People put themselves out there in an open and interesting way which demands respect from others, and makes this whole thing go round and round.

So, with that being said... Go check out Evy's post. The little poker vixen has opened herself up for all to see. In the very least you will be able to pick up some tells :) go check out what makes her tick...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A scene from Eh - Vegas

How do we go from this to that? I mean what the hell were you thinking?

On the trip to Canada we talked a lot about how each of us became bloggers. The common thread seems to be that you knew someone who was, or something along those lines.

I thought I would share my story here. Since I did in the truck. and it ain't just fair for only a few to know. So if you don't want to know, go to the bottom where I rip waffles right quick.

I had just started Riverhcasers about half a year earlier and we were making significant strides towards real growth. I was sitting in a law firm in NYC discussing some details of another deal I was involved in when we took a break. Speaking to an advisor on the current deal, he asked what else I had going on. This guy was the tops in his field as far as advisors go and after explaining to him the whole business model, he suggested that I look into bloggers.

My initail response was, "what the fuck is a blogger?" He explained and I just didn't get it. OK, maybe I got it a little, but didn't really see the value. yet.

A while later, I instructed an employee to check this blogger thing out. Goooooogle it, search it whatever. She really didn't come up with too much as she handed me a print out of about 100 different sites. None I remember.

About a month later, one of the tournament directors asked me to come to her game. It was the Boat house in Malvern, PA. We had been trying to get that location for quite some time, having already had their sister bar in Conshohoken, about 10 miles away.

We had been doing the Malvern location for about 4 weeks and I figured it was time to get down there to represent anyway. When I got there, I was introduced to this wierd looking guy. We chatted a while and he explained to me that he himself was a blogger.

I didn't think much of it until later when he came to a heads up match we put together at a different bar. We spoke about the possibility of an online tour, and that he was talking about or in the middle of putting together one for the community of bloggers he was part of.

Fast forward to about a half year into the online series and I asked him to start me one of them there blogs...

I think I posted once a month for the first 6 months. Then I caught fire. I just couldn't stop after that. Which leads us here today. There are some pretty interesting and awesome people out there who dedicate their lives, not just to blogging, I don't think thats it at all... but rather to the comunity that expands throughout the internets. At least our little part of it.

Thats my story.


At one point last night I held the chip lead in both the Mookie and the Dookie. I told a friend in chat that I guaranteed I wouldn't cash in either. Fucking Kreskin, I tell ya.

I donked in the Dookie when, with the chip lead 5 handed, and having pretty much my way with the table, made a bad steal attempt. Schaubs repotted, and I just couldn't call. I had a mini wrap, but not much else. I was willing to see a flop but his jam indicated a big pair, double suited, or worse, a bigger wrap. I had all the reason to call with the odds but decided to keep my remaining 4k and go from there. It didn't work. I was out in 5th when schaubs Aces were better than my aces...

The mookie was fun... WOOT LORI!!!

I had about 20k when waffles had 9 and I potted from the button with AJ spades. He shoved and I insta called. That retards range could be any two really, and he just so happened to have aces.

I go down to 11k and out within 6 spots. I bet waffles $20 that he doesn't make the cash. He said something about only 9 spots left and I giggled. I will say this... I think he played well. I offered the table $40 for whoever took him out before he cashed, but alas, the old man pulled it off. Well done sir!

To say the least, it was a very wierd Mookie, thats for sure. Gearing up for the BB3 challenge as we get ready to enter the tunnels of dark despair known this time around as March, April, and May... as in May god have mercy on our souls as we sacrifice every second of free time trying to win a WSOP seat... Good Luck, and may it be worth it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Waking up was easy. Al was still passed out when I got up, so I went and took care of some business. Coffe shop, phone calls and some other stuff that fell into the "work" category.

Bam called or text at around noon and said, the afternoon shift is waiting. I mentioned that to Al and he sprang out of bed like it was Christmas morning. Very Good Stuff.

We met Bam and Carson in their room and headed to the Rail. We picked a spot in the corner across from the stage, and quickly ordered our first round. Sotch, (of course) for Bam and I, Carson had a beer, and, well, Al of course was shipped his soco neat with water back.

We must have gone through 4 or 5 rounds all the while chatting back and forth. Every now and then, there would be one or two less of us because 3 of the 4 suckers got their nicotine fix from cigarettes. I of course sat neatly and comfortably in my chair all the while chewing on a little Skoal. One of the dancers told me that it was hot that I was chewing tobacco. It was before I gave her any money as well, so it had to be true!

A dance here and a dance there, and in between some cool conversations. We left and headed to the Hotel for a change and the trip to Astins for dinner. On the way I realized it was a little cool so we ventured into an Army navy type store. Al tried to get me into a 20's style leather bomber, but I was not having it. The middle eastern store clerk pegged us as HOLLYWOOD!! as we walked in and I asked him for a fleece. He walked me over, showed me a jacket, and I said sold. $127 canadien, and we were out of there...

We shipped over to Astins and met everyone else including a few new people we hadn't seen yet.

The whole tuckfard crew was in full form, as well as poker tart, looking all glowing, and partner in crime there, Mr. Bankwell, who said all of three words at dinner but opened up graciously at the tournament. Dinner was awesome with guitar hero in the foreground, and CK just mezmerized with being able to conquer the game! You could see it in her eyes that she just wanted to pwn that damn thing.

After dinner it was off to the tourny. I bubbled the bubble going out in 5th place finally deciding that i wasn't going to wait for a hand and hope it held up, or have to call a jam and hoped that held up. It was basically push pre and hope you dont run into a monster. So after amassing probably third in chips by stealing and such, I shoved QT from the cut off. Mr. Big stack, (about a third more than my stack, maybe a little more) insta calls with AJ and I go home. Well, to the cash table.

Bankwell, tart, astin, Joanna, and eventually Kat got there as well. It wasn't too much fun blasting off to each other but some other dude shows up and I run bottom set into top set.

The dude had started short and tripled in 3 hands. I didn't say anything but started to watch the dealer after that hand. Just a little odd to me, but no worries. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary and almmost got it all back when I shoved my last 41 into a $10 raise and a caller.
I river the nuts, Astin takes the side pot, and I scoop the main.

I was getting very tired and decided to catch a cab back to the hotel.

The whole day/ night was awesome. hangin' with some very cool friends, and just having a great time.

Two observations I wanted to make about my poker playing friends.

The same observation about two different people.

Both are machines. Every action is predetermined. how they wait for their cards, how they look at them, how they act. Both are robots. This is what I dig about playing live, so much more than I do online.

the mannerisms, the patience, you can really tell who contemplates about the game as a whole. their strategy throughout the game. Its a beautiful thing.

