Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why is it your moves are always so grand and noble and I'm always the idiot piece of shit?!?

Busy Busy day here in Riggs land...

I have a meeting in one hour, then heading down to the Borg for the final table of the Borgata Poker Open. Al is already there doing his best to stay sane and alive. Mark Seif is at the final table today. I wonder what he thinks about this article that came out on msnbc this morning?

The Phils continue to win, and the Mets ALMOST gave up another game. I guess they ran good last night after having a 5-0 lead, to a 9-5 lead, to finally a 9-7 win with the bases loaded in the 9th. We can't expect them to dust off as easily as they did last year. Santana is pitching tonight for the Mets. After last nights run through the bull pen, he's going to need a complete game with under 170 pitches to have give his team a chance at another win.

As much as I rip the Mets I still love the rivalry and the race. I am, in fact, a bigger fan of the game than I am a team. This is ruly the best time of year for me. With the Phils in it, it just makes it that much better!

Goat and I have engaged in a political debate of sorts. He is one of the few I can discuss, or even argue politics with, with the understanding that they are really only differences. In the end we find each other wanting the same outcomes. His wit is unmatched though. I try to be funny, but because of my conservative background, I have way too much hate and angst to pull it off.

We spoke last night and I couldn't fall asleep for a while after this little dialouge:

[00:39] Goat: The point is you could believe it happening, because no presidential candidate in history has had the sick handle of Obama
[00:39] Riggs: true
[00:40] Riggs: kennedy had some chops on the court though
[00:40] Riggs: but that was like richie cunningham days
[00:40] Riggs: probably made free throws from between his legs
[00:40] Goat: right
[00:40] Goat: he couldn't drive left
[00:40] Goat: he had no fade away
[00:40] Riggs: nobody had a left back then
[00:40] Goat: he could drive back and to the left
[00:40] Goat: back and to the left
[00:40] Goat: back and to the left
[00:40] Riggs: LOLOLOL
[00:40] Riggs: ksjdflkjsdfjsdlkfjl;kjfs;kljf
[00:40] Goat: BOOOOOOOM
[00:40] Riggs: fdkdjf;sakjdf;kjdfskjfksf
[00:41] Goat: And with that I say goodnight
[00:41] Riggs: <-- TEARS!!!

Ok, so I'm easily amused. The debate is a 5 part series consisting of one question per series. There will be an answer, and rebuttal, and an answer. Each of us will take turns asking the question. Like this years election, I have no shot at winning, so I will try to be as vile, hurtful, and as condescending as possible.

Off to the meetings and AC. Have a nice day!

EDIT: As I reread this I realized that I had forgotten about Bill Bradley. He didnt' make it to be the presidential candidate but he did run in the primary against Gore in the 2000 election. Now hat dude had a handle! Basketball hall of famer!


1Queens Up1 said...

Happ's Chapps, dont forget Riggs.

I mucked up the stat line last night:

J Happ: 6 innings, 3 hits, 2 Ks, 1 BB, R 0

Go Phils!

RaisingCayne said...

Really enjoyed you and JGoat's political banter.

Have a good weekend Riggs!