Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lets look at it this way, If you do, know one knows, it you don't everyone knows. There really is no upside

Thanks to everyone for the comments on the new look. I do think blue on blue is a little rough, and swicthing back to just the banner is, well, just blah, so its back to blue, but changes are forth coming as I have reverted to my web guy to work on some tweaks.

Now that the Ghey is out of the way, I have to make this public announcement...

I must respectfully bow out of the most anticipated weekend for me, this year. I have told the man himself, and have offered him my apologies, but business must come first. I still have a plane ticket and have offered it up to a certain "celebrity" type person who may or may not be able to make it. I'll keep updates.

The reason I must jam on this weekend, if you haven't heard by now, is that the BDR show will be broadcasting live from the Borgata during their $500k guarantee, Sunday, and I will also be down there basically all weekend gathering interviews, and other type stuff to help launch a new revolution in poker radio.

That is a show actually worth listening to, during the largest and most sought out after tourny's in the country. Now, a 2k buy-in tourny is obv not large, but the structure to this one is notable, and will have a lot of people playing.

Look for lots of good things on the radio with interviews from pros, players, and celebrity type folk who will tell nothing less than the truth, and talk about way more than just hand histories, and what to do with Aces in the high jack position.

Please take the banners off of the earlier post and get'em up on your blogs to pimp. I will be sending a certain something special to the mook weekend for everyone to enjoy in my absence, and hope that it takes the edge off :)

Off to the Borg right now to try some sample recordings, and, well, some other extra curricular activity while I'm there :)

All for now

Sunday, April 27, 2008

That tallywhacker had a mole on it. And that mole is the key to it

Weekends suck anymore. I dont even look forward to them. So what did I do? I worked! As usual, but this is fun work, and something thats going to be worth a whole lot to a whole lot of people.

So, if you are around next weekend, say, NOT in the Austin area enjoying, say, poker, booze, and an overall addiction to prop bets, tune into BDR and listen to live shows, taped interviews, and other fun things while we broadcast from the Borgata during their $500k deepstack tourney. it is a three day event starting on Sunday and ending with the start of the fnal table on Tuesday.

So, if you have the time, and would like to spread the word, feel free to rip one of these banners off and pimp the ever lovin' shit out of it on your blog or site.

And, if you are playing in the event, feel free to stop by and give us an interview. If we don't get to you first that is.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So you all will know the seriousness of my warning, I shall say this in English.

As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced that a particular plan of action I've decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is... I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the fucking time!

I just love that movie!

A few others I wanted to add to the frey from my top ten the other day.. and there really just isn't enough room in the top ten to encompass all of them...

Flamingo Kid - "you kow you have a space between your teeth?"... "You know you have a big fucking nose?"

Kill Bill - both volumes

Pulp Fiction - "lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet"

I could fill this page, but lets just get on to the topic at hand... which is railing!

As we play and watch others from the community do well, its amazing to me how a rail from friends really sends people into a higher level of performance. And I think it really does. You start to play just sitting there folding and raising, but mostly folding. Catching nothing and feeling bored and losing interest. I'm not writing about blogger tournies either. I'm talking about the regular MTT's we play on a regular basis.

You manage to get your way through 3 breaks on fumes, but quickly deciding that the show you are watching, or whatever else you have going on around you, is more interesting than the prospect of folding for another hour and hopefully have your aces hold up when you finally do get them.

Then, out of nowhere, some iif's show up and start typing "goooooooooooo you". All os a sudden you feel into it again. You have an audience that makes you feel happy, special, and valued. These comments of encouragement get you excited again, and almost act as a catalyst for the RNG to produce great cards for you. Your interest peaks, and you are now not only playing for the cash, and the win, but for all those who show interest in your success.

These "railers" come without expectation and you don't feel any pressure. You get almost an over inflated sense of confidence knowing that with the cheers and support along the rail, that nothign bad can happen. No suckouts will be coming, your premium hands will prevail, and the best scenarious of having some one run a bluff into your made hands will happen.

