Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ki, Dr. Hong, my dear brother Numsy has forgiven me!

Some dope posted on my site the other night that Poker was luck... and that skill carries you through. Now, lets not discuss semantics here, but I think he misses the point. And I think most miss the point of what exactly skill is, or where it lies in poker. (we can discuss this further if you wish)

So I replied...

If you want to play semantics and equate "poker" to the meaning of anything less than what results after decisions have been made, then so be it...
But skill in this game comes from being able to obtain information, decipher it, and make tangible decisions based off of your analysis of the information obtained. That is poker, and that is where the skill resides.
The luck part of it comes after all decisions have been made. That is not poker. That is bingo. A subsidiary of said game.

Now, maybe I misinterpreted what he meant, and maybe he even ripped hat quote off from someone else, and probably I was all salty because of the goings on of what has become the Mookie... So I took license :)

Snakster, IM's me about an hour later. He cuts and copy's my post in the IM box. I respond, "to much?, to advanced?"...

He responds ... "never teach a pig how to fly. It wastes your time, and annoys the pig"

hurtful, but point taken.

14 in the mook last night. I always seem to get near the end, and go completely card dead for a good 30-60 minutes, finally having to push atc near the bottom. Last night I looked up at presto and got all warm and fuzzy. I shoved my last 5k only to be called by Alan, (correctly) with A 9 clubs. Runner runner clubs and IGH...

Congrats to him for continuing on and taking the whore known as Mookie down. That'll teach that salty bitch!

RPT tonight... only 8 seats left, so unless you already have one, or are Leo Tolstoy, you pretty much gotta play every single one... GL everybody.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Al's new place

Saturday i took a journey to Phoenixville to meet Al and friends at the new place. Tyler James Pub. I gave up a juicy cash game for this, because I had promised Al that I woud be there, and well, he asked first.

We were thinking of going to see the showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail that was being played at the theater across the street, but I arrived a little less than on time, and the boys were sobered out of the thought by the time I got there. Evy had showed up earlier but, left before I got there bacause she's afraid of me :)

Anyway, the bar is nice, and was crowded. I took up at the Northwestern end of the bar in front of the Mega Touch machine and settled in for a long haul of Card Bandits. My lack of attention shows no bounds when I get into these game type things, and pretty much forgot anyone else was even around me.

I started in on the Scotch's, never really having to reorder, thanks to Al making sure the Bartender new I needed another before the first one even hit the bar.

My arm started to get sore from hitting cards on the touch screen, and I noticed Al scamming two chics across from the bar. He saw me, and waved me over. Introduced me as Jim the money guy, and told her he was taking her to vegas in a few weeks. I could tell this was going to be a lasting relationship...

As I sat there and was introduced to this person, she leaned over to me and said I am a cancer patient. I asked, "You have cancer?", and she exploded.. NO, Shut the fuck up! , (I was pummled with STFU's by both her and Al), and she grabbed him by his hair and said, I haven't told my firend, and I don't want her to know. (she was sitting aproximately 3 ft from us).

Said that if she found out, or we told her, that she would pull out every hair on his head. Which I think he kind of dug for a second, and then realized it wasn't in "that" way.

Now she wants to hear music... We spike up the Juke box and the first song coming out is Only the good die young! Classic Al!

Mike and I sat idley back discussing the possibilitie of her actually having such a horrid disease. He made the point that why wouldn't she tell her closest friend, but would tell perfect strangers. He also queryed why she looked perfectly heatlthy, yet she asserted that she only had 3 months to live. And if that was the case, why was she at a bar?

I surmised that it was probably the result of being ignored her whole life, and probably just needed some attention, and free drinks. Not judging her at all, as the ploy worked. God forbid she actually does suffer from this ridiculous ailment, I hope she comes out OK... Either way!

I would like to say however that this episode has proven two distinct difference between Al and Myself... A while back he relayed a story about my proclamation of liking Drunk girls as a reason for buying strange women some shots. Al's montra is now - I Like Dead Girls!

GG sir

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mookie and clarification

Mook is what it is... hope for the best.

I was up in chips, prolly top 5 for about the second half hour until about the half hour before I went out...

I lose with QQ to Ig's forced call of 8 2o because more thatn a third of her chips were in the bb... she goes two pair on me..

Then I Raise 88 into her agian pre and she reshoves the rest of her 's with K 10 sooted and catches a King. I go from 12k to 8 k like that.

