Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warning* Business Concepts

One thing I have learned over the years as an entrepreneur is that you can only sell to as many people that actually know you, or those that actually find your products and services on their own.

You may have the single best chocolate chip cookie in the world, but if only 10 people know about it, you probably are only going to sell cookies ot those ten people. Of course, some products will draw in their own customer base, but what is needed in ALL business is a perfect marketing plan.

Waiting for someone to find out about your products or services usually means a very quick death in business. So what do you do? How do you know which is the right way to promote your products? How do you decide how much to spend on doing this?

Marketing has been a very touchy subject for some businesses. Grass Roots usually means that you didnt have enough money to help launch a campaign, and you hoped for the best. Sometimes that works tremendously. Sometimes it works ok. Most times its leaves you hoping for something else that can get your message out there to potential customers, all the while looking for further funding to stay afloat.

Then the internet came along. Jesus, was that a mess. Everyone saw potential but not everyone really knew how to utilize it properly, or any way which results could be guaranteed or even quantified.

So what to do? How, as a business owner, was I suppopsed to take something I hated (mainly because of ignorance), put it into the hands of strangers who purported to know how to sell your product better than you, AND pay them to do so.

Thats when I found these guys. Their team of professionals really helped get the ball rolling with just a better way of doing things for my project. And not just marketing ideas, but ideas that supplemented the actual marketing campaigns. Who knew there was so much to learn and do to really make an attempt into new markets.

After working with them for a few years, and having very good results, they started taking the advice of customers and decided to write a book. The book, Reality Marketing Revolution, is a must read for anyone who is starting a business.

From a simple work at home gig, to a million dollar start-up, to a community fundraising campaing. This book will show you what to do, what to avoid, and how to get make the most out of any marketing campaign.

Buy the book, read the book, and put it to use. You will be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to achieve your goals utilizing a new, dynamic methodology in marketing.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I really dig these guys!

Hey John! Johhny Ball Game! Aww Right!

Took the kids down to the outdoor basketball courts the other night (Monday night to be exact).

We had my neighbor and his tribe, one of my best friends and his tribe, and my whole clan. We played a little rough house with the guys, my daughter, his daughter, and the neighbors daughter. (all three girls have played on my team).

Half way through just messing around I felt a pull or a tear to be more specific in my right groinage area. I have not been the same since. At first I thought I just pulled a muscle, or maybe "popped" a nut. But as time has gone on, I think it may be more like a jammed up hip. Like the ball joint right there has been damaged and I don't know what the hell to do about it.

My knee joints feel like they are grinding together and my right ankle, being a trainwreck to begin with feels as though its in about 14 different pieces. At least twice over the last 5 years this ankle has landed me on crutches for at least 3 days each.

I've been to the doctors, and while doing simple clinical checks, they don't seem to think its anything serious other than a bad sprain. So I don't bother going back. I just live with it.

We play basketball on Sunday nights, but that has come to a halt during the summer months with everyone being away at different times, or the fact that its just way too hot. (panzies!)

At this point I figure just to rest a little and ride it out until I have no choice. Then I will go see the good doctor. The proble with the doctor is the fact that he is a she. I'm half way to 40 and I am dreading the 'ole prostate check up that seems to be mandatory when you reach that age. I promised myself I would get a male doctor by then but I have no clue on who to go to.

Funny thing isn't it. Would you rather a female or a male doing that procedure on you? Prostate checks? I almost wasn't allowed in the Marine Corps because I wouldn't let them "perform" that little nasty procedure. I got away with it that time, but this time around, I don't think there is anywhere to go.

Does the fact that I would rather a male doctor perform a prostate check up on me rather than a female doctor make me gay, or just ghey?

Congrats to Evy last night on winning the Skillz series. I don't think she missed one flop all night.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

' Au Canada! EH!

Looks as if the Canadian Governament is trying to do something about the total childishness of its countries poker players!

Read This

A rather indepth and straight to the point article on the poker personalities of our northern neighbors.

Although it did not make any mention of the fact that Canadiens cannot play on Bodog. Which frankly I believe is a bigger issue in all of this whining!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dream sequence... con't

We arrived at the August Moon and were greeted by several bloggers who missed the golf. Fuel and Pirate Lawyer where standing on the staircase, having a debate on who was the best impressionist, and which was the best bottle of wine to drink while doing so.

We had all gathered in the parking lot waiting for everyone as they pulled in. Pauly's was the last car to get there and as he pulled in, Drizz let out a big "OWNED!". Pauly was shaking his head talking about a chop, and Drizz was doing some sort of a chicken dance.

