Friday, May 29, 2009


I was traveling last night into the depths of what is called central PA. Some refer to it as Pennsyltucky. I was all over the place, from Reading to Lancaster and spent the battery on the crackberry twice.

In between calls I heard a little snippet on the new radio...

"a 57 year old Norristown man was charged with murder, after walking into the Taj Mahal and shooting 55 year old casino worker Ray Kot".

Wait a minute! I'm from Norristown!

"apparently the man was a regular at the Taj and knew Kot."


"57 year old Mark Magee sent a letter to the local news station before heading down to Atlantic city stating that he thought the Casinos were rigged in favor of the house"
um... DUH!

Then it hit me. Mark Magee... Norristown... 57 years old...

I kow this guy! He used to work with me way back in 93 when I was a super golf dude at a local course where I was the Director of Tournaments and a PGA apprentice. HOLY SHIT!

Back then, Mark was a super at the apartment complex where he lived. He also was a full time ranger, cart guy, and picked up range balls from time to time. We played golf all the time together. And more importantly, we played poker all the time together.

We would take trips down to the Taj where I would play poker and he would play roullete and black jack. I remember him hitting a couple of big scores while we were there. He was sure that roulette had a system. He read books on it. Lots of books. He carried the Mensa's guide to gambling with him and often read it while sitting in the cart between holes number 12 and 13 while directing players to errant shots.

We took trips to distant golf locations and played in pro ams and sectional qualifiers. He was a good golfer. I also remembered he had a temper, getting fired from the course for beating up another cart guy, or maybe grounds crew guy. I can't remember.

I hadn't thought of him in quite a while, but I remembered him as an overall good guy.

The whole story is here. Quite sad really. How someone could snap like this and carry through a plan that ended with taking a life is beyond comprehension. It would make more sense if he just snapped in an instant.

But to deliberatley send a hand written note to a news station, travel the 2 hours to the location, and all the time in between to obtain a weapon, write a suicide note, pick a target, stop for gas, whatever else, is just really really disturbing.

He apparently wrote a suicide note which noted his intentions to take his own life by either shooting himself or jumping off the parking garage. I guess his cowardice caught up with him and he just couldn't go through with that part of the plan.

You can read the whole story here....

Honestly, I'm in shock.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overthinking a hand - AA/ Riverchasers exit

I played the PPI/Riverchasers Tourney last night after a long day of partying at the house. We had almost 50 people (half of them kids) to celebrate Memorial day, a nieces birthday, and my parents 49th wedding anniversary.

It was a fun day with great weather, great food, and great company. We finished up around 9:30, and got the kids in bed by 9:45. Just enough time to enter the PPI/RC.

I chipped up early and was sitting around 5k when I pick up AA. Chad was at the table, and held around 6k.

With blinds at 40/80 I opened raised to 220. Two people flatted (Chad behind original caller) and we see a flop of 2d 2h 3d.

I raised a little more than 2/3's of the flop. Both call.

Now, this tells me that a flush draw is pretty much out of the question from either of them. I'm not sure about the first player but with my raise and flat on that flop, if Chad had a flush draw, a re-pop would have been optimal.

The turn comes a 7d. I lead out 900 into an $1100 pot. This should pretty much define my hand to anyone who is paying attention. Maybe not specifically AA, but no less than QQ, if in fact they are assuming an over pair.

It's with this assumption that gets me in trouble. First player folds, and Chad reraises big.

Now, normally, this is a very easy fold. My first guess was he was holding 77 or 33. The point is, there's very rarely a bluff or less than a flush here. I thought about typing something in chat about having to fold AA, but then I thought for a bit, and ultimately over thought.

Chad knows I can fold. And I thought for half a second, that 1) with my hand so well defined, it was a good spot for a bluff 2) (and maybe this is a bonehead thought) If he in fact had 77, which is what I mostly had him on, why would he decide to force the action here.

Most anyone else here I am folding 99% of the time. I just figured at this point, considering my opponent who knows this, I would try to be a hero. Which, unfortunately was for my stack.

He showed 33 and IGH. I wasn't surprised by any means. Nor was I disappointed. I guessed wrong (and am most likely wrong 70% of the time), but being right would have been so very satisfying.

Of course, there is the fact that it was a blogger tourney, and no one should ever be assuming that anyone is ever thinking at that level. Especially before the first break. Whether they have the ability or not.

