Monday, March 31, 2008

The Blue

Part I

It was resolved. An act that leads men into thinking that something absolutely must be done. That injustice will not be tolerated anymore. And as written about before, when an injustice occurs, those who have the ability, also have the responsibility to take action.

So when the neighborhood had enough, we decided that we were able, and willing, to take on the one man who was never challenged before.

He lived alone. He turned his lights out on Halloween. He stole our baseballs and footballs when they were inadvertently hit, kicked or thrown into his yard. He cursed at our parents as they mowed their lawns, for violating various noise ordinances, screaming that he would get them.

The lore was passed down by earlier generations. Tales of murder, kidnapping, and the general evil that comes with the unkown and unproven. We called him Blue because of the color of the glow that emitted from his garage throughout the night. The source was unknown, but from the vantage point of my bedroom, I could see it was from one single bulb that hung directly over a work bench. It was cluttered with tools that seemed to be of no other purpose than to dismember the bodies, and torture children.

His house was the original farm house on the land, known as "The Hills", that was developed into more than 300 dwellings. All twins, and in three different styles. Mine backed up to his backyard. Most of the streets were named after the children of his families family, and one was even named after him. There were three fires on that street and everyone knew who was responsible.

There were stories of him planting razor blades in his lawn, keeping us from playing football there. There was the tale of a creature, half wolf, half bear, that he called "The Kill". No one ever saw the beast, but we knew he was there because we could hear him howling at night, and every so often, would put together a task force to tactically recon the area for signs of its physical existense.

The police would show up at his house quite often, without anyone really knowing why. But it was said that one of those officers, a rookie, had quit the force the very next day. And vanished from Norristown, all together, never to be seen again.

We knew the rules, and stayed out of his way for the most part, but as men, on rainy summer days, when we would play poker in my garage, our curiosity would get the better of us. We would talk as if we knew for a fact those things that had happened. We would tell tales of great bravery withing our own families; Older brothers who had been attacked, and made it out alive. Mailmen who lost an arm to The Killer, and for that reason, he never had mail delivered again.

We were men who took on extrordinary tasks. Jumping the wall at 7 Eleven, rafting down the creek near the ball fields where you were sure to die if the current was right, and stealing "chromies" from the hotrods that were always parked at the unemployment offices in broad daylight so that we could show them off on the stems of our own bikes. But none of us would ever assume to be so bold that we would go up against the Blue. It was something unspoken. We feared him. And for that would stay away.

The summer of 1979 came with great anticipation. We all had baseball to keep us company, and we all had the ability to try out for our schools football program for the first time in July. We had it all planned out. Wiffle ball in the morning, poker during the day, baseball at night.

Summer started out with a bang. We had set up the perfect wiffleball field with built in strike zone and all. Wiffle ball however became tiresome and we made some modifications. We cut the end off of the yellow bat and stuffed it with wet newspaper. Before the paper would dry we would tape it with black electrical tape. We replaced the wiffleball with a tennis ball and it was pitched with one bounce before it came to the batter.

This allowed us to put more guys in the field and play baseball, rather than have a pitching contest against one batter. Life was good, as we put together a whole field along side Logan St. More kids came to play and we eventually had enough to form 4 teams of 4 and put together a scheduled season. We decorated the bats, wore like color tshirts for each team, and even named ourselves after the local highschools nicknames. It was beautiful.

But something would happen in early July, after one of those games, that would alter the summer for all of us, and the life of one of us...

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Look you, I'm very intelligent. If you can't be at least midly interesting, you might as well just shut the hell up...

...I mean, I'm drowning here! and you're describing the water!"

It has been a pretty quick winter without much ado about anything. Literally, not an inch of snow fell this season in these parts. And I was soooo desperately looking forward to purchasing a new snowblower. I guess it wasn't meant to be. and it got me to thinking....

I don't understand really, the little things that make me so happy. Shoveling snow, cuting the grass, felling a tree, swinging a hammer... (yes the one you use to drive nails)

Maybe I chose the wrong thing to do to earn my keep. I don't know. Or maybe I would loathe those things if I did them for a living, but I do know they bring me peace, and I look forward to them every season.

As spring falls upon us, I get excited about the possibilities... Cleaning up the golf clubs, receiving the Phils season tickets, (and paying for them with Full Tilt transfers is always gold), oiling up the old glove, even if it won't get any use this year. Taking the kids fishing, to ball games, picnics, having neighbors over, all the fun stuff that never really happens in the winter.

I write about this now because yesterday was really the first day we had of nice warm weather. It rained a little, but spring rains are as good as hot summer days in my book. I'm getting some landscaping done, and the house looks barren. They have yet to come back and mulch, plant the new bushes and flowers, and everything else other than rip out every bush, plant, or tree that was there.

The kids got a glimpse and inquired about doing a vegetable garden. Sounds good to me. I doubt we'll get anything to grow other than weeds, but thats not the point. Spending the time to prep, plant, and maintain the garden with the kids will be where its at for me.

