Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Movie Characters of the 90's - Field of 64!

Goat called me up with an idea about a month ago.... Pick 4 bloggers, choose the best 64 movie characters of the 90's, draft them and then put them up in bracket style, going against each other until a winner was chosen. Those winners would be chosen by the viewing public based on votes....

Now, being that Goat has an affinity for me, of course I was first on the list to be asked to do this. Even though I have not posted in quite some time. But you all know me and movie characters so how can I pass this up?

Goat already posted his intro, and so has Astin. HDouble has not posted as of yet, but I'm sure it's coming. This whole thing will be debated, re-posted, and voted on over at Film Chaw so you must go there to vote.

Now, once you read the brackets and those chosen and where they were chosen, you may have some issues. Some have already responded on Goats post in comments. There is a suspect amount of women chosen. 4 to be exact. There are also some characters left out and some chosen in some really weird places. Doc Holliday for example being chosen in the 9th round may seem like a miracle (or insult for that matter), but remember, I was talking to the competitors during drafting and knew I could get him late.

I also think that some of the early round picks where the most ridiculous picks I've ever heard of and surprised the hell out of me. HOWEVER....

I would request that you, the voter, seriously take into consideration the writers purpose, if it is presented, during the competition before you jump to voting for a character. 'Cause there is no way that Roy McEvoy (A late round pick for me) should ever beat any character. But based on who he is going up against, I would think that I may be able to legitimately persuade you.

Some may write about the eloquence of the character, or its pop culture value... They may try to sugar coat or over inflate the value of that character with silly words, etc... I will present my characters as they were intended by the author. OK, or at least how I valued that character and how I think the character made or carried the film. I won't be using fancy words, silly assumptions, or how they fit within pop culture. It's why they were and how they were in that MOVIE. Most of my characters are badasses as well so I"ll be presenting a lot of "my character can kick your characters ass". :)

If you look at the draft order over on Goats Blog, there are certainly some questionable picks. Most likely some that you would have chosen as well... We drafted via email over the weekend. Most likely through mobile phones, as I did and was running for choices near the end.

In the least I hope your additions to the posts in comments will spur a fun and humorous debate among the best characters of the 90's. I also whole-heartedly assume that I can't lose this competition. So in the spirit of fair play.... If i lose, someone is going to have their throat shown.