Wednesday, January 28, 2009

waffles and Oh Captain are light weights

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

Borgata Main Event - Winter Open

The Main evet is humming along, and thhe crew have left the premises for today. We will be back tomorrow to give you the final 27, or whatever they play down to tonight. I believe Al will still be posting today on the wordpress blog, with updates he gets through our contacts down there, we'll see what transpires.

We left last night after play stopped at about 12:30am, and headed back west. Problem was that it had been snowing most of the night. Probably a good 3 inches, and was still snowing pretty hard.

Our biggest worry was my ability to stay asleep, but of course, we have dealt with that before, so, no big deal.

The snow was fun at first. I was doing doughnuts in the parking lot of the Borgata while Al was asking, or stating rather, that I was 12. I laughed with a child like "weeeeeeeeeee" as I kept accelarating ad then yanking up the emergency break into fish tails. What fun!

The ride home proved a little more exhausting trying to focus on how to stay in the lanes when it was snow covered. Top speed was 40 which made a usual 2 hour ride into 4 and half. It was fun but very painful. Kind a like Jack frost giving you head while wearing braces. Painful cause he's wearing braces, and well, Jack implies that it was a guy. Fun because, well, it's still head!

Ayway, I want to thank Smokkee for coming out and giving us a hand. He had a great time and paid for more than his trip out here with the juicy cash tables at Borg. East coast players are such blasters! I also want to thank the TV crew for filming the interviews that you don't even know exist yet because we haven't gotten them up. But they are coming. I promise. Chris Short of Short productions, and Jeff Shurilla were excellent and provided some very good content that I'm sure you will all enjoy.

The Borg put on another incredible show that was met with comments like, "this is really the best tournament in the country by far", so said Eric Lynch. He was speaking directly about the structure. He also stated that the guarantee was a huge part of it. It was a $2 million guarantee which they blew out of the water as they always do.

A lot of big names were there and they all said the same thing. The B is probably going to do the same thing in June and everyone here said they were definately coming back.

I got some really good one on one interviews with some bigger names and will finish the post on the state of poker by this weekend. I lose my seeding abilities after friday so I'll have the time to do it. If you don't know what I am talking about then you don't know me. So figure it out.

Check the wordpress site for updates. Tomorrow will be a interesting for sure.

Monday, January 26, 2009

You're my kid brother Mikey!! Did 'ja evah dink of that??!?!?!

That's the way pop wanted it.... WELL IT'S NOT THE WAY I WANTED IT!!!

Coverage at the Borgata is going well. We got a ton of live interviews on camera and will try to get them up later today on the wordpress blog.

I interviewed most of them myself for the State of the Union post which is almost done. It's long and I am wondering if I should post it in parts, or just the whole thing at once. I don't know why I let decisions like these torment me. Oh wait, I know. I'M CRAZY.

no beer and no tv make riggsy go crazy.... DON'T MIND IF I DO!!

It's been a rough one on me having to travel back and forth every day because of commitments back home, and I actually never got down yesterday. It was a bummer for me because day 1's are always the best. Today is day 1b and after a meeting up here I will be heading back down.

Hopefull I can cancel a meeting for tomorrow am, and just stay down tonight. I'd hate to have to make that trip back and forth 8 times in 3 days.

Today should prove to be an interesting one. For one thing, no one knows how many of those internet pros will be playing today. I would guess that there will be more than expected. Saturday saw most hibernating before day one 1a after a raucous night of partying on friday.

Those who didn't have their seats yet were still trying the satellites, while the those that did slept til the late afternoon, had a bite, then went straight back to their rooms to get some more rest.

That made saturday a pretty boring day, but we still had the final table of the HOSE to cover and some scheduled interviews that lasted about 20 minutes a piece.

When the Borgata announced that they were running a 3k main event last October for their Winter Open, and that the WPT wouldn't be involved, there was a lot of skepticism from the west. I had spoke to a few pros and agents what they had thought about it. The replies were laced with confusion, disappointment, and criticism.

Well, all of that must have changed from then til now because it is a happenin' place, and some of the interviews will reflect that. Poker is changing, and this is proof. Only not in the way you think it is.

Continue following the series at Today should be interesting.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Do you hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.

Headed down yesterday to the Borgata to get the crew set up and start reporting on the Borgata Winter Open. Had a couple of meetings and then hit up the Media Day event.