We all piled into the Banquet room, some hanging out near the buffet, and some staying outside to grab a smoke. A lot of the Riverchasers players where there that were recognizable by name from playing in the online events. Surf was overheard telling Mcmenamin that he thought his head would be smaller. He looked him up and down, then looked at me. He then exclaimed, "Its a lock!" referring to the weight loss contest we had agreed to.

Bayne looked over at me and asked where the guy named Kevin_w_AK was. I pointed to him and he stormed over like he was going to punch him. Kevin ran away.

LuckTruck was setting up the tournament and Chang was running around making sure everyone was going to stay afterwards to play cash. Ftrain was telling everyone how much better the food was in China and Bwop was campaigning for a mixed game format.

The tournament got underway and all was a blur. Al was missing a lot of hands and was spotted over near the mini-bar asking he waitresses if they had enough Soco.

I was drinking scotch with Bam and Pushmonkey and don't remember a whole lot of the tournament. But here are some of the things that stood out...

1. The hammer was 3-betted 19 times. It won everytime. 12 preflop and 7 post flop.
2. Fuel was out on the third hand when his flopped set of kings was run down by runner quad 5's... by Evy
3. Pauly lost more than 5 buyins prop betting red and black flops with Miller. His new best friend.
4. Chang was considered the biggest Donkey of the night by most bloggers when he couldn't lay down second pair (correctly), no less than 3 times. He pissed off his table full of bloggers when he tried to go all in three times with the caveat of ... "I"m all in except my whites"
5. CK took a poll on what she should do. Stay in Vegas, or move someplace else. Opinions seemed to vary.
6. Kat and Jo where making fun of EVERYONELSE's accent
7. The tournament ended in a 5 way chop. Everyone who lost explained that they just wanted to get to the cash game anyways.

The cash games commenced. Some sat at one of three tables, and others mingled by the minibar drinking, and others on the stairwell outside grabbing a smoke.

When I noticed the clock it was nearing 6am and everyone was talking about the Pub in less than 6 hours. People started heading back to their billets and we all awaited what was to come next.

to be continued....

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm sorry Mr. Finch, but I was under the impression that we had already paid for the vedict

I had a dream last night. A dream about the bash. Or maybe it was a preminission.
It went like this...

I woke up friday morning and headed directly over to Al's to pick him up. When I got to his house, he wasn't there. No sign of him. I smacked myself on the forehead with an open palm and drove back towards the pub. As I came up bridge street I notice two police officers standing over a body on the sidewalk, taking pictures with their cell phones.

I pulled over abruptly and jumped out of the truck. They were both laughing and high fiving each other, and I waved them off as I walked up and said, "It's ok! I got it."

He looked up at me and said, "where'd you go last night?" I explained that I wasn't there at all, and he must be thinking of Bam and Carson. "How'd we do in the golf tournament?" he asked. I told him that we hadn't tee'd off yet, and he asked me to wake him when we got there.

We stopped off at a Wawa to pick up some coffee, water, and two unopened red bulls for Al. As we drove up Whitehall Rd., he seemed to make a transformation from fall down, torn apart drunkard homless looking guy, into the pro blogger and party animal we all know. Uncanny really as it seemed to happen right before my eyes.

We got to the course and started to unload our clubs. Al ran into the clubhouse to meet everyone and as I put on my shoes, this hot naked blonde cam out of the woods and starting walking towards me..... (wake up to take a piss)

I carried our bags towards the clubhouse and I noticed several bloggers on the putting green. There was Iggy, standing there with a set of clubs that had light blue shafts. Obviously womens clubs, and he had a confused look on his face as to which end of the club he should be holding.

Ftrain was standing on the side of the green with several asian fellows who were waiting to tee off speaking mandarin, or cantonese, or possibly farsi, not sure which one, but it certainly wasn't english. Don was chatting with the cart girl. I don't know what they were talking about but he had an evil smile, and was counting out hundreds as they conversed.

Drizz and Pauly were prop betting which color car would pull into the parking lot next, and Waffles was tilting in a golf cart, stomping, no smashing the gas pedal without going anywhere. Little did he know that Corron10 and CK had turned the key to the off position, and the gear shift to neutral.

The round itself was a blur. I recall several conversations about things that went wrong. The list was plenty.
1) a total of 13 broken clubs
2) 1 missing golf cart that apparently made its way into one of the ponds
3) 2 missing flag poles
4) 1 group that never completed the round
5) a 20 minute debate, or conference rather, between Ftrain and Drizz on whether or not they actually had met me before
6) Bam and Carson decided that, somewhere around the 13th hole, Golf was no longer +EV and decided to pitch a tent and start a camp fire.
7) Falstaff was asked to leave the course buy club management because they thought he was "big leaguing" them by wearing a kilt.
8) Astin disappearred after the first nine holes. It was rumored that the groups behind his were getting Filet Mignon sandwhiches and a glass of perrier instead of the measely ol' hotdog and soda that the previous groups had.

