Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think this place is restricted Wang, so don't tell them your jewish.. alright? ok?

Nothing is worse than indecision. It shows a complete lack of competence and confidence. It also shows a lack of understanding about the situation.

Christ, make the wrong decision, just be willing to at least pull the trigger on what you deem may work. You can always deal with the consequences. What you can't deal with is doing nothing at all.

Don't understand? Ask. Afraid? get a dog. Worried? go hide.

The videos seem to be getting some attention. I'm even getting requests. I have some lined up but I spotted this one last minute and just HAD to put it up....


$mokkee said...

Tears for Fears
The Knack

for you hardcore rockers..Saxon

that is all

Mookie said...

So how long did you rock the Erasure hairdo back in the day?

Something tells me that when the wife and kids are put on the 3 sizes too small t-shirt, gell the hair and and sing along.

Shrike said...

Toto is imminent. Right?