Thursday, October 29, 2009

GAME 1 - 2009 World Series Recap

I told you to watch. I told you this was going to be one of the best WS to be played in a very long time.

Through 7 innings, it was. As I stated in previous posts, this team has owned Sabathia. They have proven that they hit him well. The consensus in the media was that the Phillies predominately left handed line up would struggle against the lefty Sabathia and that this game would be the one that could be the pitchers duel.

It kind of was through 7. The Phils only scored 2 hits. Both coming from Utley and both being solo home runs. But Sabathia struggled being dominate and those mistakes came from what looked like frustration to me.

I said that Utley was thought to be hurting from his hip injury and some in the Philly media may have thought that he would continue to struggle at the plate, and moreso in the field. However, the 6 days off that the Phils had between the NLCS and last night proved to Chase some good.

His first homerun was really an incredible at bat. Sabathia had thrown at least 7 pitches to Utley before serving up the fast ball low and inside. Utley hits that like a bitch and the Phils take a one run lead. The second was almost Broxton like. On an 0-2 count, Sabathia threw another fastball, only this time straight up the middle. A literal meatball. An 0-2 meatball which should just never happen from a great starting pitcher. Utley killed that ball and that brought the lead to 2, and making history by being only the second player in WS history to hit two home runs from the left side of the plate against a left handed pitcher. The other was some cat named George something or another.

Meanwhile, Cliff Lee spent his night just plain dealin'. Never before has a pitcher thrown 10 strike outs, not allowed an earned run, and not allowed a walk in World Series history. Lee was spot on, and he did so with an air of confidence that has never been reached before. This was after all, game 1 of the World Series. Not some rubber match in May against a non divisional opponent.

Lee proved to everyone that he is worthy of his Cy Young last year. This is truly one performance that is more appreciated by watching then by reading about. He gave up 6 hits in total, 3 coming from Jeter, and 1 unearned run when Rollins tried to force a double play.

What was most amusing to me was the banter going back and forth between Yankees fans and Phillies fans via facebook, blogs, twitter, and IM.

There was very little gloating going on from the Phillies fans. The comments I saw were more about the Phils performing well moreso than shots being thrown at the Yankees. But the Yankees fans were hysterical. "Philly gets lucky and they think they are champs". Um... Lucky?? Yeah, Lee's performance was a fluke. Think we are champions? Um... Reigning world fucking champions dumbass.

How is it that Philly fans get the brunt of all insults when morons out there make statements like these??

Anywho, The Yanks never managed to put forth any kind of comeback effort. Lee was just too dominating almost toying with them by basket catching an infield fly and snatching an up the middle shot behind his back as if it were an everyday occurrence, shrugging it off to his team mates as if to say, "whatever". His persona just showed everyone that he knew this game was his, and that there was no way they were losing.

After the Phils put up two more in the 8th I notice the stadium start to get a little empty. I couldn't imagine that happening anywhere. You certainly wouldn't see that in Philadelphia. It's a World Series game. You are supposed to be the most dominate team in the league. You claim to be the best fans anywhere, and everyone else pales in comparison. Yet you bail when your team is down 4 in the 8th with 6 outs left. Have you no hope? Have you no SHAME???!?!

Who are the fraud fans now? Just unfathomable to me.

The last thing I want to make note of about last night is the umpiring. Home plate ump Gerry Davis called a fantastic game. His zone was generous but fair. His calls were even and he even threw some in that made the batters swing. Some questionable calls for strikes only came when the batter was behind in the count and that happened on both sides.

Tonight is a huge game for the Yankees. It's also a huge game for the Phils. Winning tonight will give them their best chance to win the series at home, and really put the Yanks in bind. If Pedro does what he did against LA, the Yanks will be in for it. Make no mistake about Pedro as well. He seems to have a little bit of a chip on his shoulders given recent media interviews. This guy will throw his arm off as well to perform.

With Pedro facing Burnett anything can happen. A pitchers duel is possible but unlikely. I think you'll see a ton of hits and a lot of scoring, although it won't be lopsided. This one will go down to the final innings and if that's the case, I gotta give the edge to the Yanks.

They need Burnett to get into the 7th or 8th inning. If he can do that, Rivera should have an easy 6 outs. If not, the Yanks are in for it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Um, no... that's not my prediction. I don't know where to start in predicting this series. That's Jimmy Rollins prediciton. As he stated on the Jay Leno show last night.

You can read it here...

