Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

I haven't posted much but wanted to extend my dearest wishes for a Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the Blogger community. I truly missed being in Vegas and regret that I wasn't able to attend.

I've met so many of you and yearn to hang out once again. There are also a pile of you whom I've yet to meet but keep in regular contact with and can't wait for the day where we sit down, break bread, murder hand histories, discuss potential business opportunities, and just revel in each others stories and histories.

We are coming to an end of a decade and I hope you all celebrate responsibly. That is to say, don't run out of booze. Oh, and of course, be careful. The next decade will prove to be very interesting and I doubt anyone would want to miss it!

Here's looking forward to a great 2010 for all of us. Especially the Phils!

I ahve promised a Roy Halladay post and will get to it sometime between xmas and New Year. Other than that, I am signing off until the new year.

God Bless Everyone!

P.S. Goat and I will resume our little virtual friendship/ bantering once the new year starts in anticipation of the new L O S T season!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Does it even seem like Christmas? Jeez man, I have 4 kids and can't even get into the spirit. whatevs, I'm dying a slow death here. I've never been a wait and see kinda guy, but that is the position I have been put in right now. I hate it. Fuck you.

Tiger Woods... um, ok, so the dude likes to get a little freaky deaky with the pimp whores and apparently whoever has a nice set of cans. My prediction? I don't know how it will play out with regards to his image yet, but my guess is without all of these extra marital distractions, and his announced, newly formed dedication to his Elin, he most likely will go out and win every single major this upcoming year, and just go on to own golf. Not like he hasn't up to now, but I mean total domination. He'll need to in order to sway the media away from the fact that he likes to take a string of beads in his ass from a British porn star.

I'm missing Vegas once again and hope you all have a good time. I know it will be tough. I know that you will all be most likely asking yourselves come Monday why you even waste your time. Take solace in the fact that no matter how horrible it is, you will be back next year no matter what. It kinda goes like that.

I look forward to reading trip reports. Be safe all!