I can see the arguments already between wifey and I as I allow the children to get all muddy and stupid with the hose, as she helplessly looks on hoping for kids to stay dry and clothes to stay clean. Another good part to look forward to!

It is going to be challenging this time around with everything I have going on work wise. It will be, to say the least, overwhelming to find time for all of this to happen, but somewhere along the way, things will fall into place, and everyone will be made whole to their expectations.

Tonights dilema lies between the cash game, the donkament, and the Villanova game (10pm est)

I think there is a possibility of doing all three if I really want to de-generate myself, but most likely just one. Possibly two. Right now I am leaning towards having some friends over, watching the game, and playing some online all the while. Of course if enough came over, I'm sure a live game would break out. Go figure.

Either way, have a great weekend everyone, and dont forget about this:

Tournament: Blogger Big Game
Where/when: Full Tilt, Sunday 21:30ET
Game: Superstack NLHEBuyin: $69+6 or Tier II token
Password: donkey

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"At least we tried our best!"... "Ha! That's loser talk!!"

If you happened to stay up last night (i mean this morning), you would have been able to watch an epic heads up match between myself and Hellory at the final table of the Mookie.

Those ass clowns on BDR made their picks (3 each) with 10 players left, and I was the last one standing. Of course no one can blame them. I held the Dank position at 14k in chips and it didn't look good. Then all of a sudden, I picked up QQ with three way action and tripled up. Next thing you know its Hellory and myself, after he put Trip out with KQ v KJ I believe.

He held a 2 to 1 chip lead going in to heads up, and I think we played 70+ hands finally ending up at 6k/12k levels.

The lead went back and forth several times, and I think we went a total of 40 hands in a row without seeing a flop. I think we saw a total of 5 flops all together.

I stole and restole a ton withot ever really getting any cards. The best hand I had with any action was AQ. 4 times I was walked and showed all 4 times KK and JJ, both twice. I never show hands. (hardly) Ever! But I chose to show these hands to create the perception that I was catching good hands with the amount of stealing and restealing I was doing, and hopefully continue on to be able to do so.

We hung around in the final minutes, pretty close in chips, until I lost 50k on a resteal attempt with 96of spades. That took me down to about 90k after folding in the bb to agression with 62o. The very next hand I picked up A6, open shoved, and he tables JJ. End of game.

I'm not angry or pissed, or upset, but I feel I I outplayed him pretty much the whole final table. I wasn't too worried about losing 1/3 stealing because I felt confident that I could get it back in short order. It was obvious that hellory wanted that seat more than anything else and I exploited what I percieved to be a very cautious and tight play from him.

And to that end, he outlasted me. Around the 5/10k blind levels it became obvious that restealing would be impossible unless I wanted to go to the mat with whatever two cards where in my hand. Basically any resteal attempt would have to be a jam, and I wanted to avoid running into him when he actually had a hand. and for that, he deserves the win. He stayed patient, let go of holdings I'm sure others would have played more aggressively, and I got stuck with the shitty end of the stick...

So be it. He played a very patient heads up table, and only repopped me about three times during the whole match.

A few observations I have... Its uncanny thinking back now how I might have done things differently. At 2:45 am, things are going by quickly. I was exhausted, and really almost fell asleep when it was 5 handed. It was hard to focus. Then, listening to BDR was probably a mistake on my part. Towards the end, The whole crew started to talk about how they were going to go off the air, c'mon guys push, lets get this over with, etc... I don't blame them at all. It was bad enough to have to be playing at that time with what was on the line, let alone be railing. And for me it was winning the mookie, moreso than the seat. This is my second, 2cnd place finish in the mook, and I desperately wanted that win with that field.

But listening to them, getting a sense of the rail comments, and feeling my own body shutting down, I think I may have tried to steal in spots that I normally wouldn't have. And maybe that would have made the difference.

And to all of you out there railing at that god awful hour... This is one of the coolest things in blogger world. the support everyone gives to each other. I know, I know, there is some degeneracy of just wanting to play, watching what we all have a little equity in, and so on. But I'm sure it lifted Hellory up as much as it did me. You people are hawesome!

Riverchasers tonight. See you there!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

BB3 Challenge free roll

Al will be posting this for all but for those of you who don't wish to wait for him to come down off of the usual weekend bender: the freeroll for the BBThree will be open to all of those who link back to Full Tilt.

Just go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page... Follow the directions and enter your blog url and username on Full Tilt, and you will be entered

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dyin' ain't much of a living, boy.

"I struggle to find balance between my work life, my family life, my social life, and my poker life."

That was a statement I made to my father about 3 years ago. Today, my poker life has become my social life, and it has shown in results.

During the long ride home from Pottsville, PA last night, I was conversing with Griff, about my early days of heading to Atlantic City. When I was still in Highschool, during college, and during one job I had in the mid to late 90's.

