Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to Back JACK!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  My main man!  My Bitches!  My.....  BLOW!

What can you say about this?  Al puts together the invitational for BBT5.  He gets some slack because someone releases the initial list (incomplete as well) and starts getting people all jacked up.  "I'M NOT INCLUDED??!?!?"

JJ was one of those, which was viewed as bit of a slight because he actually won the championship last time around.  Al releases the total list after some undeserved flack, JJ is on the list, and BOOOOOOOOOOM!, earns his TOC seat in the very first event.

Last night was the TOC.  It was a very tough tourney.  5k in stacks, some really good players, super structure, and the fact that most were playing super nitty poker because of what was at stake.  I think it took over an hour before they lost the first player.

JJ got out to a great start and never looked back.  I was off and on and every time I got back to the table, I saw JJ getting action holding AA, KK, and the like.  Just a card rackin' night, and some well played poker to boot.

My man rocked out with his cock out and just blew the final table away.  It was a sicko run and I'm completely and utterly jazzed for my boy!  I wasn't planning on going out to Vegas this year, but now I just may have to. 

Much Love for the man of the hour.  Back to Back Flack just lost his nickname to Jack!  Well played brother!

NYrambler and Adam72x also won their seats.  Congrats to those two guys as well as a seat is, for such a low investment, just plain gold!  Rambler played very well and hit some nice spots along the way and adam just seemed to kinda be sneaky quiet along the way.

We have to thank Al and FT for once again, making all of this possible.  What they have accomplished for our community is retarded in the least.  If I could compare it to something I would say it's akin to NASCAR putting up a race team with car, crew, and gas and tire money for a group of guys who sit around and watch NASCAR all day and then blog about it.  Well done FT!  Well done Al!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's be clear

So, the great Dawn Summers (one big F you to the mets fan, but a great big hug for my friend!) left a reply on my post about L O S T. She stated that she guessed they all died during the nuclear explosion.

No - They did not. Juliette did. Definitely. Charlie died when he died, Echo died when he did, and all the others, Sayid, etc. die when you saw them die.

My contention is that all of this was REAL. The plane crash happened. LOST happened, as they portrayed it through seasons 1-4. As Jack views the plane flying over in the final scene, I'll assume they made it off the Island and back to LA to live long happy and healthy lives. This is why Christian says, "some long after you". I also take it literally that Jack dies right there. Where he started. That's not to suggest that all of this happened in a nanosecond, or didn't happen at all, rather a dream Jack had. That's horseshit. I think it all happened, literally.

Again, Jack's father basically tells you it did when he says, in word's, "it was real." "You are all dead. Some before you, some long after you."

Now, I hear this morning on the radio that the show is releasing a whole series set of DVD's and included is about an hour's worth of coverage that includes the time period from when Hurley was #1 and Ben was his #2.

The show obviously had material to explain to us further all things about the Island. They chose not to. As I stated in the previous post, I think what was told was the greater story. NOT left for interpretation either.

That being said, I am interested in viewing the final, or additional footage between the time Jack dies and the time the last of them dies to finally being them all together to sideways world.

See that's what I'm thinking here.  They all died.  That was stated.  Desmond and Hurley collected them all up in sideways world after realizing that they knew what the deal was.   Maybe Hurley was the last to go in real life.  The group obviously had to wait for all of them to get there so that they could "move on".  Jacks father saying "well, there is no now" kinda helps wraps up the whole, what happens to Jack during the 40 years of separation between his death and Hurley's (just an example)? 

Whatever, this is the way I see it, and this is the way I can explain it and buy off on it and say I actually like the show.  I went through stages trying to figure it out.  I thought the show was horseshit about 3 weeks ago.  Now, I get it. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old School

had to roll with this...

Well, there is no NOW.....

Having been able to take a few days and re-watch the season finale of L O S T a few times I think I am ready to give you what my thoughts are.  I've read the posts, I've chatted with some L O S T "apologists" and I've chatted with some haters.

Based off of all of that I think I'm ready to commit to a conclusion.  First, I'll tell you what I saw and what I base the conclusion on.

1) Sideways world is purgatory.  Left there after death in a seamless transition from one life to another.  It was told by Jacks father (who stated things so unequivocally as to believe that it was all fact) that a) jack died, b) all these people died, c) these people all came here because they were all waiting for each other.  They needed each other in death as they needed each other in life.   He stated that this was the most important time in Jack's life - the time they spent together, and this is how it works.  You move on with those who counted the most.  d) some have died before you, and some long after you.

