Thursday, February 21, 2008

Borgata Trip Report and WTF??? :)

Yesterday saw me at the Borgata for meetings and some play. I swear I promised myself that I would never ever enter another tournament under $300 there again, but when friends wanted to go and play I decided wtf...

This was the 20k guarantee, and the entry is $100 + $20. There were over 450 runners which is really sick for a wednesday tourny. They have switched their structure a little to include 10k stacks and 20 minute levels so you could really do some damage with the right situation.

Lucktruck was at my starting table and we were both pretty quiet. I spotted some idiots very early on willing to go broke at 25/50 blinds with AK all the way to the end. Both chopped and assumed they were both great players....

There was an old guy at the table who I knew from the early RPT days. I hadn't seen him in quite some time and we said hello and exchanged some pleasantries. He almost doubled up when he flopped a smaller flush to a bigger flush but rivered the str8 flush... Unreal really, but good for him. He went on to cash.

I tried some steals that didnt work and finally, on my fourth steal with TJ from the cut off, with about 6 limpers in the pot, I got one caller.

The flop came J high with two diamonds. I over bet the pot and he called. When the board paired the 7 I shoved. He tanked and ended up calling with T 3 of diamonds. he had about 2k left after calling.

Of course the river spikes a diamond and I am relegated to the cash tables. He slammed the table when it hit and said alright man! good game. I said Thank God and got up. Three hands later he doubled luck when he flopped Presto and the guy went to the felt with AK... No pair no draw.

Gold! Luck ended up in 70th or so place and missing the cash by whatever amount when he shoved 77 from the big and was snapped called by a guy with K7. Miracle K hits and Luck walks off laughing hysterically. We played some ring games, me NL, Luck and the other friend limit, and then had our meetings. We met, ate, and played some more finally leaving around 10pm. Fun Times.

I posted up my Bodog win yesterday and the introduction of Evy and Donkette to the world of blogging. Good to see everyone just skipped over my congratulations and went straight to the titties!! Awesome!

I win my first blogger tourny in a while and get passed over for a set of tits and a SKillz game win! GOLD!

Toronto tomorrow! See you then!


Mookie said...


Congrats on the Bodog win.

JL514 said...

Thanks for the comment. Congrats on the Bodog win. You're now all linked up

Chad C said...

Apparently you are new to blogging......... Let me get you up to speed;

1. Woman bloggers are never wrong!

2. Woman bloggers get all the attention they can handle, regardless of poker abilities.

3. Poker blogger nerds looooove poker blogger chicks, even if they are 300 lbs with yellow teeth, acne, or chronic bad breath!

4. Woman bloggers are never wrong!