Both Ck and pebbles were the two that impressed me the most. Both were very methodical in their approach on every hand and I would find it difficult for anyone to spot a physical tell on either of them. Both waiting patiently for the action to come to them before they looked at their cards, and both looking at their cards in the same manner every time.

It would be difficult to get a read on either of them. Well played.

A quick story.. ck and I were discussing women in the poker room on the impossible trip through NY and she had mentioned how she rarely got any credit from the aggro guys at the Borg, or any poker room really because she was a female. I agreed with her, noticing on several occasions during my live sessions some poor fool dusitng off to a non-male with absolutely nothing because he thought he could get her to fold...

On sunday at the Niagra poker room, some dumptruck showed up and bluffed $100 into an action pot with flush and broadway draws. Took it down and showed 42off. Ck got into it with him and called him all the way down with second pair to a 3 spaded board and a straighty board

He puts it all in, she calls, and wins.... The guy was next to me and I whispered to him as he grimaced.. "only a stupid woman makes that call" :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's start with the end...

Al: Brilliant! Drive across half the country and and close the pub. Outstanding!

Thats right. We dropped CK off at the train station here in Philadelphia, and realizing that we had a pile of time, I asked Al if I was taking him to his house or the pub. I know, stupid question.

So, we get to the pub around 11:30pm and closed the joint. I think I got home around 3:30am.
He checked his email to see if FT had responded with the details of the BBThree and we decided to, well, celebrate a little. All good fun. Just a little stupid.

So sunday morning, we had decided that a ride to the Casino Niagra was in order. The tuckfards had a previous poker engagement and wouldn't be joining us.

When we got to the joint, the poker room has 4 tables. 2 - 1/2 nl max of $100 buyin. 1 - 1/2 nl max of $200, and one 2/5 limit max buyin of $40. $40??? yes $40

We were told that it would be an hour, after signing up all 7 of us, and headed to the bar to eat and well, drink. Vinnay showed up and gave us the story of his border bashing the night before. You must read his post. I fell out of my chair reading it this morning.

We toasted everything from Joanna's Birthday, to Kat's hopsitality, to Astins' performance and work in the kitchen the night before, and the bartenders cufflinks.

Ck got hungry and wanted a foot long. Apparently Al can't hang in that department so we ordered from the bar. She put on quite a spectacle, and was so intimidating that Astin and I shared one, knowing that we couldn't handle a whole one ourselves.

People started getting seats and I ended up at a table with Astin and Ck. Ck saw me walking towards the table and let out a huge BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! as I took the seat. The table needless to say looked sideways and scared. The second hand I get the hammer. I make it 15 and Ck calls. Flop comes 7 4 2, and I giggle a little. First tell. Then I make it $35, knowing that I just don't want her anywhere near this pot, cause, she's a new friend, and I just don't want to make her mad :). She looks at the board all wierd and just sighs, and I say "haaaaammmeerrr".
Astin giggles, and she mucks. I show the hammer and I get 6 other heads snapping towards me with amazement, wonderment, scorn, and well, envy. Ahhhh... the world of blogging!

Kat got a seat next to me and I took her stack with AA when both she and CK had JJ. Ck got away, Kat did not. The flop came 2 kings, and Kat flat called my c-bet. Ck folded and I figured I would be donating to Kat when I decided to shove the rest on the turn. she called and never caught up. Booooo. She threatened revenge, but it never came. She did grope me though, so I guess that made up for it.

Couple different things about the table.

skinny old guy.

this guy was to the left of CK. I told Kat to pretty much stay away from him because he had very little chips and was obviously playing and betting only made hands. He doubled through a couple of folks with nut hands and crawled back up to over 300. I saw him muck a few hands that he inadvertently showed raising his cards in the air. I was in the spot to be able to see them and when he mucked after not being called, I was able to see he had the stones. I got into a hand with him where it was 6 handed (happened a lot) and I flopped TPTK with AK. He let out a bet and Raised him to 45. He jammed, costing me another 90 and the rest of my stack. I folded thinking he had exactly what he did. I saw his pocket 3's when he mucked like a noob. I told him as much what he was holding, not letting on to the fact that I actually saw his cards, and said "it's ok, ,you don't have to tell me, I know" Jee, I wonder how?


Probably 4 or 5 came through the table. One guy sits down, and immediately gets into a hand with a few players on a board of KQJ double suited. he let out 25 or so with 2 callers. turn came a straight card. he bet 50. one caller. River brought a club for 3 suits. He shoved the rest. player folds and he shows 4 2. Quite Cockishly I might add.

From there it was pick on dope for a few turns. Ck stacked him with second pair, I stacked him with second pair, and marcel, another player at the table, stacked him with an over pair. Dope goes home.

Another guy was a kid wearing a Syracuse hat. Ck never saw it as he was sitting directly to the right of her. she stacked him numerous times, once with Quad J's. DQB!!!! Kid was brutal, but fun and profitable.

Marcel: Marcel was a skinny kid who had 3 or 4 hundo in front of him when I sat down. He dusted it all off and rebought for another 300 in successive stackings. He was a good kid, an ok player, and a very servicable human being.

I was playing rather aggressive because pots kept getting 4-7 players in them with no one taking a stab so I would either open raise or flat call a preflop raise, and then just c-bet the shit out of it.

One particular hand, as I stated to the table after my turn bet took it down, was the wierdest hand of poker I might have ever played. I open raise with As9s and get 7 callers. thats right. A fifteen raise utg and get 7 callers. flop comes Q high with two clubs. everyone checks around.
The turn brought a card I don't remember and I bet 35. Everyone folds. Are you telling me that those 4 cards missed everyone? no draws? No underpairs? Sick.

Marcel and I get into a hand with a third player who was uber tight. He was a kid and I remember asking him if he had ID when he sat down. He didn't like that much, but he had no real recourse.

I called Marcels raise of 12 and the kids flat call with KcQh. flop came King high all hearts. I open raised to 15. Marcel smooths, and the kid min raises. Based on previous experience, I figure Marcel is chasing, and I figure the kid to be able to be pushed off very easily if I put him to the test. He only has 35 or so behind him so I make it 90. (I had 2+ behind me). Marcel gets all wide eyed and asks how much I have left. He makes it 210 straight, and now I think I have problems. The kid folds his set of Jacks, and I tank. I figure two things. One, I either have to fade a heart, in case he is chasing with the A, or I have to make a heart, figuring he has the flush already or a small set, or two pair.