I was a District Manager for Frito-lay and was recruited by a Regional Company who had bought up three snak food companies and need someone to run the division. They didn't have a huge budget so I catapulted from District Manager to Vice President of this new company. The guy who hired me had met in AC for the second round of interviews. We were both going to be there for a trade show, and figured we could get away privately.

During that talk we realized that we were both avid poker players. Him so much that he actually bought a condo next to the Taj because he knew he would be there almost every weekend.

We spent the next two years spending almost every other weekend down there playing. It was a separate part of my life outside of my normal scope of friends. We played higher limits mostly 20/40 and sometimes occasionaly higher.

Holdem started to pick up more and more and the 5/10 and 10/20 nl tables were ripe. Before then I rarely played above 5/10 but this guy gave me confidence. We played with the likes of pros, celebrities, and true rounders from NY, Philly, and DC

The point is I spent those years and prior years going to Ac to play poker. To play seriously. To win money. There are two parts to poker. Strategy and object. Strategy we all know and recognize, and encompasses everything from starting hands to odds to tells. The object, which escapes most people, is to make money, build a bankroll... This I admit has left my presence because of the popularity of poker and the participation with friends now moreso than "tourists"

Today, poker has really become social for me. It is probably a case of the company, the case of more and more friends playing and not playing well. We sit down every friday, saturday, or whenever it strikes us to play, socialize, and laugh.

We chop stupid pots, and play stupid games. None of this is done with any type of seriousness, and moreso done with a lot of ballyhoo, Tom Foolery, and the like.

At the casino during Eh Vegas, I told CK of a leak in my game. I got into a huge pot with a guy at the table who we both enjoyed, and sort of became friends with. I flopped or turned the nut hand, and this guy obviously liked his holdings. It was a case where I think he would have stood up to me in that hand because of the perception that I was bullying and stealing a lot of pots.

But I left him off the hook. I raised so big that he couldn't call. I did that because I liked him and didn't want his money. That would never had happened years ago. I also laid a hand down where I had the redraw to the nuts into a pot that would have stacked him about $400. I had every right to call that hand as well given the odds, and who knows if I would have hit. The point is, again, I laid down because I liked him.

The last 3-4 years or so have gone by without me really recognizing this point. I have played soft, fun, happy poker. I still win, but not nearly as much as I used to. Probably because of the limits I now play because of who we play with. Even when we make the trip to AC, we can't be down there for 118 hours anymore. We go down for 4-6 hours. I won't play higher limits for less than 12 hours, and wanting to play with the friends, who all sit down at the 1/2 and occasionally 2/5 tables, its really more for entertainment than anything else.

Going forward I dont know that much will change. I don't have the time anymore to spend 18 hours down there, and with the exception of the occasional underground games, there just isn't much around to provide any real serious poker.

I do look forward however to the future. That is the 2-3 years out when I complete a couple of deals, and have more time for serious poker. I am playing in the Main Event this year, and have no real expectations. the fields are ridiculous and I expect nothing but donkery to be in full force. Navigating through those fields will be funny, frustrating, leg numbing, and tiresome.

But if the breaks go my way, and my Aces hold up, and my draws complete, and my buffs go unchallenged, maybe, just maybe, I can have the luxury of having fun, and play some serious poker.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I say we drink the wine, eat the dogs, and use the paper for musket wading.

11 events in the BBThree and I just can't seem to get anything going. I've been on fire lately in the ring games, both Holdem and PLO, and can't seem to get away from them.

I was playing probably about 50 SNG's a week. Now it seems I am playing less than 5.

Last Blogger Challenge I did fairly well, and reflected upon one hot week where I final tabled 3 events that put me into the top ten overall when all was said and done.

I don't know that a run like that for just a week will do any good this time around as it seems that these three donkeys are pretty much having their way.

Last nights Skills and Bodonkey were indicative of how my sessions have been running. Picking up monsters and not getting paid, getting coolered, or having to move in the later stages into dominating hands.

Nobody except maybe this guy can run that bad that long, so I look forward to better holdings and opportunities

I will probably miss the Mookie tonight due to some work obligations, but I promised a friend that I would stake him in a low limit PLO game if and when I got back. Should be fun...

Good luck to all who participate tonight!

OH and BTW, Congrats to Trip Jax for taking down the Bodog last night! nice run indeed

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Circular error probability zero. Impact with high-order detonation. Have a nice day.

Played the Hoy last night, played a $10 45 person sng, and played a $24 sng with Joanada... Card dead in all 3, missed cash in all three.

In the 45's I got through more than half the field only to be called by very questionable hands by medium stacks when I shoved with a at least half of both of their stacks...

The hoy was a brutal experience as always. I made it to the first break with just about 2k. I saw only hands with cards that never reached the paint level, were never connected, and were different colors or suits.

The first hand after the break I pick up AK spades in the BB only to get walked. Three BB's later I get AA only to be walked again. After another 2 rounds of folding the likes of 25o and 93 o, I get KQo in the BB. It folds to Dwal in the small with just about 2x my stack. He had raised every single bb of mine with the exception of AK, and AA. I guess I have to work on my tells.

