Thursday, June 30, 2011

It doesn't matter what I know, it's what I can prove

The defense is supposed to rest their case today in the Casey Anthony saga. I believe the prosecution have some rebuttal witnesses they want to call but this case could go to the jury by Friday.

First, I think having the Jury start their deliberations during a holiday weekend leaves poor miss Anthony at a disadvantage. Who is going to want to work during a holiday after 2 months of sitting in sequestration? I think they might be a little peeved and be more interested in getting the hell out of there rather than going through the piles of testimony that should be considered very carefully when deciding on whether or not to take someone's life.

George Anthony hit the stand yesterday for most of the day. Despite the media's attempt to show a grieving grandfather, and someone so distraught over the loss of his granddaughter and daughter I am a bit perplexed on what to think.

First, the guy doesn't seem very credible to me. You don't visit some cow during an episode of such turmoil in your life to "comfort" her because she has a brain tumor. This guy was layin' pipe with this pig and there's no convincing me otherwise and he flat out lied about it on the stand.

Secondly, he was evasive as ever during the questioning from the defense. He tried his best to avoid answering direct questions and was very evasive to the hard questions, never wanting to answer without qualifying. Many times he answered with a question or request to "eplain himself", or complained that the content of the questioning was "taken out of context". To me it's proof of how Casey learned her craft in becoming such a deceiver and liar.

This guy is a terrible human being and I was truly convinced of his guilt in having abused his daughter. I don't think he sexually abused her... there has been zero proof and he genuinely seems to be a guy who thinks he is a good guy, and convinces himself that his actions are pure, but he also seems to be the type of guy who condones his actions because he truly believes he has best intentions.

However, I have no doubts that this guy beat his daughter down, verbally, throughout her life and that is just as much abuse as anything else. Poor job by Baez in my opinion in not sticking it to this guy in a manner that shows his complexity to be a liar and manipulator. Instead, all he seemed to accomplish was to make the jury think he was more of a victim than anything else.

I still don't know how they convict this chic of murder 1 with the circumstantial evidence they have. I do believe she should be found guilty of the lesser charges. But without a cause of death, not being able to place the body with her beyond a reasonable doubt at the time of death, and the thin evidence they have that the manner of death was a homicide (besides the fact that it is so OBVIOUS), there's no way this chic can be convicted of murder 1 in a death case.

Florida is a pretty fucked up state though, so who the hell knows.

Waffles is still a fag :)


The Neophyte said...

Like you I think there is a huge difference between what everyone "knows" happened and what the State of Fla can prove. Unless there is more physical evidence than what I have seen, I don't see how she can be convicted of murder.

Then again her defense attorney has done her no favors. They keep creating all of these theories. Dad abused her, brother raped her, etc and yet they provide zero proof of anything. I don't see how they ever answered any of the stories she told to the cops and that "the baby drowned and I didn't know what to do" crap won't wash with most people. Especially since neither parent backed it up. And her mother called the cops when the baby was missing a month. I'm afraid the jury may decide she had to have killed the baby.

By the way, your assertion that Waffles is still a fag, is that something you know or can you actually prove that.

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