There are 4 more chances left to get your seat, and I hope that everyone who doesn't have a seat at least takes a shot. It really is stupid not to, if you have the time.

The total buy-in for the last remaining 4 are $12, $11, $5.50, and $75. That's a grand sum of $103.50 for a shot at one of two Main event seats worth $10k each.

Get after it, and good luck to all.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Running Stupid Hot

No not me... Ever. I have to grind out everything... In life, career, parenting, poker... everything.

So when a friend pointed me to his Stars ROI in $4 180 mtt's, I laughed. He has been playing these exclusively for about 2 years. His ROI? 395%.

I call him luck sack. Why? You ever play one of these things? On Tilt they are $2 -180 man mtt's.

So I played one last night to prove a point. While I played a $5 45 person simultaneously. I final tabled both, but the 180 took precedence. Only because I wanted to see how stupid the beats would be.

I have played the $8 180's a few times, winning it twice, and final tabling it thrice, out of about 20 tries over the last two years or so. But I usually don't have the patience to sit there for 4-5 hours for the pay out without gut shoving every single nut draw that comes my way.

However, last night turned out pretty to be pretty calm. There wasn't a whole bunch of retardedness going on, and I was watching 7 pounds while I was playing, which was a good and necessary distraction. When we got down to about 30 I had just been hovering just around 12k.

I managed to more than double up over 2 hands that saw me dodge no less than 12 outs twice each time. I even surprised my rail bird friends demanding comments like, "who are you?", and "no way that just held".

I managed to get cut in half in a B v B situation when I was dealt AT in the small and it folded to me. I raised 3x's (1200) into a 10k stack. I had been stealy up to that point and he reraised me to 3800. I guessed he was re-stealing with the likes of a small pair to KQ or so, so I shoved. He called and tabled 66. I missed and went down to 10k again.

The next hand I shoved AcJc from the c/o only to be called by the bb holding AQ. He held and now I'm sitting at 2400 or so.

The next sequence of hands show me cracking AA twice within 7 hands. I shoved both times, once with KQ and the next with 99. The KQ hand I flopped the joint, and the 99 hand I turned the 9.

I managed to take 4th in that one after gettting back up to about 25k and avoiding some suckyouties, only to jam a short stack from the small with Js2s. BB had AQ and IGH.

Now, my lucksack statement to friend with an almost 400% ROI in these things on Stars relates to the fact that to do that well in such a large, inexpensive field overtime requires jams to hold up, not be coolered, and saved when you are dominated. It's not about his inability to play, and only to rely on hitting 3 outers when he gets in bad.

One of the bigger hands I had was when I managed to get the chip lead along the way was when I held KK in the bb. The c/o raised I reraised, and he shoved. He was a big stack as well, and he showed QQ.

I saw this happen no less than 7 times during the tournament, on my table alone. You gotta be pretty lucky to dodge them in any large field tournament.

Another qualifier is that this guy doesn't play a whole bunch. So it's not like he is playing 300 tournaments and winning 100. He is cashing in almost all of them. And believe me, this guy is pretty aggro. He's no nit limping into the cash, and then shoving from there.

It was fun though, and I think I might play more of these instead of the 6 max sng's I've been playing. The doom switch has been on all week for me in the single table sng's. Always running into AA or KK, or sets to two pair or straights to sets. It happens. But these longer tournaments are fun, and I might just be able to find the time to play more. Especially at 1am.

I won two $10 45 person sng's over the last 2 weeks, out of the 4 I played, and took 2cnd in another $5 45. They're just time consuming. In comparison, I don't know how I manage to run so poorly in blogger tournaments. CK put a post up about familiarality. Maybe there is something to that. I'm sure it has to do with the stakes as well. I just don't care. Sometimes, I put those out of my head and just focus on playing well, and winning. When I do that, I usually do very well. But as an example, when I was short last night, it came with 3 left to the cash. A railer pointed that out to me, and advised to fold til 18 ($3.80). I laughed and said I was sitting on a couch that contained no less thatn $37 in coins in it. Commence sucking out on AA twice in 7 hands.

I will be playing the Brit on sun, and if basketball goes south, I will be playing the big game on sunday night. We'll see what goes down.

Happy Memorial day weekend to everyone. Backyards and bbq's are on tap all weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Am I to be bathed, or Drowned?