He raised to 480, when I had KQ. I shoved. He called for the 1500 more with A8. I miss, he wins. and goes on to win the whole thing. And a nice win it was... Playing aggressive and getting lucky in spots, or winning flips are the two things that have to be done...

Well done sir!

This was one thing that kept me a little occupied all night long...

Lots of fun jaw'in with other bloggers but it is very difficult to keep up with the conversation and focus on the cards... but well worth it!!!

The good thing was ending up 4 buyins in the black playing $50 nlhe and PLO cash tables...

Fun times indeed!

Tonight is the Bodog and the Skillz series... Be there!

Monday, March 17, 2008

You know how I know you're Gay? You like Cold play

Scene 1: Sunday morning, sitting on the couch with coffee and a paper. Laptop on the arm of the couch, flannel pj bottoms, white wife beater t-shirt, half empty bottle of advil, wife gone for the day...

9 year old: Dad, you ok?
Me: go do your homework
9 year old: Seriously dude, you don't look good
Me: listen, do your homework or you can forget about Jodies this afternoon
9 year old: whatever... you don't have to be so hurtful about it - turns and walks off

20 month old son: (standing on the couch next to me, slapping my head with the force of a small toyota coasting into a wall) BALL!, BALL!, BALL!, BALL!

7 year old: (I pod in use, speaking a little louder than normal) Thats two nights in a row dad you missed movie night. You owe me. I want Burber king for lunch
Me: we'll see
7 year old: That's right. we WILL see won't we, and I want to go to the dollar store!

Me: rubs head furiously with both hands

3 year old: (standing awkwardly with in her Dora the explorer night gown) Dad, are you mad at me?
Me: why?
3 year old: Cause I pooped
Me: Where?
3 year old: Right here (looking straight at me, no physical indication with arm or eye movements)

20 month old boy: (still slapping my head) EEWWWWWWW!, Ball, Ball, Ball

Me: It's going to be a long day

7 year old: Oh you have no idea! (giggles and walks away)

My penance for a pretty standard blogger weekend I suppose. At least I didnt have to travel this time :)

I managed to ship two of them off to friends for play dates, had the boy sleep for a good 3 hours, and the three year old colored easter eggs. Of course, the kitchen table is a beautiful tie dyed looking mosaic of pastels and stickers...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


[12:05] alcanthang: any time i am the voice of reason, something's not right :)

Thats right.. What started out as a quick meet up and off to poker turned into a long drinking marathon and who can get the drunkest, the fastest... and not play any poker :(

Al was disqualified because he had at least a good 4 hour head start. I got there second and dove right in. Of course by the time I had made the trek from the door to the bar, my first tall boy of scotch and water was already awaiting me.

Big Mike, Jdub, connie and Landow were all there and we discussed for about 30 minutes Connies goal for fundraising and how we thought it was too low. And then some other ideas for more events to help the cause. Then I jumped in to the Megatouch (of course)...

I hadn't hit the first card on the screen when I heard, "Riggs?". I looked over and it was Perry.
Perry is a new blogger, and somewhat sort of an unknown in blogger world, but he writes a good blog called stochastic confessions. I have had him linked for a while now and I suggest you take a gander into his foray of free Riverchasers tournies and the occasional trip down to AC.

About 2 minutes after I see Kat, Donkette, CK, and Millerd33 (soon to be yet another blogger), come strolling in to the sounds of BOOOOOOOOOOMS and BAM BAM's!

Let the games begin.

We intro'd everyone and of course, Al started the shots pouring. I called Bam for a dial a shot, Carson was called, IT was called, Joanada was called, Astin was called, and I' sure some others were called as well that I wasn't aware of because of my steady decline into the ranks of alcoholism.

Evy and Perticelli showed up and the party graduated upstairs to where the band was playing.

From there it was a trainwreck of more scotchs, more beers, a couple, four shots of Jack, and somewhere along the line I was handed some Jaeger Bombs. As much as I am guilty by association hanging with Al all the time, I really don't partake in libations to get drunk. and Rarely do when I decide to actually chill at home with a cocktail. Needless to say I wasn't ready, noe equipped for the ride that I was on.

After that I'll leave up to everyone else to finish the story because I don't really remember too much.

I woke up the this morning and the first thought that popped into my head was... Waffles must be right. I am a frat boy. What a cooler

Friday, March 14, 2008


Looks as if Mary is going to make it! $1600 to fix everything! she actually comes over just a tad in the worth v cost formula, but what the hell! She's a runner!


Kat, Ck, Evy, Donkette, Perticelli, and maybe a few others are heading over to the pub right now to rescue Al from boredom....

god help us all!!!

Too bad Joanne! No party for you!

Now Cole, when that little needle goes up into the red and reads *nine thousand RPM*, that's bad!

I sit here this morning, anxious, nervous, and sad. I await a phone call. The worst kind of phone call. The kind that you don't know if it will be welcomed, or avoided.