I pick up 10 10 in ep... raise pot which was 1700 or so... Hoy calls from the small.

Flop comes K x x . I figured from his call he must have had a pair lower than 10 10, or the stone nuts. I shove fta, and he calls and shows AA. GG me. Well played sir.

I was so on tilt from the losses to IG and the craziness that was going on in the dook, and my two cash tables, AND the boy blowing up from his midnight sleep, AND the wife asking ME to make the bottle, that I just had to blast... Just had to! That is why online poker is no good for me. I tend to multitask and I tend to get way into to many tables at a time without ever really concentrating on one specific object. I should start to try...

One clarification to the post below and the Borgata Tournament...

I stated that the guy caught KQ on the turn and River and that he stated he put me on AJ. Which is true. But I didn't tell you what I had. And from rereading the post it may sound like I did actually have AJ, when in Fact I had AK. The turn was the most beautiful card I could have seen. Unfortunately, Queenie shows her tits and I lose half my stack.... Spicy bitch!

Have a great Thanksgiving all! See you tonight if you catch the time!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Happy

Borgata last night... fun times, but have really solidified the fact that I will almost never ever play another live tournament that has a buy-in of less than $300...

First, we got there at about 8pm... Two friends, and waiting on Griff and Chang who were leaving a little later... the idea was to play in the $75 11:30 tourny that got about 100 players.

I thought that it would be a little heavier being Thanksgiving week (of course I could have been thinking the wrong way here).

Anyway, I sat down at a 1/2 table. for some odd reason, there was only one 2/5 table, and open seating at the 1/2's. They didn't even have their mixed omaha games gong, which is usually 5/10 limit, and a very fun and profitable game...

I sat at the 1/2 table for jsut about 2 hours, played no more than 5 hands, and won just over $100. Very boring table, with lots of action preflop, and not really seing anything after the flop.

I was so card dead seeing KK once, and AK twice... both hitting air on the flop but taking down a nice sized pot because of my $14 raise and 5 callers... go figure. It seemed any preflop raise got the respect of AA.

SO I start the tourny, and within two hands I have the chip lead. Guy to my left plays the first hand with A6 and dusts off about 1500 of his 10k starting stack into a kid with AJ.

The second hand I pick up 78 in the cutoff, and decided to raise to folds. guy to the left calls, and we see a flop of 5 6 K. He lets out 250 on that flop and I reraise to 700. He flat calls. The turn comes the 9, and I raise 1200. He picks up his stack and puts it all in. with K 9

My straight holds, and I double... there are a few other hands after that episode that I would like to write about because they were just soooo good. But that would diminish the point of the story.

The table fills up after the first break, and I get two idiots, one to my left, and one across from me. Bad beat story vs the guy across from me who open raised with KQ, I reraise 4x, Editors correction, (WITH AK) he calls

flop comes J xx, I cbet, he calls, turn comes a K, he shoves, I call , he spikes a Q...

Says, man bad read on my part. I put you on AJ. (LOL) didn't bother asking him why he called the preflop re then, or the flop bet, but whatever....

the point is, him, and the guy to my left talk about hoe they played last week, and FT's together. Chopping 10 ways (yes, 10, as in TEN) the prize pool of a whopping 4k. I asked why in the world would they do that... and they both responded, we all had equal stacks.

DOpes.. all of them... any way, last bad beat story... I have just about 17k left in the small when I pick up KK. Blinds are 500/1000 and ther is a standard raise in front of me. Dope to the left in the BB says, well, I gotta call, I'm getting odds... and calls with , 10 8.

first bettor folds, and he flops 2 to a flush. turns the butter, and IGH.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! See you all tonight at the Mook and the RPT tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I run bad...

I told Al that I this was my week... I specifically made an effort to do extremly well this week in all of the events, hopefully taking one down, but more importantly, moving up the points list to try to take the lead...

Instead, I have run extremely bad...

The Big game caught me in an hour of just bad, really bad hands...

I got down late in the tourny to about 4 or 5k in chips with never really getting above 6k when I reshove 10 10 into Otis' monster stack, open raise of 1800...

He calls with A 10 and door cards the A... gg me... auto call on his part (no doubt) with his stack, I think 28k

The Math left me bad as well getting down to 4k with 27 left and shoving 77 in the BB to JJ... again, gg me...

I will try my best to run good in the mook and the RC... We'll see how it goes...