Rollins is good at making predictions though. He called the Muts out last year, the year before, and this year. He also stated that the Phils would play the Yankees in this years WS. So some credit has got to be given to this statement. :)

Realistically however, I think the Yankees will be a little bit tougher than the Dodgers. Texiera has been a huge reason that the Yankees did so well this season. His defense has won them at least 10 of the 103 they did. And stopped a game 7 against the Angels in my opinion. With 2 on and no outs he dove and made an unassisted out off of the first base bag that was nothing short of spectacular.

The post also put up another cover story that had a picture of Shane Victorino wearing a skirt and calling the Phillies the Frillies. Then doing a side by side comparison on several different points, such as Mascots, food, etc.

Here are a few...

Records: Phils - 10,000 losses NY - 26 World Championships (*sigh)

Mascot: The Phanatic NY - Kate Hudson (I don't know which one is crazier)

Best Sandwhich: Phils - Cheesesteak NY - Derek Jeter and a couple of models (Jeter wins!)

Ball Parks: Old stadium had a jail for idiot fans NY - New stadium has a steakhouse and the greatest fans on earth - HAHAHAHAHAHA Greatest FAIR WEATHER FANS on earth maybe.

Best quote - "Yo Adrian" NY - "Give me your tired, your poor, and I'll give you the city with the most hate crime. PHILLY WIN

Ok I made that last one up, but it's close. I bet!

Articles like this come out all the time denegrating the visiting teams city. Most take it personally. We here in Philly laugh it off and see it as pure comedy (as it is intended.)

All kidding aside, this World Series will be the best one in a long time. These two teams will put on a show that even the most jaded fan (Bam, I'm looking at you), should be able to enjoy. Forget the strike, forget steroids, these two teams will please. That I have no doubt about.

So get your pop corn ready Terrel.... and enjoy the ride. I thought about live blogging game 1, but I will be too entrenched watching the game and going crazy with every pitch.

Have fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 MLB WORLD SERIES - Phils v Yanks!

Get your asses on the edge of the seats folks because this years World Series should interest even the most casual of baseball fans. The dream has come true.

The New York Yankees, having won 103 games this year and being the best offensive team in all of baseball will face the Philadelphia Phillies. Reigning world champs who have fought and scratched their way back to the series after a very awesome post season.

Think about this...

The Phils gave up 17 saves this year. 17!! That's a ridiculously stupid number for a team to overcome and still dominate the post season.

Some features of this game - Yanks and Phils are each number one in their leagues when it comes to offense. Yanks and Phils stadiums are 1 and 2 in the category of parks that allowed the most home runs. The two most pertinent facts about that is that the Yanks stadium is way above the Phils in HR's allowed, and that the Phils hit more home runs on the road this year.

The Phils have had a remarkable road team this year posting a better record, better hitting average, and a better team ERA while on the road. In comparison, the Yanks have been the best home team this year.

So who wins? In how many? Is it going to be a blood bath? Is each game going to be combined 10 + run games? Who gets the MVP?

It starts on Wednesday baby, and I couldn't be more excited. I think the Phils have proven time and time again that they know how to win. Even in the most dire of situations, they have managed to overcome adversity (horrible pen, no closer, etc.)

So let me start with some thoughts.

Team Defense - The Phillies made only 76 errors this whole season making them the second best team in that category. Right behind the Pirates. The Yanks allowed 86 team errors.

Pitching - Philadelphia had a team ERA of 4.16 for the regular season. The yanks ERA was 4.26

Batting - The Yankees produced 915 runs with 5660 at bats while the Phils produced 820 runs with 5578 at bats. The yankees team Batting average was .283 while the Phils was .258 Of course the Yankees never had to account for a pitcher batting during the regular season. The Phils combined average for pitchers batting was a paultry .101 and accounted for 623 of those at bats.

Bull Pen - Well, I'm not even going to look up numbers for this category. The Yanks certainly own the Phils in this category.

All the numbers in the world mean very little however. This is why they play the game. I think this series will come down to more than just numbers. As a matter of fact, I bet this series becomes a sandlot match. It's very exciting to think about it.

The Yanks are the winningest team in all of professional sports garnering the most trips to the Championship game and winning the most titles. They haven't been there in a while and they are hungry. The Phils are the reigning world champs and play like they want to keep it that way. I've never seen a team with almost zero panic in each and every player. No matter how dire the situation has gotten, they just don't panic. They win.