The kind of call that will set you on a completely different path for the rest of your life, or the kind that will allow you to continue life, at least for a little while, with some sort of normalcy.

The kind of normalcy that makes you feel comfortable, happy, safe. The kind that allows you to sleep at night.

What am I talking about? Her name is Mary. I have known her for more than a year. And let me tell you ... she is one of the best I have ever had.

Yes, I speak of the man truck.

I dropped her off last Monday for inspection. The doctor told me that he was busy, and it would take a few days. I stopped by yesterday and knew she had an issue with a gasket that needed replacement.

But this morning, I got the call... Here is the list of damage so far

Head gasket
Timing belt
right rear tire - (which means all tires)
upper and lower right ball joint
Drive shaft U joint
rear seal

This is the worst kind of possible news for Mary... For as much as I love her, she only holds so much value. If the cost of repairs exceeds her value, as I input it into the equation, well then, she will have to be put down. Unfortunate as it is.

So say a prayer for her, and me, as I await this most unwanted call.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Give away Take away

Lucko once again just rolled over the entire field last night earning, no taking, his second seat in a week to the TOC, inceasing everyones odds (who make the TOC) on gettting one of two WSOP ME seats in June.

By his own admission, he luckboxed his way, a'la Scott Fischman to that final table. Now, I don't think thats indicative of playing poorly. I just think he figured to play ultra aggressive, and if he held, he advanced. And that's what happened. So congrats to him!

The heads up match between him and lightning was pretty competetive. The chip lead went back and forth once but lingered on either side for a good amount of time.

I think Lighntning did himseld a disservice when I watched him limp on the button a few too many times only to watch Lucko auto shove everything and Lightning fold. In heads up play you have to raise from the button/ sb if you plan on coming into the hand. The only exception would be if you know your opponent is liable to raise any action from the big because of his stack, and has shown that he will, and you are holding a monster.

But then again, I think Lucko showed his propensity to call with any two, and with the seat being on the line, I can assume that light would rather see a flop then just shove it in and see if AJ holds up against 57. Which it didn't very often last night.

Well played by both though and your next shot is tonight at 9pm est in the Riverchasers...

If you were listening to BDR last night, you would have heard the mini telethon, no, interthon, to raise money for breast cancer for one of Al's friends. It was good and I think we reraised (pun intended) over $1200 for the worthy cause of protecting breasts.

If you haven't yet, stop by and donate here. And if you live in the area, in May we will be holding a Poker tournament to help raise even more funds. So drop a line if you are interested.

Also, IT is traveling to Orlando today for some awards thing and something else that is very important to him. Keep him in your thoughts, and wish him well!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

come play ... Both!

Jen Harmon is sponsoring an I love animals tournament to $10 on Tilt... no password. Find it, register, and shove... I' registered already so if you want to play just search Riggstad

Corron10 has put up a March Madness bracket pool... details at his site.

Sign up here... password: bloggermadness

Well, I suppose I'm deranged, but I guess I'll just have to call... cover your ears darlin'

Skillz and Bodog last night as usual... what a fun time!! Congrats to Smokee for taking down the skillz series and to New for taking down the bodonkey.

I finished in the 20's in both not really getting any cards, and having some distractions along the way. I remember in the bodog trying to reraise a Zeem bet early on and being timed out. Zeem indicated that he would have folded and it just points out how frustrating the bodog poker client can be at times. I cant believe that there isn't a "request time" button or something. At least I haven't found it.

Anyway, I get into one hand with Warcrimes. I have presto and standard raise pre flop. he calls being short and the flop comes air. I bet and he calls. We both check the turn and he bets out a little under pot on the river. I tanked but couldn't really put him on anything. His flop call seemed weak, and the check on the turn seemed weaker with a short stack. If he has any piece of it or thinks he can steal I believe he would have put the rest of his money in. He was short, and I just don't see him trapping here.

I called his river bet and 5's were good. He typed well plated (hurtful) and some other things indicating he thought I mindlessly made that call without thinking, when in reality, I made the right read and right call. But of course he lost, and had to blame something else other than is failed attempt at a steal on the river on something else other than his own play. So I fire back...

"you're so tranparent". We get into it a little, and he says "lets play heads up cash game".

LOL... HU!!! as Al would put it, "the call of the lemur". I mean if you are going to say something like that, well, you might as well ask me to arm wrestle. Or, you might as well tell everyone how little experience you have playing this game ( < 4 years)

Of course I fire back and state that he doesn't have enough of a bankroll to play me in a cash game. Some more stupid comments go back and forth and I pick up KK.

He raises with AT, I shove and he calls. The flop opens with two Aces and he takes the hand stating "ship it". Another class act. I call him a clown, and we go at it again.

Then he goats me into playing a heads up cash game at 1am on bodog, at 1/2 nl stakes. I agree.

He says he'll ping me, and I tell Sean via IM to let everyone know that this "death match" will be going on for all who want to watch.