This week is extremely busy for me with work, basketball, and the holiday...

So much so I have to get my Borgata fix at midnight tonight... 11:30pm tourny. Lucktruck is coming as well.

I"ll let you know how I (we) do...

Friday, November 16, 2007

And then of course, this

What famous person are you most like?

again, my wife filled it out for me...

Waffles movie test

i told my wife I ws taking this test and she predicted that I would be "Honey I shrunk the kids"

She filled the test out for me...

I think I would rather lie here, wait for the world to end, and enjoy all of its splendor!

Congrats to the magician again for taking down another BBT tourny...

Well done!

No time for posting today but I wanted to link this radio interview from NPR.

Go listen.. very cool

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Mookie blows... again. Its either 2cnd place or second out for me in that tourny, so tonight is the last night for me to try and stay in the top ten of the bbt overall points race. I was 7th yesterday, but probably not so much after last night.
So see your asses tonight! Bright eyed and bushy tailed Mother fuckers! and be prepared for the PAIN!!!!!
Contrary to popular belief, THIS wil be the easiest bounty on the web...
Be the first to take Snakster, Alcanthang, riggstad, or lucktruck out, and you get an RPT hat and Shirt combo...
*only one prize... The person who puts one of us fools out first, is the one who wins the bounty. 4 EASY chances.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mookie exit

Preflop: He raises 140, I repop to 600, he calls
flop: he checks, I shove
He calls

GG me...

Sorry fuel :(

My Ode to the Reverand

Every week, maybe every other, I give Al a text, or an email that asks what seams to be a question. When we first met, I remember the question started as, "Will you be heading down to Flanagans in Malvern tonight, and will you need a ride?". After our relationship grew a little bit, the question was shortened to, "What time am I picking you up to head to the bar?. Today, a simple, "Boat?" will suffice. Indeed within the next few weeks i'm sure the question mark will disappear.

I met Al about 2 1/2 years ago when one of my sales reps sold a free poker game into the Boathouse in Malvern. The one in Conshohoken was one of our first games, and it took us a year to get the one in Malvern. The Malvern bar is placed in an area surrounded by corporate centers and therefore not really the type of bar that stays open until 2am. We had success there with an average of about 45 players a night. Not our best bar, but an average one. The games usually ran about 4 hours and the manager didn't like to stick around after 11pm, so it eventually went away.

I went there one night, as it was my policy to personally visit everyone of our clients, and saw this hippy, playing poker. The TD (tournament director) who worked for me introduced us. She introduced Al as Alcanthang. I am introduced to many a player while out at these games, and have forgotten more than the ones I remember. Just the nature of the game. But Al was different.

I remember he won the game that night. I also remember being told that Al was a blogger, which, at that point meant nothing to me. But he seemed like a very cool dude, who knew some people I knew and , hell, he played poker.

Later that year I got a call from Al asking a favor from me to provide some poker tables and such to host an event he was having at the Boat. It was a charity event for a friend who's kid had a disease, (MS or MD), and requested if we could do something. He gave me the details and I couldn't get over the fact that all of these people were coming Malvern, PA because one guy had requested their support for this one little event.

Gavin Smith came, as did Brandon Schaeffer, and a bunch of other bloggers. I specifically remember Bobby Bracelet (as he was introduced to me), Falstaff, some other guy who I think was a sports reporter from NOLA... I also remember a women who was introduced to me. i extended my hand, and she replied, I don't do handshakes, I hug. Don't remember her name, but I think it was Kat, as Al remembers it. (which I don't trust as he was merrily taking part in his normal brand of libations that day, expectedly so.)

Anyway, after that little gathering, I spoke to Al about the online tour. I was in the middle of negotiations with a very popular site, for a very considerable amount of money. Things were going to be busting, and I needed someone who I could trust, and someone who "knew" things in the online world.

It was then mentioned to me by some very important people that we should be looking at the bloggers. (again, a familiar term to me, but yet still unknown). Then I remembered Al being a blogger.

Fast forward into December of 2006... The UIGEA had been passed, and all deals with any site that we were working on had gone out the window. I was pissed. Everyone was pissed. I was less than 2 weeks away from flying to london and picking up a check. A very large check. And it wasn't just that. I had spent a better part of 8 months preparing for this deal, setting it up, writing business plans, spending resources on traveling to meetings, upgrading site capabilities, marketing and brand improvements, etc...

