Friday, September 19, 2008

You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson

That quote could be applicable to live tournament reporters as well. Last night was the finish of the Borgata Poker Open. Once all was cleaned up and the players paid, and the last line of wit written, the worker community set out for celebration. I was there to partake, and of course, influence my bretheren with talk of business and ideas, and could be's and must haves, while getting yelled at by the few who were too spent to think or talk yet one last thing about anything poker.

Al, Pauly, Friedman, and Steve were all in the back corner when I arrived kind of starring at each other. Like one of those scenes in a Vietnam Movie when a bomb goes off and everything goes deafly silent with the exception of the soft music in the background. Its how I experienced it anyway.

The whole Borgata staff was there. From brass to balls with everyone wishing to just chill, tell stories, and celebrate the end of hell week. Or month for that matter. The weary hit the sacks, the restless try and convince everyone else to stay, and the weak head right for the poker room once the party starts to die down. 5/10 was the choice. No real stories to tell accept that Al was dealt a pocket pair everyhand, hit a set 75% of the time, and NEVER won a hand. His penance for pushing the karmic boundaries I guess.

The Phils have never beaten ANY team 9 consecutive times, on the road in franchise history. That happened against the braves last night. And it kept the slim half game lead against the Mets, because they won their game. This is looking like a chess match. First mistake will lose it.

Lots of kiddie stuff this weekend with field hockey games, practices, and parties. Enjoy yours!

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