You get a sense that staying up until 4am is well worth the lack of sleep if only to show gratitude to your railers by actaully final tabling, or even winning.

As a railer, you feel part of the action. You become part of each and every outcome, and somehoe have made an impact on the players success. Its a very real feeling that brings you back to show support, and hopefully get some when its your turn to play. It also may bring a sense of pride to be the one railing a player who is obviously doing well, and to be associated with someone who can actually play.

Usually the rail doesnt come until late in the game, which offers an even greater sense of commraderie a the player. You made it, and are now able to offer the value, and entertainment to those who have railed you before. and to those whom you will rail when its their turn.

Does any of this ring true for any of you? Do the friends railing offer you a better environment to perform at a higher level? Either way, I know its in the very least, a lot more fun. There is no doubt about that, and maybe its just as simple a that.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My friend and me got a hankerin' for Switzerland chocolate and a good smoke.

First, the flyers... I don't want to talk about it. I mean, really, I viewed this game as a must win, and they totally guff it up. Give me a friggin break. Good luck in Washington Boys. Fuckers!

Hoy put a post up about his thoughts on how the BBT takes away from the "fun" of the private tournaments. He makes a good point, whereas the private tournaments were set up for everyone to have fun and hang out, etc. But I think the BBT has its advantages and betters the community on several levels.

One, obviously the prize pool and the money are sick. As a communiy, how do you figure anything like this is possible without the support of everyone. Of course, people will get their panties all bound up when something stupid happens, because so much is on the line, but thats all part of the fun IMO.

People will, and have expressed their opinions in their blogs, and that may cause a little stife. But for the most part, I dont think that its a long term view of how that person actually feels. Let's look at it this way. When you sit down to post, you write with the feeling and spirit of how you are in the present. After a day or so,, you go back and read your blog, and think, WTF was I thinking? How often have you written a post, reread before you publish, and either make dramatic changes, or delete and re-write the whole thing anyway, based on how you are feeling now. That suckout doesn't seem so bad anymore after a day does it?

There has even been some back pedaling of the blogs that wrote what they did, after some comments, and some inflection I would guess. Not a whole bunch, (ego), but enough to make it seem at least cordial. Not that it was out of line in the first place.

Even as I write this, I am flying through it, and I am sure that I will reread tonight and think, FAWK! There is so much more I could have said to make this more clear. But whatever, I have 14 appointments to make, and I'm rolling.

Overall, I think the BBT brings more value to the community than just what is offered up in prizes. Think of all the new folks coming in as readers. Think of all the new ones who have started blogs. Good ones at that. Think of all the content these events supply. I think all of the spouting off and everything else is just a residual of all that is at stake, and nothing more.

Kaja even put up his own post about how scandal is greater than the nice stuff. And for the most part, that really is what holds up. I can't imagine how many people are looking forward to hearing about Donkettes second place win, or worms first place win, vs. Shipfaced12's little chat battle with Hoy after he destroyed him with the hammer when ship held AK.

Christ there were requests in the chat box about it as it was going on. Pure gold! PirateLawyer went ballistic when the eventual winner called a three bet with TJo against PL's AJ. PL had a big stack as well, and was 4 flushed. Worm stated he hated pot odds, and PL went crazy in girl chat. Rightfully so, for the moment. He also told me to be prepared for an uber post, but in the end, I guess he'll settle in to the fact that oh well it happened, and move on. But I bet if he wrote that post immediately following that beat, Worm would be calling the national guard to defend his home, family, and pets.

In general, I believe that the competitiveness brings about a greater value than when the private events were just that. I played in those events as well, albeit not as long as others, but I have seen nothing different that takes away from the fun that was experienced when it was not part of a series.

Hoys perspective is obviously a lot different than mine being around more than a year longer than me into this blogging thing, and I accept and appreciate that. Just like I accept and appreciate that I am now considered a mo because I actually blog. Blog=ghey, nerd, geek, dope, slit. So here here, to all my bretheren nerds! I love you all!

Stay tuned to "The Blue, part II", and another post where I explain how I see the poker blogger world evolving based on future BBT's.