When I told Al what the deal was he said.. "heh" You got runnered. After countless conversations with partners, mentors, investors, etc, and numerous explanations, and advice on what to do next, Al's was the one I understood the most. That is Al.

We leased a warehouse that had a couple of offices in it for our place of business. It was named "HQ", and its primary purpose was a friday night poker room. Al was invited on many occasions. I think everytime he showed, he walked out wiht at least 3 buyins. The game was pretty sick. We called it a .50/1 game but at the end of the night there was never less than 2k on the table. Good times amongst friends, and Al was always asking for a seat, which I always made available.

I've seen Al play online (our secondary form of recreation at the boat) and live games. Both cash and tourny's. I know he likes to downplay his accomplishments and skills as a player, but the man can play. He's never as tight as you think he is, and he is never as loose as you expect him to be. The man can play.

I told Al sometime in December that I thought I wanted to start a blog. He emailed me the next day. In the subject line was "done". He set the whole thing up for me. Just one comment, and DONE, is what I got. I think I made a total of 5 posts up until July when I started getting into it.

So this goes out to recognize the guy that does all of this for all of us, without expecting anything for it.

That and I lost a bet to him last night at the bar... If I won he'd be blowing me on his blog today :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forget about the curveball Ricky... Give'm the heeaater!

Congrats goes out to Jamyhawk, who jammed his way to a win in the HOY last night!! WOOT!

I told Jamy that I was going to pick him as a horse this week and totally spaced when I rushed to lucko's site to quickly enter my picks before I had to log off to head out...

Don't think it would have helped much though since the rest of my picks, including me were less than stellar. Getting close to the end of this thing (i know, not really), but it is going fast, and the chances are drying up... Get your tokens for this weeks Big Game on Sunday... another event to try to qual, and a pile of prize money as well. Jec won the first one in the series and cashed for like $1300.. Git 'r done!

On another note... I wanted to put my two cents in on the blogger gheyness that had been mentioned on a few blogs this past weekend and into this week...

I created the RPT three years ago this January. I saw it as an opportunity, first and foremost, as a profitable business model, but also as a way to introduce the game to people who loved watching the game, but had never played before. It gave them the opportunity to come play and learn without really having to risk anything. These are free games with a lot of prizes at stake, including WSOP ME seats (the only live freeroll tour to offer that in the country btw) which brings out some pretty good players, and of course, some really (bad) inexperienced players...

Like online, the live freerolls have their examples of just horrid, silly play that in the end make no sense... and there is a mantra, or credo have you, that it is just bad poker going on in these games... Those statements obviously hold true in certain circumstances, even from those who knokw how to play. When you mix alcohol, inexperienced players vs. good players, and nothing at stake in a game, you get silly play. You get the guy who has to go home... you get the gal who is bitching at her boyfriend that she wants to leave... you get the women who just wants to see if it actually will hit this time, and so on.

But I will guarantee you that there are players that are better than any blogger out there. there are some that have won WSOP circuit events. and others that play for a living in Atlantic city and other places around the country. and there are yet others, who have even started blogs, because of the passion that has been created because of the tour.

Chad had put a comment up, then took it down, that he sucks at hockey, maybe he should start a hockey blog...

Well, I think he misses the point. Completely. I've watched him play, and have seen his stats, and he is a monster. I like his play, and love his passion and approach to the game. He is passionate about his play, and loves not only the game, but everything that goes into it to making himself better. That's what works for him. All of the software, books, and every other resource he can get his hands on all goes into what makes him the player he his.

But unlike football, you don't need to have the physical attributes to play poker. You don't need the type of skill set that people are usually born with to compete at the highest levels. Its poker and anyone can play. And everyone will play.

Now, I never thought, or took, any of the ramblings that went on in chat as serious. I've never had anything pointed in my direction, with the exception of Schaubs in an event last week, but even then, its just steam, or good ribbing. At least thats how I took it. I can't imagine that any of it was actually serious, or done in a malicious way. That would just be stupid.

I can and will say this. I (al) started this blog last december, and I really didn't start posting until July. I have read a lot of your blogs, and realize that most have a more than serious passions for this game. I would think that Chad and others would expect that with the committment made towards a blog, that you would want to make the same committment in improving your game. However, we all have family, jobs, and other things that take precedent.

I think that most of us will take their game to a level that is comfortable for them to do., in the time frame that allows them to do it wholely and completely.