I think there were a total of 20 players. One of the good guys, Chris Short of Short productions, and who will be taking the video for the event on Saturday took down the whole thing winning the rights to his name on a charity of his choice for $5k.

The Rooster was down, and along with Al and myself, the rest of the crew hit up the Gypsy bar for a little after media tourny party. The Gypsy bar is a tequila bar and they had a little tasting there for us. I don't remember too much about hte tequila history as being told to us by the bartender because her tatoos and jumblies kept distracting.

Lacey Jones chatted it up in the corner with some of the crew setting up some time for some good interviews on Saturday. I have scheduled some other ones as well, so with Al blogging and the rest of the crew getting some audio interviews, and video interviews, we should be just bangin' with content.

I pick Smokkee up from the airport tonight and head straight down to AC. We will be blogging off of the link below, so please pass the word and check out all the good stuff we will be doing!

Good luck to all you Bloggers and RPT'ers who wil be playing and we'll be sure to cover your progress

Pimp this link for coverage if you feel so inclined!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Borgata Winter Open!

Heading down tomorrow to handle some business and get after the Media event that is being held at the Borgata.

The Winter Open has been off to a good start and I am heading down with a good crew to bring you even better coverage of the events happenings.

Al, Smokkee, Christa, even a visit from High On Poker will keep you informed of all the haps. I hear lucko is making his way down, so I would assume that others will be following. Wolves tend to travel in packs.

If you feel so inclined, rip this little logo off of the site here ad pimp at your own will..

We will have commentary, pictures, ad even live video shots of all that happens, as well as some very cool interviews of some pros, celebrities, and thos that are able to host such a fine event.
As some of you already know, I joined facebook today making me more gay than I already am.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I made mention in the previous post that even the Eagle hater, Meryll Hodge had picked the Eagles. Well, that didn't happen. Hodge picked the Cards, showing me how much of a fraud that clown is. I watched an interview on ESPN or some other sports network before he made his pick on the ESPN site, and he made mention how the Eagles "D" would get after Warner and the Cardinals offense like they had never seen. He talked up the Eagles pretty hard, so I assumed he would be picking the Eagles.

That didn't happen. I have received comments about the Cardinals winnig, and heard some commentary on reasons why they will win. I happen to agree with most of that commentary on how they will win, or why they did win if they do.

There is no doubt they are playing on a different level, ad their offense is running on all cylinders right now. I love Warner, Edge is back, and Fitzgerald is one hell of a kid. I know him personally from a friend who taught him when he attended Valley Forge Military Academy. Very cool young dude.

I won't be surprised if they win, but I have to believe that the Eagles will be in Warners face all day long. If that happens, I can't see Arizona putting up any kind of fight. Unless of course McNabb plays his "every other week" type of game. But this isn't the regular season. Andy has changed up a little and there are very cagy veterans on this team that know exactly what to do and more importantly, recognize this as a last chance type of deal as well.

I don't see this as a close game at all. One team will have all the mojo and will move the ball pretty easily. Eagles 31-17.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are a little harder of a call. Even though Vegas has Stillers at a 6 point favorite I can't see this as being such an easy call. Most "experts' have picked the Stillers, and this one seems to have been already decided.

But how can you discount Flacco? More importantly, how do you dismiss the Ravens Defense. The steeler's offense isn't what I call a juggernaut. Although they are solid all around, I think the Ravens d will take this game a little more serious than a regular season contest.

It's exactly because of this D why Flacco has had the success he has. His numbers aren't that stellar either but he doesn't turn the ball over. But the Steelers still have the obvious edge with experience and just overall a better team.

Steelers 20 Ravens 14.

An all PA Superbowl in the making. I was going to try to live blog the game, but will be too busy partying while watching so that's not going to happen. Have fun watching!

Friday, January 16, 2009

God Bless Savanah and all the men she propagates!!

Ah the cold weather, the nearing of an end to Football season, the beginning of REALLY watching basketball and hockey, and of course, pitchers and catchers! No, I'm not referring to Fuel and Waffles... I'm referring to the opening of spring training.

The awesomest of awesome World Series winners start on their trek to repeat in '09. Oh. Wait. What? The Eagles are still playing? They are? They were 9-6 and 1 for the season. How the hell do they make the playoffs let alone get through them to the Conference Championship?

They're playing the Cardinals?? The ARIZONA Cardinals? BLAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Super Bowl Here we come!!!! Christ we had our way with them on Thanksgiving, why should this game be any different. Hell, even Merryl Hodge, the bigget Eagles hater this side of John Madden picked them to win the damned game. How could we possibly lose? Ship it, and bring on the Stillers/Ravens. Either way, doesn't matter... It's DESTINY!!!


