Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PLO hand...

I was playing a small stakes plo game with a friend (millerd33) this morning when I came upon this hand. the opposing player was pretty tight so far and when the flop came all hearts, and I held the A of hearts, I figured I would take a stab knowing that he couldn't have the stone nuts. The flop was checked, but I had intended to reraise it, so when the turn came and Mr. tight potted, I repopped him. Everything in his stack but $5. I wasn't playing the Aces at all, so when he put the rest of it in on the river I had to call especially when the miracle A hit!

And the Ensuing chat:

ChasingTheDream: WFT
AbelmarC: or WTF ?
ChasingTheDream: do u not know what i mean?
riggstad: he cant think his flush is good if he has one
AbelmarC: i do...i'm joking bud
AbelmarC: relax
ChasingTheDream: haha u have to use two cards in omaha donkey
ChasingTheDream: the A of hearts
AbelmarC: that was a 1 outer cause i folded the case ace
ChasingTheDream: lol
riggstad: I know totally over your head dope
riggstad: I'm not saying I had the flush
ChasingTheDream: Mate u didnt have a full house
riggstad: no shyt moron... I'm saying I know he Doesn't have the A high flush '
ChasingTheDream: but any flush beats you
ChasingTheDream: moron
riggstad: too far over your head
ChasingTheDream: u cant raise
riggstad: I can
riggstad: HE cant have the nut flush
ChasingTheDream: ur a terrible omaha player
riggstad: hahahahahaa - the guy who called with 3rd set to that board is a terrible omaha player
AbelmarC: where's the guy that was trying to sit at the table?
riggstad: you are clueless
ChasingTheDream: but he wont fold any flush
ChasingTheDream: u moron
riggstad: he has to on my turn jam - and for that matter... HE DIDN'T HAVE ONE!
riggstad: and the river didnt matter with his $5 left
riggstad: I dont expect you to understand though
ChasingTheDream: seriously dude ur raise was rediculous.
riggstad: way to over your little head
ChasingTheDream: mate dont talk down to me ur a nobody
millerd33: CLOWN FIGHT
riggstad: like I said
riggstad: you have proven yourself to be too stupid to understand
AbelmarC: do you need help with spelling Dream?
riggstad: so I will talk down to a noob non understanding idot like yourself
ChasingTheDream: seriously rigg if you think ur raise was good u havent got a CLUE! ur playing of 25 cents stakes they dont fold flushes
riggstad: you are right... I"m not used to playing these micro stakes
AbelmarC: why is miller so quiet?
ChasingTheDream: no kidding
ChasingTheDream: idiot
AbelmarC: lol
riggstad: ok, so I had the Ah
millerd33: im 2 buzy cracking up on riggs putting dream in his place
riggstad: I put him to task for all of his chips knowing he couldn't have the nuts
ChasingTheDream: YES I KNOW, but he wudnt fold a flush if he had one! so ur raise was stupidly risky
ChasingTheDream: cause ur playing at 25 cent stakes idiot
AbelmarC: so if these stakes are SO low why are you playing here?
ChasingTheDream: i didnt say they were low moron, i said they were full of bad players. there is a difference
ChasingTheDream: lol
AbelmarC: just because you're playing low stakes doesn't make you bad
millerd33: he also didn't have the flush
AbelmarC: maybe it's all you are willing to play for
ChasingTheDream: ok you show me a good play n il take it back
ChasingTheDream: have u never heard of BR managment?
riggstad: lol
riggstad: hahahahahahahahaa
riggstad: blblahahahahahaaaa
ChasingTheDream: RIGG ur an idiot.
riggstad: and you sir are a coward
riggstad: so keep your little weak/tight playbook with you and continue to grind it out in the .25 rooms all the while berating plays you can't understand
AbelmarC: lol
ChasingTheDream: ur here as well u donk
AbelmarC: this table is awesome
AbelmarC: riggs i'm adding you as search buddy
riggstad: so take your meat sandwhich and go brush your teeth you limey, salty brit
LoOOoOOoL7: lmao
millerd33: blahahahahaha
ChasingTheDream: just shut ur slagass face
riggstad: hahahaha
ChasingTheDream: stupid americans
millerd33: No No, we all understand his play... you're the one dumbfounded
AbelmarC: This is true
ChasingTheDream: Ok I suck then and you are all geniuses
(ChasingTheDream stands up)


BamBam said...

I hope AbelmarC is a woman! You just gotta' love this :

AbelmarC: this table is awesome
AbelmarC: riggs i'm adding you as search buddy

Ah, hell with it. If loving that makes me ghey... ghey-away then!

The thing I really love about this, besides the obvious,
"heeing and haawing."

Great audience participation!
I mean, how can you beat that?
Really ?

jamyhawk said...

Classic. Just Classic!

"Clown Fight!"


StB said...

That is an aggressive play. The beauty of it is you were right. Well done!

Dream boy just doesn't get what the hell happened to him. It is called suck and resuck.

aniguy said...

Phucking GOLD Jerry, just GOLD!!!!!!

snakster said...

And he wants to be your latex salesman (shakes head).

Chad C said...

I see chat bans coming.........