Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's start with the end...

Al: Brilliant! Drive across half the country and and close the pub. Outstanding!

Thats right. We dropped CK off at the train station here in Philadelphia, and realizing that we had a pile of time, I asked Al if I was taking him to his house or the pub. I know, stupid question.

So, we get to the pub around 11:30pm and closed the joint. I think I got home around 3:30am.
He checked his email to see if FT had responded with the details of the BBThree and we decided to, well, celebrate a little. All good fun. Just a little stupid.

So sunday morning, we had decided that a ride to the Casino Niagra was in order. The tuckfards had a previous poker engagement and wouldn't be joining us.

When we got to the joint, the poker room has 4 tables. 2 - 1/2 nl max of $100 buyin. 1 - 1/2 nl max of $200, and one 2/5 limit max buyin of $40. $40??? yes $40

We were told that it would be an hour, after signing up all 7 of us, and headed to the bar to eat and well, drink. Vinnay showed up and gave us the story of his border bashing the night before. You must read his post. I fell out of my chair reading it this morning.

We toasted everything from Joanna's Birthday, to Kat's hopsitality, to Astins' performance and work in the kitchen the night before, and the bartenders cufflinks.

Ck got hungry and wanted a foot long. Apparently Al can't hang in that department so we ordered from the bar. She put on quite a spectacle, and was so intimidating that Astin and I shared one, knowing that we couldn't handle a whole one ourselves.

People started getting seats and I ended up at a table with Astin and Ck. Ck saw me walking towards the table and let out a huge BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! as I took the seat. The table needless to say looked sideways and scared. The second hand I get the hammer. I make it 15 and Ck calls. Flop comes 7 4 2, and I giggle a little. First tell. Then I make it $35, knowing that I just don't want her anywhere near this pot, cause, she's a new friend, and I just don't want to make her mad :). She looks at the board all wierd and just sighs, and I say "haaaaammmeerrr".
Astin giggles, and she mucks. I show the hammer and I get 6 other heads snapping towards me with amazement, wonderment, scorn, and well, envy. Ahhhh... the world of blogging!

Kat got a seat next to me and I took her stack with AA when both she and CK had JJ. Ck got away, Kat did not. The flop came 2 kings, and Kat flat called my c-bet. Ck folded and I figured I would be donating to Kat when I decided to shove the rest on the turn. she called and never caught up. Booooo. She threatened revenge, but it never came. She did grope me though, so I guess that made up for it.

Couple different things about the table.

skinny old guy.

this guy was to the left of CK. I told Kat to pretty much stay away from him because he had very little chips and was obviously playing and betting only made hands. He doubled through a couple of folks with nut hands and crawled back up to over 300. I saw him muck a few hands that he inadvertently showed raising his cards in the air. I was in the spot to be able to see them and when he mucked after not being called, I was able to see he had the stones. I got into a hand with him where it was 6 handed (happened a lot) and I flopped TPTK with AK. He let out a bet and Raised him to 45. He jammed, costing me another 90 and the rest of my stack. I folded thinking he had exactly what he did. I saw his pocket 3's when he mucked like a noob. I told him as much what he was holding, not letting on to the fact that I actually saw his cards, and said "it's ok, ,you don't have to tell me, I know" Jee, I wonder how?


Probably 4 or 5 came through the table. One guy sits down, and immediately gets into a hand with a few players on a board of KQJ double suited. he let out 25 or so with 2 callers. turn came a straight card. he bet 50. one caller. River brought a club for 3 suits. He shoved the rest. player folds and he shows 4 2. Quite Cockishly I might add.

From there it was pick on dope for a few turns. Ck stacked him with second pair, I stacked him with second pair, and marcel, another player at the table, stacked him with an over pair. Dope goes home.

Another guy was a kid wearing a Syracuse hat. Ck never saw it as he was sitting directly to the right of her. she stacked him numerous times, once with Quad J's. DQB!!!! Kid was brutal, but fun and profitable.

Marcel: Marcel was a skinny kid who had 3 or 4 hundo in front of him when I sat down. He dusted it all off and rebought for another 300 in successive stackings. He was a good kid, an ok player, and a very servicable human being.

I was playing rather aggressive because pots kept getting 4-7 players in them with no one taking a stab so I would either open raise or flat call a preflop raise, and then just c-bet the shit out of it.

One particular hand, as I stated to the table after my turn bet took it down, was the wierdest hand of poker I might have ever played. I open raise with As9s and get 7 callers. thats right. A fifteen raise utg and get 7 callers. flop comes Q high with two clubs. everyone checks around.
The turn brought a card I don't remember and I bet 35. Everyone folds. Are you telling me that those 4 cards missed everyone? no draws? No underpairs? Sick.

Marcel and I get into a hand with a third player who was uber tight. He was a kid and I remember asking him if he had ID when he sat down. He didn't like that much, but he had no real recourse.

I called Marcels raise of 12 and the kids flat call with KcQh. flop came King high all hearts. I open raised to 15. Marcel smooths, and the kid min raises. Based on previous experience, I figure Marcel is chasing, and I figure the kid to be able to be pushed off very easily if I put him to the test. He only has 35 or so behind him so I make it 90. (I had 2+ behind me). Marcel gets all wide eyed and asks how much I have left. He makes it 210 straight, and now I think I have problems. The kid folds his set of Jacks, and I tank. I figure two things. One, I either have to fade a heart, in case he is chasing with the A, or I have to make a heart, figuring he has the flush already or a small set, or two pair.

I discussed this with CK, and two things made my decision. One, I could be drawing dead. Two, and this was the one I really fell on, I liked this kid. I was pushing him around all day as well. And he would keep saying that he was going to make research calls, but never did. And I really hammered him because of that. I bet every timed he checked, and I raised everytime he bet. Almost always with air, and almost always getting him to fold. The numbers told me that this was an autocall. The pot was just to big. But I let it go. CK called me a pussy. I pretty much agreed with her. He showed a ten high flopped flush.

I almost doubled again through some idiot who open raised with J7. When I shoved 40 into the pot with AK he repopped for a total of 87 or so. I call and we both catch our bottom cards, and I river a flush. About this time, Al got kicked off of his table, and completely out of the room, so we decided to leave. figured it was a good 2 hours back and wanted to get some sleep for the long ride back the next morning... Ck ended up double I think, and I doubled as well. Al, we don't know. he doesn't remember.

I will post Saturdays events, tomorrow... Very cool people up there in Canadia!


katitude said...

whew, thank you for not mentioning my pocket ten hand in the list of wierd/bad hands.

I'd like to say it was intuition, but more like awfukkits.

Riggstad said...

Dude... You're hand was one of the wierdest call downs of all times. You were right to keep firing. And you won!!!

No awfukkits! Pure Gold!

Screw them weak/tights!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the TuckFards couldn't make the trip with you guys on Sunday. Sounds like a blast.