Yeah yeah yeah, we destroyed them on Thanksgiving, but this is not the same team we played on Thanksgiving. This team actually has grown a defense who thinks the ball belongs to them on every play. The Cardinal defense has been flying around the ball during the playoffs, scoring touchdowns, creating turovers, and overall wreaking havoc on whichever offense happens to be on the field.

Now, I don't know that I believe they will win. I have to believe the Eagles win first and foremost because I am a fan of the Eagles. But this is certainly no 2 outer for the Cards. They are at home. They have THE best receiver in the game. Fitzgerald is a god out there. Boldin decides he wants to play. I don't know if that decision adds any problems but it certainly doesn't make it any easier. Edgeran James finally showed up. Hightower causes problems.

Kurt Warner is a dinosaur, but the man can still put the ball up a ducks ass while in flight if he chooses to (and has a little protection). I highly doubt this is going to be as easy a game as most seem to be making it out to be.

In town here, it seems as if people are at ease with the notion that the Eagles will win based on the fact that the Phillies won the World Series, therefore, it's the Eagles turn. If the Phillies can do it, so will with Eagles. This makes no sense to me and poses quite the paradigm shift for Philadelphia fans. Based on our history of impending doom, and always waiting for the other shoe to drop, you would think that most would believe that we have absolutely NO shot of winning BECAUSE the Phillies already HAVE won the WS.

But something has changed 'round here. Despite the ridiculous amout of statistics going against the Eagles winning this game (The most damning being that the team that has beaten the defeding Super Bowl Champions in the playoffs is a combined 0-9 in the following game), the fans around here seem to be content. At ease. Confident.

Astonishing really. But I'll take it. It beats listening to sports radio and all the crazies calling in BEGGING for the host to set his mind at ease and tell them that the Eagles will win, "cause they just don't feel it". Because this time around, apparently, they already do.

Sunday I turn 40, and will have a whole slew of folks over watching the game and tossing some cards around. The day itself will represent nothing to me other than hanging out with family and friends, and celebrating the Eagles playing in the NFC Champ game. Hopefully we can celebrate a win as well. I do have my "playoff beard" going. Been going for two weeks now. I'm not superstitious, just supportive. I wouldn't mind wearing it for another two weeks either.

I hope you all a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WTF is your problem???? Shorty, small fry, Half pint, dwarf...

I'm guessing you have read, heard, or experienced the cold that has covered parts of the nation. I always thought Global Warming meant, well, warming. (go easy there Goat... breathe my man... breathe) I'm only kidding. JJ isn't, but I am :)

At any rate, it's coming this way and I figured I oughta check the news this morning to determine weather (pun intended) or not to ship the kiddies off to the bus stop, or just drive them in myself. Actually the wife figured to instruct me to find the info. Once I made her realize it was my decision to do so, and not just laying down to orders, I turned on the local fox channel.

They have the hottest chics so that's were I go for my info. Anywho, Sean Landetta, a punter in the NFL for 237 years, and once an eagle was on the set talking about the upcoming battle of the birds.

Man I wish I could find the video! If I do I will be sure to post it. The conversation was meant to be informative I guess, but the chic interviewing him got salty when he explained that the Cards defense was playing their best, the Cards were home, and therefore, the Eagles would have one hell of a time.

The interview was going very well. It started out very happy and giddy, talking mostly about punters, Seans thoughts on Sav Rocca and his road from rugby player to NFL punter. Lots of highlights of Sean and Sav, and then his take on the upcoming playoff game.

This chic is spunky. Very happy, very silly and was getting everything she wanted. Then he gave his predicition. She exclaimed "The Cardinals???" He looks at her with fear and says, "Well, yes.... (visually see him clear his throat) but the Eagles will win."

BLAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! Turned this dude right there on live TV with nothing more than a look.

She looks at thim with eyes high and to the right, and says, "OH". Pauses for another half a second and says, "well at least the NFL doesn't discriminatet against short people. Not that it mattered for you anyway, you were just a punter... Maybe I should try out".


Then she puts her hand on his bald head and says, "I'm just kidding... love the hair"!

Fox goes right to the bumper and then commercial. You gotta love philly chics!

Monday, January 12, 2009

In football, you have the offense and the defense. You can't have one without the other. Respect will be paid.