I spent the day at the Borgata yesterday figuring out the schedule for the Summer Open. It will be a very cool gig and people should be playing, or at least following the action. Which you will be able to do here.

It was a long exhausting day, and I didn't play one hand. When we finally got everything sorted out, I headed home just in time to play the noskillz event.

I wasn't to high on the idea of playing, but since we are in the last week of qualifying, and participation has been down a bit, I figured I would give it my support.

I chipped up rather nicely, hitting flops and having my hands hold up. I had a few suckouts against me and called off one too many bets with two pair or less on coordinated boards, but that was just to keep some honest.

I hit a big double up to about 7k in chips with around 30 left and got into the top 5 of chip leaders.

Then I woke up.

That's right. I woke up. Approximately around 6am. And I had no idea where I was. I was still sitting up on the couch hand on the touch pad, as if I had played in my sleep. The laptop had shutoff from the battery running down.

When I logged on, I saw that I finished in 12th. There was some IM's as well...

pokerenthusiast: LOL YOU FELL ASLEEP!

kat: Hit me up when you're back


I didn't feel particularly tired when I got home. With the exception of falling asleep a few times on the way home (which is a common occurrence), I felt pretty good.

Had some conversations on the phone, helped a neighbor put in a water line for his new fridge, and put the kids to bed. Then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM... X's for eyes. I wonder if the wife slipped a mickey in my evening scotch.

Now, normally, this isn't a big deal. But I was running good, and felt somewhere along the line that the standard 2 and 3 outers might be able to be avoided this time around.

That leaves the Mookie tonight, and the brit and big game on sun. I think I'll be able to make the sun games and I'll def play the Mookie tonight.

Hope to see you all there!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Death once had a "near Chuck Norris" experience

Sloppy weekends are a waste of time. Sloppy anything are a waste of time really (with the exception of sloppy foods, obv.).

I played the mini FTOPS yesterday ($12 NLHE KO Deep stack). There were over 15,000 participants, and first place was over $21k. I managed to slip into a top 5 stack when I tripled, then doubled that with 8's hitting a set both times.

The second was a middle set on a 789 ds flop. I was behind two aggressors with pretty solid stacks, and figured I would squeeze the flop action. If either wanted to come along for the ride with the draws, I was willing to race.

Three levels later I hadn't seen a hand, and all attempts to steal pre were met with reraises and jams. The problem was my steals were with nothing more than K high, therefore leaving me powerless to defend.

I managed to blind my way down to 11k at 500/1000 blinds only to shove a suited AJ. The lone caller has KK, and igh.

I had a guy come over yesterday who has won a $2500 seat into the WSOP NLHE event, #11 (I think). He came to my house to sign the paperwork, and get squared away for his trip. He is leaving on the 3rd of June and staying until the 14th. The event he is playing in goes off on the 5th.

This is his first trip to Vegas, and he is making it on his own. Now, in Vegas for the first time ever, by yourself, for two weeks, to take a shot at a $2500 nlhe tourny, and to figure out what to do with the rest of your time... well, let's just say I am a little feaful for his well being. Both physical and mental well being that is.

He is a young kid, who is at least intelligent, and very savy. But I still worry, as I would for anyone who is going to Vegas for the first time, by themselves. I'm sure I'll have Al look after him for a bit, although I'm not sure thats the smartest idea in terms of keeping the kid safe and on the right path.

If any of you are out there during that time and wish to keep tabs on him, show him around, or even meet him once to give him an idea of what to expect in his first WSOP, I would be grateful. (CK, I'm looking your way).

I'm sure I'll get to Train, and Pauly with a request of at least a hello, and "any questions you have" type of stuff.

I hope to write about his trip while he is out there, as we will be keeping tabs on his progress.

Don't forget the RPT/ PPI event tonight on Full Tilt...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Borgata $500k Guarantee

Check out the coverage for the Borgata $500k which starts today here.

This is a great event that will certainly bring out a crowd, and a good preface to their Summer Open starting in about 3 weeks.

Check it out!

Friday, May 15, 2009

First place is a new Cadillac, second place is a set of steak knives, third place is... you're fired

I like that quote. It encourages winning. I think we should use this more in the T-ball leagues. Instead of everyone gets an at bat, and a standing applause for accidentally knocking the ball off the "T", we should be vilifying the little fuckers for being so inept at eye/ hand coordination.

Ok, that's a little harsh. Maybe they just get banished to the cage until they get get some chops.

