Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thursday night Live!

Ususally there is only one to a stool... It seemed as if all 3 of the tucks were sitting in Al's when CK and I walked in.

It was good to get it started off. But there was one particular story that has been eluded to in several posts, but I think has to be told script style....

outside of a bar on any main st. in the US. Cool weather, very well lit by street lamps and moonlight. 6 people smoking and laughing telling stories and general anticipation for the following days.

Act 1:

Two young men (both dressed in oversized khakis, and striped (horizontally) long sleeved polo shirts. One is short, skinny, and boyish looking. the other short, chubby and a full grown beard and messy curly hair. They approach the group from the east, strolling slowly towards with a noticable decline in speed until they arrive.

Both stop as if to mingle with the group. Bam is leaning up against the brick wall of the Pub smoking a cigarette with one leg proped up against the wall itself. I am directly to the right of him facing Carson who is directly to the left of him. Both are standing perpendicular to Bam. Donkaa is stading in front of bam. The rest of the group is more to the right of us near the door and laughing hysterically about numerous things.

Boyish looking man: "Hey dudes whats up?"
Me: "nothing"
Bam: Stares deeply through him, and his demeanor goes from playful to business like.
BLM: "Hey, do you mind if I bum a cigarette?"
Bam: "Not a fucking chance."
Donkaa, and Carson both laugh hysterically. I look surprised at Bam, then toward the kid as if to warn him off.
BLM: "nah, thats cool, you don't have to be mean about it."
Bam: "As a matter of fact, there is nothing you can say to get me to give you one, because you are a punk. I look at you and I see myself 50 years ago. Trust me, I'm saving your life."
BLM: "I would give you $0.15 for one"
Me: "I think you got your answer. Keep Walking."

Carson and Donkaa are truly in hysterics, either at the verbal exchange, or my expression of disbelief. Poor little guy!

More to come....


BamBam said...

Somewhere in Smalltown America, a parent is thanking me for schoolin' their child.

Oh and YES!... I also do kid's party's!

DonKaaa said...

OMG ... I've told that story at least a dozen times since I've been back. F'in Hilarious !!!