I finally felted him when he raised with AQ, I jammed with TT and boarded quads.

We actually have more conversation in the chat on bodog before he departs and we make up like good little boys. I'm not ripping him in this post at all. And overall, we both acted like dopes, and understood it. And I'm not calling him out for not pinging me either. 1 am was 2 hours away and I'm sure he fell asleep, and I'm not at all concerned about it. Plus I was busy playing a cash game on tilt and watching Hoy take 8th yet again in the 50/50.

The point is two players can get into it, and still find a way to understand that at the felt, its all about the game and really part of the game. Tilting someone or getting into them a little will often times go a long way.

The skillz series was a blast fest as expected. Pot Pot call was often times seen throughout many hands. PLO is just one of tose blogger events where the luckiest guy/ gal will win. End of story.

There is way too much blasting going around where you will have to avoid hands like this to get deep and have a chance of winning.

Tonight is the Mookie and yet another shot at procuring a WSOP seat ... seat :)

GL all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupid Bitch?? My father used to call me a stupid bitch Micky!!

So traveling around last night getting things done, meeting some people and finally, the 90 minute ride home.

My brother called me about some business stuff, and we also talked about what was going on in his life. So, after the call, I figured, lets call Dad.

Talking to him goes like this....

Him: Hello?
Me: Whats up Dad?
Him: Nothing? Why are you calling?
Me: Just driving and catching up with you. We still on for next Tuesday?
Him: Next Tuesday? Whats that?
Me: the trip to the city, see the thing, and do the other thing?
Him: Oh... (silence)... I dont think so
Me: What do you mean you don't think so? We've been planning this for 2 months?
Him: Aaaahhh, rather just watch the basketball games.
Me: thats what we are doing??? Only live!
Him: Not my thing, I'd rather just be comfortable here in my own house.
Me: are you kidding me? Where's Mom, is she around?
Him: OK, *click*
Me: ummmm? you still there?
Me: hello?

I'm so confident that I will be succesful with my new years resolution!

Monday, March 10, 2008

5 of a kind rocks!!!

Can anyone confirm that this actually happened???


Tore up right now... Will probably miss the MATH tonight, but you shouldn't

Total Life Tilt setting in. Should be back to normal after tonight.

Weekend was fun playing with a multitude of bloggers in a pile of $10 45 person sng's I won one, and two last longers with about 5 others..


Donkette went deep in the 16k guarantee, like 20th I think... Lots of railers just pummeling the table and supporting her...

I believe it was her first attempt at an MTT like this.

I hope you all run better than me this week...

Friday, March 7, 2008

HA!! You knew Marcus Aurellius??

Good Times last night. Not much to say about anything as I stayed up past 4am working and putting together some presentations for some folks...

Tonight is the donkament which I will miss because of a basketball obligation.

Congrats to Donkette last night for not only winning one of the pushfests, but for shattering the previously held record of 14, by getting to 8th.

Sorry to the final table of the Riverchasers, but on the radio we pretty much covered her amazing run of that POOOOOOOSH FEST!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

That'll put a little pucker in your pooder!

So this chic walks into a bar with a dog under one arm, and a salami under the other....

Well at least that's what the last two days have felt like to me. One long unfinished joke, that you know will turn out the same as 100 other horrible jokes that all end with the same borish punchline, just told differently.

Anywho, based on the failure of my attempt to be on BDR on Monday night, and the ensuing uneccesary carnage to certain electronic appliances, I ventured out in the afternoon to purchase a shiny new headphones and microphone.

Buy, install, and go. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Plug and play is gold. Except its never plug and play. Its steps 1 thru 57 to negotiate the certain installed softwares of the OP that came with the unit you purchased from Dell, IBM, HP, or whatever non mac form of hardware becomes your poison.

With a little help from iif's I'm rockin and rolling and workin'. I log into BDR and there is buddy all happy and rarin' to go. Accept there is a problem with my mike. It sounds a little tinny.

Oh well, I can't hear it so fuck it. In the meantime we are 5 hands into the Bodog. I noticed as I was eff'in around with the sound bars as instructed by Buddy that I had aces, that were promptly folded because of my inability to hit the raise , call, fold buttons in a timely manner. No worries. It was early and I probably steal the 30 in blinds anyway, or better yet... go completely busto. Call it Karma.

The 6th hand, I am paying attention, having resided in the fact that I will sound like shit, and bother buddy all night with a certain buzzing in his ear. I have A9 in the bb. folds to Peaker (sb) who makes it 90. I consider this an auto steal, because peaker is sooo loose, and decide a flat call is in order.

Flop comes A 9 x. BOOOOOM!! Of course he bets and I just smooth call. Turn comes another A. BINGO! This time I raise his bet with what I thought was a pot bet, but couldn't tell because of the fantastic job Bodog does with their poker software. I think for a second that he might have any ace and that I hope no over card hits the river. Of course a Queen comes screaming onto the board, and I think to myself, outloud, as buddy would attest to, FUCK.

