Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm dying, Mr. Tanneran, just like that girl in the poem... only quicker, and with a hard-on

I love this time of year. School starts in a week (if not already), Football started aready (College last night), and baseball is coming into the time where it gets most exciting. There are stories to follow everyday. Who won, who lost, how many are they behind/ ahead?

The weather turns a little cooler, the days aren't quite as long ( I hate the sun), and everyone is forced back into a daily routine. No more swim clubs, play dates, birthday parties, sleep overs, etc... That kind of stuff is all good, don't get me wrong. But it throws a wrench into the cogs of productivity. Nobody seems anxious to get anything done during those summer months because of plans, vacations, kids being home, etc. Who knows what it is. Anyway, I'm glad its over.

Weekly poker games will come alive again. No more texts and phone calls about not being able to do it this week because x is out of town, or y has a family reunion. It will get serious again, and the drink will slow a little. The introduction of goofy games will be kept at a minimum and serious discussion will again flow across the tables about HH's, and scenarios. More frequent trips to the casinos will be had with serious goals and ambitions from some, and more realistic approaches from others. They won't drink, get stupid, and dust off at the 3-card poker tables.

They'll actually play real poker, and take good measure in doing so to the best of their abilities.

Everyone assumes that spring is a time for renewal. I believe its the fall.

Don for President. The man speaks the truth.

Here's a few 80's vids by request....

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RaisingCayne said...

Wait! ..."They won't drink, get stupid, and dust off at the 3-card poker tables." ... I hope this "they" wasn't referring to me, 'cause I'm on pace to make a liar out of you.

(Oh, and please tell me your not a registered voter if you did indeed think that link was anywhere near the "truth." That rant is gonna be published in JGoat's 'Stupid System Does Politics'.)

Have a good weekend Riggs!