Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cotton needs a new pair of underwear!

Congrats to Evy for winning the Tuckfard last night. Those silly Canadiens really know how to put on a show. Of course that will be confirmed this weekend.

I'm really looking forward to going as well. I need a super break after this weekend. I missed the Hoy last night, yet again because I knew wifey was returning from her gift at around the same time it would be starting, and I also knew I would have to pay attention to her and get a trip report, so I opted out. Congrats to Astin for yet again taking it down... Man he runs good.

As Fuel stated, I'm sure out of complete frustration... "Man, I've never seen anything like it!!"

F that brother! You played well!! ;)

Its uncanny really when you look at the blogger schedules how many events we have at our disposal... Mondays are chock full with the Math, the tuckfard, and the tuckfard II (sorry, didn't know who to link to). Tuesdays you have the Skill series, and the Bodog bloggament, Wednesdays are slated of course for the ever popular MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, and DOOOOOK, and Thursdays offer the Riverchasers.
Friday is Kats Donkament, and saturdays now include Pauly. And wrapping up the week on Sunday (or starting it, however you look at it) is The Brit blogger tourny on stars, and of course the Monthly Big Game....

With all of those outlets, its crazy to think we get so much play in everyone. You people are powerhouse degenerates. Are our personal lives so empty that we sit down 7+ times a week and play these ridiculous tournaments time and time again? Hell no, I says! They're full!!! Full of a desire to play, learn, interact with like people who share the same passion, and just overall compete. I am honored to have found such a community! (ghey, I know)

I would also like to announce the birth of yet another blog! Everyones favorite donkey, DONKETTE, and her witty and salty husband, Aniguy.

I believe they will share this blog right up until she drives him crazy enough to branch off and start his own... I put the O/U at 2 days!

Good luck Donk!


BamBam said...

BAM-BAM just wasn't good enough to get Al all the way last night. He could have used some BOOOOOM !

But given your circumstances....
Screw him !


You can send others to any Tuckstuff, by shooting them over to here... http://tuckfard.blogspot.com/

Thanks for thinking us !
and see you soon.

Donkette said...

You will bet on anything!!!!!!!!!!

Corron said...

Isnt it "Cotton needs a new pair of shorts"????????