I discussed this with CK, and two things made my decision. One, I could be drawing dead. Two, and this was the one I really fell on, I liked this kid. I was pushing him around all day as well. And he would keep saying that he was going to make research calls, but never did. And I really hammered him because of that. I bet every timed he checked, and I raised everytime he bet. Almost always with air, and almost always getting him to fold. The numbers told me that this was an autocall. The pot was just to big. But I let it go. CK called me a pussy. I pretty much agreed with her. He showed a ten high flopped flush.

I almost doubled again through some idiot who open raised with J7. When I shoved 40 into the pot with AK he repopped for a total of 87 or so. I call and we both catch our bottom cards, and I river a flush. About this time, Al got kicked off of his table, and completely out of the room, so we decided to leave. figured it was a good 2 hours back and wanted to get some sleep for the long ride back the next morning... Ck ended up double I think, and I doubled as well. Al, we don't know. he doesn't remember.

I will post Saturdays events, tomorrow... Very cool people up there in Canadia!

No Dote, eh?

I can't really say enough about the trip. Meeting everyone was a pleasure and honor, and I don't think I have ever really had as much fun with people whom I've never met before. It was like we were all long lost family.

I will recap in depth later, but I had to post some highlights...

1. Car ride up with CK and Al... "It's the fiiinaaaaaaalll COUNT DOWN!
2. "Dude, when the freaky guy asks you how far it is to Buffalo, tell him three hours". Freaky guys response to said reply... "thanks. (head snap) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!??!"
3. bam bam - "Riggs, this is NutzCarson" - reply: "How you doin' you fucking Donkey"
4. Hotel Security to Bam Bam - Get out! Now!
5. Walk to the Brass Rail - "Riggs where is your friggin coat?" CK - "Phone book forgot to bring one"
6. within 5 minutes of getting to the club, I am taken into the back with a cowgirl type stripper and dust off 8 songs worth of dances. All the while discussing hockey and the markets. Al sent a search party out.
7. Back to the hotel, I go to the room, Al goes to Bam's room. Bam kicks Al out. I am awoken to the sound of a half filled bottle of soco swishing above my head, looking up at this creature asking me if I want a drink. Then he asks if I'M alright.
8. Wake up and get ready for the eh-fternoon shift.
9. Me, Bam, Al, and Carson take to the Rail again for research. Apparently the afternoon shift is the biggest indicator of a clubs potential. Bam and I discuss each others history, thoughts on everything, and it all becomes moot when I fall in love with Olga.
10. Al purchases another dance for me, ultimately costing me another hundo because I was too interested in the economic, and political climates of Hungary. Which this wonderful lady was too kind to discuss with me.
11. Dinner at Astins... BOOOOOOOOOOM! Friggin dude knows what to do with dead animals, I will tell you that
12. I learned that I only rent Guitar Hero. Carson ownes it.
13. IG showed up and we met at Astins... Another yathzee
14. Underground poker in Toronto - Bubble the tourny
15. Double the cash game... then stack off to 40 when I run bottom set into top set with a draw heavy board. Then back to 150 when I squeeze jam QJ to a $10 raise and call and river the nuts. BOOOOOOOOOM!
16. Casino Niagra... Meet Vinnay, have some drinks, play some poker
17. Absolute wierdest day of poker ever. Left up one buy-in. Al gets kicked out of the poker room. Went to the noodle bar, drove two hours the wrong way to go sleep for 3 hours so that we could get back on the road to go home
18. Pulling into the Hotel, Al sleeping across the back, I tell CK that we should let the Valet park the truck with Al in it. Al hears us and doesn't necessarily think it a bad idea
19. Border patrol... "how do you know these people?" - "they're friends" - "I know they're friends, you are ll n the same vehicle" - (internal dialogue) "don't say internet, don't say internet".
20. I tell CK that if we don't get to Allentown by 10pm I am taking her directly to NYC. We get to the train staion at 9:45. NUTZ!!!

So much more to dissect here, but a really fun and wonderful time. BamBam is no doubt long lost family, as well as Carson. Christ did we have a blast. Kat, is the quintessential hostest and most fun loving person I have ever met. Astin is a very cool dude, and find it just amazing that he would offer up his place and cook for the lot of us "strangers". I can't believe IG made it. After missing the intial hook up with us because of the shitty weather, she actually jumped in a car and drove 6 hours to spend what amounted to be about 24 hours with a bunch of IIF's. Very cool. I met Joanada and we celebrated her birthday! BOOOOOM! CK is gold. 'nuff said. Vinnay got pimped at the border trying to get in on Sat, but made it on Sunday to the Casino. Very cool to meet him as well.

You really should open your schedules for next year. It's a can't miss event. I will post more detail later on the poker and the friends...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Borgata Trip Report and WTF??? :)

Yesterday saw me at the Borgata for meetings and some play. I swear I promised myself that I would never ever enter another tournament under $300 there again, but when friends wanted to go and play I decided wtf...

This was the 20k guarantee, and the entry is $100 + $20. There were over 450 runners which is really sick for a wednesday tourny. They have switched their structure a little to include 10k stacks and 20 minute levels so you could really do some damage with the right situation.

Lucktruck was at my starting table and we were both pretty quiet. I spotted some idiots very early on willing to go broke at 25/50 blinds with AK all the way to the end. Both chopped and assumed they were both great players....

There was an old guy at the table who I knew from the early RPT days. I hadn't seen him in quite some time and we said hello and exchanged some pleasantries. He almost doubled up when he flopped a smaller flush to a bigger flush but rivered the str8 flush... Unreal really, but good for him. He went on to cash.

I tried some steals that didnt work and finally, on my fourth steal with TJ from the cut off, with about 6 limpers in the pot, I got one caller.

The flop came J high with two diamonds. I over bet the pot and he called. When the board paired the 7 I shoved. He tanked and ended up calling with T 3 of diamonds. he had about 2k left after calling.

Of course the river spikes a diamond and I am relegated to the cash tables. He slammed the table when it hit and said alright man! good game. I said Thank God and got up. Three hands later he doubled luck when he flopped Presto and the guy went to the felt with AK... No pair no draw.

Gold! Luck ended up in 70th or so place and missing the cash by whatever amount when he shoved 77 from the big and was snapped called by a guy with K7. Miracle K hits and Luck walks off laughing hysterically. We played some ring games, me NL, Luck and the other friend limit, and then had our meetings. We met, ate, and played some more finally leaving around 10pm. Fun Times.

I posted up my Bodog win yesterday and the introduction of Evy and Donkette to the world of blogging. Good to see everyone just skipped over my congratulations and went straight to the titties!! Awesome!

I win my first blogger tourny in a while and get passed over for a set of tits and a SKillz game win! GOLD!