The yanks are without a doubt the better team right now. If everything matches up pretty solidly, the fact that their bullpen is so much better gives them that designation. But lets stop here for a minute.

I have some bad news for the Phils. Utley is hurt. A story came out in the Philadelphia media that Utley has had some hip pain. He had surgery in the off season and the pain's effect has been noticeable throughout the post season. Utley didn't make a statement. Rather some scouts and "experts" have been watching. His slugging percentage has gone down and he has been relegated to hitting singles (pity), and his throwing errors have been amplified as well during the post season. He can't turn as effectively with that hip. That could prove to be a liability.

Ibanez has also been diagnosed with the same injury as Utley, and has considered the possibility of the same surgery in the off season. Both of these guys have been clutch hitters in important spots in the line up for the Phils.

The Yanks have been smoking. A Rod has been just unstoppable this post season. His hitting has been spot on. He is tied with Jason Werth for the most home runs in the post season at 5. his average is .438, and he is second behind Howard in RBI's with 12. Sabbathia has the most wins in the post season with 3 and Rivera is tied with Lidge for the most saves at 3.

I don't know how to pick this series. Obviously my heart tells me that the Phils win in game 5. I don't know that the Yanks have faced a team that hits like this one, but there is no way of telling if that will effect them at all.

I am not so worried about the Yanks starting pitching. Lee v Sabbathia in game one should really be a Phils win. Even at Yankee stadium. The Phils put up 5 runs in 3 innings last year against him and did even better the year before in interleague play. The numbers prove we just own this guy. Lee has a post season ERA of .074 If the Yanks can topple him and put up like 6 in 4, then we have an issue. But Lee has been lights out to date, so there is no reason (other than they are playing the Yankees) to think that he will collapse like that.

If we win game one, the Yanks will be on their heels. Hamels pitching in game two will be a huge factor for this series. If we win game one, and Hamels goes on to pitch a gem in game 2, the Yanks are cooked. If we lose game 1, Hamels will need to go lights out in game 2 in order to give the Phils any kind of chance to win the whole thing.

I believe this because the Yanks are hot. If we can piss on that fire just a little, we get the edge. If this series is a slug fest, the edge goes to the phils. If the series becomes a pitching duel, I gotta think the Yanks walk away with it.

I just don't know that going toe to toe in the late innings with a 1-2 run lead is the best scenario for the Phils. It worries me. A ton.

Just to pick on Dawn a little more, I liken this series/ season for the Yankees to the Pats perfect season a few years back. Randy Moss, Tom Brady were the best team in Football going undefeated. Right up until the Super Bowl. Hoy said this is the Yanks perfect season. It may be. Right up until the World Series!

It will be fun to watch, that's for sure!

On a side note... for all you Cleveland fans out there, it must be hard to watch two Cy Young Winners who were on your team within the last year and a half starting game one for the World Series this year. Just Sayin' :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know, I know... It's Phils v Yank/ Angels in a few days. However...

Hoy put up a post yesterday with some sites he trolled from the Dodgers and the Mets talking about the Phils dominant win against the Dodgers in this years NLCS. I laughed very hard reading the Mets board.

Some of the things posted on there is hysterical. Go read. I promise you won't be disappointed. Talk about people having an inferiority complex. Um, no... We don't talk shit about the Mets. Anymore than they "talk shit on us".

Apparently they just don't get it. Mets fans that is. I'm looking at you Dawn Summers!!! (and I LOVE IT!!)

Here are some hard facts about the Mets and Phils. I got this little post off of the Riverchasers site after I posted the link to the Mets forum. Even in Philadelphia there are Mets fans who we just love to pick on. Especially now.


Yes, the Phillies have had long painful slumps as a team but so have the Mets. One thing mentioned often on that Mets forum is that Mets fans didn't really worry much about the Phillies till recently. That shows the age range of most of the posters as 20 somethings.

Yes the Phillies sucked in the late 90s, but so did the Mets for the most part (except for 99, & 2000) The Braves ruled that time period.

So... Facts (just from 1962 on) toss out our 2 other NL championships in 1915 and 1950

Playoff appearances:
Mets 7 (69, 73, 86, 88, 99, 00, 06)
Phils 10 (76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 83, 93, 07, 08, 09)

NL East Titles:
Mets 5 (69, 73, 86, 88, 06)
Phils 9.5 (76, 77, 78, 80, 83, 93, 07, 08, 09) the half is 81 phils won 1st half of a split season

Wild Cards:
Mets 2 (99, 00)
Phils 0 (we dont do second best) ok, ok, a little shot :)

NL Championships
Mets 4 (69, 73, 86, 00)
Phils 5 (80, 83, 93, 08, 09)

World Series Champs:
Mets 2 (69, 86)
Phils 2 (80, 08)

Gee it looks like the Phils look back at the Mets slightly more than they look back at us.

