Friday, August 15, 2008

You want to know about politics in Washington? Four words. Watch your back, Jack.

I was doing some research on a story I am writing about sports betting. I came to a page that offered no results, but of course, all sorts of ads to something you are not legally allowed to do. On one of the worlds most respected media outlets.

Commence with the hypocrisy of our grand company. I mean country.

PE wrote a post about blogger tournies and taking a break. I tend to agree with him. They are fun and garner a lot of commraderie within the community, but within the context of what they have become, I think its best that there actually is a break.
I don't know that you have to stop them completely, or not make them available. People are going to play anyway. Thats what we do. But I also think that when it gets to whatever competition Al puts together for some ridiculous prizes, it becomes more of a competition, than a weekly gathering.
Plus with everyone trying to get in on the action, more and more events are offered on just about every single day of the week. I think if we all just temper ourselves, not feel obligated to play in every single one, and just take them as fun, all will revert back to what it was.
Which is to say more of a gathering place for everyone to just hang out, shove the hammer, and call off 1/2 your stack with a gutterball because you know, in the end, it will be hilarious to do so.
Everyone have a fantastic, splendid, and ferocious weekend! Be excellent to each other!


BamBam said...

Pretty well put......

For a Scotch drinking phone book!


RaisingCayne said...

This country's hypocrisy has no bounds. (...much like a blogger that complains about a suckout in a BBT-Mookie, given they can't believe they were called by ____, even though they only showed up to 'donk it up w/ friends.')