Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You been talking about that Queen of yours again Bob? On Independance Day?

I've seen a lot of reports about the Olympics on blogs and such, and most are stories of incredible wins, Hot chics, or some other form of information about what they are watching, or what they get out of it.

But one thing caught me by surprise. My neighbor called me over and asked me to check somethingout. The handball event between Spain and Poland was going on. I said Handball? This isn't handball!

Whenever I thought of handball I immediately pictured racquetball without the raquets.

We watched this display of guys trying to get a ball, about half the size of a soccer ball, into a net, guarded by a goalie with no pads or proective gear at all. The field looked to me like a field hockey net on a basketball court.

Dudes were recking each other. Clotheslining opposing team members, dropping forearm shivers, and head butting each other.

The perfect blend of violence and athletic abilities. I have to play this game. How is this the first time I am ever seeing this game???


SirFWALGMan said...

Does the goal keeper do anything? He does not seem to be able to stop a single ball.

BamBam said...


That's a kid's game. It's how we train our young Hockey players up here.