Peaker checks. Of course. I decide that my Aces over nines is gold, and decide to bet out to try to get value. Of course he jams, and I have to think here to fold. Only I dont have much left, and if he has AQ, so be it. Let me help him get a quick heads start on the rest of the smallish field.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! He tables AQ and IGH. Oh well, so be it, another 15 minutes before the skills game.

I had a last longer with Fishman again, and I knew this was going to be tough. You can't play a normal gae of stud with every swingin' dick out there chasing every single two pair, 3 to a draw, A high board. It just doesn't work. But I survived Fish, and grab my prop bet.

I finally exit when I lose 2/3rd's of my stack to a guy who obviously decided to go to the felt with split 3's to my wired J's. I turned two pair and he hit his set on 6th. Sooo rigged.

I shove the rest in with QKA double suited, but no love.

We picked horses on the dank show for both the Bodog and the Skillz game. Nuts, to me as I picked both eventual winners.

Tongiht should be fun. Mookie is alwasy gold and I hope to see over 150 runners. We will see.

Congrats to Mook on his 18th child (whatever), and well wishes to the whole family, including brother brother brother sister brother brother sister dog dog cat and wifey.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ya see, THIS is what you get, when you spill paint in the garage...

So last night, Instant tragedy pings me and asks to come on the BDR show. I got nothin' better to do so I say sure. I download the software and log in and BOOOOOOOOOOM... I'm all ready to go.

I put the microphone in the port and start to talk, adn it doesn't work. Nothing, no sound...

Ok, no worries. I take it out, and look it over. Its like free standing little thingy that was bought to do podcasts and such. Fucker still doesn't work. Now, I"m in my office alone, and the frustration starts to build a little.

When little things like this happen it goes kinda like this...

step 1.. ok, there's problem. I'm sure there is a simple solution

step 2.. Ok, this should be the fix. Very simple misunderstanding, I get it now

step 3.. Well, that didn't work, there must be something else

step 4.. Listen you, I just remedied the only possible things that could be the issue. Now fucking work

step 5.. Walk away, regroup

step 6.. repeat steps 1-4

step 7.. Smash the inanimate objext to pieces screaming "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH?!"

step 8.. apologize for not being able to help out tonight to Sean and Scott.

Things work in my world work, or they get fixed, or they are disposed of in a mannerly fashion. Probably a flaw. I have to work on that.

I dig the MATH format 6-max, and have missed it for the last couple, three weeks because of prior engagements. I was happy to hear that Fischman would be joining us again to squash the talk of being a one timer and bailing. Hence he is signed up again tonight for the Skillz series.

I text him and set up a prop bet. last longer. He text back saying sure, any donation you would like to make. Friggin spew monkey wouldn't last long tonight. I knew it!

Now regardless of the prop bet (and its amount), I like 6 max because of the aggressive nature you can take. The first table I did just that and took some pots early to get to about 4900 rather quickly. I felt good. Things were working , and I hadn't faced any tough decisions yet.

Then I get moved to a table where I have tiltaway two to my right, dwal tdirectly to my right, and bad blood directly to my left. Neither of them gave me any chance to be aggressive. I mean everytime I would prepare to open raise, Tilt or Dwal would do so before me. and if they didn't and I did, Bad blood would shove on me. It was a tough spot to be in with such aggressive players on either side. And the fact that the best hand I saw was AQ, having to lay down to a BB shove was bad enough.

I chipped down to about 2600 just by having to laydown pre to aggression. It was rather disheartening. I shoved on badblood when he raised my limp utg with 55. I thought the limp would look suspicious, and he said it did and laid down AK. I didn't make much on that and I wished he would have called just to try to double up with the race. Oh well...

In the mean time, Fish is sitting there, not playing many hands, being very tight, hovering around the starting stack through the first break and into half of the second. As soon as I busted, he started shoving. Finally goes out when he shoved 78o from the small and failed to catch up...

Tonight will be more of the same. Scott is an exceptional stud player, so it will be fun tto watch a whole bunch of monkeys suck out on him this time. I will get great enjoyment watching this, and hopefully outlast him to get my cake back...

For my canadian bike friends... This is a bike I wanted some 2 years ago. It was for sale but at a ridiculous price. One of my hobbies is carpentry and I have tinkered around with welding and mechanics. The point is I am pretty handy and it is a relief outlet for me to bury and just build shit. My goal is to build this thing for myself. I don't know when I will, but its on tap for 2009. We'll see....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Here Ye Here Ye Here Ye!

For all you push monkeys out there...

Scott fischman has decided to play the Hoy tonight, as well as most of these BBThree challenges.

Don't be surprised if we see other pros as well along the course of the challenge...

I really dont see the comotion...

Token up and shows these clowns how the bloggers push better than the pros!

Giddy Up!

Yo, Samu, you know how to make a bullseye?

Blogger big game went off last night to an historic field and prize pool. I even mamged to talk Scott Fischman into playing, and would have had Gavin Smith play if he wasn't running late from returning from LA.