That is really what yesterday Eagles Giants game was all about. Defense. And the best defense won. I don't know if I have made myself clear on this little piece of virtual parchment, so I will say it here...

I hate the Giants. Everything about them. Eagles fans are supposed to hate the Cowboys. I don't. They're supposed to despise the Redskins. I don't. The Giants are a team that nobody really likes, being that they are a division rival, but real hatred is saved for the aforementioned.

Normally I would get all amp'd up about this game. Playoffs, win and move on, against the Giants, etc...

But as I settled in to watch yesterday's contest, I did so with realistic expectations. The Eagles haven't actually lit it up this year, nevermind the last three weeks. The offense has been conspicuously absent. The Giants had a week off, and have played well all season long. They were playing in NY (or NJ, rather), but home nonetheless.

I liked our chances, but there were so many intangibles going in, that I really didn't have any expectations, other than watching a football game. Who could make any predicitions? They split the season. Both wins were by 6 points. Experts had tried to discount the second win as meaning nonthing for the Giants, and an absolute must win for the Eagles. That held no water in my book because the Cincinatti game AND the Redskins game, both late in the season were must win games for the Eagles, and they played them both like highschoolers. Turned out that they weren't must win games, but at the time, it was pretty urgent for the Eagles to get a W.

I stated on other blogs that after the MN win, I figured we were free rolling, and anything else was gravy. I expected NY to show up and just dessimate the Birds with a running attack that would be most likely, having its way.

But that didn't happen. 138 yds rushing isn't shabby. But when it fails to produce points, it's meaningless. During the first quarter, it looked as if the Giants were going to have their way. Eli mmade one mistake that turned into 7 points for the Eagles. It was an offensive touchdown on the books, but really more of a defensive score. At the end of the first quater, the Eagles had managed 10 total yards of offense. I really thought at that point that it was only a matter of time before the Giants got their act together and just started owning.

Amazingly so, that never happened. Anytime they got some momentum, the Eagles D stepped up and stopped them in their tracks. It was quite uncanny.

The biggest play of the whole game came in the third quarter. Fred Robbins had just intercepted McNabb on the second play of the quarter. Giving the Giants awesome field position and a reason for Eagles fans to shiver. The defense once again stopped them, but it lead to a Carney field goal which put the Giants ahead 11-10.

The next series, Mcnabb threw two incompletions, and Todd Herremans was called for a holding penalty. This put the Eagles at 3rd and 20 from their own 15 yard line. Now let's look at that. It's immediately after half time. The eagles give up an interception, leading to 3 points and a Giant lead. They are now faced with 3rd and 20 from their own 15 yard line. The eagles have been inept at offense the whole game. Westbrook has been neutralized. McNabb has nothing going. What happens?

The Giants are in man coverage and bringing the heat. Justin Tuck gets a hand on McNabb, but he steps up in the pocket to get away from him. Mathias Kiwanuka gets two hands on McNabb, grabs the right side of his jersey, and it looks for about half a second as if McNabb is getting sacked aroud the 7 yard line. But that doesn't happen. He steps up and throws a rocket into the wind directly to Jason Avant who broke off of his route, curling in making him wide open at the 28 yard line. He was still short of the first by some 5 yards. He pivoted left, running and diving to the 36 yardline as Corey Webster brought him down.

The drive continued ending up in an Akers field goal from the Giants 17 regaining the lead that would never be relinquished. Justin Tuck was quoted after the game saying that was the play that broke their back.

The Eagles D stopped the Giants on TWO 4th down conversion tries. A one yard and a two yard conversion, both stopped. It was reminiscent of the Dallas game back in the 90's. A game referred to as the ground hog game, only because the announcer had stated that after the Cowboys were given consectutive tries to make a 4th and 1 after penalites had negated the first stop. Emmit Smith was given the ball both times.

I made four observations at the end of the game.

1) Brian Dawkins is a sicko. This guy flies around the field just killing people. I whole heartedly believe that he tries to end peoples lives when he hits them. At least that's the way it used to be. He is a 13 year veteran. The last two seasons have seen him taper off a bit in the intensity department. But last week against MN, he sort of had a rebirth. He is a leader. He emulates what a football player should be. Then he interviewed with Sal Paulontonio at the end of the game. And he couldn't answer a simple question casue he started crying. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Fucking CRY???? Cry after you win the superbowl. Totally disappointed. Yeah, I get it. But reserve that emotion for your boys in the locker room. Not after a game that gets you to the NFC championship.

