Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who told you that you could work with men? You fairy!

I'm back bitches! I was kinda jammed after the epic failure of my Phillies. How do the Pirates lose to a San Fransisco team full of re-treads and stiffs? Yeah, I get Marilyn Manson and his stupid arm, but Cain and whoever else they threw up there?

You're telling me the highest paid player in baseball who puts up Babe Ruth numbers every season can't push a run across the base throughout the whole series? Gotta hit the ball to score runs, and that showed throughout the series. Better skill next season. BAH!

PARX Casino opened their poker room yesterday and from what I hear it was a good experience. That may be due solely from the fact that the players I spoke to were excited that they didn't have to drive 2 hours and spend $10 bucks in tolls and $30 in gas.

They are charging for drinks, and they are raking a bit more than AC does but it seems to have been a good experience. I have plans to hit up Parx this weekend and I will do a mini trip report on Monday.