Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Mother F%$!er so cool, when he goes to sleep , sheep count

Eagles V Steelers... Is Pittsburgh a good team? Was Ben banged up? Are they just not that good? Granted the Eagles D played viciously and Johnsons game plans tend to be able to do things like that at least one game a season. That is just run rampid over an unsuspecting team.

But is it an indication that Pittsurgh isn't just that good? Time will tell I guess.

The phils continue their climb to the playofffs. Only now it seems all down hill. I can only hope for a Cubs v Phils NLCS. I think that would be good not only for the respective cities, but for baseball as well.


Now, from time to time, Waffles fag chats me with some crazy business scheme. Sometimes he's serious, and sometimes he's not. Like the one time he said that he wanted to start a company that made calendars. Each month would have a picture of a different dog taking a shit somewhere in the US. His contention was that the looks on the dogs being caught in the act was enough to drive at least short term sales and make a quick buck. The upside would be having a product that would re-sell every year. He figured it would be a good office gift.

But I digress....

With the impending depression that will surely hit the US, Waffles seems to think that dollars will be hard to comeby. He does think however, that history has shown there are two things that people will always spend their money on. Booze and hookers. His idea is to start a site that will map out every hooker hang out in the country. Satellite maps if you will. There would be a forum so that customers could rate the area with different parameters. Some of those parameters....

1) Escort or crack whore.
2) likelyhood of getting rolled
3) chances of getting aids
4) chances of "she" being a "he"
5) hotel or her place
6) Pics of the walkers

etc. etc.

His issues were people being able to afford internet access. I said the likelyhood of that was high, because the government would take over all ISP's and it would be free. They would need a way to track individuals anyway.

Healthcare wouldn't be an issue either. I figure the Gov would set up MASH like units to take care of that. In this new society, Hookers become the aristocrats. Waffles sees that and wants be in on the ground floor. He's looking for investors.

Bash this weekend. God bless our souls!


BamBam said...

I think that's a little left field... even for Waffles! I might take a look at backing him on the Calendars though.

No the way I see it, The US will just become Canada's Mexico. A non-stop effort to cross the border will occur. Thousands wanting to flee the recess-a-depression. (like that name? I just made it up)

Money will be scarce. "Canadian's let everyone in." will be said in unison across the USA.

I say border security. That's where the coin will be. Even if we go tit's up, the Government will bail us out, at least up to 300 billion.

I'm in. Those wishing to get in on the ground floor of the Pirating the last of the rich American's into Canada business, would do well to consider the state of my Scotch glass this weekend.

1Queens Up1 said...

So.....are we in a recession yet big-shot ananlysts?

I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning and something I didnt realize: Think about the cities that are in the playoffs (as of today):
2 x L.A. teams
2 x Chicago teams
1 NY team

and the one small market team (TB) is the feel-good story of the year.

Execs must be cheering with glee.

pokerDegen said...

I like the map-the-hookers idea. Let me know if you need any PacNW recon, I know a guy who knows this guy....