Toronto tomorrow! See you then!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bodog and the skillz series...

Since I am heading to the Borgata tomorrow early for meetings, and well, some playing, I figured I would get this out of he way...

I won the Bodonkey tourny. Now, I'm not really sure what that gets me yet cause I really haven't read the tourny rules, but it was fun. I broke Buddy's ass, which I'm sure you all heard on the radio, when I finally decided to call his jam with QQ. I had laid them down twice earlier to a three bet, and this time, i had enough.

He raise, i repopped and he shoved... Honestly, I don't know how I fold QQ three times in an hour in one of these tournies... It just doesn't make any sense to me. The only saving grace for buddy is that the stucture is really long and we both had top 5 stacks. So I guess i could have folded and still be in good shape to fight, but at that point, for the third time in the same hour... Fuck you , i'm calling.

I called, and he showed KK... before I could type MOTHER F$%KER! the turn spiked a Q and I sweep a pile full of checks.

I got to the final table sort of shortyish when Icrushbloggers jammed in front of me with AJ. I had AQ and double up to 36k. We got to three handed with New and JL...
New slow played a flopped strr8 to me when I turned a flush... it got all in on the turn and I go heads up with Jordan. The significant hand HU was me raising from the small with AT hearts.
Jordan repopped and I flat called, seeing a board of 2 3 5 all clubs. The pot was 50k. I typed "what a board", and he responded in kind. He checked and I bet about 15k. He folded and I take a nice chip lead.
I popped the next 4 hands in a row to him pre getting all folds, and finally potted from the small with QT. he shoved his last 15k in with J9 and I hold up and win.
i like this tournament. It has great structure and i think this week was the biggest field to date. 57 runners I believe. i'm sure this guy can verify it... It is a very tight tournament, but should loosen up once all you other donkeys sign up!
Also played a cash game with this crew during the bodog and skillz game:

Skillz game saw me get up to 4k in chips and then run a smaller boat into a bigger boat for it all. So ghey.

Congrats to Donkette for taking it down. She was down to like 300 in chips I believe at one point. Redonkulous!!!! Nice run and congrats! Now go to her new blog and congratulate her yourself!

Oh and one more to add to the list... EVY has decided that its time for her to jump on the bandwagon and join bloggerdom. Go check out her tits!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PLO hand...

I was playing a small stakes plo game with a friend (millerd33) this morning when I came upon this hand. the opposing player was pretty tight so far and when the flop came all hearts, and I held the A of hearts, I figured I would take a stab knowing that he couldn't have the stone nuts. The flop was checked, but I had intended to reraise it, so when the turn came and Mr. tight potted, I repopped him. Everything in his stack but $5. I wasn't playing the Aces at all, so when he put the rest of it in on the river I had to call especially when the miracle A hit!

And the Ensuing chat:

ChasingTheDream: WFT
AbelmarC: or WTF ?
ChasingTheDream: do u not know what i mean?
riggstad: he cant think his flush is good if he has one
AbelmarC: i do...i'm joking bud
AbelmarC: relax
ChasingTheDream: haha u have to use two cards in omaha donkey
ChasingTheDream: the A of hearts
AbelmarC: that was a 1 outer cause i folded the case ace
ChasingTheDream: lol
riggstad: I know totally over your head dope
riggstad: I'm not saying I had the flush
ChasingTheDream: Mate u didnt have a full house
riggstad: no shyt moron... I'm saying I know he Doesn't have the A high flush '
ChasingTheDream: but any flush beats you
ChasingTheDream: moron
riggstad: too far over your head
ChasingTheDream: u cant raise
riggstad: I can
riggstad: HE cant have the nut flush
ChasingTheDream: ur a terrible omaha player
riggstad: hahahahahaa - the guy who called with 3rd set to that board is a terrible omaha player
AbelmarC: where's the guy that was trying to sit at the table?
riggstad: you are clueless
ChasingTheDream: but he wont fold any flush
ChasingTheDream: u moron
riggstad: he has to on my turn jam - and for that matter... HE DIDN'T HAVE ONE!
riggstad: and the river didnt matter with his $5 left
riggstad: I dont expect you to understand though
ChasingTheDream: seriously dude ur raise was rediculous.
riggstad: way to over your little head
ChasingTheDream: mate dont talk down to me ur a nobody
millerd33: CLOWN FIGHT
riggstad: like I said
riggstad: you have proven yourself to be too stupid to understand
AbelmarC: do you need help with spelling Dream?
riggstad: so I will talk down to a noob non understanding idot like yourself
ChasingTheDream: seriously rigg if you think ur raise was good u havent got a CLUE! ur playing of 25 cents stakes they dont fold flushes
riggstad: you are right... I"m not used to playing these micro stakes
AbelmarC: why is miller so quiet?
ChasingTheDream: no kidding
ChasingTheDream: idiot
AbelmarC: lol
riggstad: ok, so I had the Ah
millerd33: im 2 buzy cracking up on riggs putting dream in his place
riggstad: I put him to task for all of his chips knowing he couldn't have the nuts
ChasingTheDream: YES I KNOW, but he wudnt fold a flush if he had one! so ur raise was stupidly risky
ChasingTheDream: cause ur playing at 25 cent stakes idiot
AbelmarC: so if these stakes are SO low why are you playing here?
ChasingTheDream: i didnt say they were low moron, i said they were full of bad players. there is a difference
ChasingTheDream: lol
AbelmarC: just because you're playing low stakes doesn't make you bad
millerd33: he also didn't have the flush
AbelmarC: maybe it's all you are willing to play for
ChasingTheDream: ok you show me a good play n il take it back
ChasingTheDream: have u never heard of BR managment?
riggstad: lol
riggstad: hahahahahahahahaa
riggstad: blblahahahahahaaaa
ChasingTheDream: RIGG ur an idiot.
riggstad: and you sir are a coward
riggstad: so keep your little weak/tight playbook with you and continue to grind it out in the .25 rooms all the while berating plays you can't understand
AbelmarC: lol
ChasingTheDream: ur here as well u donk
AbelmarC: this table is awesome
AbelmarC: riggs i'm adding you as search buddy
riggstad: so take your meat sandwhich and go brush your teeth you limey, salty brit
LoOOoOOoL7: lmao
millerd33: blahahahahaha
ChasingTheDream: just shut ur slagass face
riggstad: hahahaha
ChasingTheDream: stupid americans
millerd33: No No, we all understand his play... you're the one dumbfounded
AbelmarC: This is true
ChasingTheDream: Ok I suck then and you are all geniuses
(ChasingTheDream stands up)

Cotton needs a new pair of underwear!