Last night I was reading upstairs with the boy before his bedtime. It was about 7:30. I read mine, he reads his. Actually, he doesn't read. He just looks at the shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, and screams for my attention.

We both fell asleep at around 7:45pm. I never woke up until 6:30 this morning. I think that's the first time that has happened for me in about 15 years.

Now, you would think that I would be all full of energy and life, raring to go! Unfortunately, I'm a little salty. I'm awake, and energized, and not feeling exhausted. But I'm a little cranky. Go figure.

We'll see what the day brings.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogger Poker

I played another Mookie last night, despite my announcement on the table of the skills game that I would never play another Blogger tourney again.

My frustration stems, not from the horrid run of luck, nor the retarded amount of 2-3 outers that come about every third hand. These are to be expected, and happen in almost every MTT, SNG, and ring game that we play in.

What has become frustrating is the conversation that ensues. The ridiculous hypocrisy that takes place on these tables.

For instance, when player A sucks out, you can be sure that you'll hear terms like, well, I thought you were making a move, or, I had outs, or, I was making a move. But the reverse never gets considered when it happens to them. Instead you get countless questions on who that player is, and "why he's so horrible", and "how does that donkey even get to sit", and "wow, no one knows how to fold."

Usually there are condescending terms when they suck out like "you wouldn't understand", and "Oh please, like I put you on a hand every time"

I was in the BB on one occasion. It was checked to me in the BB while I was holding some horseshit hand. I flop top two pair, and bet every street. Eventually stacking the small blind who decided to limp from the small with AK. He calls all the way down and goes out. Then makes the comment, "Note to self: Riggs over defends his BB".

All I did, was take a check, flop perfect, and bet the whole way. He made one raise, and that was a shove on the turn where the only possile hand that could have had me was a set. Sorry, but I don't give credit to pocket pairs in the sb when the LIMP. Maybe it's a leak. The point is, at no time did I call anything, other than the shove which was less than my initial bet.

Last night I got off to a pretty good start. I raised preflop with 66. Someone out of position called with J6o. Flop came J 6 x turn x river x. I bet the whole way with him calling down, and earned a little more than half his stack.

I get into it with him the next hand where I raise up pre with AK. He flats again. The flop comes A Q X two hearts. I bet the flop and he shoves. Its another 1700 for me to call, and I thought I was behind. My thoughts were that it's entirely possible he has AQ, and in the least he has a flush draw. So I fold. And he shows AQ.

I move along the tournament cold decking when I get into it with a short stack, this time, I have AQ. I raise pre, and he flats. Flop comes an A and I bet, he shoves and I call. HE shows AK.

I exit the mookie in the bb with AQ when numbono (in the sb) raises to all folders. I reraise, he shoves, I call as what was left in my stack determined. He holds AK. IGH. I don't mind that. It happens.

I lost the skills game when my stack was effectively taken when I had AA vs KQ I raise, he calls. flop comes 8 8 x. I raise he calls. Turn comes a Q I raise he calls, river comes a Q I raise, he repops, I call (one more bet), He has KQ. Last weeks mookie was a UTG shove with AQ with me sitting in the bb with AA. Turn and river come Q Q. It's these spots where I seem to never get any traction. So be it. I understand. But the conversations afterwards are retarded, and it's getting to me. Which is a rare case for me, if you know me.

Do something bad and get rewarded, I have excuses. Have something done unto you and lose, A million reasons, and hate why the other person shouldn't even be on the table.

Its getting old. Last night I played the Dookie. Someone asked who Shipfaced was. Apparently he won the Mookie. He doesn't play many blogger tournies, but he won a seat into the TOC last BBT as well, by winning the HOY.

Shipfaced is a Riverchasers player. That is to say, I met him from playing on my tour. If you were at the last BASH, you met him. But Shipfaced is also an accomplished PLO player and has won $100k's playing PLO on FT against the likes of Benjyamin, Matasow, and Antonius.

I didn't see the hand in the Mookie, but the person at the Dookie who asked about it started denegrating this guy based on his OPR ranking in Hold'em and whatever play he just made in the mookie. It makes me laugh. For the person questioning this guys skill probably couldn't hold his jock in any area of poker success.

The egos are getting too much. Play online poker for 2-5 years and apparently your an expert. And qualified to question everyone else play but your own. I understand the trash talking, and I understand the ribbing. That's fun. And frustration is OK as well. But the calling out of other players has to stop. The hypocrisy has got to stop. It's sucking the fun out of everything.

