Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where else could I get beaten up every day, treated like shit by prima donna Canadians, and get my nuts shaved?

Scotty Upshall made it to the cash in the Borgata poker open! Thats big news. Why? Cause he was doing it all for charity. God bless the little right winger from my home team Flyers!

This is one team in Philadelphia that takes the least amount of shit, on a national public level. But the fans here in Philly that are true hockey fans don't hold back. They love their Flyers.

"Eagle fans are about the dumbest group of people on earth, sorry but it just has to be said. McNabb played AWESOME with one mental error and many dropped passes."

LOL!!! Coming from someone who hasn't lived in Philly, thats typical. McNabb did play an awesome game. That is true. And he got his props in town. Still is getting them. But what you wouldn't get fom not living here, and being able to watch every single game he has ever played in is the fact that his biggest issues are still there... 1) he has a tendency to throw at the feet of his receivers 2) Reid puts restraints on his ability to run the ball. In his earlier seasons, he would not hesitate to take off if he saw an opening. Those opportunities are all gone now, because of the coach. The fans aren't ripping him for it. They rip the coach. On the final two drives he threw at least 4 balls at the feet of an open receiver. Thats not saying that he sucks and should be kicked out of town. That's pointing out that this is something he should be working on, yet still doing it. This far in his career and he is still throwing those stupid balls. So as intelligent fans, we point that out, and I guess we suck because we do. But if you want to suck Mcnabbs dick and blame it on receivers (which the fans here blame on management for not getting those guys. We won't blame a guy fo being short), go right ahead.

You don't get free passes here in Philadelphia. Fans here expect perfection from their athletes because thats what they expect of themselves. Thats what we expect because we pay a lot of money to see these people perform. You are not a celebrity. You are an employee. A product. We want value for our money spent. We will shower you with praise when you perform, but we will also destroy you if you blow it. The teams here in Philadelphia belong to the fans. Management, the players, the owners are all secondary. If anyone of them is deemed to be the cause of the teams demise, they will be casted out. Plain and simple.

"Last time I checked Philly was arguably the worst sports city in America, no team from there ever wins."

I provided several examples of surveys where Philly is placed among the top 10 sports city's in every one. There is no argument. And not winning recently is the MAIN reason we expect perfection.

The Phils took over First place last night with a HUGE two run shot by Howard with 2 outs and 1 on in the 8th. So clutch. Lidge pulled off another miracle by striking out the last out with sacks juiced in the bottom of the ninth. Lidge has really been a force for us. We're lucky to have him. And you know what... He would be killed today if he blew that save. Crushed! Thats what makes us the worst sports fans.

WAAAAAAHHH!!! Stop ripping the players. Fuck them. Put out or get out. We can tell when it's a lack of effort, or just a bad night. DO YOUR JOB! Thats the Philly way.

The Muts have proven their true colors by seemingly being on the way to blowing another september lead. When will the ownership get it? How will they stand for it again this year?

I guess the Mets fans are better fans for letting their team off the hook for choking yet again. Oh wait, They're killing the team? I guess they are the worst sports fans then.

Final table will be set after today at the Borgata Open. Al is putting up some good updates, so if you are interested, check it out. Some good names there already. Forrest however is out, when his AA was cracked by Rassmussens 88, a'la Moneymaker in the '03 ME. Maybe its his time.

I'll be back down there for the final table tomorrow. Should be a good show.


1Queens Up1 said...

See we finally get rid of Ed Wade and the Phillies start winning again, amazing.

I wouldn't say Philly is the worst sports city by far. All the bitching and moaning is because they care. The Rays are winning the East and they cant draw more than 30k on average??? If the Phils win, butts are in the stands if they are fielding a stinker of a team no one comes. Thats the way it should be.

BamBam said...

"Where else could I get beaten up every day, treated like shit by prima donna Canadians, and get my nuts shaved?"

Now I'm certain..........
That's what YOU heard!

But I'm quite sure, the actual quote was more like........

"Where else could I get beaten up by every day Canadians, and shave my nuts like a prima donna?"

And if I were you, I'd give up on the fan perspectiveuh.... perspective. Face it brudder..... 99% of the world doesn't see it like you and I do.

The rest of them are too fuggin' busy puttin' the phenom's on the pedastal, for being mediocre. Perform, or feel the wrath! Just as it should be in the world of business.

For the record....

Payne Stewart = New how to get it done when he needed to the most. Never met a fan he didn't like, and got the fact that he could do wonders for charity.

Dale Earnhardt = Understood that winning was THE thing, reputation was just an after thought. Never met a fan he didn't like, and got the fact that he could do wonders for charity.

Paul Molitor = Gave 100% every single second he was in the game. If he was on the bench, he was the best teammate you could imagine. If he was on the field, he honestly tried to be the best at that position, at that particular moment. Never met a fan he didn't like, and got the fact that he could do wonders for charity.

You want to know who the worst fans in the sports world really are? Look no further than Corporate Toronto. Buying the tickets to make the team "successful?" B.S. !! Sold out games means squat when there's no butts in the seats. The Leafs, Raptors, Argos, (and soon to be Toronffolo Bill's?) will always have this issue. The real fan's will never be permitted to attend a live game.

But I ask you. WTF are the fans actually doing about it?
Now that sir.... That's a shitty sports fan!

Oh..... and Thanks !