My point for posting all of these facts is for those Mets fans who speak so highly of their own teams dominance and how it should be them every time the Phils are doing well. If for any other reason than they are so much more dominant of a ball club than the Phils. I think the numbers above prove that thinking that way is just pure ignorance. But that should be expected I guess... from a Mets fan :)


As I predicted here on this blog, and in others comments, the Phils handily dissected the Dodgers and now advance on to the 2009 World Series for a chance to take back to back titles.

This would be a feat that hasn't happened ever in Philadelphia, and not since the 70's in the NL. It looks as if the Yankees will be their opponents as they have just plowed through the Angels, in what has become sort of a disappointment for most baseball fans.

I for one would rather see the Phils play the Yankees because I think their chances are better against them. I just don't see them matching up against the Angels as well, although I do think the Yankees are a better club, if that makes any goddamn sense. (I'll have numbers in the preview post to prove that)

That match is still undecided and the Angels have an opportunity to keep it going tonight.

Most of the media would have you think that the series between the Phils and the Dodgers was a very competitive one with most giving the Dodgers the edge and picking them to win. But as I stated, and as the team proved, LA never really had a chance.

The biggest component of this was their inability to get a scoreless inning after scoring themselves. Time after time throughout the series the Dodgers would score, and the Phils would come right back in the bottom half and either take the lead, or put up at least one more run. This is demoralizing for a team that is clearly over matched, and one that clearly understood that.

One of the matchups highly touted in favor of the Dodgers was Broxton v Lidge. First, Lidge has struggled in the regular season, but has yet failed in his attempts to save a game, even garnishing a win in one. Broxton is a big, hard throwing closer with pitches that get into the 100's. But as I stated before, any major leaguer is capable of hitting a fastball. Fast just doesn't do it. You gotta have movement and placement, a'la Wagner in his prime.

Moving into the World series, I think the biggest thing the Phils have going for them is the fact that they never give up. They are the best at coming back, and very rarely are they giving up a late inning lead.

Assuming the Yanks finish it off tonight, I will have my Phils v Yanks preview tomorrow. This matchup should be a huge lift for Baseball as it will pit two very strong lineups against each other in two parks that have allowed the most home runs this year with NY's park being 1 and Phils being 2.

The funny thing about that stat is that the Phils have hit more home runs on the road this year than in their own park. What does that say about this series? With 7 home runs hit last night alone, and 14 throughout the series (most ever in an NLCS I believe), the Phils bats are primed and ready to go.

Arod is on an unbelievable hot streak right now batting something like .420 and tying Ryan Howard for RBI's in a Championship series. I was disappointed that Ryan couldn't keep that streak up last night walking twice and striking out twice for an 0-2 performance. Aroid probably breaks that stat tonight as well, and if he does, they probably win and move on to the WS.

It is definitely exciting times here in Philadelphia. Haters abound throughout the media, message boards, and even here locally. Some very insecure and low self esteem fans are out there just rather bashing than respecting. If you can't respect this team for what they have accomplished to date, you're just a piss ant of a human being and can't recognize and appreciate greatness for what it is. I also feel sorry for them for not being able to enjoy what has truly been a team effort the whole way through these accomplishments. I don't know that I can recall a time, in any sport, where one TEAM has really been so close and where everyone has done their part to accomplish the greatest in it's arena... Save the US Olympic Hockey Team.

Congrats to the Phils!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OK, before I start, The Dawn Summers (major three way linkage) got all jammed up and salty in the comments about me not posting about NLCS games anymore, so I will give you a quick recap about game 2 and game 3...

Game 2 - 6 outs away and Pedro gets pulled before starting the 8th (for whatever reasons) after throwing less than 90 pitches and giving up just 2 hits. Charlie puts 6 relievers through the 8th inning and the phils lose having LA tie it up. The only acceptable reason I will take for Pedro's benching would be Pedro's own admission that he told his GM that he just couldn't go anymore. Other than that, It's the weirdest move I've seen in a long time when it comes to playoff baseball. Of course this is why I am writing about it and not playing/ coaching.

