Thursday, February 7, 2008

busy little bee

It seems that everytime I get to do something fun, something else wrangles its way into the mix and I lose an opportunity to take a break. Like hang out with Al for some prime rib, or play some 2/5 with poker grind at the Borgata, while there. Getting there was the easy part, business. But when the plate is put in front of you, and you can't eat, well that's just hurtful.

I had the meeting in AC yesterday and met up with PG. Very cool guy, and while I didnt get a chance to sit at all because of another meeting 3 hours away, I took solace in the fact that he gets there often, so we will have more than ample opportunities to chip away the future pros that inhabit that place like a sophmore cotillion dance.

I was excited to play the blogger cash game and figured I would be at most, an hour late. Of course, meetings at bars (nature of my business) tend to go over a little longer than normally expected. Which I account for. But everytime I do that, they seem to still last a lot longer.

I b'berried Fuel a few times and another friend who was railing to find out how the action was going and if the table was still live. 30 minutes out it was still going. Then it broke as I pulled into the driveway. Again, I'm sure there will be other times...

Riverchasers tonight and some other stuff going such as basketball practice.

Little tramps are going to run like they have never run before. It seems every year toward the end of the season that the kids, and parents just seem to tail off a little. It's understandable because of soccer and softball starting, and the parents having to run around twice the amount and so forth. I don't blame them. But what kind of coach would I be if I let it go overlooked.

EXCELLENCE!!! Damn it!

on a side note, while driving from guam to east jeh'bip last night I happend along a little traffic jam on a major highway. Seems a little old lady had lost her ability to start her car. There was a previous accident about an hour earlier that had shut down the road. While waiting she decided to turn her car off. Then couldn't get it started again once traffic broke. So, instead of the people behind her trying to help her, they just rammed into each other getting into the other lane to get around her. I had to be a good 2k yards behind her. Alot of cars in front of us.

I know its rush hour, and you're all trying to get home, and have no time for women drivers, especially old ones, but good lord people. Help a sister out. So, I stopped the man truck behind her, as I could tell she was distraught. The guy behind me gave me a look as if to say, you dumbass, WTF??!!.. to which he quickly looked away when I fully got out of the truck and waved him off in a very as a matter of fact way. pric.

I asked the woman what was the problem, and the poor dear was crying. CRYING!! Jesus, lady, its just a car, no need for crying. I sat in her car, turned the ignition, and nothing happened, accept a few lights came on. I giggled to myself and put the car into park. Started the car up and let her back in the car. She went from crying to joy in a matter of seconds. She smiled and said thank you, and I said no worries, twenty bucks, and outstretched my hand. Her laughter turned into surprise and I giggled again and said, no i'm just messin' with you. She thanked me again, gave me a hug (ghey), got into her car, and sped away. Always the cynic, I climbed back into the man truck, shooting the douche bag behind me another look, and mumbled to myself, "what a dumbass" in referrence to the woman, not the douchebag.

at least I was nice to her in her presence...


snakster said...

I'd like to see the bean counters in purgatory grade out THAT little exchange.

Tom McMenamin said...

You're a good man James Doll ! Two ticks up on the karma ladder for you sir.

BamBam said...

Damn near Canadian of you Riggs!
I see you really are taking this EH-Vegas trip seriously.
Practising AND everything!