2) This leads me to believe that the crash of oceanic 815 was an actual event that happened.  The Island happened.  The Dharma initiative happened, and everything you basically watched from the first season until now as it relates to the island was real.  It was a real story that they lived their lives through.  Someone figured out time travel, Hurtlocker and Jacob were real entities, Hurley won the lottery, and ended up being the next Jacob, and Sayid was one big bad ass.

Man where to start...

How about some facts?

The series itself started out a story about a plane crash and all these things that happened to people who were left on the island.  Things were found, people were found, stories started to gel, then it got biblical, then it got mythological, then both, and the story developed. 

SO we have the story...  and with this story comes back stories of every character, mysteries evolve, new characters, time line, EVERYTHING that does happen in the show always seems to come back to the Island.  What is it?  Why is it?  What does it do?

Alright you get the point.  It's all about how and why these particular folks have been brought to this island and that they have to save it.   So this final season we get introduced to sideways world.  It happens in the first episode when Oceanic 815 doesn't crash and everyone moves on to LA and starts to mingle together, paths start to cross, etc.

Also in the final season we come to understand a little of the history of the island.  Jacob and Hurt Locker are brothers, momma cass is the one who killed their real mother, and how one becomes to be the protector and the other to be hurt.  I mentioned to Hoy about three episodes ago that the story had been revealed. It was about Hurt and Jacob and who would win.  Obviously given the whole 5 1/2 years that the Island was something and that it had to be protected and that it was the shizz dizzle that it came down to Jacobs "candidates"  that he was searching for to help defeat his brother!!!  But then why the whole story about darma...  who cares about widmore...  who cares about Faraday?  Why would they even matter in this story about a war between Hurt and jacob?

In the finale, sideways world takes center stage, but first..  What happened on the island was weird.   OK, let me see if I can sum this up as I think the writers actually wanted us to believe...  Hurtlocker needs Desmond to unplug the light.  Literally.  He does so, but by doing so turns Hurtlocker back to being mortal.  Jack and hurt go to the mat and Kate shoots him before he can kill Jack.  Jack then goes back to the light to fix it, and tells Hurley that he must be the protector now (or jacob).  He accepts,  Jack plugs the leak, light comes back on, hurley and linus agree on being number 1 and 2 and the plane gets off the island with kate, claire, sawyer, and the others....  Jack goes back to where it all started and presumably dies as he watches the others fly over the island making their escape.

I believe all that happened.  I believe Kate and Sawyer and those on that plane went on to live a full life and became one of those that died "long after" Jack did.  Sideways world was explained as that stop over between life and death.  It also tried to show that we must wait for those who we shared our most important things in life with.  That's it.  That was the story of the finale.

How ANY of that answered questions about what where or why regarding the Island is beyond me.  I can understand those needing to know those answers.  You spent time and treasure on this show.  Read blogs, bought season dvd's, listened to commentary and probably had emotional discussion if not argument over it at one point.  I get it.  You feel you are owed.

See I don't think the story of the Island matters.  It was about the characters and WHY the time they spent together was the most important.  They survived a plane crash.  They came together on that island to come to understand what it was about, and what they had to do to save...  the island?  Mankind?  the universe?  Who knows.  But as the ending portrayed, it didn't matter.  In the end, the larger story was told.  The story of what it was all about.  WHY it all mattered.  Because I can, and will assume that saving that Island saved the possibility of everyone moving on.  Not leaving, as in death, but moving on as humans, as spirits, but nonetheless, together.

So here we are...  those that hate it and those that liked it or love it.  My personal feelings are that I loved it.  I thought it was great.  I don't care that we didn't get closure on things.  and maybe they turned away from the story and put this ending together kinda as a last minuted play.

I rather enjoyed how they chose to wrap it up.  Again, it was about the larger story. That's the stance I'm taking, and although a still a little lost, at least I'm reassured.

Monday, May 24, 2010

You know how I know you're gay?

L O S T finale was on last night.  I missed it.  As I did the final invitational for reasons that shall remain unspoken.  It was a tough weekend, what can I say.

Anyway, I managed to catch it early this morning without any spoilers.  I stayed off the internet, pulled it up ON DEMAND, and watched the 1:59 minutes that the screen had said.  Funny thing was that only about 1:20 minutes of it was actual show.  Lot's of commercials.

My initial thoughts are that it was good.  I liked it.  I didn't start watching the show until about season 2, missed half of season 3 and most of season 4 so my limited knowledge of back story was filled in by IM'ing the likes of Goat and reading up on some other L O S T blogs.