For that reason alone, it is ignorant, and almost irresponsible to ridicule someone for playing the way they do. And lets face it... the levels that these events are played at, and the times they are played at (late), will tend to make people do silly things. Jam when not supposed to, call off a silly draw when they know its the wrong thing. Its human nature to want to gamble sometimes. Raise your hand if you've ever made a bad play, knowing it was a bad play, but just said fuck it! (lucktruck, I'm looking your way!)

I'm still confused and have a hard time believing that any of this ripping is for real... I just don't get that part of it... God knows I've done my fair share as well, but always as more of a joke, and never in blogger kingdom. that would just be ghey...

Monday, November 12, 2007

I need to lose some weight

Because apparently, I'm just not fast enough to win races...

FTOPS #7 came and went. I figured I would start the first hour just sitting back waiting for premium hands, and taking advantage of position. Which I did well. I only played 4 hands and took all 4 pots without a show down.

I had T8600 in chips when I raised UTG with AK to about T1100. I was called, raised, and reraised, so I let it go. Took me down to just about T6900 when this happened.

I didn't get to click the screens while this hand was in progress because I'm new to the software, even though it is very easy to use, but more because I was so involved in the hand....

the sequence goes like this: Second to act raise to 560, with a caller behind. With 88 I see this as a classic squeeze play and raised to 2200. Just about a third of my stack, and I was willing to let it go with a jam from the first raiser.

the only thing was the first raiser folded, and the second jammed. I had him covered by 1600, but felt all dirty by his jam. I immediately put him on AK. I don't know why. He just as easily could have had AA or KK by smooth calling here so early, but by watching his play, he was willing to see flops, and would fold if he missed. I saw him jam his whole stack twice, with QQ and KK with almost no money in pre, so I put him on AK...

I timed out thinking about what to do here, and with 12 seconds left I called, figuring what better time to race than now. Obviously the door card was a shocker :)

My question is do you think the squeeze with 88 here was right. Should I have put it all in pre instead of just the 2200. Or should I have just called or even folded. I'm not upset with how I played it at all. Just looking for some opinion.

That took me down to 1600. I picked up AA in the small with no action. Got back up to like 2300 when I picked up 99 in the BB. One min raiser, 3 callers. I know I'm behind but it all goes in thinking I have a chance to quadruple the stack here and run into AA with no love from the board. GG me

I will be playing all three BBT tournies this week and trying my damnedest to qual for the FTOPS ME.

The last time I played I had 99 5 times within an hour. I got away from all of them except 1.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Damnit Caffey! If you keep ignoring this I'm going to hang your boy from a f@$king Yard arm!

Gearing up to get into the FTOPS #7 in a few hours, and I already have issues. That is the wife is working and I can't get a damned thing done with 4 little riggs running around expecting me to pay them some attention. Parenting is the rake...

I watched Al go deep in the 7k guarantee, going out 27th of 443. GG Sir...

I have some thoughts about the stink going on within blogger kingdom, but will refrain for now.

GL me tonight, and everyone else who is running as well!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Getting it done after the RC and railing Corron in the 28k. Great Job Bro!
And Congrats to Lucktruck who won the RPT event and the next available seat into the Aussie Freeroll. I believe his win was also johnny on the spot like, because a win, and win only was enough points to get him player of the week, thus entering him into the FTOPS #7 on Sunday.
So, well done kid... and welcome to blogdom
and a big hug for Kaj, who lost his spot because Luck won. If Luck takes second there, Kaj gets player of the week... Between that an the last longer bet he had with me, it must of been a shitty night.
Alas, to no avail, because we start the new week in a few short days, and everyone can race again.
Check out Fuel's blog with his entry for the seat via the writing contest. I believe we have a winner. GG sir!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Johny Ballgame!

tied for second in the Horse race last night in the Mookie... I sucked, when noting spectacular happened. I dont even remeber how I got short, just that I did, and shoved wiht QJ when the flop came J high... gg me.

Congrats to Dnasty13 for winning he whole thing and getting his seat.

Kaja went deep again, and will be tough to beat in this weeks points contest. nothing short of a win will even get me close tomorrow night. And thats if KAj takes a complete shit, or doesn't play.

One thing Kaj did make light of is this software that most probably already know about. Its called screen shots, and it is the coolest thing going. free software as well...

I strongly suggest you check it out. no more alt-prntscrn, open paint, paste file, etc...

