Monday, September 15, 2008

Brett Myers received a standing ovation from the near-capacity crowd... *Whenever Myers receives a standing ovation, you know something earth shattering happened. For a guy who was sent down earlier in the year, and is now contributing like he is... Its stuff Philly fans go crazy for. They'll write you off in a minute. But if you show up and perform like you should, your the towns next hero.
...Myers pitched a two-hitter and the Philadelphia Phillies moved into a tie for the NL wild-card lead, and one back of the Mets, who faltered in the late innings against the Braves.
This guy left a comment about Philadelphia being the worst sports town. Like someone from the left, he drinks the coolaide. In realtity, Philadelphia fans are one of the countries best. However, we have the most absolute horrid media in the country. The worst is always portrayed. Always. All of these guys have the red- haired step child syndrome. Makes for better print and sound bites I guess. The fact of the matter is there are no other fans more loyal to their teams. Here is a classic example. I don't agree with the assesment of Forbes to determine the best. Houston in the top three??? No offense JJ!
Here are some other recent snippets from articles ranking top sports towns:

His remarks were pointed directly at the Eagles and Mcnabb. He tried his best to get out of town? What the hell were you reading? Nothing credible. Because Andy Reid will die with McNabb, and McNabb will die with the Eagles. Which is a good thing in most fans opinions.

4. Eagles Consecutive sellouts: 71
Season-ticket waiting list: 70,000
No other team dictates a city's mood like the Eagles.
It's a loyal group of fans, but don't confuse it with blind loyalty.
When the Eagles play poorly, they face the wrath of the fans. That rattles some guys, but players such as Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Dawkins have thrived on that tough love. Fans of opposing teams should tread lightly in the Linc.
Tonight v Dallas. It is going ot be an awesome game. I think Dallas has the edge even if this game was played in Philadelphia. But its a close call either way, and will make for a very entertaining game. And if McNabb throws 3 interceptions, and the defense gives up 40 points, you're damn well told that the Philly fans will absolutely rip the team apart. But don't interpret that as jumping off the band wagon. The folks here just demand excellence. They will always give the team next week to gain back their respect.
I was at the Borgata yesterday for the start of the Poker Open Main Event. The Borgata set a precedent by offering a $5mm guarantee for the $10,000 main event. 516 players is the official count and I think this made for an overlay of $40k. Not bad considering I was told by many pros and insiders that most of the big names were heading to europe.
You can read here and here and here for updates on that tournament. Some big names who entered... John Juanda, Gavin Smith, Eric Seidel, Kristy Gazes, John Gale, Roy Winston (defending champion), and others.
So much to talk about and read about today with the end of week 2 in the NFL, Baseballs Penant race, (congrats to Zambrano for throwing a no no), The financial markets meltdown, Lehman, Merryl, and of course, the ever pressing run for the White house. Content shouldn't be an issue this week for anyone.
Enjoy it!


Riggstad said...

Sorry about that post being jumbled. I put spaces in between everything but blogger sucks balls.

jjok said...

Go Cowboys, go mavs, go rangers, go cubbies......

Houston sports teams lick chodes.....these folks here are still talking about why bagwell is a first ballot HOFer regardless of steroids questions.......yet Sammy and mcgwire should be in jail and die.

It drives me batshit crazy.

1Queens Up1 said...

Go Phillies!

Brett Myers confuses me, he can be amazing one game and horrible the next.

Good luck to the eagles tonight.

Wwonka said...

Brett Myers is a Piece of shit who likes to BEAT HIS WIFE.

I wonder if he went home after pitching a 2 hitter and Beat her cause he didn't get the NO NO.

I still find it sad that guys like him are Cheered and Idolized.

the Donkey Show.

Anonymous said...

Raiders are #9 despite having only 4 consecutive sellouts and a season-ticket waiting list of.... 0

I have to call bullshit on this one.