Game 3 - 11-0 with Lee on the mound. That is all

After last nights game, the previous two really don't need anymore explanation than that.

It really is crazy to see this whole thing play out. I wrote somewhere that these two teams are really very unmatched with Philly clearly being the much better team. If you compare them on paper, it would be hard for even the staunchest of Dodgers fans to argue how much better the Phils really are. By position, by order in the line up, on the mound.

But this is why they play the game. So lets stop with the belly rubbing and delve into last nights episode.

Both starting pithcers (Wolf v Blanton) knew this was a big game. Obviously a bigger game for Wolf needing to keep his team in this series by not going down 3-1. The Dodgers coming off an 11-0 routing the previous night was something to consider as well. Wolf was probably the best guy to do it as well. His experience, maturity, and general skill was a good fit for last nights situation.

Blanton had some equity as well. This would be his first start in the series and he knew winning this game would be huge. Taking a 3-1 lead, having the opportunity to be the guy who just stepped on the LA's necks and really put the Phils into position to not only win the series, but do it here in Philly on Wednesday.

The behind the plate ump last night must have had a really bad case of the Red Ass before the game, because his strike zone was about the size of a walnut. I'll give him credit because he was at least consistent with it, but Dodgers fans (reads Philly haters) must have been through the roof watching some of the gems Wolf threw be looked off and called a ball.

Blanton suffered as well and it was right about the 4th inning where I said he was done. Get him out. Put him on ice.

My reason for this was simple. When the game started I gave the clear edge to Blanton in this matchup. Blanton has great numbers and he throws hard. Wolf is a fantastic locator of the ball and has one of the nastiest hooks in the league.
However, with that strike zone allowed last night, I gave the advantage back to Wolf right about the third inning.

Blanton is a guy that needs a big strike zone. He throws that nasty fast ball that gets right in there on right handed batters, and if he's not getting that pitch called as a strike, He can forget about it. Once the Dodgers knew they were getting that pitch, they started taking it and getting Blanton behind in counts. Which lead to their big innings in 4 and 5. Not getting that pitch made Blanton force a lot of pitches that were more than hittable. It would have been worse save some superior defense by the Phils (something that is usually taken for granted). It wasn't until the 4th inning that the Dodgers actually had back to back hits within 19 innings. That's a retarded stat in playoff baseball. A death sentence really.

I used to play poker with Wolf, and he is a very centered guy. Almost no ego. I figured the pitches that are normally strikes being called balls wouldn't effect him as much and that proved to be right. He settled in and pitched a very strong 3rd, 4th, and 5th inning. Blanton didn't. He made it through 6 but he was clearly frustrated trying to force pitches in that got him into trouble allowing the Dodgers to take advantage and take the lead.

Once through the middle innings and it being a one run game, all eyes went to the Phils bull pen. How many more would they allow? Turns out none, and it looked to provide a good opportunity for the Phils to at least tie this up and take it into extra innings.

However, Torre did something weird. He allowed Broxton to attempt a 4 out close. Broxton is a big dude. 280lbs or so, and he throws a friggin cannon ball. One pitch (on the third out in the 8th) reached 101mph and just shut down any attempt at a comeback in that inning. He was imposing.

But the issue with Broxton, throwing that hard, is that he can't stay out there long without expecting him to make mistakes. When I saw he was coming back for the 9th, I told my boy who was watching with me that we really had a huge shot to take this game. At least to tie it. He was going to get tired, and make a mistake. It was inevitable.

He gets the first out. Then Stairs comes to the plate. The only guy Broxton has given up a homerun too in like the last million years. It was a big one as well. Remember LAST years NLCS? What does he do? Walks him. Mistake one.
Then he hits Chooch. At this point you gotta figure that he is pitching around the players and is clearly worried about making a game defeating mistake. Why isn't Torre making a switch at this moment?

Torre came to the mound and talked him down, and he managed to get Gregg Dobbs, who pinch hitted in the 9th slot to weakly pop out to 3rd when the inside of his bat pushed the ball in that direction.

Up comes Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy struggled coming into the playoffs and hadn't really done much to change that. He is a solid hitter but hasn't performed the way we would have liked him, or expected him to. But Rollins is also a gamer. He's a spot light guy.

Broxton threw the first two pitches, each exceeding 98mph. The first one was down and inside and Rollings swung and missed. The second was a ball. So here we are Broxton. 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. 2 on, and your team holds a 1 run lead. The count is 1-1.

