Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tom! Get the president on the phone... We're surrendring our position here in Cuba

The attacks on Palin just won't stop. And never will. That is until after 8pm on election day.
I would think the reason lies in the fact that about 37.2 million viewers saw her convention speech, a larger audience than the American Idol finals or the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games.

That she made such an impression on viewers ranging from hard core party junkies to women and men not normally attuned to politics explains why it’s essential for the Obama campaign and its media allies to tarnish Palin.

And they will continue to do it wrapped in their M.O. of disguising every little comment as an act of service. Plain and simple, Political campaigns are about popularity. One side is not going to take a different line than the other when it comes to spilling vile and misleading remarks about the other. And neither side will let up until they have garnered as many electoral votes as possible to take office.

Anyone see that Monday night Football game last night? What a show! Absolutely awesome game that had everything a football game should have. Long range TD passes, controversy, hard hitting, sacks, defensive touchdowns, rivalries that didn't disappoint.

Its a shame the Eagles didn't prevail, but its not the end of the world. Not too many teams are going to go undeafeated in the league, so a loss is expected. The disappontment in McNabb from the home fans will be less than it usually is after any loss, but it will still be there. The main reason is for the amount of balls he threw short, or at the receivers feet. This is a trait he has shown over and over again, and the fans here hate nothing more than repeated mistakes. Another common complaint will be the percieved lack of timing McNabb showed when the opportunity came for running the ball.

It seemed that there were times where if he had only ran for the first down when it looked as if he could have clearly made it, based on the TV angles, instead of throwing an incompletion to Greg Lewis' feet. Yes, this will be the crying call of some fans this morning. But he gets no complaints from me. It's common knowledge that Reid puts a harness on Mcnab when it comes to his ability to run the ball for obvious reasons. But it is what it is. To go down to Dallas, on Monday night, and play like they did, is good enough for me. That game was really a coin flip. I think there were some missed opportunities, but it is what it is. I am happy.

Finally, Wonka left a comment on yesterdays post about Bret Myers:

Brett Myers is a Piece of shit who likes to BEAT HIS WIFE. I wonder if he went home after pitching a 2 hitter and Beat her cause he didn't get the NO NO.I still find it sad that guys like him are Cheered and Idolized.

See, this is what most people don't get. Athletes in Philadelphia are very rarely idolized. They are very rarely even seen as celebrities. What makes this a hard city for athletes to play in is the fact that you don't get star treatment. No one cares about you. And more to the point, you are getting creamed if you don't perform. You get nothing free here. Myers was killed in this town when that incident happened. Conversely though, when he did get through that mess, and started to perform, he was, and will be given his due, for that specific accomplishment. But that is all. Athletes in this town are not cheered for who they are. They are cheered for what they have done now. Per instance. Not for what they have done last season, or last week.

Unless you have lived in this town, you'll never get it. I love how everyone points to the fact that this is the town that boo'd Donovan when he was drafted. The contigent that was there was not booing Donovan. They were booing the eagles organization.

During the months between the end of the season and the NFL draft, the media here in Philly was reporting that the Eagles were going to take a runningback. Ricky Wiliams to be exact. The whole town was ready for it. For the first time in franchise history, this town was going to get a top back. One that everyone knew was going to be a HoF'er. Those people went up to NY for that moment alone. To witness the franchises first pick of the running back that every single media outlet had pegged as a guy who had the potential to be one of best ever. At the time, we were in desperate need of a back as well, and had lived with what quarterbacks were out there. There was even a pile of free agent QB's that were available and the assumption was picking up one of them.

But as fans, we live throught this, and we wait for our time again. Every single team in this city has won a championship. And they will again. And for that, we wait, and enjoy every moment 'til it comes again.


lj said...

obama and the media aren't doing anything to tarnish palin, she did that herself with her actions. the role of the media is to report on her record, which, considering most of the country hadn't heard of her until a few weeks ago, is not a bad thing.

it seems it's ok for the media and republicans to tarnish democrats but not republicans. how many republicans had a problem with the swift boat veterans for truth campaign, even though it was full of lies and sought to tarnish a democrat?

republicans always want it both ways --- they get to bash democrats, but cry foul whenever something negative (albeit true) is exposed through the media about one of their candidates

Chad C said...

Eagle fans are about the dumbest group of people on earth, sorry but it just has to be said. McNabb played AWESOME with one mental error and many dropped passes. His TD count should of been three if not for your second rate WRs. Seriously, that guy played so good last night and without ONE legitimate NFL caliber WR. Imagine if that guy had receivers that were not midgets and could catch a ball? Philly fans expect perfection, but why? Last time I checked Philly was arguably the worst sports city in America, no team from there ever wins. What is with the high expectations there?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well said about Philly fans, Riggs. Bottom line is, no one will ever understand who isn't from the area, and that's just that.

McNabb played an awesome game last night, on the road and squarely in the limelight. The better team just won, that's all. Now what happened to our alleged NFL-top defense on the night is another question, but that's not for me to answer.

The bigger story right now has got to be those phighting Phillies! And really, the choking Mets. What a bunch of idiots. The Brewers are getting more pub for choking somehow, but the Mets are so far duplicating last September's performance, and we all know that was something to forget forget forget. It's just too bad we don't play them again still this season.

BTW I'm sure Evil Wonka was leading the charge to get rid of Will Cordero from the Red Sox back in 1997 when he beat up his wife too. And anyone who says Brett Myers is "revered" in Philly can barely be taken seriously at all anyways, can they?

Nice post.

Riggstad said...

LJ, I expected more than just that. Do you really think Dems are so innocent, all the time?

Its always and only the crying republicans who throw shit?

please... Dan Rather