ITs F6, it dumps, saved into a created file on your desktop, or wherever you want it to go. Upload to blogger from there and you're off and running.

Tomorrow night is RPT so get there and be square(d) away for some serious business.

And get in on the horse race.... lots and lots of fun... go here to get in

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Whats you're name? "John fox"... Nah, your REAL Name!? "Giuseppe Volpe"... AWWW, I knew it

Mook tonight as I try to overtake Astin (?) in the overall points leaderboard for the BBT.

I want to try the Horse bet again as I think its much more fun than a llb. I won the one on Monday at the MATH and have rewarded my two horses that helped me get there...

Surf and Recess have both been spiffed as it relates to their placing. Sorry Bayne, no soup for you as your score was dropped. But if it makes you feel better, I will probably pick you again tonight if we do it...

On another note.. here is a screen shot of an RPT'er busting Aces with the Hammer!

This guy took 2cnd in the Mook a few weeks back so I just may make him a horse tonight...

Even when the hammer is misplayed, it's GOOT! I give him a break here because, well, after all, he is new to the hammer....

Full Tilt Poker Game #4052498555: $5 + $0.50 Knockout (30724568), Table 55 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 6:08:46 ET - 2007/11/03
Seat 1: Tough2Bluf (23,040)
Seat 3: Hballa34 (6,535), is sitting out
Seat 4: RocketPairs (41,950)
Seat 5: millerd33 (28,730)
Seat 6: jeeam (62,804)
Tough2Bluf antes 100
Hballa34 antes 100
RocketPairs antes 100
millerd33 antes 100
jeeam antes 100
Tough2Bluf posts the small blind of 400
Hballa34 posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
RocketPairs folds
millerd33 raises to 3,300
jeeam folds
Tough2Bluf raises to 5,800
Hballa34 folds
millerd33 calls 2,500
*** FLOP *** [2h 9s 6s]
Tough2Bluf bets 17,140, and is all in
millerd33 calls 17,140
Tough2Bluf shows [Ah Ac]
millerd33 shows [7s 2c]
*** TURN *** [2h 9s 6s] [7h]
*** RIVER *** [2h 9s 6s 7h] [Tc]
Tough2Bluf shows a pair of Aces
millerd33 shows two pair, Sevens and Twos
millerd33 wins the pot (47,180) with two pair, Sevens and Twos
Tough2Bluf stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 47,180 Rake 0
Board: [2h 9s 6s 7h Tc]
Seat 1: Tough2Bluf (small blind) showed [Ah Ac] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 3: Hballa34 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: RocketPairs folded before the Flop
Seat 5: millerd33 showed [7s 2c] and won (47,180) with two pair, Sevens and Twos
Seat 6: jeeam (button) folded before the Flop

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NUTS! and NUTS!!!!

Last nights Hoy was a 6 max event. Much like the Hoyster, I am a big fan of 6 handed poker. I have been sooo close during this BBT series. I thik I'm 9th or so in points and I have a few FT's, including the Math about 2 weeks ago.

I got an email form cracknaces, or lucko, or fuel about a little prop bet... T'was a very good Idea so I jumped in...

Pick 4 horses. Drop the highest score, and count the bottom three. Whatever place your horse fell in is the amount fo points you got.

I really liked this idea, and I was thinking of who my runners should be. I picked myself, recess, Surf, and Bayne. Bayne I figured he was due :), (plus he's goot).. Recess and Surf, I respect both of their games for varying reasons, but mostly I felt very confortable with my lineup. So I end up in 3rd, recess came in 14th, Surf FT'd with me, and Bayne was 27.

So, NUTS! on the prop win, which was $20 a man... you can see Lucko's site for the details of who all competed, their teams, and the results. Also, I am spiffing my horses for a job well done!

The Hoy was a little different. I was down to 5k at one point from running 99 into Jec's 10 10. From there, I shoved 4 hands in a row when 2 out fo the 3 I had Ak and AQ. The other two were like 78, and Q3d. Not in any order but those 4 non-called shoves got me to 20k just from the blinds and antes. That was bubble time with 9 left.

I remember getting into the final table was like watching paint dry. Everyone was very tight, and cautious, and so on. I stole as much as I could, and played very aggressively in position.

When the FT started I decided to be very aggressive again. and got called or rejammed everytime, with very meager holdings. So I lose a race, and finally get it all in against Kaja who had a monster lead 3 handed with JJ. He calls with K 6 and the door card is a K. GG me.

