Thursday, February 28, 2008

How do we go from this to that? I mean what the hell were you thinking?

On the trip to Canada we talked a lot about how each of us became bloggers. The common thread seems to be that you knew someone who was, or something along those lines.

I thought I would share my story here. Since I did in the truck. and it ain't just fair for only a few to know. So if you don't want to know, go to the bottom where I rip waffles right quick.

I had just started Riverhcasers about half a year earlier and we were making significant strides towards real growth. I was sitting in a law firm in NYC discussing some details of another deal I was involved in when we took a break. Speaking to an advisor on the current deal, he asked what else I had going on. This guy was the tops in his field as far as advisors go and after explaining to him the whole business model, he suggested that I look into bloggers.

My initail response was, "what the fuck is a blogger?" He explained and I just didn't get it. OK, maybe I got it a little, but didn't really see the value. yet.

A while later, I instructed an employee to check this blogger thing out. Goooooogle it, search it whatever. She really didn't come up with too much as she handed me a print out of about 100 different sites. None I remember.

About a month later, one of the tournament directors asked me to come to her game. It was the Boat house in Malvern, PA. We had been trying to get that location for quite some time, having already had their sister bar in Conshohoken, about 10 miles away.

We had been doing the Malvern location for about 4 weeks and I figured it was time to get down there to represent anyway. When I got there, I was introduced to this wierd looking guy. We chatted a while and he explained to me that he himself was a blogger.

I didn't think much of it until later when he came to a heads up match we put together at a different bar. We spoke about the possibility of an online tour, and that he was talking about or in the middle of putting together one for the community of bloggers he was part of.

Fast forward to about a half year into the online series and I asked him to start me one of them there blogs...

I think I posted once a month for the first 6 months. Then I caught fire. I just couldn't stop after that. Which leads us here today. There are some pretty interesting and awesome people out there who dedicate their lives, not just to blogging, I don't think thats it at all... but rather to the comunity that expands throughout the internets. At least our little part of it.

Thats my story.


At one point last night I held the chip lead in both the Mookie and the Dookie. I told a friend in chat that I guaranteed I wouldn't cash in either. Fucking Kreskin, I tell ya.

I donked in the Dookie when, with the chip lead 5 handed, and having pretty much my way with the table, made a bad steal attempt. Schaubs repotted, and I just couldn't call. I had a mini wrap, but not much else. I was willing to see a flop but his jam indicated a big pair, double suited, or worse, a bigger wrap. I had all the reason to call with the odds but decided to keep my remaining 4k and go from there. It didn't work. I was out in 5th when schaubs Aces were better than my aces...

The mookie was fun... WOOT LORI!!!

I had about 20k when waffles had 9 and I potted from the button with AJ spades. He shoved and I insta called. That retards range could be any two really, and he just so happened to have aces.

I go down to 11k and out within 6 spots. I bet waffles $20 that he doesn't make the cash. He said something about only 9 spots left and I giggled. I will say this... I think he played well. I offered the table $40 for whoever took him out before he cashed, but alas, the old man pulled it off. Well done sir!

To say the least, it was a very wierd Mookie, thats for sure. Gearing up for the BB3 challenge as we get ready to enter the tunnels of dark despair known this time around as March, April, and May... as in May god have mercy on our souls as we sacrifice every second of free time trying to win a WSOP seat... Good Luck, and may it be worth it!


SirFWALGMan said...

Haha. GG sir. I am getting more serious now that the BBT3 is coming around. So get used to me bouncing you. heh. I actually think I will final table Riverchasers tonight. I am 95% sure it will happen.

snakster said...

hey waffles, you could let me win this one tonight. It would go along way towards allowing me to play more BBT3 tourneys. Not that that is a great concern of yours.

Oh...yeah....riggs...good post....I really like the part about.....well I forget....but I'm sure it was worth my time.

Donkette said...

Thanks Riggs! Also thank you for all that you do for the blogging community......

BamBam said...

I don't give a crap how you got here. I'm just damn glad you did and that you know why I read here.


Matt said...

Thanks for the comments sir. I wish I could've assisted in preventing Waffles side bet win. Not even so much for the $40 - just to prevent $20 to Waffles.

I've added you to my google reader - look forward to keeping up with your blog.