Congrats to Evy for winning the Tuckfard last night. Those silly Canadiens really know how to put on a show. Of course that will be confirmed this weekend.

I'm really looking forward to going as well. I need a super break after this weekend. I missed the Hoy last night, yet again because I knew wifey was returning from her gift at around the same time it would be starting, and I also knew I would have to pay attention to her and get a trip report, so I opted out. Congrats to Astin for yet again taking it down... Man he runs good.

As Fuel stated, I'm sure out of complete frustration... "Man, I've never seen anything like it!!"

F that brother! You played well!! ;)

Its uncanny really when you look at the blogger schedules how many events we have at our disposal... Mondays are chock full with the Math, the tuckfard, and the tuckfard II (sorry, didn't know who to link to). Tuesdays you have the Skill series, and the Bodog bloggament, Wednesdays are slated of course for the ever popular MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, and DOOOOOK, and Thursdays offer the Riverchasers.
Friday is Kats Donkament, and saturdays now include Pauly. And wrapping up the week on Sunday (or starting it, however you look at it) is The Brit blogger tourny on stars, and of course the Monthly Big Game....

With all of those outlets, its crazy to think we get so much play in everyone. You people are powerhouse degenerates. Are our personal lives so empty that we sit down 7+ times a week and play these ridiculous tournaments time and time again? Hell no, I says! They're full!!! Full of a desire to play, learn, interact with like people who share the same passion, and just overall compete. I am honored to have found such a community! (ghey, I know)

I would also like to announce the birth of yet another blog! Everyones favorite donkey, DONKETTE, and her witty and salty husband, Aniguy.

I believe they will share this blog right up until she drives him crazy enough to branch off and start his own... I put the O/U at 2 days!

Good luck Donk!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just about sums it up

This is probably the only video I have seen so far that mimicks real life in the bars every night! Pure Gold!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm dying here

It has been brutal to say the least so far this weekend...

I've been doing well in the cash games at all levels.. .25/.50 all the way up to 2/4

I usually don't play the ring games on-line because I have zero patience and usually uber blast giving no one any credit for any hands, or at least giving them credit to lay down top pair with no kicker to a $250 bet on a three suited river, but alas, they are all donks...

Anyway I have played straight this weekend and have been rewarded for good play. Of course I caught super luck in a .50/1 game when I flopped quads (77) against 2 opponents.

I checked the flop, and the turn came a 3rd spade. One min bet from one and a min raise from another brought my flat calling "skills" to life and the river brought a beautiful 8 boating player 3.

So on a board of 7 7 x y 8 , with three spades on the turn and only one min bet and raise on the turn totaling the pot to about $10, Mr Boat, who had about $50 in front of him min raises again.

Mr K high flush decides its time to put $20 into the middle with a K high flush to a paired board, and I shove it all (having them both covered). Both call off all of their stacks and I sweep a pot of about $140 with quads. Fun times.

One leak I have noticed in my game that has surfaced before, and will probably surface again is turn betting. Once hitting the flop and getting a smooth call, I think its important to hit the turn again, at least heads up everytime to draw heavy flops. Too many times I have checked that turn and then the river when the draw is made only to be checked down and have a bigger pair or kicker take a pot down where if I turned bet, would have easily taken a significant pot.

I call that playing ghey....

For your viewing pleasure, and it being NBA all star weekend, get a glimpse of these dirty little girls. Enjoy your Sunday and to those playing in the Majors, good luck...

Oh, and an update....

My daughters team beat us yesterday by a point to take the last playoff spot. What a friggin game. There were three lead changes in the last minute of the game. Thinking about the game being played by 9 year old girls and a total score of 21-20, those lead changes in that amount of time is sick...

She plays her first playoff game today at 1. I planned on playing a lot of poker today, but that will have to wait until I get back from the game.

Additionally, I am ditching 2 of the 4 kids today on the parents and should have a much easier night.

Friday, February 15, 2008

YOU DID?? (Virgil Erp)

Snakster blew it last night at the final 4 of the ft in the riverchasers last night as my horse with the big stack when he ran AQ into AJ...

Bam and Fuel each won $10 from my FU pile... although Bam shipped back and requested a drink... For that , he'll get this when I show up next week

Here is a picture of my now 7 year old wearing a Birthday present from Al.. This is a picture from my blackberry and "red eye fix" makes it a white eye... Which makes her looks posessed, which is pretty spot on.. so, good.

She is my biggest supporter in the house when it comes to playing online. I think she likes the fact that she gets to lay on me when I play. Her older sister though, can outplay her right now, but she is working on that. Has something to do with the fact that she doesn't know which ones are the boys and the girls yet.... But she is learning!!

I got some good pictures of the house being blown up by psycho kids and an apathetic father. I have until Monday night anyway before I have to "clean".

Of course I'll probably call my mother over for dinner tonight and she'll do all the dirty work! Moms are gold!

We have a "play in" game to the palyoffs tomorrow in basketball... We play my daughters team.

I will be sure to double team her! She has already called me and my team a bunch of hacks.

I'll have some pictures of the game over the weekend!

Have a great 3 dayer folks!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

You better replace the pin Chi Chi... the natives are getting restless

So, two posts in one day. If you read the earlier one and got to the bottom you would know what I did for Mrs. Riggs for V day.

I just dropped her off at the airport... and you know what she said as we hugged and kissed? Not Thank you, not I love you, not You are the greatest fucking husband ever...

I get... "I can't believe you didn't get me a Valentines day card"

Goddamn I run goot!

Is it really that bad that i did not spend the extra $4 on a stupid card AFTER dropping more than, well a whole friggin lot, on a trip across the country to this place...

Please, all you female types out there... Where did I go wrong???

Luck is wasted on the stupid

Yesterday I had planned on taking a trip to the Borgata to play in the 20k guarantee. I have a friend who just took a bullet from his 350k + a year job and he was reeling. He was kind of elated in the sense that he now had some free time on his hands, but was also pondering the future. So what else is there to do other than go blast off in some poker room only a short drive away.

The problem was the weather blew in some nasty type ice/rain mixture and driving was a mess. So we decided to squash it and schedule for next Wednesday.

He still wanted to play, and since he has no sort of bankroll on FT (<200) I decided to stake him in the 17k guarantee at 2pm. 'Cause I'm like that.

We both hung around for a while taking pride in the fact that neither of us had seen more than 3 flops with 40+ hands being played.

He then doubles through with AA when some poor bastard picked up KK. Then chipped up to about 9k going into the first break.

