Wednesday, September 10, 2008

... and we all went down, to the lady bug picnick!

123, 456, 789, 10 11 12...

stupid song is stuck in my head. I guess that's what happens when you watch, almost exclusively, children's shows all day long. And if not watching, you can at least hear, probably moreso in your subconscious, those evil lyrics from the likes of sesame street, sponge bob, caillou, and Dora. Miley cyrus is no angel either.


My 10 year old basketball player, turned Field Hockey player, turned political analyst asked me a question the other day. "Do women actually make less than men?"

See, this question was spurred by a TV commercial promoting Obama for president. His contention was that he would demand equal pay for equal work. Relating specifically to the assumption that women make less money than men for the same work.

Try telling that to the likes of Exxon, or Walmart. Try to pass legislation that will require that all women get an equal salary to that of a man.

While your at it, try to pass legislation that says any person who holds the title of VP of corporate development makes exactly the same salary, receives exactly the same benefits, and exactly the same bonus structure. Regardless if they are male, 32 years old with about 5 years experience, obtain an MBA or not, have a college degree or not.

Anyone who has ever been in the corporate world knows that each position has a pay scale.

Lets say, District Sales Manager of a National Food wholesaler. That range will be anywhere from 45k-80k for starting salary.

The differences between the person making 55k and the one making 70k in starting salary alone ranges from how good they negotiated their offer when it was received, to as simple as their educational accomplishments. In this day and age, I would argue that it has nothing to do with whether or not they have male junk or female junk.

That is just ridiculous. To say that they will legislate that if they are elected president??? How retarded can you get?

You don't go to 7-11 and find any new employee shuckin' slurpees being paid less because they are female. Maybe because they are newer, but not because they have tits. That's just stupid to assume so. And manipulative.

My answer to my daughter? I don't know. Used to be that way. But its shouldn't be the government to decide that. It should be the people. And that will be done by social pressure, if not those it concerns directly. Take responsibility for yourself. If you feel something needs to be changed, then take steps to do so. Don't settle. But don't expect anything to be handed to you. Be so damned good at what you do that other companies want your talents, services, and production. Price yourself with your abilities. In e end, we all get what is coming to us.

Legislate salaries... Good Christ!!! Are you kidding me? That's almost as bad as when Hillary, during her failed attempt to gain the nominee for her party, pointed to the fact that Exxon made a gazzilion dollars in profit in one quater. Then she proclaimed that as President, she would take a portion of that and...

TAKE A PORTION??? just take it? Take profits earned by a corporation and spend it as she wishes?? TAKE????

Are you effing kidding me?? Check out your 401k. See if any of the funds you have invested in own shares of Exxon. Then tell me how you feel about governement TAKING profits because they made too much, and the candidate feels they would do much better things with it than the company who made them could. Like boost your 401K with a better a return.


Here's another 80's Gem...


lightning36 said...

I love you. You love me...

There -- I just screwed with your mind for the next hour!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I googled Obama and women and came across your blog. Awesome. Can believe that uppity phoney Obama thinks we are dumb enough to think that women make less then men! I say you get what you deserve. Rock on! I love the way you take the time to link up the videos to your points -- deep, I like it. You should try to get your blog more mainstream. People need to hear this stuff. I am tired of all of the Democrat whining. Let's hope that that primo piece of ass Palin can pull it off for us in November. McCain sure knows how to pick his women!