We had all gathered in the parking lot getting ready to head over to the August Moon where the tournament was going to be held. Hoy shot a 97 and was explaining to everyone who would listen how it would have been an 83 if it weren't for certain circumstances. He then tried to detail every single shot selection, including putts, chips, and mid-iron shots. In hind sight, everything he did was perfect. Then conveyed his disappointment on how bad Schaubs played. Schaubs shot a 76.

We all piled into our cars to leave, and Pauly and Drizz were overheard, heads sticking out of each others windows, something about how many traffic lights they would have to negotiate before getting to the tournament hall, and then how many of those they would actually have to stop at. Then $20 per...

to be continuned.......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Video Dump

Well to lighten up a few things, lets check out some funny videos...

I tried to find the shortest ones possible:

In honor of Football returning:

And because I like to play pranks on my kids :) (although not this extreme! They're still to young :) )

And this is just way too funny....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Borgata's WPT Poker open

Borgata announces $5 million guaranteed prize pool for 2008 wPT borgata poker open championship event

Top players to compete for large cash prizes and coveted winners’ bracelets at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, September 3-18th Championship Event Set To Offer Largest Guaranteed Prize Pool Ever at a Land-based Casino

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (July 10, 2008) – Continuing its lead as a preeminent poker destination on the East Coast, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa today announced details of the sixth annual Borgata Poker Open series. The 16-day tournament will begin September 3rd and will conclude with the $10,000 Buy-In five-day World Poker Tour / Borgata Poker Open Championship event, September 14-18.

In an unprecedented move, Borgata will offer the first-ever $5 million guaranteed prize pool for the 2008 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship event, ensuring that the first-place winner takes home a minimum of $1,424,500 cash, along with a coveted Borgata Poker Open Championship bracelet. The event marks the largest guaranteed prize pool ever offered at a poker tournament by a land-based casino.

“From the beginning, we have had a commitment to the game of poker,” said Larry Mullin, President and Chief Operating Officer for Borgata. “We’ve strived to up the ante in the market by offering innovative programs and initiatives designed for true poker players. We are excited to once again further stake our claim as a leading poker destination on the East Coast with our 2008 Borgata Poker Open, while continuing to break new ground – attracting more players than ever to our destination resort.”

Offering exciting live action games and some of the best tournament structures, Borgata will continue to raise the bar with the sixth annual Borgata Poker Open series, drawing notable professional and regional poker players to Atlantic City. First place-winners from past Borgata Poker Open Championship events include Noli Francisco, Daniel Negreanu, Al Ardebili, Mark Newhouse, and Roy Winston.

This year’s event will again be held in the Borgata Event Center, in addition to the 85-table Borgata Poker Room, continuing to provide customers with the largest variety of games and limits in Atlantic City.

The tournament will include over 40 events with 16 main events, featuring No Limit Hold’Em, Limit Hold’Em, Seven Card Stud, and a Ladies No Limit Hold’Em event. The buy-in amount for the Championship Event is $9,600 plus a $400 entry. Players are offered the opportunity to reserve a seat in Main Events online from August 18 to 28. On-site registration for all Borgata Poker Open events begins Monday, September 1.
2008 Borgata Poker Open complete schedule of events is as follows:

WED 9/3 11 AM EVENT #1 $300 + $50 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
THU 9/4 11 AM EVENT #2 $500 + $60 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
FRI 9/5 11 AM EVENT #3 $100 + $90 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
SAT 9/6 11 AM EVENT #4 $1500 + $100 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
SUN 9/7 12 PM EVENT #6 $300 + $50 LIMIT HOLD’EM
MON 9/8 11 AM EVENT #7 $400 + $50 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
MON 9/8 12 PM EVENT #8 $300 + $50 SEVEN CARD STUD
TUE 9/9 11 AM EVENT #9 $500 + $60 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
WED 9/10 11 AM EVENT #10 $2500 + $150 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
THU 9/11 11 AM EVENT #11 $500 + $60 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
FRI 9/12 11 AM EVENT #12 $5000 + $200 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
SUN 9/14 11 AM EVENT #13 $9600 + $400 WPT CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT
SUN 9/14 12 PM EVENT #14 $1000 + $90 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
MON 9/15 12 PM EVENT #15 $500 + $60 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
TUE 9/16 12 PM EVENT #16 $300 + $50 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was perusing the local news sites today trying to find a story I heard about a local gambling, sportsbook, and Loan Sharking business getting schooled by law enforcement. Apparently it was a 4 year investigation. (so stupid to take so long). Here is the link if you're interested... Whenever you are dealing with someone with a name like Nicky the Hat, you know you have issues.

