Tuesday, July 5, 2011

don't blame the jury

Well there you have it... If you want to get away with a crime, make sure it's big enough and weird enough to catch national coverage and have the media secure your place in history.

First off, I think the verdict of Not Guilty, on all three major counts is an injustice. I firmly believe in our legal system and the benefits it gives the accused. The prosecution has a burden so great as to be sure that the accused is correctly and justly found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think in this case, a few things were missed to get to a guilty verdict of guilty in the first.

Before any of you go absolutely nuts... let's look at a few things. First, we as spectators throughout this whole ordeal received more info than the jury had. We also had the opportunity, if you chose to, to read and view opinion of experts that may have swayed your opinion.

What do I think? I think the Prosecution proved it's case, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this bird was guilty of MANSLAUGHTER and AGGRAVATED CHILD ABUSE. They didn't prove murder 1 since they presented no evidence that proved this gal murdered her child.

I also think that jury selection was terrible. 6 (I think was reported) of the jurors were convicted criminals and two hadn't graduated high school. Also, you had one that stated they needed to leave by July 7th to enjoy a trip to London. That adds a little pressure to a group of folks who might not really give a shit about justice when, from their eyes (my opinion of course), both sides did everything possible to drag this trial out with evidence that help very little weight.

So another criminal gets off and Casey goes free to spin her lies and live the beautiful life. Without her daughter as well.

The media has been up and down for me. Nancy Grace is a joke of a human being if you ask me. She stated on air responding to a comment from a caller that she strived to tell the truth every night on her show. What a joke. she spun more shit that Casey did IMO to gain nothing more than ratings. She also asked what Casey would do now? how would she make a living? She has no job skills, etc...

Of course she doesn't, but what Nancy would do is pay this broad millions in order to get the first interview after acquittal. She's a liar if she denies it. Casey, I will expect will get to enjoy her little Bella Vita with offers of millions for TV interviews, print interviews, playboy (due out by next January I would guess, and of course the book and movie deal.

Is that a travesty? Of course it is. But what the hell are we going to do about it? Nothing. Except by the book, go see the movie, watch the interview on 20/20, soak up the copy of Rolling Stone magazine, AND record with our DVR's the new reality show called BELLA VITA... or, The Anthony's!

Mark my words... It's coming.

I got more to say but finished for the day. RIP Caylee. The only one who was lost in all of this.