And while you''re here... go visit Evy, and give her a huge hug!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday weekend

Friday night began the first of three b-day parties for my boy who turned 2. Friday was his actual birthday and it became quickly obvious that he could care less about the festivities on his behalf.

I(we) got him a nice little truck to motor around in, and some assorted sports equipment. The truck and golf clubs kept his attention most of the night, and he wanted very little to do with the "party" festivities. Friday brought the neighbors and friends, with thier children in tow. We ordered pizzas, chicken fingers, the usual fare for toddlers alike, and of course, had three cakes.

One the wife made, one the sisters made, and one I bought, just to be sure I couldn't be held accountable for something I might have forgotten.

We closed up shop around 9pm and I made my way over to the pub to see Al with Miller and Pert. Al disappeared but i'm sure it was more of an attempt to be good, rather than an effect of being gone. We played pool and megatouch, got home safely, and I played a little on line.

Saturday I started yard work early. Parents and kids came over around 1 and we had another gig for the boy. Status quo, and we wrapped up around 4. then I get ready for the Father/ Daughter dance. The daughter gets into a hissy fit about what I am going to wear, and what she doesnt have to wear.

So off to the store we go. I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for yet another birthday party for the boy on sunday. The family this time. Next to the grocery store is a Kohls, and the daughter wanted to go in there to find suitable duds for the dance.

I stock her up with a dress and a pair of shoes, she gets me outfitted with a pair of slacks, a tommy bahama type shirt, and a coat (all of which I already have mind you). We get home, finish the chore of getting ready, taking pictures, and head off to the dance.

Now, I didn't understand the protocol here, but as soon as we drive into the school parking lot, I see every girl has a bouquet of flowers. So, I drop her off with some friends, and I run down to the nearest store to find something acceptable. I manufacture a nice little deal when I buy a couple $1.99 roses, have the clerk cut off most of the stems, and wrap them up with some ribbon they also conveniently had for sale. (improvise, overcome, adapt!)

I get back to the dance, get in, and theres a little booth to get our picture taken. Pictures are done, and we make our way into the auditorium. Now, this really should be called, Daughters ignore their father dance. Which is fine with me. One of the more experienced dads brought along a little flask of some nice scotch, and we made our way over to the corner of the stage to talk about basketball, deck building, and other assorted manly things. Every slow dance, the girls would find their fathers and grab them up for some quality time. Other than that, the event was uneventful. althgouh I did convince one father of a girl who I have been desperately trying to get on my basketball team to bring his kid to my clinics next week.

Sunday came for yet another party, and all was good. Family and some more friends who couldnt make it any of the two previous days wrapped up the boys take in sporting equipment, and other intellectual builders such as books and mini computer games.

I told my wife at 6:30 that basketball (my weekly game) was at 7:30. This miffed her a little, but she quickly realized her play here, which was nothing, once I gave her the stare.

The boy had a great weekend as did all. I bitched and complained about having so many parties, but in the end it was ok, due to the fact that so many wanted to partake, and couldn't because of time constraints. I guess, what I learned, or already knew actually, was the fact that these parties aren't for the kid. Or for my wife and I either. They are for those that wish to have an opportunity to show you how much they adore, or appreciate your kid.

So, you're welcome friends and family. See you in three weeks when the 9 year old turns 10. Bah.

Friday, April 18, 2008

This would explain it...

I received this email from FT... I never reported anything, nor did I ever notice any cheating. But considering I dusted off over 2k the last two weeks, well, this sort of explains it...

