Thursday, February 14, 2008

Luck is wasted on the stupid

Yesterday I had planned on taking a trip to the Borgata to play in the 20k guarantee. I have a friend who just took a bullet from his 350k + a year job and he was reeling. He was kind of elated in the sense that he now had some free time on his hands, but was also pondering the future. So what else is there to do other than go blast off in some poker room only a short drive away.

The problem was the weather blew in some nasty type ice/rain mixture and driving was a mess. So we decided to squash it and schedule for next Wednesday.

He still wanted to play, and since he has no sort of bankroll on FT (<200) I decided to stake him in the 17k guarantee at 2pm. 'Cause I'm like that.

We both hung around for a while taking pride in the fact that neither of us had seen more than 3 flops with 40+ hands being played.

He then doubles through with AA when some poor bastard picked up KK. Then chipped up to about 9k going into the first break.

I had hovered around the 2k mark and coming out of the first break saw AK in the small. 6 limpers to me at 120 blinds and I chuckled a little. I jammed and was called by the big who had a little over 5k. Everyone else folded. He showed AJ and I almost tripled up with all of the limpers.

Then I doubled up again when I picked up AQ. I called a standard raise to a large stack. The flop came AQx. He jammed his whole stack to that flop (???) and I auto called. He shows A T and I go to just over 11k.

The very next hand I get KK. A chic who is utg+1 raises to 520. I make it 2300, and she jams. I call (just not folding KK ever here in these things this early) and she shows 99. BBllahahahaaaaaaa.... 99!!!

Of course the flop brings no trouble, the turn is equally safe, and then the river punches me right in the junk. with about 10,000 lbs. of force. A friggin red 9. What a bitch.

That brought me back down to about 2k. I managed to get back up over 4800 but lost a race with AK against 33 and go home. Pal 'o mine managed to last another 30 minutes until he jammed his last 15k with KK and Mr. AQ spiked quad Queens on an all Q flop. go figure. Full Tilts way of saying "not today Meeho, not today"... We both lasted into the 220-230 range and missed the cash by about 50 spots. A total of 1100+ players participated.

Mrs. 99 was out promptly after she stole from me and was gone in the 500 area. This is my point. She was dead. drawing to one out (someone stated they folded the case 9). She spikes and then because of her lucksackery, proceeds to dust off guessing, hoping, thinking that whatever she plays will hit. What happened, that one random act, is the type of luck needed to win these things. In her case it was stupid to be in that spot, with the blinds being so low, and having a top 30 stack. But later in a tourny with blinds being heavy, and stacks being not so average, maybe its a spot to get involved in with 99 and getting lucky.

But this type of luck just gets wasted on the stupid. The idiotic. The plain Dumb. I wondered what I could have done with those chips. There were spots later that I didn't make a specified move because of the amount of chips I didn't have that probably would have been easy to make with a bigger stack. Turns my stomach.

Anyway, I played pretty heavy the rest of the day wining about 7 $11 6 max turbo sng's ( I love those things), a few $24's (same) and some ring games ($50-$100-$200 buy in multi tables)

I was profitable all day, and was looking forward to the Mookie. Not much to say about it other than I took 4th, when my AK was too slow against JJ's 99. (fucking 9's... all day long!)

Side note: ScottMc is the best BuddyDank Radio guest to date... IMO

Today is Valentines day, and I am shipping Mrs. Riggs off to Arizona for a weekend with friends from Denver, to a celebrity type Spa. Figure she'll get to relax, see friends she hasn't seen for a while, and get felt up by a latin type Brad Pitt while taking a mud bath and drinking Mohitos.

In the meantime, I get to neglect the 4 little riggster's while trying to put in some uber time on FT, PS, and Bodog. Cheetos, Hannah Montana, Caiou, Twizzlers, pizza, and Telly Tubbies should keep them all happy while I blast away...

Monday can't come fast enough. I will try to chronicle the weekend with pictures of what the little tykes get into and to prove my inability to be a single parent. should be good.

Last time something like this happened there were only 3 riggsters (all girls) and I ended up looking like a deranged Ken Doll in drag. Note to self: don't fall asleep on the living room floor while a 2, 5 and 7 year old have access to mom's makeup.

Happy Valentines day! fuckers!


23skidoo said...

Good to see ya last night, well played.

snakster said...

Good luck to you sir. I'll be sure to raise a glass in your honor saturday night at the Manor. The toast will be along the lines of...."Thank God I'm not Riggstad this weekend."

jamyhawk said...

IDIOT'S REWARD! That's what I call it.

GL this weekend. Put the kids to bed and get Poker in the head!

Perticelli's Plunder said...


So Monday cant come fast enough, yet you're elated in your luxury of freedom to play,play,play!!

Sounds like one of those marriage trade-offs where the inherent complexity of the relationship, coupled with the w,x,y,and z factors of kiddies, makes the relative scale of what becomes our moments of happiness a rather intricate,yet seriously simple exercise of Hyper-Packing.
Hyper-Packing is the process of stuffing as much manly-fun as possible into the open-ended, yet finite and usually miniscule amount of time allotted to one as "free time".


Happy V-Day...