I had hovered around the 2k mark and coming out of the first break saw AK in the small. 6 limpers to me at 120 blinds and I chuckled a little. I jammed and was called by the big who had a little over 5k. Everyone else folded. He showed AJ and I almost tripled up with all of the limpers.

Then I doubled up again when I picked up AQ. I called a standard raise to a large stack. The flop came AQx. He jammed his whole stack to that flop (???) and I auto called. He shows A T and I go to just over 11k.

The very next hand I get KK. A chic who is utg+1 raises to 520. I make it 2300, and she jams. I call (just not folding KK ever here in these things this early) and she shows 99. BBllahahahaaaaaaa.... 99!!!

Of course the flop brings no trouble, the turn is equally safe, and then the river punches me right in the junk. with about 10,000 lbs. of force. A friggin red 9. What a bitch.

That brought me back down to about 2k. I managed to get back up over 4800 but lost a race with AK against 33 and go home. Pal 'o mine managed to last another 30 minutes until he jammed his last 15k with KK and Mr. AQ spiked quad Queens on an all Q flop. go figure. Full Tilts way of saying "not today Meeho, not today"... We both lasted into the 220-230 range and missed the cash by about 50 spots. A total of 1100+ players participated.

Mrs. 99 was out promptly after she stole from me and was gone in the 500 area. This is my point. She was dead. drawing to one out (someone stated they folded the case 9). She spikes and then because of her lucksackery, proceeds to dust off guessing, hoping, thinking that whatever she plays will hit. What happened, that one random act, is the type of luck needed to win these things. In her case it was stupid to be in that spot, with the blinds being so low, and having a top 30 stack. But later in a tourny with blinds being heavy, and stacks being not so average, maybe its a spot to get involved in with 99 and getting lucky.

But this type of luck just gets wasted on the stupid. The idiotic. The plain Dumb. I wondered what I could have done with those chips. There were spots later that I didn't make a specified move because of the amount of chips I didn't have that probably would have been easy to make with a bigger stack. Turns my stomach.

Anyway, I played pretty heavy the rest of the day wining about 7 $11 6 max turbo sng's ( I love those things), a few $24's (same) and some ring games ($50-$100-$200 buy in multi tables)

I was profitable all day, and was looking forward to the Mookie. Not much to say about it other than I took 4th, when my AK was too slow against JJ's 99. (fucking 9's... all day long!)

Side note: ScottMc is the best BuddyDank Radio guest to date... IMO

Today is Valentines day, and I am shipping Mrs. Riggs off to Arizona for a weekend with friends from Denver, to a celebrity type Spa. Figure she'll get to relax, see friends she hasn't seen for a while, and get felt up by a latin type Brad Pitt while taking a mud bath and drinking Mohitos.

In the meantime, I get to neglect the 4 little riggster's while trying to put in some uber time on FT, PS, and Bodog. Cheetos, Hannah Montana, Caiou, Twizzlers, pizza, and Telly Tubbies should keep them all happy while I blast away...

Monday can't come fast enough. I will try to chronicle the weekend with pictures of what the little tykes get into and to prove my inability to be a single parent. should be good.

Last time something like this happened there were only 3 riggsters (all girls) and I ended up looking like a deranged Ken Doll in drag. Note to self: don't fall asleep on the living room floor while a 2, 5 and 7 year old have access to mom's makeup.

Happy Valentines day! fuckers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Varmint Cong!

Finally got to play our heads up match last night right before the skill series and the bodog tourny...

The first match was very interesting. Mike is a good player, but he plays that very patient, very boring style of game. Which almost got me. I had a few friends railing, and the one pointed out that out the 130 hands we played, he saw 50. Over the 50 he observed, only 4 hands went to showdown. And he said he saw one uncontested jam from each of us.

The first match brought 3 pivotal hands... The first I had Mike covered about 3-1. I had raised with AQ from the small and he shoved with A2. The 2 fell and we were back to even.

The next hand went in my favor when I shoved a suited 10 9 and Mike called with A 10. Of course the 9 falls and we get back to even again.

I chipped up a little and took a marginal lead when I again raised from the small with JJ. Mike shoved with 99, I insta called and the Jacks held to give me the win.

The second match wasn't really anything to talk about and I think it ended in <10 hands. The end came when I had A9 spades. Mike had raised up early and I called. Blinds were still only 15/30 so the raise was like 60 or 90.

The flop came 9 high. I raised up, he jammed, and I just couldn't put him on anything bigger. I called and he showed 10 9.

The skill game was capped with me losing with KK against 10 J... and AQ clubs losing to KJ clubs... I run good.

I lost the Bodog in 22cnd when I shoved on Skidoo with AQ and he called with his 99. I lost the race and go home to play some cash and $24 sngs and watch Caddy Shack on HBO.

I know every line of that movie but haven't seen it in quite some time. What a treat!

Monday, February 11, 2008

poker < basketball.. or is it vice versa?

ok, so I have intended to write more about poker, all the while keeping some personal stuff in the mix, but really focusing on some of my poker experience as well. After all, it is a poker blog. But things have been really keeping me jammed up lately. The company has a lot of very cool things going on, with some very exciting possibilities, and of course, basketball is coming to an end. I didn't play much or any poker this weekend at all because of the bball schedule. I did get to play the friday night donkament (I love you Kat!), and had a blast. Bam has a funny post up about it that says more than I could.

I knew basketball was going to be a very big part of the weekend. i had 2 games myself to coach, my daughters team, who I don't coach, had two games, and I was playing myself on Sunday night. Which we do every sunday night.

Saturday was a pivetol game for us. If we won, we had a shot at a playoff spot. This is something our girls deseerved with the way they have played all year long. We were playing a team that we lost to already when I was without my two best players, and my daughters team lost to them in overtime last week. So we knew it was going ot be a rough game, and it meant a lot to both of us. Basically a swing game for each team.

To keep your interest, I will tell you now that I was ejected from the game midway through the second period. The game started out innocently enough. There were two referees there i had never seen before, and usually they don't have anything to do with the outcome of a game. We are talking about 9 year old girls here. But lest anyone think that this is a rec league type of atmosphere, its not. These girls are the top talent in the area for each comunity. 100's of girls try out and only 10 per team make it, so the competition is fierce.

So the first period is going along nicely, and we are tied early on, about 2 minutes in at 4-4. It is a very aggressive game, and there are fouls being called. A lot. Only I didn't notice who was getting the calls. The score keeper looks at me and says, "coach, thats 3 on #12". 3? we're 2 minutes into the game? I asked how many team fouls and he said 7. 7!?!?! How many does the other team have? "One", he replied.