Honestly, I thought that the show had showed it's intentions of deviating from a story line that was built over 5 years when it came out two episodes ago that the story was really nothing more than Hurt locker (the nemesis, man in black, bad brother) versus Jacob and who would win that battle.  They talked about this war coming.  They spoke about the Island being destroyed and if that happened, all would cease to exist.  The characters really defined and seemingly an integral part of the show turned out to be nothing more than pawns in this contest between Hurt and Jacob.  I kept thinking that all would be answered. 

Well, the final episode addressed none of this.  Partially the light thing, but we come to find out that this was nothing more than Jack's journey.  I was chatting with Goat late last night before I watched and told him my theory.  That was that this whole show was about one person.  I thought that person was Locke.  I thought Jacob and Hurt locker didn't really exist.  That Locke had a journey to fulfill.  I wasn't sure whether or not he was dead.  I surmised he most likely was.  The show kinda fills it out that this was about Jack.  But I tend to lean more towards it being about all of them.  I haven't really thought about the ramifications of the writers screwing us out of what most of us felt we were due.  I don't know that it matters, or even soils the show.  I'm just not sure yet.  I will watch it again later tonight and will have something up with final thoughts tomorrow.  Most of which will be more towards what the show was telling us (or me rather), not whether or not I think the writers are dooshers.

The Flyers play tonight with a shot at ending the conference finals and getting their first shot at a Stanley Cup since 1997.  I'm sure they win tonight.  I'm not so sure about the Stanley Cup.  Chicago is good.  Real Good.  But watching and rooting will be fun.  Leighton has been playing on his head as of late and if he can manage to accomplish the same level of success throughout the Championship, well, then anything is possible!

The GODDAMN Phillies bet get their friggin' bats in gear.  That's all I gotta say.  When you let some circus act get the best of you with that stupid 60 mph knuckle ball, it's time to pick your balls up off the pink fluffy bathroom mat and start acting like friggin' men.  Complete horse shit.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Muck the Fookie!

It's really uncanny the amount of shit I go through with this tournament. Over the time I have been playing the mookie I've managed to make about 10 final tables. I think that's over about 3 years. I've taken 2cnd at least twice but have never won it. I even managed to get to the final table one time with a huge chip lead and fell asleep. I think at that point there were 50 entrants and I came to the final table with 37k in chips.

Last night I played the Dookie as well. This is the first time I've played this tournament in over a year and I've managed to win that tournament 3 times. Well, make it 4 now. See I can win the unimportant ones. It helped that we had a spewer at the table who called every single pot bet, even 4 handed, obviously not knowing what the hell he/ she was doing. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that.

The Mookie however was weird last night. I've made 5 final tables so far in the BBT5 and I am seriously thinking that this time around I will run well enough to be able to finally win one of these things. Last night started out real slow, then picked up a little when I got aces on the button. There were no limpers. I raised standard and the small shoved for 750. Lightning called the 750 very quickly leaving only 1k left in his stack, and I shoved my remaining 2200. Now, normally I would flat there but it would have only left about 1200 left in my stack and lightning only had 1k left, AND we're 3 handed now so what sense does it make to just flat. If we're deeper, sure maybe I flat to jam the flop but really, whats the point?

Lightning tanks and curses me and folds pre. I just don't get that. If you're willing to call off half your stack and then fold to a shove with really >10bb's left, AND I have seen him get it all in for more, calling off with AQ/ AJ/ smaller pairs... what the heck were you thinking?

Anyway, I won the pot and then went card dead. I stole maybe 4 pots over the next hour but other than that really got nothing going. I was down to 9 bb's and open shoved J9. Loretta was on my left in the sb and over shoved his remaining 13 bb's with QJ. I hit the 9 on the flop and we both rivered a J sending the pot my way. The hand I went out on saw me leading out pre with A9 from the high jack. That raise left me with just about a pot bet left if I was called, which I was from Mondo (I think). The flop came 9 high, I jammed, and he called with QQ.

You know, I'll just never understand that play. The stacks are so short it's not like there's any value to just calling pre. If an A or K hits, what's your plan holding QQ after JUST calling? It's not like you're folding QQ if I jam a K or A high flop, and if the flop comes 99x or whatever I am holding to give me trips... I mean, what's the point? Again, if we're both deeper, I get the play, but seriously, why just call when there is no possible way you will be folding on the flop? I'm not berating the play, I just don't get it at those stack sizes and it seems I am seeing it more and more.

