Monday, June 27, 2011

Death has a secret

Been following the Casey Anthony trial at all? The pig gets off... and her family is in, and has orchestrated the whole thing... Love it! Actually have a lot to say on the whole thing but Waffles caught my attention this morning...

He posted this repost from some other idiot (no offense), and just had to throw in my fifty cents.

It's the ole "what would you do if you knew you were going to die deal... only the dummy puts a bunch of parameters around it which make ZERO FUCKING SENSE... because NO ONE alive falls into that category.

IF you have no wife, no kids, a job, 4-5 years worth of income to support your current lifestyle, YOU AREN'T GETTING SICK!!! You have ZERO stress to become SICK!!! any who...

I like the questions posed, but answering them in a more realistic way with regards to the average human located in this country (or Canada as well you cry baby's).

1) How long would you continue your job or career? Do you love your job so much you would continue as long as possible?

The real answer is as long as you HAVE to. IF you know you are dying (and it's not some ten year retarded guess either) I would reckon you would do anything possible to stop and finally get on livin'.

2) How hard would you pursue a relationship? How important is it for you to NOT die alone?

I suppose that most honest people would answer this in the negative. The very core of human existence is good and knowing you're about to die in a relatively short time would preclude anyone from getting romantically involved with another knowing you were just going to hurt that person. The real answer to the question would be not at all. IF it happens then it happens. But you should be too busy getting your rocks off fulfilling your dreams than trying to find Love as to no be lonely

3) Would you ever consider elective surgery (such as a cosmetic procedure) even though it's likely you will die just a few years later.

Wait... you come up with a scenario about dying, form some questions about what you would do with the rest of your life, and this is the question you come up with? Whoever thought of that question is truly an asshole and probably should die very quickly, for you are most likely the most shallowest person on the planet and furthermore probably hate yourself... enough said.

4) On the other hand, would you spend a significant chunk of your net worth on medical care just to extend your life a year or two?

I think recent history has proven Waffles point correct. They aren't interested in keeping you alive.. they are interested in keeping you breathing. To that point, spending money on traditional healthcare will only serve to keep you in an institution either full time, or so many times back and forth for testing or treatment that you won't be able to live. My answer is no.

5) Would you travel more or less? Would you develop a specific "bucket list" for your remaining years?

I'd go see every nook and cranny of the earth that was available to me via time and cost. and yes, the bucket list would go into full effect. You should already have one.

6) Would you be more likely to use illegal substances or engage in illegal activities, knowing your potential punishment is diminished by your life expectancy?*

This must have been a fucking child who wrote these questions... Short answer... see bucket list.

7) What is the ONE most important thing to accomplish in your remaining years?

Yet another stupid question. I say, and most of you will agree, that after 42 years of life that ONE thing always changes. It changes after accomplishing each one. Of course you can be some queer love hippie (like goat), and say that the ONE thing is living in peace and harmony. That's such a fucking cop out it's not even funny. Look, us CEO's need tangible, attainable results and we want them now! Show me a plan, execute, then start a new one. Fucking Children!

This was the extent of the questions, so I thought that I would add my own last one...

8) After setting out and setting yourself up to finally live the rest of your life because you found out you were about to die... how much regret would you have and how miserable would you be when you are finally on your death bed, AFTER realizing that you could have/ should have lived your whole life that way?

The fact is that we all only have a finite time on this earth. Ten years, A hundred, it doesn't matter. Death does have a secret. That is, it doesn't matter much whether we're here the next day or not. Everyone else is going to go on without much thought of you.

Do what you want to and don't make excuses. I'm divorced with 4 kids under 13... Nothing is going to stop me doing what I want. Sure, you have different levels of responsibility and that is not to be shunned... But LIVE YOUR LIFE. And don't wait for someone to tell you that you only have ten years.... Cause I'm telling you, it might only be 1


Josie said...

Excellent thoughtful answers that I find myself agreeing with....especially the one about cosmetic surgery. You're going to die and cosmetic surgery is on your mind? WTF

lightning36 said...

Great post, Riggs. Glad to see you back in da game.

jamyhawk said...

"it might only be 1" <-- most important line in the whole post.

Live it up brother!

Bayne_S said...

Thought this was a great comment:
"IF you have no wife, no kids, a job, 4-5 years worth of income to support your current lifestyle, YOU AREN'T GETTING SICK!!! You have ZERO stress to become SICK!!! "

It was only after I copied quote that I remembered a friend of mine who probably met all except only had 1-2 years of income saved up got some sort of bacterial infection while living in Japan.

Grats on making freeing decision and it is good to see you blogging again.

Now teach waffles how to lead the divorced life.

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