But I found this more interesting...

Starbucks is closing 600 retail locations???

600?? Really? an average of $4 a cup isn't enough to keep the rent paid, and turn a profit?

Now, I was never a big fan of starbucks anyway. I think Americans like their coffee to burnt and robust, which really is not the best way to enjoy a nice cup of joe.

I have a friend from Columbia (the country, not OH or SC), who brings me or sends me some stuff every now and then, and it is absolutely the best coffee I have ever had. And it is not drip type stuff either.

I have several different types of ways to prepare my coffee. Usually its a trip to dunkin dognuts in the morning after dropping the kids off to school (Sept-June, not the toilet... it reads school, not pool!). Dunkin Dognuts is always my favorite type of retail coffee because of how hot they brew it. Thats what makes a good cup of coffee. A very very hot brew.

The Borgata actually makes a real good cup as well. Surprisingly enough.

But in the summer months, without having to leave every morning, I usually brew with this tpye of coffe maker.

Of course a press is always on hand and allows you to just boil the shit out of the water to get a really good steaming cup.

I also have a nice perculator that I got as a pot for camping which absolutely gets me the best cup everytime.

But enough of that... Starbucks? Really? 600 stores?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Corron10 Runs BAD! Reallly BAD!

You read his blog and every now and then you get an "I hate poker post".

And thats it. Just I hate poker. Well, here's why...

Such a joy to watch! And I wasn't even in the hand!! Poor guy runs as bad as the Mets do!

And as a public sevice announcement:

The Borgata is running another $500k Guarantee on August 9th. Its a 30k starting stack, and this time, they will have 2 day ones. Saturday and Sunday with the max each day of 500 entrants. It will be a great tournament, again, and I'll be interested to see the turnout. Could be a crazy two days to see guys and gals line up to grab one of those 1,000 available seats.

Odds on 11 handed tables on Sunday? Get there and play if you are around, and drop me a line if you do. I might be doing the same!

omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod!

I wrote a post last week about having been treated rather nicely by mother nature herself this summer, and last. Well, the spiteful bitch must read this blog, because beginning on Friday, the weather became friggin stupid.

Ever dive into a big bowl of steaming pea soup? Trying living in one.

This weekend was brutal for weather, and as central air systems, and air conditioners struggle to keep working, us humans head for cover.

Friday was spent running down errands, perusing some business plans, and your normal, run of the mill horseshit.

Friday night brought about a play date for the wifey and some friends, so I stayed home and played the Donkament. I love this thing, and forgot how muchb fun it was. I was on a mission, but failed, and only rebought 50+ times. I was really shooting for 80, but luck got the better of me.

I bubbled in grand fashion and left feeling... well, satisfied. Complete donkification achieved.

Saturday brought the live game at a friends house. I had to run up to a local bar to meet a friend to discuss some business before heading over to the game. The road up there is through some pretty open space, and as I was jamming out to some offspring I notice a little tiny bambi crossing the street. For about .00045 secs. Poor little guy may have had a productive life if it wasn't for the truck helicoptering him about 4 ft off the road way.

I felt really bad for about 3 more seconds, then continued beating the steering wheel to "the kids aren't alright."

I look at it this way. The deer population is so over grown that the township hires gunman twice a year to cull the heard. The best part of this it to watch the protesters out on the road the days before and of those hunts. Ironically enough, they usually stand right in the parking lot of a WaWa directly under the sign that shows the cost of a galon of gas at a cool $4.12 per gallon. But they won't protest that.

when I got to the poker game, there were only three players. They were having a $5 PLO tourny, and were 2 rounds in. I asked if I could buy in for double and have a blinded stack. They objected, so I steady dealt. I did manage to make the deal however, that whoever won, I would play them heads up in a PLO tourny for $10 (the profits of their win). I won that tourney in 6 hands I think. We have started to add PLO into the mix, but it gets some opposition because some of these guys just dont get the game yet.

Don't get me wrong, they are smart guys who just dont have any experience in Omaha. In one hand a guy potted pre, potted the flop, and potted the turn. The other called the whole way. The Flop was two hearts, the turn brought a paired board, and I looked at the callers cards. As I squeezed them out, I was looking for at least two hearts. All I saw was a gutterball. he needed a 7 to even hope to be able to have a shot at this hand. I was laughing to myself as the the river action was being negotiated by the initial raiser. They got it in and the callers straight held up.

