Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Dote, eh?

I can't really say enough about the trip. Meeting everyone was a pleasure and honor, and I don't think I have ever really had as much fun with people whom I've never met before. It was like we were all long lost family.

I will recap in depth later, but I had to post some highlights...

1. Car ride up with CK and Al... "It's the fiiinaaaaaaalll COUNT DOWN!
2. "Dude, when the freaky guy asks you how far it is to Buffalo, tell him three hours". Freaky guys response to said reply... "thanks. (head snap) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!??!"
3. bam bam - "Riggs, this is NutzCarson" - reply: "How you doin' you fucking Donkey"
4. Hotel Security to Bam Bam - Get out! Now!
5. Walk to the Brass Rail - "Riggs where is your friggin coat?" CK - "Phone book forgot to bring one"
6. within 5 minutes of getting to the club, I am taken into the back with a cowgirl type stripper and dust off 8 songs worth of dances. All the while discussing hockey and the markets. Al sent a search party out.
7. Back to the hotel, I go to the room, Al goes to Bam's room. Bam kicks Al out. I am awoken to the sound of a half filled bottle of soco swishing above my head, looking up at this creature asking me if I want a drink. Then he asks if I'M alright.
8. Wake up and get ready for the eh-fternoon shift.
9. Me, Bam, Al, and Carson take to the Rail again for research. Apparently the afternoon shift is the biggest indicator of a clubs potential. Bam and I discuss each others history, thoughts on everything, and it all becomes moot when I fall in love with Olga.
10. Al purchases another dance for me, ultimately costing me another hundo because I was too interested in the economic, and political climates of Hungary. Which this wonderful lady was too kind to discuss with me.
11. Dinner at Astins... BOOOOOOOOOOM! Friggin dude knows what to do with dead animals, I will tell you that
12. I learned that I only rent Guitar Hero. Carson ownes it.
13. IG showed up and we met at Astins... Another yathzee
14. Underground poker in Toronto - Bubble the tourny
15. Double the cash game... then stack off to 40 when I run bottom set into top set with a draw heavy board. Then back to 150 when I squeeze jam QJ to a $10 raise and call and river the nuts. BOOOOOOOOOM!
16. Casino Niagra... Meet Vinnay, have some drinks, play some poker
17. Absolute wierdest day of poker ever. Left up one buy-in. Al gets kicked out of the poker room. Went to the noodle bar, drove two hours the wrong way to go sleep for 3 hours so that we could get back on the road to go home
18. Pulling into the Hotel, Al sleeping across the back, I tell CK that we should let the Valet park the truck with Al in it. Al hears us and doesn't necessarily think it a bad idea
19. Border patrol... "how do you know these people?" - "they're friends" - "I know they're friends, you are ll n the same vehicle" - (internal dialogue) "don't say internet, don't say internet".
20. I tell CK that if we don't get to Allentown by 10pm I am taking her directly to NYC. We get to the train staion at 9:45. NUTZ!!!

So much more to dissect here, but a really fun and wonderful time. BamBam is no doubt long lost family, as well as Carson. Christ did we have a blast. Kat, is the quintessential hostest and most fun loving person I have ever met. Astin is a very cool dude, and find it just amazing that he would offer up his place and cook for the lot of us "strangers". I can't believe IG made it. After missing the intial hook up with us because of the shitty weather, she actually jumped in a car and drove 6 hours to spend what amounted to be about 24 hours with a bunch of IIF's. Very cool. I met Joanada and we celebrated her birthday! BOOOOOM! CK is gold. 'nuff said. Vinnay got pimped at the border trying to get in on Sat, but made it on Sunday to the Casino. Very cool to meet him as well.

You really should open your schedules for next year. It's a can't miss event. I will post more detail later on the poker and the friends...


katitude said...

Glad you made it babes...would not have been the same without the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Anonymous said...

"How you doin' you fucking Donkey"

That's where we started, and it just went down from there.

BamBam said...

Wow you left a lot out!

3.5 - BOOOOOOOM !!!
4.5 - BOOOOOOOOM !!!
9.1 thru 9.99 -
& BAM-BAM !!...BAM-BAM-BAM !!!!!

Oh that Olga.................
I offered her $100 to take a picture with you and I and she wouldn't take it!
( the picture I mean. The $100 was always welcome though! heh )

20.1 - Man-Truck goes too fast and what were you thinking? I wanted to high-jack CK and make her a kept woman up here in the North.
(Pebbles doesn't read here...... does she?)

You made it a great weekend man! Can't wait to try it all over again.

BWoP said...

The original plan was to tell border patrol that Al and Riggs ordered me from the internet.

We didn't think that would go over so well.

I miss the BOOOOOOOOMING already.

See you in a month, Riggs!

snakster said...

I can't wait for the english translation so I can get a real feel of how it went. No doubt I'll be hearing the stories from riggs at the poker table for the next 4 months.

Astin said...

A true pleasure meeting you Riggs. Here's hoping you can adjust to a non-stripclub lifestyle again. I think I heard Olga crying as I walked past the rail yesterday.

pokertart said...

It was awesome to meet you Riggs!

Mr. Bankwell said...

It was good meeting you Riggs but remember Universal Health Care in Canada.

Evy said...

Fuck, I now have Russian stripper competition???? That seriously blows.

LOL....glad you had such a great time....next time I am SO in!!!

Irongirl01 said...

You are the man!! Great to meet you

katitude said...

P.S. yes, the grope did make up for it *huge grin!