Monday, September 8, 2008

If I was half the man I was 5 years ago, I would take a FLAME THROWER TO THIS PLACE!

This just about sums it up on yestedays can of whoop ass the Eagles put on the Rams. The only bad thing about that picture is that Steven Jackson is my rb in one of my fantasy leagues.
Now, a good game for Eagles fans it was. The most lop-sided victory they have ever had on opening day in franchise history. Another little nugget is that this was also the first time all three receivers have had 100 + yards in a game.
The issue that the WR position being philly's weakest was compounded yesterday by the fact that two of their starters, Curtis and Brown, where on the bench with injuries had everyone all askew about this.
The talk here in philly the past few weeks has developed a slogan of sorts. No WR, no AR (andy Reid). Looks like AR has bought himself at least another week in that department. Here in Philadephia, thats about all a win like this is good for. One more week. You see, for at least another 7 days, Reid and Mcnabb will be talked about in the same company as the Lord Almighty.
But come Tuesday Morning next week, if the lose to the cowboys, even by a point, even if its something stupid like a bird flying in the path of a David Akers game winning kick, Reid will once again become a scape goat for failure. Thats how they roll in here in philly. Win or you suck.
I imagine its like that elswhere as well, but for now, all is right with the world.
Now, are the Rams that horrid? Probably not. They looked unprepared really. Linehan has better unfuck himself, and his team, or there are going to be issues with his employment come week 6.
Are the Eagles that good? Probably not well, but they did show that they are ready for the season. This wasn't a fluke. Mcnabb played extremely well because the o-line did its job, and gave him the opportunity to do so. Can they keep that up? We'll see. But I have to assume that going into Texas stadium on a monday night won't quite be the lions den they are expecting. More like hell.
We'll see if D-Jack can keep up his torrid pace, without getting his little school girl frame of a body from being disintegrated by the likes of Roy Williams.
One stat I found really wierd. And haven't checked it out yet to confirm. But Darryl Johnston yesterday during the game said that only one receiver in the history of the league has recorded more than one recieving touchdown more than 85 yards.
That receiver is none other than Hank Baskett. And he now has three (thanks to the blown coverage yesterday). Could that be possible?
Tom Brady seems to be out for the season. Really, stuff like that is horrible. No one likes to see that happen. Whether you like the guy or not, its just ridiculous that something like that occurs in the first game.
The significance of it really, in my mind at least, is whether or not Buffalo or the Jets can take advantage of it. Remains to be seen. The pats have been very good at overcoming injuries. They are well coached, and still have a lot of talent. But to lose the centerpiece of your offense, if not the whole team will be challenging in the least.
It'll be ineresting to see this season play out.


Poker Brian said...

Eagles looked good, I picked up DeShaun Jackson in all my fantasy leagues early last week and he panned out (6 catches for 106?).

I know nothing about this kid except his been hyped and due to injuries he is starting. Grats on the win, and the Chiefs blew a great opportunity. Stupid Croyle.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

What a start to the season. I would be even more excited if it didn't seem like most Eagles seasons lately begin this exact same way, but I'll take it.

No way it is possible that only one WR in history has more than 1 td of 85 yards or more. Im effing possible. I would think there are a few current players even who have done so (Mr. Ocho Cinco, Marvin Harrison and TO come to mind to name a few), and you have to figure guys like Rice and some of the other all-time greats are also up there. Not sure what stat he could have been referring to but I would be very interested to hear more about that one if it is in fact valid. Probably just another Cowboy shooting off his loudmouth and making an assclown of himself.

The Rams defense was even worse than their offense yesterday. I imagine they will play better on both sides of the ball next week, and I think you said it best -- they were just flat-out unprepared to start the season this weekend. Like I said, I'll take it.

It's just too fucking bad the Phils couldn't take advantage and complete the sweep last night. Hamels really blew it early on there, even given the 1st inning lead and all.

Riggstad said...

I agree with you Hoy about Phils.

I have to do a little more research cause I haven't looked at it yet but they might have needed that sweep in the worst way.

I put up another post about the D Johns statement.

I'm beginning to think he may be right. Or close to being right

Chad C said...

Eagle fans just love to hate them.... No matter what anyone does there it is just not enough... Compound that with the fact that Philly might be the worst sports town in America and it becomes more clear why nobody should ever want to play there. McNabb tried his hardest to get out of there, poor guy failed...