It was a fun night though, as always, whether you win or lose, as something crazy is bound to happen that just makes two guys want to kill each other, and makes the others just laugh hysterically. Always a blast to make fun of others angst. Pure Joy!!

I've missed a lot of blogger tournies in my exempt status on FT over the last month or so, and will see what I can do to remedy that this week. Hope to see all of you there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Porkchop! ONE!

So things have slowed down a bit on Bodog the last two days. I've only manage to win about $300 over that time frame because of the $600 hand ($1400 pot) I lost when I flopped top set, turned the nut flush, and lost to the river against KUINGS (thats quad kings to those not familiar with the "lingo" of poker playing people from the St. Louis area.... as far as you know)

I checked the FT account yesterday thinking that I am close to the end of the self-exemption period. I was one day short. Today is my return.

I guess I'll choose the RPT event tonight to make my return. I believe its a heads up match. I run the worst in these things on Full Tilt so we can have a grand old time getting my Aces sucked out on by A4.

I watched a movie last night called I am Legend with Wil Smith. I dig Wil Smith. I think he is a fantastic actor and entertainer. I love most of his roles, (not movies), and I especially dig the end of world type stuff. But this movie blew. Hard. I fast forwarded through some of the "intense moment" scenes because they were so drawn out. You know the type that you know something is going to pop out at you, or the quiet before the storm thing. Except every single one in this movie was like 10 inutes long. Just brutal. And no real substance. AND the hero dies. What a a rip. (no spoiler since the movie has been out for like 2 years now.)

I've been trying to catch up on the whole UB scandal and basically have concluded, based on the little amount that I have read, that the owner is the guy who really had a hand in all of this stuff?

If that just about sums it up, let me know... If there is more to it, point me in the right direction

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know, I spend a lot of time working on my hair, and... he hits it... He hits my hair!

The dog days of summer are here, and well, they are not so dogged. Come to think of it, neither was last year. Nor the year before that. At least not in these parts. We haven't had the schorching 95+ days with the 173% humidity that makes you want to just stop what you are doing, find shelter in an air conditioned room, and fire up the laptop.

With all the talk about global warming (blahahahaha) I don't see the fuss about the rising temperatures. Yeah, I know, we are talking about a few years, but lets look at it this way.

The world, 4 billion years old, has always had climate change. To think that the pollution we have made within the time frame we have, in relationship to the time of existence for the whole world, will cause some sort or irrepairable damage is silly. At least in the sense of how it is being portrayed by the activists, the media, and the politicians.

Volcanoes in the past have spewed more damaging gasses than we could ever up to this point without realy changing a thing. I'm sure some of you will post links with research and charts, that will show how much the atmosphere, ozone, and other stuff has changed since we introduced fossil fuels into society, but to think our little period of existence could change mother earth in such a way that will destroy her, and us, in a period or time frame equivalent to the size of a pin head is just plain retarded.

The climate is going to change anyway. Its the way of the universe. But not anytime soon.

Why does this come about? Watching a show last night about what would happen to the earth without the moon, I got into a little argument about the facts, and thesis of the show. Of course the shows premise was about how the earth will just go into climatic turmoil without the moon. How the moon is what keeps us rotating on an even keel (a constant 23 degree axis, to be precise).

The opponents comment was... "I dont believe it. They don't know for sure. There never has not been a moon, so how do they know what would happen if it wasn't there. Who's to say that if the moon disappeared, some other force would come together to keep the earth on its 23 degree axis?" I said , point to mathematics. Thats the proof. Numbers. Numbers always have the proof. Thats how they know. As far as your theory of something taking its place, well, there is no proof that something like that could happen. Maybe god would come out and hold the erth in his palms and make sure we spin on that axis, but there is no proof of that. "Thats horseshit", said the man! I told him to go to church, pray about it, and then blow up the moon, and see if we would be ok.

That of course led to other discussions and debates. The best one was who was the best Batman ever. I tend to lean towards Michael Keane (edit* Keaton). I just think he nailed it. And was the first. the first is alwasys best. Sean Connery as bond (I think he was first), Harrison Ford as Dr. Jack Ryan (remember Ben Affleck? didn't think so), and of course Wesley Snipes in Major league. Just owned Omar Epps who played Willie in the sequel.