Ok, so 2 minutes into the game we have 7 team fouls, they have one. That means that the other team gets to start shooting free throws anytime my girls foul anywhere on the court. 2 minutes into the game mind you.

One of my girls brings the ball up in transition and gets pushed in the back and out of bounds. The ref calls it a turnover and my assistant coach yelps, and moans and complains from his seat. The ref calls time out, and comes over to us and says, "no more. We are doing the best we can, your girls are being aggressive, could go both ways, etc. etc. etc". Really the standard line. He was addressing my assistant coach, so I looked at him and said, yes you are right, but we (now at 10) have 10 fouls to their 1. Its a little inequitable. He stated he would see what he could do about it. (fucking Noob)

So the game goes on, and the score keeper looks at me again and says, "coach, thats 4 on 12, and 4 on 20. Let me tell you that 12, and 20 are two of my best players. Let me also tell you that combined, neither of them have had more than 4 fouls cummulatively all year long. So I'm a little suspicious at this point to say the least. We have the lead to this point by a basket.

We go into the second period... the fould count is now 17-5, and the score is 12-11, us. Then it happens. One of my girls gets the ball in open court mind you, and is dribbling across half court when she is chickend wing from behind. The ref, still under the inbounding basket, blows his whistle and calls a travel. I hear from behind my parents just gasping, and some audibly complain, and I just jump out of the seat and say whoa whoa whoa! to the ref. I ask him to talk and he waves me off with a grimace calling for the other girls to come inbound the ball. I call a time out and walk out onto the court towards him. He charges me.. yes, charges me, gritting his teeth and sticking his chest out telling me to sit down. the other ref comes from behind and T's me up for being on the court. I tell him that I called a timeout, and he says, well he didn't give it to you.

One of the parents comes out of the stands. Not in any threatning manner, just to voice his opinion to the ref that he can't come at a coach like that. The ref throws him out of the game.

He continues to to tell me to sit down, and that he will eject me if I don't. The gym is in complete silence now. There is probably 100 people in the stands, and I can't let this go on any further. I tell him I want an explanation, and the guy gets into my face again, gritting his teeth telling me once last time to sit down, then bumps me with his chest.

I laugh out loud to make sure everyone hears me, then I whisper to him that he has no fucking idea who I am. Then I get T'd up again, from the other ref. I say he bumped into me. Then the other guy ejects me from the game. and the gym for that matter.

I tell him I'm not going anywhere until I get an explanation. "My girls and their parents deserve an explanation of why he is so incompetent at his job. Why I have 17 team fouls and the other team has 5. Why the whole gym saw this girl get chickened winged, and he calls a travel."

He tells me to get out again, and I mumble a few different things. At this point I see some of my girls getting visibly upset, and I decide to cut all losses and exit. I go out to my truck and try to cool off but it aint happening. I was totally steamed. I really wanted to embarrass this guy. What a fucking donkey. I have seldom been this upset. I really am a calm guy and when I blow up it is more out of fun and sillyness, but this guy really got to me. I wanted his liver.

then I start to think about the situation and realized that our best shooters would be out of the game with their next foul. SO I wrote a note to the assistant coach, and called a parent on her cell phone to come out and get it. When she came out she told me that the other team was awarded 6 free shots. 2 for each technical, since we had more than 10 team fouls, and instead of the travel call, they called it a foul on us. The girl made 4 of the 6 and they went on to take a 10 point lead before the half ended.

The note I wrote to the assistant coach was a game plan to play a possesion offense subbing the two girls in foul trouble to be in the game only on offense. This worked because every possesion, we got to stop the action and sub in those two girls. Neither of them fouled out. However, we ended up losing the game by a point. I was pissed.

I waited in the parking lot until the game was over, and I spoke to the parents afterwards, and fortunately they were all in favor of what I did. In fact, several made comments of thank you for sticking up for the girls and the team.

The bottom line was that it still cost us our playoff shot, and I don't know where to go from here.
I want that mother fucker like no one else I have wanted before. I know, I have anger issues, but that mother fucker took away a shot for my girls something they have worked so hard for because he couldn't admit he was wrong. Now understand that they are PIAA officials. Some of these guys ref the at the Highschool level, and even the collegiate level. They are trained to do the right things. This is what makes it so frustrating for me.

Either way, its over now, and nothing I can do about it. I just can't wait fot the tournaments coming up. God I hope I run into that pric.

Anyway, I missed the opportunity to play Mike in our first round of Heads up matches for the HUC, but I'm sure we will get it done this week. I didn't play at all on sat or sun online, and missed defending my title of the brit blogger tourny on stars. Oh well.

Hopefull I can calm down a little today. I have our last game tonight against the only undeafeated team in the league so it means nothing for either of us. I just want the girls to play their hearts out and hopefully pull out an upset.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

busy little bee

It seems that everytime I get to do something fun, something else wrangles its way into the mix and I lose an opportunity to take a break. Like hang out with Al for some prime rib, or play some 2/5 with poker grind at the Borgata, while there. Getting there was the easy part, business. But when the plate is put in front of you, and you can't eat, well that's just hurtful.

I had the meeting in AC yesterday and met up with PG. Very cool guy, and while I didnt get a chance to sit at all because of another meeting 3 hours away, I took solace in the fact that he gets there often, so we will have more than ample opportunities to chip away the future pros that inhabit that place like a sophmore cotillion dance.

I was excited to play the blogger cash game and figured I would be at most, an hour late. Of course, meetings at bars (nature of my business) tend to go over a little longer than normally expected. Which I account for. But everytime I do that, they seem to still last a lot longer.

I b'berried Fuel a few times and another friend who was railing to find out how the action was going and if the table was still live. 30 minutes out it was still going. Then it broke as I pulled into the driveway. Again, I'm sure there will be other times...

Riverchasers tonight and some other stuff going such as basketball practice.

Little tramps are going to run like they have never run before. It seems every year toward the end of the season that the kids, and parents just seem to tail off a little. It's understandable because of soccer and softball starting, and the parents having to run around twice the amount and so forth. I don't blame them. But what kind of coach would I be if I let it go overlooked.

EXCELLENCE!!! Damn it!

on a side note, while driving from guam to east jeh'bip last night I happend along a little traffic jam on a major highway. Seems a little old lady had lost her ability to start her car. There was a previous accident about an hour earlier that had shut down the road. While waiting she decided to turn her car off. Then couldn't get it started again once traffic broke. So, instead of the people behind her trying to help her, they just rammed into each other getting into the other lane to get around her. I had to be a good 2k yards behind her. Alot of cars in front of us.