Dear riggstad,
At Full Tilt Poker, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of fairness and integrity in our games. Upon conclusion of a recent investigation of cash games, we have determined that some of your opponents were in violation of the Full Tilt Poker Site Terms and End User License Agreement.
We have permanently closed the offending accounts, and we are redistributing the account balances to the players who were victimized by these violations. The reimbursement calculation was based on the number of hands played against the offending players, and the amount won or lost against them.
With this redistribution, we have determined that you are entitled to a refund of $747.21, which will be placed in your account in the next 24 hours.
For a number of reasons, we are unable to provide the names of the offending players, or any other information regarding this case. We thank you for your understanding in this regard.
In addition to our automated systems, we carefully investigate every concern of suspicious activity at our tables. The vigilance of our players in reporting suspicious behavior is an important contribution to our ongoing diligence against unethical conduct. If you believe you have witnessed unfair play at our tables, please don't hesitate to contact us at
If there is any other way we can be of assistance, please let us know.
Thank you,
Full Tilt Poker
You received this email because you are a player at Full Tilt Poker. To make sure you continue to receive our emails optimally and in your inbox (not sent to bulk or junk folders), please add to your address book or safe sender list. Thank You. To be removed, visit:

I don't want to be a product of my environment...

I want my environment to be a product of me...

Today is the boy's b-day. He turns two. So, it seemed fitting to my wife to have 3 birthday parties. One each day over the weekend. Friends tonight, family tomorrow, more family on Sunday. I asked her why all weekend? She said, its Jake's B-day. I'll have a party everyday if I want. Its my baby boy! (GOOD CHRIST!)

This bothers the shit out of me. Really, I see this type of stuff everyday. Johhny this, Betty that.. blah blah blah... We celebrate mediocrity by having sports leagues where every single participant "wins". Everyone gets a trophy. Birthdays last weeks, a simple weekly test where the student might have received a A gets a million stickers, and praise from the School administration.

I might sound like a sour asshole right now, but it is what it is. For that, I get labeled as mean, and not having any compassion by friends and family. Praise is good, but I think they get more out of discipline than they ever would out of over celebrating, or too much praise. And no. You are not getting lunch at Burger King because you got and A on your math test. But I will take you to Best Buy when you bring your report card home for the whole year and show me first honors in everything. See where I'm getting at?

"Justin is taking Latin!" was part of a conversation I had with a good friend just the other day. "hes really good at it!". Justin is 2. He was proud as all hell to let that one out as well. So, to be a good conversationalist, I asked "why?". He said I was the first one to ask that question, and thought the answer was pretty obvious. I explained that I thought it was pretty obvious to me that Justin was taking latin because he wanted to TELL everyone that his son was taking latin. He called me a dope, and I asked him seriously, why? He said studies show that subjecting children to the bock bock bock bock bock B"GAWK!!!

I said, listen man, when Justin can annunciate more than 25% of the words in the english language, then maybe latin may be a good thing. Until then, let the goddamn kid grow up. In 4 years, the kid is going to be inundated with a schedule that will include sports events, school, extra curricular activities, and other things that will keep him busier than most working adults. And thats at the age of 6. Let him enjoy his time now. And for whatever reason YOU have him taking latin, just tone it down.

BAH, to each his own I guess...

Numb asked me on BDR the other night my top 10 movies. I gave them but they weren't even close to my top 10. SO I have to set the record straight:

A Few Good Men

Major League

Outlaw Josey Wales

Wyatt Earp


Wall Street

A River Runs Through It

The Sting

Office Space


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Technology crutches

It has been a crzy two weeks on the busy side. The weekend was choc full of kiddie stuff, and the business matters keep piling up.

I was running short of time, so last night, I had a meeting at my house with one particular guy who needed to see me so desperately, that he couldn't wait until this morning.

Perticelli was over and jawing with Buddy and IT pre radio show through the teamspeak on my laptop, so when the dude showed up, we adjourned to the dining room.

I didnt have my phone, and the laptop was obviously in use elswhere, so I brought a pad and paper.

Well, here's the issue... as we begin to discuss the business at hand, and I start to attempt to take notes, I realized that I forgot how to write.

That's correct. I forgot how to actually make a "c", or an "m" with the written pen. I didn't realize it until about 5 words into what I was writing. I looked at it and thought, wtf is that?

The meeting looked at me and asked what was wrong. I asked him to read what I just wrote, and he stated that it looked like some sort of shorthand.

Now, I thought for a second trying to remember when was the last time I actually put "pen to paper", aside from signing checks, contracts, etc..