I was watching a little of the Allstar festivities over the last two days. Soo funny the Chase utley incident. If you didn't see it you can stop by Al's blog to see the video. Some Mets fans were booing when he was announced and he dropped the big F bomb on them. Kinda upset me a little that he didn't have the fore thought to know that he was being recorded and let that fly. Especially with that opportunity. If i'm in that situation, knowing the whole world watching can hear what I can say, I think a big, "listen to those poor mets fans, what a bunch of baby's" would do to them. ESPECIALLY Mets fans. Lets spend collosal amounts of money, and blow a 17 game lead to a team that has ZERO pitching. Then lets spend more money, fire our manger, and struggle to be in contention the next year.

Then I watched an interview with Derrick Jeeter when he spoke about Yankees fans. He called them the most intelligent fans in baseball. His example was the fact that when he would walk on the street, someone would come up to him and ask him about last nights game. What happened?

Thats not a sign of intelligence. Thats a sign of being a crybaby. OR, someone who wants to converse with a celebrity type and cant come up with anything better to say. Other than, Wow! Its Derrick Jeeter! (who I love as a ball player btw.) And thats not relegated to Yankees fans only. Thats most every single breathing baseball fan in the world. Everybody wants results. But asking that question is certainly not a sign of baseball IQ.

I think he could have come up with something better. Just as Chase could have. I mean, how do you not prepare yourself for that? Stupid athletes should stick to swinging a bat, cashing their checks, and keeping any opinion to themselves. Ok, not stupid. But annoying. I can't blame them though. I guess they are too busy thinking about the next pop star they are going to nail.

I think I come off of the Full Tilt exemption this week. Not sure yet cause I haven't checked, but will sometime today. Having a lot of fun on bodog still. Just wish there were more players. Very difficult to get more than two tables at any level of PLO at any given time. Usually thats a 9 person and 6 person table as well. Get on and try it. Lots of fun. No doubt.

Monday, July 14, 2008

He's intelligence! He lies for a living!

With all the fun being had in Okie Vegas, I want to point out that Al's bash is approaching quickly. Go check out Al's post with all of the details, and make yourself available.

It will certainly be a heart stopping, brain pounding event. And what A location!

Bodog is a sick sick place to play. Esp. Omaha. I believe the whining reaches a new level on that site. Not too many can grasp the concept of mathematics and just go on full blown tilt when they lose, and super asshole mode when they win. (one pot even). I am up an unbelievable amount of money for playing $50, $100, and $200 max PLO and am just having plain fun. Which is really the important part for me, because I will never make a withdrawal from any site, unless I mysteriously play a super MTT and hit for like $50k. Which will never happen because I just dont play them. Its impossible to play those majors with 4 kids. The time resriction is ridiculous.

One particular hand I decided to shove, on the turn, when I figured the opponent for the wheel. But the outs were to great. He only called my flop pot.

He repopped me on the turn, but now I have the boat draw, top set and a chop for the wheel.

I was up for the weekend about $900 so I justified the gambling aspect but didnt have time to do the math, nor did I think about it being a profitable shove or not at the time. Just felt like gambling.

Bodog doesnt give you a time request, so the decision had to be made right quick.

I had AdTd, Tc, 5c. The flop was Ax 2d 4d. The turn brought the Ten,
and the river brought the 4th T. The turn brought a spade.

I figured when he repopped the turn that he must have the wheel and was just protecting against the flush draw when he only called my flop pot. But when the turn brought me the set, I decided it was time to gamble. Nut Flush, Boat draws, and a wheel chop (discounting that if he has a 6)

Plus this guy is a notorious friggin cry baby. Crys when he loses, criticizes when he wins. EVERY time. Fucking Baby's. I took the chance to blow him up and crushed the river. a beautiful T (one outers are gold!).

I think this goes to the point that if you cry and whine like a little bitch, someone is bound to make a loose shove/call on you. Ck knows, as we have spoken about this before, that I will make laydowns sometimes, (to my detriment) if I like the guy. But conversely, I will also shove less than an edge just to try to hit an asshole with a sledgehammer!

I also had him covered by about $110 but the pot was worth a nice $380. He went on the rest of the night just complaining whining and crying. More equity!

Most of the time however, playing it straight, you can really win a pile of money on that site. The players are few and far between, probably only about 30 regular players, and some stragglers here and there. SO you really get a feel for those you play against, and pick up reads more quickly.

Seriously, if you have the ability, get on. Its a ton of fun!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Saturday was spent working most of the day. I had a ton of meetings and departed the room without my traveling mate who mumbled something about hair extensions and another trip to the Cheeta in his sleep, as I walked out.

Got over to the Rio and started connecting with my meetings. They went all day and one led to another. Finally met up with CK again and met LJ in the hall. She had just busted. Lucko went in after break and came out about a half hour later busto himself. It was the four of us, Ftrain, and G-money all haning about jaw'in about what just took place. grubby stopped by and gave a recount of the nights activities before. All seemed to be curious about the whereabouts of one of their companions. I told them he was safely tucked in bed, and all was right with the world.

