Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No TIcky, No Laundry!

Ahhhhhh... Fantasy football, politics, Gambling, The Bash!!

Honestly.. Who could ask for more??? Lets take 'em one by one.

We have some discussion of politics flying around the blogasphere, and at the kitchen table as well for many of you.

Of course my wife does as she's told, so there will be no commie/ liberal talk in MY house!! *ducks

Each side goes back and forth back and forth about who does worse, who a lied, and what's better for the country. We went to war under false pretenses. No we didn't. We were going to war anway. 9/11 or no 9/11. If Gore was elected, we would be going to war. Its in the plan. There are hundreds of publications, books, c-span, all out there that will give you an idea of who's next as well. As socrates said, as long as there is man, there will be war. Get used to it. Hell, if your democrat, read Woodwards series of books, Bush at War. It damn near explains the certainty of war in the middle east. The question was which country.

Read any numerous books on Bin Laden. It shows you this clown isn't even viewed as a religious figure among his people. Hes a nut job. Who got pissed off because the west is the largest thriving civilization. He believes/d that the ottoman empire (the greatest to ever inhabit the earth, sorry Romans) should be the same way today. The problem is... they all hate each other. Too many different sects of muslims that can't get along. He figured if the west were to attack, they would have no choice but to ban together and once again, become a huge power. This is what it was all about for this clown. Power. Of course, he used religion to summon the masses who were to stupid to think for themselves, and really, had no reason to. They don't have anything because of their retarded stupid governments who cut off their hands for stealing a snickers bar. Oh wait, they don't have snickers bars.

The issue I have with our government... check that... our way of thinking, ,is that we need to turn all of these people into democracies. Who said they want to? Who said they care? Maybe they like living in mud and killing chickens and goats for dinner. Maybe they like the legal structure of taking a hand off or burning their wife if the husband feels he was wronged by her. Yeah its retarded to think anyone would want that, but maybe they do.

The issue with the war wasn't why we went. The issue with the war was how it was handled. Which you can get a good feel of how bad it was fucked up by reading the second Woodward book.

ahhh, I get tired talking about it.... We as Americans should take stock in our own actions, as individuals to do things to fix the stuff we complain about. you don't like it? Do something about it. Christ, at least vote. and I don't make enough money to be a democrat.

Fantasy Football....

Cracks me up the amount of people who look at this as some who's got the biggest dick contest. frankly I go for the free beer at the drafts. After that I'm lucky if I remember to fill out the roster week by week. All fun for me. the arguments during the drafts are priceless. Better than the Simpsons movie. Ok, that may be overstating it a little.

Gambling on football games...

I don't do it. Plain and simple. I'm scare'd. I run bad, so yo don't want me taking your lock of the week. Cause if I do, and you play it, forget christmas presents for the in-laws. I don't even see the enjoyment out of it. So I don't do it. But I do love reading about it, and the thought process that goes into it.

The Bash... Be there!

And that leads us to another 80's vid! This one reminded me of the Democratic party :)


Astin said...

I wish I could remember who it was... some actor or basketball player from Africa I think. He basically said that they don't want Bono and all the western celebrities coming to their countries and raising awareness. They think it's meddlesome that with this "help" comes western values and Christian teachings and the destruction of their way of life. They appreciate the wells, the appreciate the donations, but what they WANT is self-sufficiency. They want to learn how to build the wells themselves and grow and use their own crops and livestock, without being told how to do it.

I imagine much of the same holds true for the middle east. They're often portrayed as barbaric and uncultured, but this was the cradle of knowledge and civilization when Europe was in the dark ages. They drive Mercedes and BMWs and have educational standards equivalent or better than you'll find in the US in some places. Hell, look at the money and prosperity in Dubai, where people paint McLarens with rollers because they can afford to fuck up some of the rarest cars in the world.

Sure, there are theocratic issues that we see as human rights abuses, but does it make any sense to lock someone up for years because they had some weed on them while we let child rapists and wife abusers roam free after 1/3 of their sentence is up? Something about glass houses in there.

I always see Islam as parallel to Christianity. It's a few hundred years younger than the dominant western religion, which puts their theocracies on the tail-end of when we were in the dark ages and religious figures ruled the world, sending crusades and holding inquisitions. I'd say they're ahead of the game.

Man, have I been commenty of late.

I have nothing to say about football.

The word verification for this comment? oabbmo... which is very nearly an anagram for B Obama... just sayin'.

BamBam said...

I'm Bam-Bam.....
and I approve of the, "The Bash. Be there!" comment.

No politicians were harmed in the making of this comment.
(shame really!)

Anonymous said...

Bash... will be there.

Football... Go Bears, Go Saints

Politics... I agree with Astin 100%.