And COngrats to KAJAGUGU who tooke the whole ting down... DESTINY my man! DESTINY!

One hand I want to make mention of. Shaubs was in the sb, and I'm in the BB.. I think blinds are 400/800 with the ante. I have 8k shaubs has 4k. It folds to him, he shoves. I have A5.

He shows 22. Spikes a deuce on the flop and I river a str8 sending him to the rail. He writes in the chat, fold buttons on the left. Learn to fold, etc...

Let me just say this... It sucked the way he went out. shoving a shit pair, setting, and then getting rivered by a shity str8. But I have played this game for over 20 years. and in that scenario, with the blinds the way they were, our stacks, and the cards I held... It will go in everytime. EVERYTIME.

1) you're range could be atc there.
2) I don't mind trading small stack for small stack there with any ace.
3) its go time right there... I have maybe two orbits left with my stack. You have maybe one.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you really didn't think it was a bad play because of the way you went out, and were just salty. If thats the case, first drink on me in Vegas. If its not the case, we'll just go to the bar, arm wrestle, and watch Al get drunk and hit on women... or explain to me how its done.

Tomorrow night is the Mook... Can't wait to see the prop bet action on this one!

Monday, November 5, 2007

What do tyou wanna talk about now Danny? My favorite Color?

I've been goosed by Francase for this thing:

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...

B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...

C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...

D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.OK, here goes:

1. I've been to every single state in the US with the exception of AK, and HA...

2. I served in the US Marines through college, and a little after in a new program they rolled out which took 100 recruits. It consisted of Full time active status each summer for the whole summer, and reserve status during the school year. I learned underwater demolition, I went to rigger school, I learned how to fuel an airplane, and I learned how to shoot people.

3. I have several Black belts in Jujitsu, Judo, and Tai Kwan Do.. although I haven't practiced in over 8 years (women are the rake!)

4. I ran a card room in my parents garage through Highschool.

5. I scored a perfect 800 in my SAT test for the math part, twice, and still only scored a highest total of 1310 (the other time was 1280) which I'm sure resonates through this blog

6. I've played poker with the likes of Jerry Orbeck (RIP), Patrick Swayze, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Mickey Appleman, Lou Rawls, and others all in the early 90's at the TAJ in AC.. Usually 7 card stud... Orbecks wife would watch and fetch dinner for all of us!

7. I've chewed tobacco since I was damn near 12. I have switched from leaf to long cut dip, and back over the years, and have stopped several times, with my longest being 2 1/2 years. I am currently on the dip, Skoal, long cut mint is my tobacky of choice these days. I am always quitting.

My 7: Corron Pokerdegen presdave pokergrind highonpoker mookie smokee

Deserves got nothin' to do with it!

We are getting closer to the end of having a shot at getting your seat for a chance at a Bagillion Dollars!: This weeks events are:

Tournament: Mondays at the HoyWhen: Every Monday. 10pm ETGame: NLHE DeepstackBuyin: $24+2Password: hammer

Tournament: The MookieWhen: Every Wednesday. 10pm ETGame: NLHE DeepstackBuyin: $10+1Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Poker TourWhen: Every Thursday. 21:00 ETGame: NLHE DeepstackBuyin: $10+1Password: Riverchasers: Good luck and get them done.

I think I am about 8th in points for the leaderboard and its only a matter of time before I crack the seal on one of these battlefields. I play to win every single time, so maybe, just maybe, I get can get someone to fold when they are supposed to, or maybe, just maybe, I hold up when I'm supposed to, or even better yet, maybe, just maybe, I improve, when I run into a cooler, or immprove, when bluffing with 100 outs, or last but not least, I suckout, when its put in with the worst of it... (now that would be a novel idea!)

anywho... good luck this week runners! and see you at the tables!

on a side note, I ran into a guy at a bar who told me he was an online player. I told him about the online tour, etc, etc... He said he only plays FT and has a bankroll of over 12k... I asked, "play money?", to which he replied, no, real...

I said, fantastic! you're in then... he gave me his screen name, said he only plays sng's and 1/2 nl ring... I looked him up on sharkscope...

240 played, average profit - ($2) average stake - $12 ROI - (12%) total profit ($190)
for you non accountants, values, or numbers in parentheses means negative

Why are people such douches?