2) McNabb was asked during his press conference what he thought was the best play in football. Was it the 90 yard bomb, an interception that gets run back for a touchdown, a kickoff return for a touchdown? He answered very quickly, as if he didn't even need to think about it. His answer was the kneel down at the end of a game. At first I thought, "WTF??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????". The he explained... His point was that it was the best play knowing that the game was over, and that they had won. And, that they had won convincingly enough to be able to just sit on the ball, head into the locker room, celebrate, and get ready for the next contest. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Still mulling it over.

3) The stat was put up there that the Eagles have been to the NFC Championship game 5 times in the last 8 years. But we only have had one Superbowl appearance out of 4 of those, and one yet to be played. Doesn't that make the Eagles the Buffalo Bills of Conference Championships?

Don't get me wrong. I love this team. It's a winning team. They have their ups and downs, and that stat alone is ridiculous. But until they win a Superbowl, it's really nothing more than a tease. It's like saying we shot down 98 of the 99 nuclear missiles that were headed for Washington. Good stat. Some could see it as a success. But there's still that one that is going to cost lives, and destroy property.

4) Brandon Jacobs. Who doesn't want this guy on their team? Just a pure stud really. He does everything he can to help his team win. He is destructive, and plenty talented. He poses many threats to a defensive and creates a ton of problems in preparing for them. If Eli had his A game everyday, the Giants would be tough to defend against. I just don't believe that Eli is really what he is touted to be. If he was, they would pose a lot more problems to any defense. Jacobs also pointed out in an interview after the game that he believes that the Eagles are playing the best football in the league right now. And that he is on their bandwagon. He wants to see them win the whole thing. Thats a stand up comment right there from a guy who just last week said that he didn't worry about the birds, rather they should be worried about the Giants. He certainly is a gamer, and I dig the respect.

One last thing... This game wasn't about mistakes. It wasn't about who played worse. It was about the best team winning. Eli was put on ice by a dominant Eagles D. Westbrook and Buckhalter couldn't run to save their families. The Giants D did their job as well But Reid did something out of character. He stayed with the run. Running 28 times during the game. For Reid, thats a million.

Arizona is next week. I can't wait really. I'll post about that game in the upcoming days. As I said before, I have felt like the Eagles have been free rolling. Not anymore. I believe they have beaten their toughest physical competitor yesterday. Next week will pose a whole different set of problems.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I subscribe to the law of contrary public opinion... If everyone thinks one thing, then I say, bet the other way...

I thought I would try my hand at some prediction. I've read some things out there about what people think may happen in '09. All sorts of stuff from the economy, to politics, to breakouts, sports, and even who will die. So I figured why not peer into the crystal ball of poker and try to guess at what may happen.

SO here i' goes....

1. AC poker rooms will see growth again. But will lose almost half of those rooms. The growth part is absolutely a stretch, and based only on my opinion. But with hard times come hard chances. Those out of work will look to shake off the boredom and thought of impending doom with some recreational activity. And what better way than to do it in an arena where you can actually make a few bucks. The Borgata will absolutely rule the city seeing most, and carrying the average with the most upward movement. They offer the best room and most tables. The Taj will see some growth out of the fact that some other rooms just decided to fold up. A few already have, and others are already contemplating. The only thing Harrah's has going for it are the WSOP circuits they put together. But I also hear that other rooms, non-harrah's properties are going to start offering the same. Why fight the beast if that's what the players want.

2. Layne Flack will fall back into oblivion. If he hasn't already dusted off his winnings from the WSOP (HORSE REBUY he won, and he also staked Scotty Wynn in the 50k HORSE champ) he certainly will be heading down that road. I hear he took the lambasting of his actions during the filming of that final table to heart. Hopefully his life coach will straighten him out, and he can continue to play with his talent, and not his urgency.

3. Poker Icons will die. Wicked Chops linked up a story from another site that puts Brunson on the death list for '09. Number 16 out of 100 to be exact. I think thats a pretty good number, but I also think there should be more on that list. I'm going to set the long line of Helmuth finally pissing someone off beyond breaking point, and he gets a chair or something across his head that ends his days here on earth. I will also go with another long shot and say at least one other pro meets his maker while driving with some hot little thing. The combination of head and coke lines across the dash board while driving 90 can't be good. Not to mention wearing a seat belt would be impossible with either activity. Not that I would know. Just guessing, really

4. Another On-line shop will be accused of cheating its players. This is really almost a given. whether or not it will be true is another story. But you have to think that somewhere between the AP/UB scam and now, that someone is already looking into even the slightest impropriety. After all , math answers all, and someone will put an excel sheet or access database together to show a ridiculous run for someobody that will just beg an investigation.