We all headed up to the American Grille and had dinner (lucko, LJ, Stoner showed, Todd, and Loretta showed when dinner break came, Ck and myself).

Aferwards we split and went looking for cash games. The regular Rio poker room was 20 deep at every table, and CK and I went back to the Amazon room to sweat Iggy. I ran into another contact, and commenced with a meeting. Meeting these people was rough because of the time and spent and obligations elsewhere. I missed a few that I didnt want to, and got a few that were unexpected, so it kind of acted as a wash.

Ck was brought into the tourney floor to get a glimpse of another tall dorky looking caucasion, and I came back into the room to sweat Iggy just as they went to break before the final level. CK and I headed back over to the Venetian to give that a go again.

I ran into no fewer than 5 of the guys who final tabled the Borgata summer open and said hi's and good lucks. I found out that the winner of that tourney had finished day 1 of the main with 97k in chips. A good start.

While I was sweating Iggy, there was a guy I recognized playing about 3 tables away. This guy (David Fox) was being railed by no less than 3 others and we started talking. These guys hang around in packs and travel playing tournaments all over the country. Every single one of them are in their low 20's and these packs or groups of guys seem to be the norm. The statement was made that this is how they roll. all of them. One made the comment that the guys wearing the Full Tilt gear are the horrible players. I asked what the guys wearing the poker stars gear where then. And what about the Bodog guys?

It got me to thinking though... how long before groups of guys like this disappear? Or get bigger? Do they continue to grow? They spoke about bankroll building and so on. Some of the guys within that group have had some major cashes. At least 2 have over a million in tourney wins. And I know for a fact that they spread it out to each player as stakes into multiple tournies.

With a ton of that money going into travel expenses, do the guys with the rolls break off on their own at some point? Obviously if they are all winning players, its a great deal. But I would think that most of them aren't. Not that they can't play, but odds are at least one is going to run horribly for an extended period of time. And odds are also that at least one is horrid.

I think these types of groups of individuals will determine the fate of tournament poker. At least in terms of the growth of tournament poker. I know several casinos are offering more and more $2500 tournies, and the $1000 type tournies are exploding and growing every day/ week/ month. Its these types of tournies that will see the largests growth and determine how far tournament poker goes as far as participation and availability.

I saw another guy from the Borgata summer open who shipped 5th. I think just under 200k. He was exclaiming at that tourney that it was his first cash in any type of tourney, and here he was at the main, shelling out 10k and whatever else it took to get and stay there for his shot and poker eminence. I know for a fact that he satellited into the 5k event on a $250 act 1 tourny at the Borg a week before the big one. Add yet another guy who wins a nice chunk of money and tries to spill it all back into the tourney pool, travel agents, and cabbi's before he's done.

Other than the usual suspects within our community, do any of you take this approach? do you hit up every single live tourney that come your way that holds a ton of value? The Borgata $2000, $500k guarantee is a great structure. 30K starting stacks, and hour levels. Plus a first place prize pool of 500k is usually a lock. they plan on capping this event at 750 (which is where it was the first time). I know they plan on having one of these just about every month next year because they are so popular. And it is a great value and can really get a career off the ground.

So do the 10k events start to thin out a little, and the 1k and 2k and all under 5k really start making a weekly presence? And if so, I have to believe that it will bolster enough bankrolls to keep the main growing and growing even without third party registrations being allowed.

Time will tell. Its no longer one guy playing online or live. Its a group who seem to pool their money and winnings together like a mutual fund to try to get a nice roll. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alcanthang - Supertramp!

Trip highlights...

1) flight getting there was delayed from Philly. Connecting in Atlanta (since I had to buy the tickets like 4 hours in advanced, TYVM), proved pointless because the connecting flight had left about an hour before we got there. Customer service lady giggled and said that the next available flight was 9:30am the next morning (12 hours for those of you counting). Then smiled and said have a nice night. I could tell that she had no chance of making any decision, so instead of arguing, and demanding, I looked quickly for a bar. I summoned Al to get his nose up and one was located toot sweet. Bar closed within 20 minutes of us getting there (cooler 1) "charlies" was open and sold loosies (sigle bottles) but that quickly lost its luster (cooler 2), and we ended using gate c24 as our billet.

2) To many meetings keeping me from precious sleep, hanging out with others, and playing any sort of real poker, or any type of real drinking. Lots and lots of meetings. All good

3) Friday check in and a quick run over to the Rio for first meetings. Al and Ck met up. We ran into Pauly, Otis, Meane Geane, Iggy, Ftrain, Don, and others. We all head to the "hooker" bar and start playing some video poker. I hit for $295 and free roll the hooch.

