Tuesday, July 5, 2011

don't blame the jury

Well there you have it... If you want to get away with a crime, make sure it's big enough and weird enough to catch national coverage and have the media secure your place in history.

First off, I think the verdict of Not Guilty, on all three major counts is an injustice. I firmly believe in our legal system and the benefits it gives the accused. The prosecution has a burden so great as to be sure that the accused is correctly and justly found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think in this case, a few things were missed to get to a guilty verdict of guilty in the first.

Before any of you go absolutely nuts... let's look at a few things. First, we as spectators throughout this whole ordeal received more info than the jury had. We also had the opportunity, if you chose to, to read and view opinion of experts that may have swayed your opinion.

What do I think? I think the Prosecution proved it's case, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this bird was guilty of MANSLAUGHTER and AGGRAVATED CHILD ABUSE. They didn't prove murder 1 since they presented no evidence that proved this gal murdered her child.

I also think that jury selection was terrible. 6 (I think was reported) of the jurors were convicted criminals and two hadn't graduated high school. Also, you had one that stated they needed to leave by July 7th to enjoy a trip to London. That adds a little pressure to a group of folks who might not really give a shit about justice when, from their eyes (my opinion of course), both sides did everything possible to drag this trial out with evidence that help very little weight.

So another criminal gets off and Casey goes free to spin her lies and live the beautiful life. Without her daughter as well.

The media has been up and down for me. Nancy Grace is a joke of a human being if you ask me. She stated on air responding to a comment from a caller that she strived to tell the truth every night on her show. What a joke. she spun more shit that Casey did IMO to gain nothing more than ratings. She also asked what Casey would do now? how would she make a living? She has no job skills, etc...

Of course she doesn't, but what Nancy would do is pay this broad millions in order to get the first interview after acquittal. She's a liar if she denies it. Casey, I will expect will get to enjoy her little Bella Vita with offers of millions for TV interviews, print interviews, playboy (due out by next January I would guess, and of course the book and movie deal.

Is that a travesty? Of course it is. But what the hell are we going to do about it? Nothing. Except by the book, go see the movie, watch the interview on 20/20, soak up the copy of Rolling Stone magazine, AND record with our DVR's the new reality show called BELLA VITA... or, The Anthony's!

Mark my words... It's coming.

I got more to say but finished for the day. RIP Caylee. The only one who was lost in all of this.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It doesn't matter what I know, it's what I can prove

The defense is supposed to rest their case today in the Casey Anthony saga. I believe the prosecution have some rebuttal witnesses they want to call but this case could go to the jury by Friday.

First, I think having the Jury start their deliberations during a holiday weekend leaves poor miss Anthony at a disadvantage. Who is going to want to work during a holiday after 2 months of sitting in sequestration? I think they might be a little peeved and be more interested in getting the hell out of there rather than going through the piles of testimony that should be considered very carefully when deciding on whether or not to take someone's life.

George Anthony hit the stand yesterday for most of the day. Despite the media's attempt to show a grieving grandfather, and someone so distraught over the loss of his granddaughter and daughter I am a bit perplexed on what to think.

First, the guy doesn't seem very credible to me. You don't visit some cow during an episode of such turmoil in your life to "comfort" her because she has a brain tumor. This guy was layin' pipe with this pig and there's no convincing me otherwise and he flat out lied about it on the stand.

Secondly, he was evasive as ever during the questioning from the defense. He tried his best to avoid answering direct questions and was very evasive to the hard questions, never wanting to answer without qualifying. Many times he answered with a question or request to "eplain himself", or complained that the content of the questioning was "taken out of context". To me it's proof of how Casey learned her craft in becoming such a deceiver and liar.

This guy is a terrible human being and I was truly convinced of his guilt in having abused his daughter. I don't think he sexually abused her... there has been zero proof and he genuinely seems to be a guy who thinks he is a good guy, and convinces himself that his actions are pure, but he also seems to be the type of guy who condones his actions because he truly believes he has best intentions.

However, I have no doubts that this guy beat his daughter down, verbally, throughout her life and that is just as much abuse as anything else. Poor job by Baez in my opinion in not sticking it to this guy in a manner that shows his complexity to be a liar and manipulator. Instead, all he seemed to accomplish was to make the jury think he was more of a victim than anything else.