At this point, which pitch do you think you need to throw? Every pound of the billions in tension right now should be falling on the hitter. The pitcher almost has it easy. You throw the best pitches to the best spots. If the guy hits it, then fine. He did his job. But you don't offer up a meatball the way he did.

Obv, the third pitch Rollins took it to the gap in right center quickly, and scored the two runners giving them the win. It was such a smash that just got out super quick.

I know Broxton throws 100mph, but there isn't a major league hitter who can't hit a fast ball. Throw it 119 mph. If you put it where Broxton put it, 90% of all major leaguers are going to crush it, assuming their timing is down.

Broxton managed to put that pitch in the spot where you just can't. Rollins took advantage and now we have a 3-1 lead coming into Wednesday with Hamels pitching.

Really, what Broxton did is unforgivable. You are a professional. You gave a very good hitter, a gift. And he took it.

It's not as easy as it was last year for the Phils. On top of the pressure of winning the NLCS and trying to get to the World Series, they have the added pressure of doing it AGAIN. That's huge. They have the same weapons they had last year with a little help, but clearly some of those weapons aren't as potent as they were last year. Hamels was a lock last year. So was Lidge. Hell, so was Madsen. They don't have that luxury this year. Yet they still get it done.

Wednesday will be a fun game. I will expect that Hamels will be in rare form and pitch a gem. He will have help from the Dodger lineup as I don't think they will have their heart in it. They were blown out 11-0 and then gave up the best opportunity they had by Broxton pitching a cantelope to Rollins and losing a heart breaker. I obviously don't expect them to lay down, but I will guess that the Phils will put up another 10 runs WITH Hamels going very deep.

I'll have my thoughts on that game after its conclusion and a World Series Preview once the Yanks finish off the Angels. At least I hope they do, because the Angels scare me more than the Yankees. Plus I don't want to upset Summers! Maybe I'll throw in some met bashing as well just to stir it up a little :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow, what a game. And what a friggin' heart attack. I love playoff baseball as you should because of the drama that ensues. No matter the opponents, it's always a game.

My Phil's pulled it off but not without some retardedness cocksuckery from nearly everyone.

First, let me start out by giving props to Kershaw. This kid is wicked stupid with the shit he throws. Just some nasty craziness that will someday win him a Cy Young IMO. But his youth goes against him in playoff baseball and I think he rattled a piece or two.

Second, let's look at the bottom half of the 6th inning after the Phils took a 5-1 lead. The biggest mistake I saw was the AB against Manny. Hamels is still in and obviously frustrated and tired and not feeling himself. Whatever reasons, I don't care... You're a professional. Kid, no kid, cheating wife, failing kidney. Get it the fuck done. The mistake I am referring to is when he gets behind in the count to Manny 2-0 after throwing 2 change ups in the same spot.

See, at this point, you can't throw any pitch RIGHT DOWN THE GODDAMN MIDDLE. Christ, just walk the damn guy, but you can't give him a pumpkin to hit. Which is exactly what Hamels did by throwing a third change right down the middle in the bottom third of the plate. So ghey. Of course Ramirez hits it into the Pacific. Christ Hoy could probably have done so.

The next mistake was Charlies in the 8th. Chan Ho Park came into the bottom of the 7th and just dealt. He was a sicko. Why the hell are you taking him out? I understand he was pinch hit for , but for no real reason at all. I think his arm in the 8th would hold more value than a no one on, 1 out pinch hit.

Lidge comes on in the 9th and gives up a lead off hit holding a 2 run lead. Then, gets gifted a double play, which he is rarely afforded by his pitching style. Regardless of how or why, he gets it done and the Phils take game 1. A very important game for both teams I might add in this series.

The thing that is telling for me is the fact that the Dodgers only scored 6 runs on 14 hits, going 3-14 with men in scoring position. That is just a heartbreaker and motivation killer for a team. They hit well, but couldn't get it done as the Phils scored 8 on 8 hits.

Hamels gets the win and Lidge the save giving him 16 post season saves. I don't understand the hype here with most media outlet talking heads giving the advantage to the Dodgers. Anyone worth their weight in baseball knowledge can look at these lineups and clearly see a huge advantage to Philadelphia. Obv, their bullpen is the sore spot for the team, and I know paper doesn't win championships, but Philadelphia's offense should be able to make up for the holes in their bullpen.

