Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Varmint Cong!

Finally got to play our heads up match last night right before the skill series and the bodog tourny...

The first match was very interesting. Mike is a good player, but he plays that very patient, very boring style of game. Which almost got me. I had a few friends railing, and the one pointed out that out the 130 hands we played, he saw 50. Over the 50 he observed, only 4 hands went to showdown. And he said he saw one uncontested jam from each of us.

The first match brought 3 pivotal hands... The first I had Mike covered about 3-1. I had raised with AQ from the small and he shoved with A2. The 2 fell and we were back to even.

The next hand went in my favor when I shoved a suited 10 9 and Mike called with A 10. Of course the 9 falls and we get back to even again.

I chipped up a little and took a marginal lead when I again raised from the small with JJ. Mike shoved with 99, I insta called and the Jacks held to give me the win.

The second match wasn't really anything to talk about and I think it ended in <10 hands. The end came when I had A9 spades. Mike had raised up early and I called. Blinds were still only 15/30 so the raise was like 60 or 90.

The flop came 9 high. I raised up, he jammed, and I just couldn't put him on anything bigger. I called and he showed 10 9.

The skill game was capped with me losing with KK against 10 J... and AQ clubs losing to KJ clubs... I run good.

I lost the Bodog in 22cnd when I shoved on Skidoo with AQ and he called with his 99. I lost the race and go home to play some cash and $24 sngs and watch Caddy Shack on HBO.

I know every line of that movie but haven't seen it in quite some time. What a treat!

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BamBam said...

For some strange reason, one of my fav's was :

[Caddy Danny arrives among the rich in his yachting outfit]
Spalding Smails: Ahoy polloi... where did you come from, a scotch ad?

I don't exactly know what it is about that line?

How come I don't have your pron star name yet? Is it that bad?