I know its rush hour, and you're all trying to get home, and have no time for women drivers, especially old ones, but good lord people. Help a sister out. So, I stopped the man truck behind her, as I could tell she was distraught. The guy behind me gave me a look as if to say, you dumbass, WTF??!!.. to which he quickly looked away when I fully got out of the truck and waved him off in a very as a matter of fact way. pric.

I asked the woman what was the problem, and the poor dear was crying. CRYING!! Jesus, lady, its just a car, no need for crying. I sat in her car, turned the ignition, and nothing happened, accept a few lights came on. I giggled to myself and put the car into park. Started the car up and let her back in the car. She went from crying to joy in a matter of seconds. She smiled and said thank you, and I said no worries, twenty bucks, and outstretched my hand. Her laughter turned into surprise and I giggled again and said, no i'm just messin' with you. She thanked me again, gave me a hug (ghey), got into her car, and sped away. Always the cynic, I climbed back into the man truck, shooting the douche bag behind me another look, and mumbled to myself, "what a dumbass" in referrence to the woman, not the douchebag.

at least I was nice to her in her presence...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Road trip!

got news this morning that I have a meeting in AC tomorrow. Sooooo, off to the Borgata it is.

Luck truck will be in tow as we meet, eat, and then sit... for some fun and profitability!

If anyone is heading down, give a ring

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ain't no F'n ball park either... Maybe your definition of foot massages differ from mine...

Long week with lots of stuff going on. Wifey had a lot of places to be so I pretty much had the kids most of both days. Which left for a few hours of online poker. :) Snakster has been running super bad as of late which I'm sure you will read about in his upcoming post, if it isn't posted already.

Anyway, sat night him and another friend of ours were playing, and complaining, so I suggested that we get into the next $5 mtt and I would pay either of them $20 if they outlasted me.

Now, these tournaments are crazy. There were 599 runners. I had a meager chip stack for most of the tourny, and all told I saw 23 flops out of 300+. There were two hands of consequence for me that took me into the the final table. The first one, I had been folding for quite a while. I realized that stealing was of no use when I saw on three different occasions money go in pre with 3 callers and the best hand was K9o. Not one pair or Ace out of the bunch. People were calling off hands with some very wierd stuff.

So, sitting on 2200 in chips, holding A5s and 6 callers of the 240 blind level, and having already outlasted my two competitors, I shoved. Being short and wanting to gamble, I shoved. and got 4 callers. The flop came 3 2 3. I wrote in IM to snak that I needed a 4. The turn was a 6 and the river was a 4. All 4 mucked and the pot ships to me. Snak askes me what they had. I looked and was flabbergasted. I was surprised to see that I didnt even need the straight. A high was good. The holding of the other 4? Q9o, 89, 78, and J7. I go up to over 10k with that hand and coast into the money playing maybe 2 more hands.

Now I get into another table where Poker Enthusiast sits 2 to my left. We say hi and talk for a bit, and Surf pops in as an observer railing us. Good Times.

I blind down to about 290 and pick up about 30k after a few winning hands, and stealing some blinds. It seemed everyone was willing to lay down a little easier once we got into the top 30. Then, at about 20k, I pick up AA in the Big. The utg chip leader open raises 10k, and next to act with 50k in chips, and top 10 in chips, shoves. All of it. With K 10. I insta call with the Aces and utg shows 77. 10 hits the flop, I collect 73k and the chip leader is crippled. I go into the final table the shorty. one goes out, I open shove AQ and bb has KK. GG me.

My point is this... I lucked my way into the final table. Plain and simple. I did nothing extraordinary other than wait for premium hands, and put up a hail mary in a situation where I knew I could more than triple when I was on my last legs. I got super lucky with AA in the big blind by having two retards shove the way they did, AND have my aces hold up. Mtt strategy at its finest.


Al invited me to play the Brit Blogger tourny on stars yesterday. 25 runners. I win that tourny. Ship the trophy across the pond Al says. I must say the play was pretty bad. I got heads up with a guy whose name reminded Al of bukakee, as he stated many times in the chat. He had me 2 to 1 in chips, and I played my standard heads up match. Raising every small blind, folding to aggression with rags, and pretty much not commited to the BB unless I had a hand. But raising everytime in the small is very important. Especially against lesser players. You'll win more blinds then they can make up for, and you eventually chip your way to a sizeable lead. Of course the better the player, the more you adjust... So,

This guy played fairly well in the sense that he continued to raise and reraise me every hand. Every hand. he played very very aggressive. Seldom did we see flops. I had no hands coming my way so when I picked up AJ in the bb and he raised from the small, I reraised him. Only it wasn't all in. but it was after looking, more than half my stack. I wasn't paying attention when I made the bet being involved in another hand on Full Tilt, so when he shoved, I tanked. and then called. He had AK, but I spiked a J on the flop and scoop the pot.

He asked why I called with AJ, to which I said, you've been raising and reraising me everytime, I got a choose a spot somewhere. He said, yeah but not for all of my money. He made a few more comments then stated, its ok, not what I would do, but thanks for trying to give me your chips.

I wrote, "don't be that guy". Then I wrote, if you're going to continue to reraise me, you can't expect me to not call you with anything less than the nuts.

The final blow came when he limped and I checked with K 5. Flop came a King high. I decided to check raise, and he didn't dissappoint. I put it all in and he showed bottom two. King hits the turn and I win. Very funny stuff.

Congrats to the , (gulp), Giants for winning the superbowl. now we have to listen all about Eli Manning for the next 8 months. What a joke. I'll write a little synopsis of my thoughts on the whole thing later tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Riverfuckers! a'la the Worst poker player ever

I don't like posting screen shots but i will today for two reason... One, nobody believed me, and two, no one believed this guy called, and they were at the table.

This was the second or third hand of the Riverchasers last night. I raised up pot after an initial raiser. I had my full 3k stack. I was reraised to 5oo something... First raiser folds and I flat call.

The flop came Jack high and I potted it leaving me 1700. Villain moved all in. I stated I was folding queens and someone made a comment in disbelief. The guy showed KK. Here is the proof...

I chipped back up to like 4800 after this hand through several winning hands and came across this debacle. I raised up utg with AK diamonds. I get a caller and a raiser. I repop and the initial caller jams. the second raiser folds, and I call leaving me with 1200 or so left. Here this is...

Now, this money went all in preflop. I don't understand how you call an initial bet then Jam to a three bet with AQ. I was salty and mean and hurtful and posted in the girly chat that the hearts must have been too pretty to him. I can't take it anymore. Sucks the life out of me. AND Waffles laughed at me!! I mean the worst poker player ever laughed at me :)

Fun night though, I guess. Have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you online!