I ran kinda deep last sunday in the invitational going out like 21st or so and I missed Monday's poker from the rail tourney. I'm hoping I can get something going on SUnday and Monday. I'm just relegating myself to the fact that the Mookie will never show me any love. Apparently that's the Dookies Job

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ya load up, ya party!... No, we DRESS up

This weekend is the celebration of my parents 50th wedding anniversary. To facilitate the celebration we will be having a full blown wedding. They think it's just a quick ceremony of the renewal of their vows and a simple dinner afterwords with family and a few friends.

In reality we're having a huge reception with over 150 invites and will all commence tomorrow at 11am.

I'm excited for them. They never really had a real wedding and after 50 years, finally get to celebrate like it was 1959. Only we'll be celebrating like wild dogs. I'm giving the toast and plan on it to be a total crushing blow to my siblings. Humor and sarcasm runs in the family. Shot after shot... I plan on delivering a number of salvos to insult and denigrate them. I hope I bring tears. Tears of joy that is. This is all sort of ironic really, but that's another story.

So enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all on Sunday night blasting away during the free roll

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My man is so cool, when he goes to sleep sheep count him

It's another Mookie, Dank, whatever you want to call it. I think tonight I'll call it a win. Way too many near misses for it not to happen tonight. See you there. I'll be rawkin' out to these fools....

Monday, May 10, 2010

wanna 'nother ride down the shoot you little piss ant mop?

It's getting close to ending... the BBT that is. I missed yet another invitational event last night after realizing that I would be late in getting home after Mother's Day celebrations.

I texted Al to unregister me if at all possible so that there wouldn't be a dead stack to deal with, and I don't know if he was successful or not. I gave him ample time of at LEAST 15 minute :)

So around 8pm I ran home and got suited up for hoops. It was a rough night. very physical and very sloppy on everyones part. Good sweat though.

I got home and logged on to find that Goat actually took down the tournament to win his TOC seat. Good for you!

Then I read how Waffles played excellent, sick ass reads poker just owning everyone until his unluckiness came to pass and he lost with AA.

something about a bet with the Very Josie has him jammed up about losing but I'm starting to think Waffles thinks that Josie is singing this song to herself with him in mind.

See everyone tonight!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's an 80's Friday

Weekend will be very busy with the eldest spawn turning 12 tomorrow. She wants a cell phone. I want to get it for her, wife doesn't. She will be the last in her class to get one. She goes to an uppety school, so you can imagine the flak she gets not having one, but she is strong and handles it and it is not the reason for me wanting her to have one. I believe she is responsible enough and has earned it. She is starting to travel with friends and I want her to have the capability to stay in touch, AND I don't want her using mine anymore. I may step outside of parental unity here and just get one anyway :)

Sunday is of course Mothers day. Lot's to do. Enjoy your weekend. Be excellent to each other!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DANK it!

Play the Dank tonight... if you want a shot in playing for free, go to Facebook, "like" the Riverchasers Poker Tour page, and enter in the last comments.

See you all tonight... until then, suck on this classic!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'll kill you Leonard Nemoy

I know I should be writing about this over at Film Chaw, but with what has been going on over here as of late, I've decided to go back to the roots of things, and when I started this blog, I titled every post with a movie quote. Most of the time those quotes would be somewhat relevant to the content in the post. I've veered from that over the last year or so with blogger world taking a bit of a hiatus and not really being the fun it used to be.

The fact remains however is that I want it to be fun. I need that fun, so I'm going back to basics.
The last two quotes are from a movie that Goat and I have regarded as a lost gem. It's new so being lost is kinda stupid. Missed, definitely. Overlooked, absolutely. It's stupidity is unmatched yet the lines and scenes are side splitting and and should be held in the highest regard as it relates to comedy and wit.

Will Ferrel is at his best in this movie, as is John C Reilly. If you still don't know which movie I am talking about, let me fill you in. Step Brothers. Run, don't walk... Enjoy.

The clown HAS no penis

If someone who watched last night could explain to me what happened in the Poker from the Rail tournament, I would be much appreciative.

Last I remember, I had 11k in chips with 16 people left. I was in 10th place in chips. That's all I remember.

I don't know if I fell asleep, dusted off, or forgot about it after the last break.

I remember hitting a break, and Goat IM'ing me that he had T7 that last hand when the flop was 776 and his opponent folding on the turn.

Then I remember getting up to quell some tears over a scratchy blanket. when I got back I saw me timing out with QT, let it go, and got some drink.

But I don't remember anything after that. Seriously, it's possible I dusted off in on particular hand but I don't remember.

I swear I'm losing it. WAY too much shit going on right now to be able to focus.