And I realized something. I use the blackberry and the laptops usually to take notes anytime I am meeting with people, or someone else in the room is taking the notes and they just get emailed to me.

After thinking a while, I realized that it had probably been about 7 months, sine I actually wrote something by hand. Sick really.

I sat there and wrote out the alphabet, both in cursive and print. I figured it out but how retarded is that to start to write something and totally forget how to form a simple character.

Anywho... Congrats to Hoy for taking the skill series down. I went against him late when I had him by 3 or 4x' in chips. He was down literally to jut under 1400 in chips when I picked up A82 all diamonds... He raised with a Jh I think and I decided it was time to just go the distance. blinds were 200 400 I belive.

We got it all in on 4th and he showed 4 hearts. He flushed up and I bricked the low and my own flush missing the scoop and chop. That brought him right up over 3k and took me down to 2200. From there he went on a tear... Well done on your seat bro.

We made an announcement on the radio last night about broadcasting live from the Borg coming in May for their 2k entry, 300k guarantee with super stacks. 30k to start. I know some pros will be in town to participate and approached the boys at the Borg about doing the show.

Mook made some banners and I will be posting them here for you to rip off and pimp on your own blogs if you will...

Tonight is the mook, and I look forward to complete shitheadiness and cocknosery play to abound all the way to the final table. Love it!

Flame wars Disperse! All in fun people! all in fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Massachusetts man endangers the World

April 10th, 1:30am est

Boston, MA. MSNBC news anchor Keith Oberman reports:

Early this morning, the Earths rotation hesitated, and it was reported that were tsunami's, earthquakes, and sudden changes in the earths climate across the globe.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that Waffles won a BBT event. They also have concluded that the damage was magnified by the fact that it was actually the Mookie, instead of any other of the 5 events that host the BBT. "We really got unlucky knowing this happened during the Mookie", explained Senior Professor of mathematics at Harvard University, Anmel Rhitskinnie. "take in consideration that if this occurred during the Riverchasers event, we feel almost nothing happens."

World Governments are now in the early stages of preparing for another possible event sheduled to take place in June.

"We're not that certain we can lay back, and expect, even given the gigantic odds, that this will not happen. The odds were shattered last night, so we will take every precaution" said General Patraeus, the United States most senior ranking military officer in the middle east.

The US military has taken steps to bring back 40% of its troops, such as national guard units to ready themselves within the most populated areas of the US.

Several nations have started constructing what is being called underground cities in the event that the improbable happens.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon held an impromptu assembly in the wee hours of the morning asking every member nation to prepare for the worst and to pray for the longevity of the planet. - "We cannot expect that a gutterball will not drop, and leave our planet in shambles. What we expect to happen in the event is nothing short of global devistation, provided it does happen"

Ladie and gentlemen, as I sit here and report this I cannot believe that our President has yet again failed miserably, letting down this time, not only the United States, but the world at large.

Did we not pass a law banning Online Poker? Shame on you mister president. You sir, are as incompetent in your 8th year as you were in your first. Having yet again, taken the minimal steps necessary to show action without substance.

God Help us America. For your president might just succeed in making sure no one else ever takes office again.

For MSNBC, I'm Keith Oberman.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogger High

Instant Tragedy 12:24 PM
You come from high school to high school.Yup, you have the geeks, sports studs, quiet ones, rebels, trouble makers and everyones friend. Can you fit people of our group into these molds?

IT left this comment on Kats blog to this post, so I thought I would take a go at it...

All in fun people! Don't get your asses all jammed up about it. All in fun.


The Jock - Mookie: He is/was a basketball coach, plays golf, likes all sport, and apparently has lots of sex

The Geek - Waffles: Is there any explanation needed?

The quiet one - Vinnay: Very, very quiet indeed. The kind of dude who you never know is there. Until you get to know him

The academic - CK: Always a logical look at every situation. That is, logic fueled (55) by ananlysis, skepticism and fact

The Rebel - Al: long hair, fun, drop of the hat attitude. Always going against the norm for the good of the people. Norm? There is no norm. It's what will make things the easiest and most fun for people all while giving the big middle finger to everyone else

The Troubleaker - Cracknaces: Never with the intent to harm, but to stir things up, purport the truth, and have a little fun. Always fun

The class clown - Bam Bam: Always pointing out that life should be fun, and taking advantage of every opportunity to do so. Nothing important is ever looked at too seriously, and will always find the funny in everything.

