Friday, September 12, 2008

I go fag... you die

With the upcoing release of Righteous Kill, starring two of the most prolific actors of all time, I thought I would do a little side by side comparison.

Robert Deniro and Al Pacino both have had outstanding careers as actors. The question becomes who is better. I don't know that you can answer that question definitively without having some sort of personal bias. I myself think that Deniro has had a more prolific career, but I also think that Pacino has played better parts. Not in quantity, and maybe not in quality, but definately more entertaining.

I love the roll they both played in Heat. Pacino was very good in that movie as was Deniro. But I think Deniro could have been replaced and still have had the same movie. I don't think that could be said about Pacino.

Now, Pacino has 1 oscar out of 8 nominations (for Scent of a woman), and Deniro has 2 out of 6 nominations (God Father, pt II, and Raging Bull). That could certainly be used as an indication of who is better. Or, you could go with money.

Deniro movies are estimated to have grossed 2.2 billion. (56 features) whereas Pacino is 1.3 Billion (33 features). Average opening weekend gross' are about the same at 40 million (Pacino) to 39 million (Deniro).

So lets look at the films:

Deniro: Raging Bull, GF, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Cape Fear, Meet the Parents/ fockers, Analyze this, Heat, Good Fellas, Bronx Tale, etc. etc.

Pacino: GF 1-3, Scarface, Dog day afternoon, Heat, Scent of a Women, Devil's Advocate, Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, Carilto's Way, And Justice for all, Donnie Brasco, Any Given Sunday,etc. etc.

Both are equally due their own right in american film history. The reason I bring all of this up is the fact that once again, they pair up in a movie where they will actually be in scenes together.
Heat was the first movie they actually had a scene together and it was only two. At the coffee shop and at the end, when no words were spoken.

So I am interested in seeing this film. Very interested. I love both of these guys and would probably see any movie they have been, or are in. So the burning question I have is who ranks higher than the other?

I can't really decide, so I guess I will let this next film help me decide. It probably doesn't need to be answered anyway.

Can't wait!!


Astin said...

I think that even though they've both essentially become parodies of themselves, that Pacino has a better record for picking scripts. You just don't see as many big stinkers on his resume. Rocky & Bullwinkle? And that Scent of a Woman Oscar was more of a lifetime achievement award for the ones he should have won before.

I think they've both still got some great films in them... but probably not this one.

RaisingCayne said...

Yeah, I wouldn't dare attempt to answer such a difficult quandary as this one Riggs! But, it's definitely reason to go to the movies! Lookin' forward to this flick!

(If a gun was to my head, I pick DeNiro... JUST for the tiebreaking being that SNL skit when him and Joe Pesci guest star to beat down people on Jim Breuer's 'Joe Pesci Show.' Cracked me up.)

Wait? No mention of 'Fiddy Cent' in this discussion? I thought DeNiro and Pacino's part were case just as supporting roles for his performance.

Have a good weekend!

Julius_Goat said...

This is a very important question, and one that deserves the most careful consideration.

I think Pacino wins for sheer enjoyablity, while DeNiro probably hits the highest peaks in performance quality.

They are both well-cured hams today, but I still want to see that movie.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a job for MANswers.