4) Ck and Kevin (Kevinwith_AK) and myself all head over to the Venetian to play some 1/2. All three of us at separate tables. First hand I win a $60 pot with no chips. Runner hadn't come back yet. Not one single hand played after that for about and hour. Table was dry, I was salty got up and went to another table. Spoke to CK at her table as I passed, and she was having a blast. Seemed like a good table. I go to another one, and sit right next to some indian chic (feather, not dots), who wont shut the hell up about playin 5/10, at a 1/2 table. Roy Wintson is her friend, she's playing the Main, blah blah blah, no one at the table is doing anything right, blah blah blah. Now usually I would just smile and play to take their coin, but I guess I was tired.
first hand I get I raise to $12 utg. (seemed like the average raise at that table). 3 callers, including the chic, and the flop comes air. I lead out $35 for no other reason than just wanting to play. Everyone folds and she says... "It's a 1/2 table sir!". I looked up and in retort exclaimed, what the hell are you babbling about? I didnt even bet the full pot. One guy mumble something about being cool, another guy did the same. I looked at the Dealer, threw him a red chip, and told the whole table that they were all a bunch of retards. I went over to CK told her what happened. She blamed e being an asshole on being tired, then giggled, like being tired had anything to do with me being an asshole.

5) head back to the IP... entire story there that has been told numerous times. I'll let you use your imagination. Me walking through one of the back alleys between the flamingo and the IP. Two working girls. One hand trying to get into my pocket... go!

6) 6:30 am I hear Al, or someon come into the room. He started off with.. "after you guys left the hooker bar, Grubby showed up and we went up to the Cheeta". Like I know what that is?!?
He then explained how Don and Grubby disappeared into the depths of that place to only realize that he was busto. An no way to know where they were. He ended up walking back to the IP. I asked how far the Cheeta was. He said, somewhere up near Binions. ahhhhhhh! an early morning vegas walkabout! Pure gold, and I would expect nothing less...

more too come next time...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have shown my true colors

So much for the drama post. I have written a sort of a manifesto. I have read and reread it. What has taken me three days to put down on paper has become really stupid and simple to me.

What has happened has just left me with no real redemption, and no real recourse to recoup what time, friendship, and energy I have wasted on this.

I still dont know the angle, or the reason things happened the way they did. It just doesn't make sense. And I certainly don't understand the lack of understanding or remourse from the offending person who pulled this off.

Nothing was stolen or taken, other than trust, time, energy, and friendship. All the way to the very end.

It is ridiculous that it happened this way and I am finally glad to be rid of the situation.

Off to Vegas tonight with a drunken shell of an A-lister. Pray we don't slam into the side of the Rockies while Al stumbles into the cockpit, knocking the pilots unconscious looking for another bottle of soco.

God Speed!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little Bodoggy never hurt anyone

I've been playing Bodog exclusively for about a month now. After the BBT I expempted myself from FT because I just couldn't take the horribleness of how I was running.

And yes I was running ridiculously stupid. How many times can top sets get coolered, straights get flushed and bigger pairs get 2 outed?

Anyway, playing on bodog has been ridiculously easy. The only issue is the minimal games they have. the PLO rooms are my favorite but they only have so many rooms to play in.

I took about $1100 in profit off of those tables yesterday alone, when everyone waits to push their K high flush draws on the turn.

The tourny's are soft as well, as documented in several blogs. The coolers still happen, but the paly is horrid enough to overcome when you lose a buy-in with set over set.

So if you aren't on, I suggest you get on. I hope the new Beta software ( I haven't seen it yet) offers the things they dont have yet. I still haven't found a time request, and hh's are near impossible to go through.

But the play is pretty weak, and the money is there to be had.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've written a long and very poignant post about someone in particular that I can't post. I need to calm the fuck down and reread once I have my head together. But it will be up shortly.

My plans to be in Vegas tomorrow have crashed and burned, partly because I took someone on their word, all the way up to the last minute, being told, YES! YES! YES!, like a who-uh taking it in the dumper (and liking it)... Only to have to pry it out of them 24 hours before go time, that they are a lying sack of shit.

So, because of that, I have to postpone til Thursday. Assuming we don't fly into the Rockies (because I am running that good), Al and I should touch down at McCarren sometime around 11pm Thursday evening.

See you all then... I"ll be sure to fill you all in on the shittiness that has taken place, personally. Makes for a fantastic DRAMEDY!!!