The Bully - Lucko: If he finds a weakness, you are getting picked on. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The friend - Tragedy: Will understand, forgive, and accept everyone, and everything. Will go out of his way to help, and expects nothing in return

The popular one - Hoy: Will be appreciated and emulated by many, hated and reviled by few. Everyone knows who he is, and most hope and expect the best, few will wish great harm on him

The Headbanger - Bad blood: Guitars and guns! Loves him some metal!

The burner - Buddy Dank: The dude who is sooo laid back, cool, and open to anything. No hate for any one person, ,but dislikes the establishment. Everything can be fixed, and nothing is broken type attitude.

The Goth - Kat: loves her some old school punky bands. No acceptance from anyone needed, but cherishes the friendships. Lives without judgment, and doesn't push anything on anyone. But will go out of her way to explain everything when there is interest

Friday, April 4, 2008

My two cents

I read Hoy's post today, and left a reply. After reading it I thought I would post it here...

and no, I don't begrudge Hoy for thinking BOOOM is ghey.

I too am one that does not see the abusive chat at all. I don't get it. What I do see is just fun and games for me. I begrudge no one any action they choose to take during any game.

Of course I might get hot, and dumbfounded, or even just surprised, but it doesn't make me think any more or less of any certain player.

Even Al has spewed a sentence or two when he loses a big hand to a somewhat questionable call, but of course its always in jest and not meant to harm.. at all

As far as the BOOOOOOOOOOMS...I mean c'mon people. Its not to antagonize the loser or losing hand. Its meant, from my perspective at least, as a cheer for the winner.Its a fun and happy thing. and if you notice, it has nothing to do with sucking out either.

Just as many BOOM's get typed out when the best hand going in wins as well.I think the gheyest thing is complaining, or pointing out someone elses bad play when the complainer had made, or makes a similar play just as often.Which I see quite frequently I might add.

Folks need to get over themselves, and understand what the BBT challenges are for. And that is to provide something a little (reads a lot) more valuable to a community of people as payback for their loyalty to the site they play on, the community with which they belong, and the overall support of the community as a whole.

And let me say this...Without the A listers starting and welcoming everyone into this comunity, the BBT wouldn't exist as it does today.

Without the B listers trudging along, inviting friends, poviding content and "getting" the word out to readers about it the BBT wouldn't exapand as it has today.

And without the C, D, E, F, and G listers, blogging, and telling friends, and bringing in the shear numbers of players, the BBT wouldnt offer the prizes we have today.

So everyone, at every level has added some value to what we are able to partake in. Who's better? Who's more valuable?We'll let the posts argue that!


fuckers! :)

Yo Bartender! Jobu needs a refill...

Off to the Phillies game yesterday with Millerd33 and some others. We share partial season tickets, and always have a great time going down.

Citizens Bank Park is an awesome place to watch a game. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house really. Our seats are 4 rows off of the wall in right center and we let the opposing player just have it. Every game is a new experience and just a ton of fun.

The Phils opended 0-2 to the Nats, and it was beginning to look like another losing April. You put together their spiring training, and the start of this series and one just had to go with recent history. In the last 24 months of Baseball, the Phils have 4 losing months. All other months were .500 or better. All 4 losing months are April. Go figure.

So when the Nats started off with a 5 run first inning, well, lets just say we figured it was status quo. We stayed and watched and cheered, and just tore up Austin Kearns playing in right for the Nats. I think the implication was that he was batting for the same team. It gets pretty rough out there for visiting players, and it was evident that he didn't appreciate it when he stopped throwing warm up balls back into the stands...