I still don't know how they convict this chic of murder 1 with the circumstantial evidence they have. I do believe she should be found guilty of the lesser charges. But without a cause of death, not being able to place the body with her beyond a reasonable doubt at the time of death, and the thin evidence they have that the manner of death was a homicide (besides the fact that it is so OBVIOUS), there's no way this chic can be convicted of murder 1 in a death case.

Florida is a pretty fucked up state though, so who the hell knows.

Waffles is still a fag :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prima Nocta :)

Now... on to Casey Anthony...

Is this the most retarded, dysfunctional family ever to inhabit the good state of Florida? Who can you believe?

If you haven't been following then I envy you. Once sucked in, it's over. You can't get away from it. Legally speaking I think the defense is doing a SUPER job, outside of a few ridiculous and obvious blunders. BUT... they are doing the best job they can, and in the end, I don't know how any jury can convict this idiot.

Let me get this out of the way... I don't believe she willfully harmed this child. I think it was an accident, albeit a stupid one and one that is and should be punishable by serving time. I don't think this is a death case, but all the lying and deception from not only the defendant, but the entire FAMILY, just pushed the prosecution over the edge and they decided it was time to lay it down and have her hanged.

I also think that Cindy, the mother, is the end all be all in that family and has orchestrated this whole thing from front to back. Once she realized the truth and what had happened (which I firmly believe she knows everything), she put into place, albeit unethical and probably unnecessary, her plan to free her daughter of any responsibility.

I can't wait to see this thing play out and I won't be satisfied unless this pig (super hot pig mind you) gets on the stand and gives her testimony. Which is highly unlikely. I run good.

Waffles is a fag.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Death has a secret

Been following the Casey Anthony trial at all? The pig gets off... and her family is in, and has orchestrated the whole thing... Love it! Actually have a lot to say on the whole thing but Waffles caught my attention this morning...

He posted this repost from some other idiot (no offense), and just had to throw in my fifty cents.

It's the ole "what would you do if you knew you were going to die deal... only the dummy puts a bunch of parameters around it which make ZERO FUCKING SENSE... because NO ONE alive falls into that category.

IF you have no wife, no kids, a job, 4-5 years worth of income to support your current lifestyle, YOU AREN'T GETTING SICK!!! You have ZERO stress to become SICK!!! any who...

I like the questions posed, but answering them in a more realistic way with regards to the average human located in this country (or Canada as well you cry baby's).

1) How long would you continue your job or career? Do you love your job so much you would continue as long as possible?

The real answer is as long as you HAVE to. IF you know you are dying (and it's not some ten year retarded guess either) I would reckon you would do anything possible to stop and finally get on livin'.

2) How hard would you pursue a relationship? How important is it for you to NOT die alone?

I suppose that most honest people would answer this in the negative. The very core of human existence is good and knowing you're about to die in a relatively short time would preclude anyone from getting romantically involved with another knowing you were just going to hurt that person. The real answer to the question would be not at all. IF it happens then it happens. But you should be too busy getting your rocks off fulfilling your dreams than trying to find Love as to no be lonely

3) Would you ever consider elective surgery (such as a cosmetic procedure) even though it's likely you will die just a few years later.

Wait... you come up with a scenario about dying, form some questions about what you would do with the rest of your life, and this is the question you come up with? Whoever thought of that question is truly an asshole and probably should die very quickly, for you are most likely the most shallowest person on the planet and furthermore probably hate yourself... enough said.

4) On the other hand, would you spend a significant chunk of your net worth on medical care just to extend your life a year or two?

I think recent history has proven Waffles point correct. They aren't interested in keeping you alive.. they are interested in keeping you breathing. To that point, spending money on traditional healthcare will only serve to keep you in an institution either full time, or so many times back and forth for testing or treatment that you won't be able to live. My answer is no.

5) Would you travel more or less? Would you develop a specific "bucket list" for your remaining years?

I'd go see every nook and cranny of the earth that was available to me via time and cost. and yes, the bucket list would go into full effect. You should already have one.

6) Would you be more likely to use illegal substances or engage in illegal activities, knowing your potential punishment is diminished by your life expectancy?*

This must have been a fucking child who wrote these questions... Short answer... see bucket list.

7) What is the ONE most important thing to accomplish in your remaining years?

