Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cold Deckin' never felt so goot!

Let me just post here my last several tourny results.... 0-10

let me just post here how I went 0-10

the very last one was my KK getting cracked by 99
this afternoon was AA getting cracked by J 9, and the guy runnering 9 quads
another one this afternoon was AA getting craked by J 10 when he turned a third J
lets see AK getting flushed by KJ after idiot boy shoved his whole stack with KJ
Ak getting quaded bt A 4 ( turning quads)
AA getting Quaded by QQ (on the flop)

Fuck Full Tilt and bus she rode in on... :)

Believe me its worse over the last week.. don't know how much more I can take