Friday, August 8, 2008

POST 225!

Cause I missed 200. And all I am going to do is bitch.

about the new blog roll feature.

It sucks.

I've tried to add all of you that were on the orignal list and it just won't let me. It says, unable to load rss feed. Please try again at a later time.

I have also to rename with your identifiable names instead of your tag lines (which it auto fills). Some happen some don't.

I like the feature in the sense that it lists according to most recent update, along with the title of that post (you can choose to do so by checking a box).

But its starting to get, well, stupid. I might be changing back.

Final Table Riverchasers last night. Second in chips with a full table. I pick up TT. I raise and get min raised by Rakefeeder. I call.

Flop is KJT. I check, He raises, I shove. All 18k of it. And I'm the only one that can hurt him at the table. And he calls. with QQ. Of course the A hits the river, and I'm done.

Any thoughts on that call by QQ? I was happy getting it in pretty good there. But is snap calling with second pair and a draw for really almost all of your chips when you have a pretty massive chip lead prudent there? So early at the final table? Anyone?


SirFWALGMan said...

Two words: River Chasers. Nuff said.

Shrike said...

The snap-call is horrible, but you knew that already.


$mokkee said...

it's not a terrible call. he's 40/60 even if you have a K. it's the ol' "hope he doesn't have a K. but, i still have outs if he does - awwwww iiinnnn".

oh and it's a $10 bloggament. so there's that.

BamBam said...

You want me to try and make sense out of anything that happened in THAT game last night?


pokerDegen said...

I have to assume this is a rhetorical question... even if it were 40/60 (which it wasn't), pretty horrid call with 2nd pair on that board against the one player who could cripple him.

Wish RC games started later; it's almost impossible to get back in time to play :(

$mokkee said...

ok so i'm off 5% because i didn't take into account Rigg's outs to the boat.

point is it's a $10 tournament.

23skidoo said...

rakefeeder could do no wrong , when you've been running over tables for an hour its really hard to slow down example: me in the same tourney.

Of course the 4 glasses of scotch has nothing to do with it.

RaisingCayne said...

I'm gonna echo BamBam's comment above, as that call (while indeed is VERY questionable) wasn't nearly as perplexing as some of the funky illogical plays that I witnessed in that RC game last night! I couldn't believe the cards that were being flipped over after seeing huge chipstacks go into the middle! That tournament played wholly ridiculous last night, imo. (I nearly made the Final Table by apparently being the only one able to find the fold button... that was, until my KK < AQ and my AA < Ah8h, both when my AIPF raises were called by the lesser hands, when no one was by any means a short stack. I just didn't get it.)

Anyway... I just read PE's post regarding prostate exams and 40th birthdays, thought I'd offer some well wishes and good luck for yours. (Better go buy an OLDsmobile, gramps.)