Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have some fun with this!

A full month back to FT and nothing seems to have changed....

this one was all in pre... I shoved on him

This one was 3 handed on t bubble to the flop. I raised she called. I jammed the flop

All in pre, he jammed my 3 bet

These are three of about 20 like it in the last two days. This site is really gettting retarded. It seems I go on these runs where I can't do no wrong and then hit a wall that just doesn't end until I exempt myself.

I wrote about PLO on Bodog a while back. I have won over 5k on that site just playing PLO, at the $100-$400 max levels.

I have played PLO on FT and haven't won a damned hand. Not one. Not one stinking hand. Not one pot raised pre, not one showdown. I have gotten in with AA over KK both with the same suited diamonds, only to have two diamonds fall on the flop, get it all in, and he hits a K on the river.

I really don't know if this site is meant for me at all. I just cant seem to get past the most ridiculous beats ever.


Corron said...

smarts huh?

Drizztdj said...

Multiple this post by eight months and you have my luck.

Omaha's road is very rough.

BamBam said...

C'mon Riggs!

Try going through this, when you don't even have a clue you're ahead!


Instant Tragedy said...

Which means they will be offering you rakeback soon :-)