They put 7 of their 11 pitchers on the mound tonight. I'm guessing that's how Charlie is going to continue throughout the series. Last year it was Madson, Lidge, game over. This year, it's a whole new animal.

It's one game and in no way am I saying this is over. Baseball playoffs are a funny monkey and anything can happen, but I'm liking how it is playing out. How about Ibanez? Phillies management is looking pretty goddamn smart right now. How about Chooch (Ruiz)? Possibly the most consistent player at the plate right now, and Mr. Fucking Clutch!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's 4pm start and hopefully heading back home with a 2-0 lead. Pedro will determine that!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Poker Showdown and KSINO

Ksino will be hosting World Poker Showdowns event in Costa Rica. World Poker Showdown is a company that provides cruises to poker locations and hosting poker events on ships and at vacation locales.

Check out their link for info. Herb and the crew do a great job with WPS and have been around for over 4 years. I might be heading down myself, so let me know if anyone has any interest.

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've been working with the crew at KSINO as they start to roll out a very cool line of clothing geared specifically for Poker players.

The line is cool and the company is cooler. These guys really know their shit when it comes to clothing.

Lacey Jones has signed on with the company as well. Below is a very cool video. I'll have more info on the group as they launch the line. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Cliff Lee pitches tonight. It's time to end this series and move on to the Dodgers.

Last night left me scratching my head. Why would Charlie allow Blanton to hit with 2 on and 1 out when he knew he would have to take him out in the next inning if he got behind. Which he did. I understand the bunt but you're talking about a guy who can't hit ever. Even Bunt, as he proved he couldn't by striking out.

Regardless, Lidge kept up his end of the bargain (Shocker) by closing out the 9th and giving he Phils game three. I think the bottom line here is if Charlie is going to keep using everyone and anyone, Lidge is going to have to be the guy.

Yeah I too saw the Utley foul off his leg and the call at first. That call shouldn't matter since it was clearly fouled off his leg but assuming it wasn't, I'm not so sure he wasn't safe. One angle showed that it could have been an out, and the other showed that it could have been safe. Neither here nor there really because the game is in the books.

The game starts in just about two hours and I'll be parked in front of the tv watching and rooting. So will she :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Handicapping the November 9 and THE WORLD EFFING CHAMPIONS

If you don't know already, Alcanthang runs the Full Tilt blog over here. He recently asked Spaceman and myself to handicap the final 9 players in this years WSOP.

Go check it out. We are doing it in three parts which includes three players per part starting with the highest stacks. Part 1 is up now. Go read.

Let's take a look at yesterday's debacle for the Phillies. Yes it was a debacle for two reasons. One, I get that Charlie thinks that the game is winnable, and yes, if they win game two, the series is all but wrapped up. So I give him credit for trying. But what I am referring to is the fact that he used two starters as relief pitchers.

My question is, if you are not going to use Eyres, Durbin, or Condrey, why have them on the roster? This is so unlike Charlie.

The question about Hamels even starting has to be asked as well. It's a tough decision to pull your number 1/2 starter out of the rotation but let's look at two poignant facts. first, he is win less with a +5 ERA in day games. Secondly, the guys wife went into labor yesterday. While he was pitching. Charlie stated he was taking him out anyway because of the performance (which allowed Hamels to leave the ball field immediately). If the guy's head is elsewhere, why even start him?

I understand, professionals and all, I get it. I also get that the phils never really got their bats working until late. A little too late as it were (It wasn't until the 7th inning that they put a runner in scoring position) But the more important fact to look at is why is he sending Happ or Blanton in as relievers? Things like this really sink a season... or playoff run for that matter.

If their bats get hot, they should fly through the NLDS and CS. People also underestimate, or take for granted their defense. Arguably the best in the league. But Hamels and Lee have to win every time they step on the mound. We've already lost one. I'm not worried about Colorado. I still think it's going to be easy to get through at least one game in Denver, if not both. If it does get back here, Lee will be pitching and it should be a cake walk.

Taking 5 games to dispatch a lesser team will take a little of the swagger off of the Phils though, and going against LA (I'm not counting out the Cards yet, but it can't look good for their fans), is going to be a different story. And if it is the Cards, look the hell out. That will be one hot team having won 3 to make it to the NLCS.

I have faith in Charlie though, and certainly the rest of the team. I'm not going to discuss the probabilities of playing in the World Series yet, and who they may face. Let's get through Saturday first.

Friday, October 2, 2009

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