Yet another stupid question. I say, and most of you will agree, that after 42 years of life that ONE thing always changes. It changes after accomplishing each one. Of course you can be some queer love hippie (like goat), and say that the ONE thing is living in peace and harmony. That's such a fucking cop out it's not even funny. Look, us CEO's need tangible, attainable results and we want them now! Show me a plan, execute, then start a new one. Fucking Children!

This was the extent of the questions, so I thought that I would add my own last one...

8) After setting out and setting yourself up to finally live the rest of your life because you found out you were about to die... how much regret would you have and how miserable would you be when you are finally on your death bed, AFTER realizing that you could have/ should have lived your whole life that way?

The fact is that we all only have a finite time on this earth. Ten years, A hundred, it doesn't matter. Death does have a secret. That is, it doesn't matter much whether we're here the next day or not. Everyone else is going to go on without much thought of you.

Do what you want to and don't make excuses. I'm divorced with 4 kids under 13... Nothing is going to stop me doing what I want. Sure, you have different levels of responsibility and that is not to be shunned... But LIVE YOUR LIFE. And don't wait for someone to tell you that you only have ten years.... Cause I'm telling you, it might only be 1

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colonel Nathan R Jessup V Jack Skellington

The battle of 90's movie characters has begun over at FilmChaw. Go check it out and cast your votes for your favorite character.

But first off let me say this... If Colonel Nathan R Jessup loses to some fucking stupid cunt Cartoon Character, I am going to lose my fucking mind. I can't even tell you how on Tilt I am right now...

First, Astin writes that it isn't the character, it's Jack... WRONG!!!! Then he says something stupid about A Few Good Men being some middling movie...

Un FUCKING believable...


Go vote for Jessup or I'm coming over there to rip out your eye sockets and puke down your dead skull....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well sheeeit NEGRO.... That's all you had to say!

Getting ready to start the 90's movie character competition... in the meantime...

Clicking through some blogger links on the left I get broken links or another page as if you have all moved your blogs... What gives here people? Are you all hiding from the Feds???

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Movie Characters of the 90's - Field of 64!

Goat called me up with an idea about a month ago.... Pick 4 bloggers, choose the best 64 movie characters of the 90's, draft them and then put them up in bracket style, going against each other until a winner was chosen. Those winners would be chosen by the viewing public based on votes....

Now, being that Goat has an affinity for me, of course I was first on the list to be asked to do this. Even though I have not posted in quite some time. But you all know me and movie characters so how can I pass this up?

Goat already posted his intro, and so has Astin. HDouble has not posted as of yet, but I'm sure it's coming. This whole thing will be debated, re-posted, and voted on over at Film Chaw so you must go there to vote.

Now, once you read the brackets and those chosen and where they were chosen, you may have some issues. Some have already responded on Goats post in comments. There is a suspect amount of women chosen. 4 to be exact. There are also some characters left out and some chosen in some really weird places. Doc Holliday for example being chosen in the 9th round may seem like a miracle (or insult for that matter), but remember, I was talking to the competitors during drafting and knew I could get him late.

I also think that some of the early round picks where the most ridiculous picks I've ever heard of and surprised the hell out of me. HOWEVER....

I would request that you, the voter, seriously take into consideration the writers purpose, if it is presented, during the competition before you jump to voting for a character. 'Cause there is no way that Roy McEvoy (A late round pick for me) should ever beat any character. But based on who he is going up against, I would think that I may be able to legitimately persuade you.

Some may write about the eloquence of the character, or its pop culture value... They may try to sugar coat or over inflate the value of that character with silly words, etc... I will present my characters as they were intended by the author. OK, or at least how I valued that character and how I think the character made or carried the film. I won't be using fancy words, silly assumptions, or how they fit within pop culture. It's why they were and how they were in that MOVIE. Most of my characters are badasses as well so I"ll be presenting a lot of "my character can kick your characters ass". :)

If you look at the draft order over on Goats Blog, there are certainly some questionable picks. Most likely some that you would have chosen as well... We drafted via email over the weekend. Most likely through mobile phones, as I did and was running for choices near the end.

In the least I hope your additions to the posts in comments will spur a fun and humorous debate among the best characters of the 90's. I also whole-heartedly assume that I can't lose this competition. So in the spirit of fair play.... If i lose, someone is going to have their throat shown.