I would think for most of us, based on my own experience, that online poker is nothing more than entertainment. It's for fun, nothing more. I don't play enough on line to be serious. I don't focus when I'm playing, I don't take it as beneficial other than just having the ability to see massive amounts of hands. Playing for 2-3 hours at a time, while IM'ing friends and watching a show or working, i.e. a million other distraction, is not conducive to success at anything.

From the mouth of Julius Goat... Be excellent to each other. Cause it's getting pretty friggin' boring.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Over the years I have learned two incontrovertable facts... There is a God, and I'm not him

re-posted from Riverchasers

Nothing stirs up debate, argument, and pure in- fighting than Religion. Hitting a two outer on the river after calling all streets comes a close second.

95% of the world believe in a supreme being. Seth obviously has an objection to uniform religion. As do I. But I live my life according to the religion I was raised in. I just so happen to choose so. I'm not a religious man, but I am a spiritual one.

I educate my children in Catholicism for no other reason than I am too lazy to do it myself. After they're older, they can choose which way their intellectual and spiritual curiosity takes them.

Growing up, I had an Aunt and Uncle (Uncle was a Rabbi) who were Jewish, so I participated and learned a lot about the Jewish faith as well.

I've also studied, and learned a lot about many other religious throughout history. One thing can be said of all. They all believed in a supreme being, and they all, at one point, had at least one messiah/ prophet/ son/ whatever.

Whether you choose to believe or follow a supreme being is up to you. Whether you choose to believe religion was made up as a control mechanism, or something similar is your choice as well. You can choose not believe that it all spawns from our lack of understanding of space, or astronomy. But to think the world we live on, and the universe we live in just so happened to show up, is a tough nut for me to swallow.

I'm an educated man, and continually strive to find answers. Not to disprove or incite a conspiratorial subject, but to learn all possibilities and how they might effect our futures.

Humans are story tellers. We all like to be the source of information, and when we tell it, we tell it through our eyes. Our experience. This is why written history is so unreliable, and usually why the truth falls somewhere in the middle. Almost always.

Monday, May 11, 2009

People who speak in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch

Turned out to be a nice weekend 'round these parts. We held a party at the house on Sat for my daughter who turned 11, and my nephew who turned 2. Neighbors, friends, and bbq. Doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house while mom slept in (Mothers Day present... better than a new Lexus!), and then over to the in-laws for dinner.

Along the travels were trips to the grocery store, Target, liquor store, beer store, etc. I ran into a guy I had known growing up, and was quite a good friend growing up. We had lost touch after an incident that involved poker of all things.

We're talking about 15 years of not seeing this guy. We had heard from friends and family how each other was doing, but we never spoke. Nor made an attempt to speak. Why?

Well, let's just say the poker game we last saw each other at was less than friendly. He was never much of a player, and doesn't play anymore today. But that last night ended in a very heated argument, and one of us ending up through a door.

The details are of no consequence, other than a stupid argument came between friends about something retarded in a hand of poker, which led to a complete separation of what was a pretty good friendship.

The pity of it was that the rest of the guys stopped getting together, and we all just floated our separate ways. This was a good group of guys. But two egos collide and the group suffers needlessly.

Now, we were all young back then. Today, I would like to think cooler heads prevail.

But back then a little testosterone and some bullshit during a poker game managed to take away 15 years of experiencing the lives, missing opportunities, and just having some good times, with guys you already knew and know.

We did however speak at the pizza place, and guess what happened. We talked about that night, and each said our apologies. We traded back and forth with experiences, careers, family, etc.

And now we are having a beer. Probably tonight, or this afternoon. Now, this is a goddamn boring story, and who the fuck cares, and I'm not really trying to make a point.

But I have thought long and hard this weekend about teaching my kids how to recognize that these things happen. But they're never worth missing out an entire lifetime of experience with people who help shape who you become.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just plain Bangin'!

Well, well, well!

What a hell of a week. It's been crazy really. Not withstanding all of the global drama that's been distracting, such as Pirates, swine flu, and Pres. Obama's completion of his 100 days (whatever the hell that means) - we've also had Ms. California, who stated her beliefs that she thinks marriage should stay between a man and a woman, WITH the caveat that she doesn't mind others beliefs, she gets rammed by the press, hence the rest of the sheep who don't take the time to listen to anything more than sound bites, and go directly to hanging the accused.

