Thursday, May 20, 2010

Muck the Fookie!

It's really uncanny the amount of shit I go through with this tournament. Over the time I have been playing the mookie I've managed to make about 10 final tables. I think that's over about 3 years. I've taken 2cnd at least twice but have never won it. I even managed to get to the final table one time with a huge chip lead and fell asleep. I think at that point there were 50 entrants and I came to the final table with 37k in chips.

Last night I played the Dookie as well. This is the first time I've played this tournament in over a year and I've managed to win that tournament 3 times. Well, make it 4 now. See I can win the unimportant ones. It helped that we had a spewer at the table who called every single pot bet, even 4 handed, obviously not knowing what the hell he/ she was doing. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that.

The Mookie however was weird last night. I've made 5 final tables so far in the BBT5 and I am seriously thinking that this time around I will run well enough to be able to finally win one of these things. Last night started out real slow, then picked up a little when I got aces on the button. There were no limpers. I raised standard and the small shoved for 750. Lightning called the 750 very quickly leaving only 1k left in his stack, and I shoved my remaining 2200. Now, normally I would flat there but it would have only left about 1200 left in my stack and lightning only had 1k left, AND we're 3 handed now so what sense does it make to just flat. If we're deeper, sure maybe I flat to jam the flop but really, whats the point?

Lightning tanks and curses me and folds pre. I just don't get that. If you're willing to call off half your stack and then fold to a shove with really >10bb's left, AND I have seen him get it all in for more, calling off with AQ/ AJ/ smaller pairs... what the heck were you thinking?

Anyway, I won the pot and then went card dead. I stole maybe 4 pots over the next hour but other than that really got nothing going. I was down to 9 bb's and open shoved J9. Loretta was on my left in the sb and over shoved his remaining 13 bb's with QJ. I hit the 9 on the flop and we both rivered a J sending the pot my way. The hand I went out on saw me leading out pre with A9 from the high jack. That raise left me with just about a pot bet left if I was called, which I was from Mondo (I think). The flop came 9 high, I jammed, and he called with QQ.

You know, I'll just never understand that play. The stacks are so short it's not like there's any value to just calling pre. If an A or K hits, what's your plan holding QQ after JUST calling? It's not like you're folding QQ if I jam a K or A high flop, and if the flop comes 99x or whatever I am holding to give me trips... I mean, what's the point? Again, if we're both deeper, I get the play, but seriously, why just call when there is no possible way you will be folding on the flop? I'm not berating the play, I just don't get it at those stack sizes and it seems I am seeing it more and more.

I ran kinda deep last sunday in the invitational going out like 21st or so and I missed Monday's poker from the rail tourney. I'm hoping I can get something going on SUnday and Monday. I'm just relegating myself to the fact that the Mookie will never show me any love. Apparently that's the Dookies Job


lightning36 said...

Yo Riggs:

I was not cursing you, btw. I was unhappy that I was trapped -- angry at a situation of my own doing

I was almost sure I was beat. I always thought the worst thing you can do in poker is call when you know you are beat, then say "I knew I was beat" when you get your lunch handed to you.

I'm posting the hand history in my blog today and asking for comments. Feel free to contribute.

nh, btw ...

Shrike said...

Always great playing with you, Riggs. I was hoping we'd both make the final table. I didn't really think your Dookie cash (since I figured I was a lock to cash there too) would outstrip my Mookie result, but I see it did ...


BamBam said...

All I want to know is.... WHY YOU!


Man I can't believe the dookie didn't end up just you, me and Ski.

Great playing the game with you again brudder! Always my pleasure.

Shrike said...

Ahem. I can't believe the Dookie final 3 wasn't me and two other people, most likely you and Ski (since Riggs was barely awake!).

lucko said...

"the worst thing you can do in poker is call when you know you are beat"

Thats just flat out wrong and a is a bad mindset to have. Not only is it not the worst thing, sometimes its the right thing to do.

If you don't want to get it all in there, then just fold the first time. Once you stick in ~40% of your stack, you can't fold getting like 3 to 1 or something.

Bayne_S said...

Classic situation is PLO is set and flush draw against flopped set.

The worst thing you can do is call there when you know you are beat.

What you should be doing is raising since you are favorite.

Because Riggs range includes AK you are priced in with ATC once you are getting 3:1