There were also some other of scotts friends who played and eventually the field reached 105.

The prize pool was sick with over 7k offered up and super stacks starting at 5000 chips. This was going to be good.

I ran pretty bad for the first hour, not really getting involved. When I did I played aggressive and usually took down the pot by c-betting the flop and chipping up another 2-400 chips. I had managed to get my stack up to 6800 when from the bb I checked with Q8. flop came q high and sell the kids kept betting with a K high flush draw and second pair. He bet 600 or so on the river when the flush missed. I'm sure he thought I was on a flush draw or maybe even a lesser pair with how I played the hand. The Q was best and I took the pot.

i got back down to 4100 when I raised pre, c-betted the flop and had to fold to a jam...

I finally picked up AA and semi squeezed a fishman raise and Zowie call of 480, and I raised to 1600. Zowie called and the flop came T high. Zowie shoved with AT and I take that pot bringing me up to 8700. I felt good there from that stand point. I felt that with a few hands, and some opportunity to steal, I would be able to make a good run deep.

Then this hand happened. I was in the big with Q 7o. It was limped to me and I checked the option. fischman was in the hand and he had limped from utg.
The flop came out 6 6 4. Fish raised to 400 or so and I repopped to 1440. I have played with him before and we discuss hands and such. I knew he was playing really loose as well, just blowing off steam after a bad day. I decided the pop would indicate to him that I had the 6. He knows my propensity to almost always smooth trips here so I figured he would know or think that I would be capable of really slamming flopped trips to try to trick him. (level 7 shit, you'll catch up)

The turn brought a blank and again I figured I would check raise. Only he checked behind. That told me that even with a big pair I would be able to get him off the hand with a river bet. I had him covered by about 3k at this point ans wasn't too worried about losing the 5k if he called.

After his check on the turn, I had decided that check folding the river was best. He can't really give me credit for the 6 with how it has played out so far. Unless he belives my check raise on the flop is genuine. Then something bad happened. the river came a 4. With a board of 6 4 6 x 4, it set me up to take the pot. It was really a card that, having the ability to act first gave me the perfect opportunity to take this pot. At this point my holdings may have well been two apples, for obviously it didn't matter what I had. They were no good and the only way I take this huge pot is too shove and represent at least the 4.

He typed in chat, GH, and You win. Which told me he at least put me on the 4, which was entirely more likely than the 6 at this point because of the way the hand played out. I couldn't just go to showdown and give the pot away, so I put him all in. ( I wonder if the revers Hoy works here??)

He tanked and timed, and eventually made the call. Everyone I had in chat all said that they thought I had it, and would have folded Aces. I think this is true for most the way the hand played, but against other players, I don't think this hand even gets to the turn. I think most would have shoved their Aces after my re-reraise pre, allowing me to get away...

But alas, I go down to 3k. The next hand I get Q's and no action. the next hand Irun TT into KK pre and igh....

It was definately a crzy tourny with Scott just running the field over with how he was catching. Everytime he lost a significant pot he would double the very next hand. Just sick the run of cards he was catching. And not just premium hands pre, but his aggression was always rewarded with a great flop turn or river.

He didn't know about the BBThree. It was late when I invited him, but he now has the info and I'm sure will continue to participate, at least as time allows and for this month.

I wanted to point that out because I heard on BDR last night late a few thinking that it would be a dick move for him not to continue to play now that he has such a lead on everyone else. The point is he didn't know about it yet, so I'm sure now that he does, he will.

Tonight is the MATH, and someone else gets a shot at earning some big dollars and nice opportunity to get ahead on the leaderboard....

I can't imagine what the turnout will be tonight...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Do you know what that is Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability

Firday brought a little road trip down to Atlantic City. I had a meeting scheduled and read that Jordan was thinking of making the trip.

We contacted each other and made some informal plans. I mentioned it to CK in chat and she was on board. Donkette found out and BOOOOOOOOOM she was in with Aniguy and minidonk in tow.

We started at the Borgata. Me, CK and a guy that works for me. Lasted all of about 2 hours before we up and left for the trop where we would meet jordan. He played in the tourney and the rest of us sat down at the 1/2 tables. Read here for the details for Donk has already written up a good post about it.

I left around 1 in the am was playing online by 3. Serious issues folks...

Tonight starts the BBthree and there will be a lot of money going around this one. The big game should be huge, with 40 already registered.

I have a prop bet with fuel that will make this interesting and keep the interest level in playing all of these events.

Throughout the first two challenges I have to believe I was one of the few guys that played in the most tournies. I don't think I missed one at all during the second and i think maybe one during the first. I can't see anyone making all 55 tournaments this time around. We'll have to wait and see, and maybe put a prize together for the guy or gal who actually plays the most tournies... regardless of performance.

Good luck all in the BBthree and the big game tonight. i'll post tomorrow on last nights fun with a bunch of other bloggers at the virtual tables... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!