The Phils had a sick 7th inning, taking a 1 run lead from a deficit of 6-1, and eventually went on to win in the 10th when Colome had to walk two to load the bases after Rollins turned a Victorino bunt in two bases getting to third rather than just second.

Colome then walked Werth giving the Phils the win. Very fun game.

I have the end of year Basketball party tonight for the girls. Pizza and beer at Toscos, and then most likely a cash game. (No, not with the girls you dopes!)

Who knows what the weekend has in store... hopefully a bunch of rest. I do have some projects to finish up but they should be easy enough to get through. I dont think I am going to play much online poker this weekend. I think i need a rest from it for a good 48 hours. so if you see me on, tell me to get off.

Have a great weekend people!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

no time to post today....

So here are just some random things in my head at the moment

1. The guy who always wears sweatpants to our poker games. And for the last 2 years, we have all, without really pointing it out to each other, realized that we all laugh about it, and think its hysterical. Hes 45. Lucktruck is laughing right now.

2. April fools was lame this year. The best I heard was a friend who took a screen shot of the desktop of one of his employees. Opened up the picture and she sat there for 20 minutes trying to double click each icon, wondering why the programs wouldn't work

3. Skill series takes no skill

4. Mike Matasow runs good, and is still a losing player. Fuel runs bad and is still a winning player( Pains me to no end to have to admit that :) )

5. How long before Sean and Buddy really get signed by an online room

6. Pennsylvania becomes the new Ohio in this years election. If the Dems lose PA, they lose the race.

7. Could it be that Mcain asks Tom Ridge to be his running mate? And does Obama ask Ed Rendell to be his if the above statement is the case?

8. God Bless America if either of the above comes true

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Check this out...

My company, being the best free roll tour in the country of course, offers our players shots at qualifying and earning buy-ins to $1000 -$25000 Borgata events. We do this on a rolling 6 week basis.

just like the online tour, anyone who wins a nightly event, gets entered into phase II satellite to win one of up to 10 seats.

This past weekend, one of the players who won their way into one of those seats, came in 7th in Sundays Borgata Ultra Super Satellite. That is 1 of every 50 entrants wins a $50,000 package of buyins to all most of the major events a year...

Coming in 7th, the y chopped, and he won A $10,000 buyin into one of the upcoming Borgata events, and $13,000 cash.

You can see all of the info here....

What is the ROI on winning $23,000k with Zero cost?

Anyway, congrats to Bob Woodruff for his accomplishment.

The man likes to play chess.. Let's find him some rocks

Played the Math last night... and he Martini open. It was Kats Birthday and I had completely forgot about it. Signed up last minute and proceeded to dust off 30 rebuys. Soooo good.

The math started off good, as I was catching some cards and caught big against schaubs. We go heads up, me with JJ him with AJ. flop comes AJx... We get it in on the turn and I hold up.

I got to another table with pretty even stacks, two were top 5 in chips. I attempted some steals and resteals only to be met with Jams.

right before the break, I repopped to 1000 with AQs. I think it was tiltaway who then shoved on me, and after thinking, I folded. I still had more than 5500 and wasn't ready to go to the mat with a marginal hand at best to his aggression.

After the break, on the button, I picked up 99. Lorreta was in the small, and I made it 350 to play. He reraised to 1000, and I shoved on him. To this point, either in the cutoff or button, I had folded twice to resteals, so it was clear that he could possibly be restealing.

He tanked for a bit and called with AQo. I normally wouldnt make that shove on just any player. The propensity to call there with even AT from some players is just too high, but he was someone I thought could fold. I certainly didn't want a call, but was willing to race against AK.

He flopped AQ and turned the boat and I was left with 220 or so. I had done nothing but shown down premium hands to that point, QQ, KK, etc...

From there I was rooting for him to go on and win the damn thing. Usually when anyone takes my chips, its my MO to root them on for the rest of the tourney. Unfortunately he dusted off the 11k he had in short order and was out by 20th or so.

I have to say I was extremely disappointed in that call, but it really makes no difference even if I had AK. He boarded two queens anyway.

Congrats to the winner, and see everyone at the Skillz tonight. And the Bodog for that matter...