Monday, September 8, 2008

Just another cowboy shooting off his loudmouth and making an assclown of himself

I love that line!!!

Hoy responded to my post about the little nugget that Darryl Johnston made during yesterdays game.

I did a little research... Here is a link to those facts.

3/4's of the way down you see longest receptions, and its goes 97, 98 and 99 yards.

It doesn't include anything from 85 to 96yds. But there is only 1 guy who made at least 2 of those receptions. Gary Tinsely. and that was done in '37 and '38.

The orignal assertion was that no receiver has had more than one td reception longer than 85 yards, wth the exception of Hank Baskett, who had 3 (as of yesterday)

Clearly this proves that there is at least one more. The aforementioned Gary Tinsley.

back in the 30's I gotta belive both were some little flair pass out of the slot or back field. They just didn't pass like that back then.

A little bit further down you see a highest average gain for season, career and game for WR's.

The only big name see is Tory Holt for game. and thats 63. Everyone else is from the pre 80's era.

So maybe Mr. Johnston isn't that far off. Just forgot one no name guy from the 30's. and who knows, maybe that gy was a RB.

I'll keep looking....

EDIT: I looked up super bowl records. Mushin Muhammed holds the record for longest TD reception in a superbowl. That was 85 yds. That is his longest reception as a player. Just another tid bit that could help to prove Johnston's statement as well. At least by deduction. That is until I can find something that lists every single reception mad over 85 yards.


$mokkee said...

the irony

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

To be clear, this proves the point I was making a lot more than it proves the Moose's point. That link only shows the 99, 98 and 97 yard td receptions, and there was already a repeat just on that list. You have to figure as the receptions get shorter down from 96 to 85, there will be more of them. There are probably another 200 td receptions in NFL history of between 85 and 96 yards based on what I'm seeing on those links. And to think that there's no repeats on that list, when there was already a repeat on just the list of 99, 98 and 97 yards, is exactly the point I was making.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I was expecting there to be 50 guys on the repeat list. But the point remains that if Johnston had done even a little bit of homework he would have realized the error in what he was saying. And I'll bet you there are more than just the guy in the 30s too.

Assclown loudmouth cowboys. Hopefully we can stick in in their craw on Monday night.