Not that it means much anyway because in about 48 hours there will be another story with the prerequisite sound bites good for twittering and blogging about that which will make each person who does so feel a little less worse about their life because the attention is on somebody else's perceived failures.

But enough of the bad stuff. Let's talk about what's good.

Seems there's a lot to celebrate here in blogger world. Let's review shall we.

First - Buddy and Jo decide to get hitched. * and hit like for a gabillion dollars at that slots. That's hot!

Second - The Wife gets a job that puts her in the upper echelon of the corporate world, and demands a move to sunny California. The Doc loses another opportunity with a life goal because one of the pistons ain't firing, but that's probably a good thing. Because the wife will now be able to pony up a bangin' later model newer one where he won't look so much like magnum PI, but will still be able to eat up the corners of any Californian valley highway. Preferably along the coast line. (all supposition really. I'm dreaming a little with the Doc.)

Third - LJ escapes New York Corporate life, including the landscape to go live nearer/ with lucksack loved one, AND gets an apparent dream job withint the poker industry. As a marketing chic none the less. Which, let me tell you, Marketing gigs are the shiznit. Above all other positions.

Fourth - Al gets to spend AWWLL of the WSOP series in Vegas. Let us bow our heads in a moment of prayer for AL and thos who cross his path during the series so that they may be safe and awake from all forms of debauchery, no worse for the wear....

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Fifth, and finally - Old School bloggers abound with TOC seats! Seriously, that's a big thing. And good thing as well. The only thing missing is Otis and Iggy taking their shots and ultimately getting there. I was rooting for Drizz last night but as soon as I logged back on (after going out midway) and saw him with a big stack, a short moment of elation (about 2 seconds) of thinking "wow, he's got a shot here... AND it's his game!" was quickly dashed with the realization that it was a) online poker and b) the almost undoubtedness that the RNG would deal AAKQ ds to both him and the other big stack, only for drizz to be flushed away. (MAN! that was a long sentence!!!)

So I've been reading about, watching a ton of shows on armaggedon. I love this shit, and seriously hope to be around when it happens. No, I'm not s sicko. Well, maybe, but I think it would be cool to try an survive it. Almost fun, really.

So I was reading Falstaff's post about buying a weapon, and the doc left a post script in his comment about virus' being the largest single threat to humanity. I think I will have to disagree a little. In the sense that the biggest threat to humanity is starvation. We will eat ourselves off this planet before anything else even has the chance to take us out.

Now, the lack of resources, and the impending aftermath will certainly help breed and spread those viruses, so they will have an effect. But I think more directly, it will be mayhen when everyone is trying to find that last cheeseburger.

So to recap - it won't be a rock flying into us. It won't be nuclear war. It certainly won't be an ice age. We can survive that. Unless you get caught in the eye of that storm a'la the Day After Tomorrow movie and immediately freeze up! Now THAT would be cool!!!

But all of those instances will be the cause of the more impending issue of being able to eat. Survive the blast, but now feed yourself. Man can't survive on salt alone. Just Sayin'! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RIP - Dom Deluise

A huge loss today from one of my favorite character actors growing up. I absolutely loved this guy.

Captain Chaos in the Cannonball Run has to be one of the funniest rolls.

Ah well, at least we have youtube to remember his work!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogger relations

Goat and I had a conversation via IM the other night. We were discussing the newly engaged Buddy and Jo... What a great thing btw.. Congrats to both!

But here is how the convo went...

Goat: I think this may be the first ever blogger engagement
Riggs: Maybe, I think Gracie and Pablo count
Goat: Pablo wasn't a blogger though
Riggs: Who cares... although I think he was/ is
Goat: Seriously, I don't think so
Riggs: Blogger I says
Goat: hmmm.. you sure?
Riggs: Don't you have some annoying videos to make, or some stupid lost post?
Goat: Whooooaaaaa! Big boy. I'm just sayin', I don't think Pablo was ever a blogger.
Riggs: Who cares...
Goat: Dude, you're such a bitch! Change your pad
Riggs: Sorry man... All jammed up.
Goat: Go fuck yourself
Riggs: I deserved that
Goat: Did you see the last Lost episode?

Truly, congrats to Buddy and Jo on their engagement. I asked numbono how he thought it would have went down. He posted his thoughts here.... I think its dead on!