5. Al becomes even more of a Rock Star. With his impending move to Key West, and the accomodations he has tentatively set up, plus his gig at FTP rockin', AND his propensity to lure the coolest of kats into his little circle with his unabashed style and legendary partying, it's only a matter of time before the brother gets recognized for his contributions to Poker, content, and just an overall ability to Rock. Of course this could also land him a mention in point number 3.

6. The UIGEA gets absolutely no look from the new administration. As they hurry to give everyone a couple bucks disguised as a stimulus package, take the responsibility for half the nation to pay taxes away, and spread everyone else's money around to pay for that, there's no way it gets any notice. At least any notice that will turn it over THIS year. But I suspect that towards the end of the year, based on the economy and the need to generate more revenue, someone will wake up and go ... "HEY!, Check this out!... We could make a lot of money here!".

7. Blogger land continues to thrive. I believe with the impending BBT 4, Smokees little bodog gig, and somebody else stepping up to offfer something else, you will see a couple more bloggers enter the arena. New ones. I also think some old ones will step back into the arena and the excitement will pop up a few notches.

8. WSOP will gain a wider audience. The November 9 wasn't that big of a smash this year. What they failed to do was really take advantage of the 4 month overlay. But these guys aren't stupid. I gotta think someone steps up at ESPN or Harrah's, and finally puts together a reality type of program that runs from August to November. A once a week show that highlights the players and what they are doing. Heck, they should put them all in one house and let them pimp each other. A show like this will bring a bunch of teeny bopper and lonely house wives who can't get enough of reality tv and introduce them to poker. Stocking the pond would be a good thing. Now if only they could get money on a site with no problems....

9. Yet another blogger gathering will be introduced. Eh Vegas, Okie Vegas, the Bash, Weekend at Mookies, and the December Gathering should all thrive. although the odds say that one will go on hiatus. But somewhere, somehow, someone will try to get people out to their home state for a party, just cause, well, that's what we do. Party. I will say that a Corn Vegas (buddy), Purple Vegas (drizz, oh captain) or Buy my house Vegas (Fuel) are at least considered along the way. Heck, Recess might even have a Fuel is gay party at our nations capitol. Lock that one up for me!

10. I will go out on a limb here and predict that this year we will not see any scandals in blogger world. Drama will be at an all time low. Mainly because there will be so many other things to focus on. family, career, etc. This year will count more than any other because of the global economic situation. There will be several of us that feel the pinch. But as always, the community will step it up and everyone will survive, if not thrive.

I have the state of the union address almost finished. But I am going to wait for a few weeks because I want to get some interviews with some pros. I will be seeing a lot of them at the Borgata over the next couple of weeks and I want to get their take on things. Alot of these guys are circuit grinders, just following the train of tourney's to earn their living. A lot of them are very succesful. These are the guys that will determine the future of tournament play, IMO.

I'll have some info to back that up as well. Don't jizz just yet. It's coming.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We love you Denver! City by the Bay! John Denver!

I trust everyone had a spectacular holiday and are square with getting back into the normal stretch of life. The last two weeks of every year are always sort of a mini vacation for me. I take that time doing, well, as little as possible. Then just blast into the new year with goals, decision trees, and other time management nomanclature to hopefully make the year prosperous, successful, and just as simple as possible.

There will be things to overcome this year. Death is imminent for some close ones who have become ill. Births are abound, marriages, and graduations. Some will fall on hard times financially, and some will find a way to to finally break free of their jobs and realize a dream they would never not think possible.

I have decided that online poker will no longer be able to fulfill my needs. It's not entertaining anymore, and has become nothing more than a time waster. Now, this doesn't mean that I will cease play forever. You may (and probably will) see me in a few tournies along the way, but I won't be on every day. And I certainly won't be playing at the levels I was. I will focus on live play this year and will put a list of tournaments and ring sessions together that I will play in. I have a ton of things to write, and to finish writing and will mainly focus on poker, the industry, and probably some pimps as well.

Here's to a great year! Whatever it may bring!

And don't forget about tonight.... J Goats Bankroll buster on FT. Play it, and have fun! Its the beginnig of the year for goodness sake!