Friday, May 14, 2010

Ya load up, ya party!... No, we DRESS up

This weekend is the celebration of my parents 50th wedding anniversary. To facilitate the celebration we will be having a full blown wedding. They think it's just a quick ceremony of the renewal of their vows and a simple dinner afterwords with family and a few friends.

In reality we're having a huge reception with over 150 invites and will all commence tomorrow at 11am.

I'm excited for them. They never really had a real wedding and after 50 years, finally get to celebrate like it was 1959. Only we'll be celebrating like wild dogs. I'm giving the toast and plan on it to be a total crushing blow to my siblings. Humor and sarcasm runs in the family. Shot after shot... I plan on delivering a number of salvos to insult and denigrate them. I hope I bring tears. Tears of joy that is. This is all sort of ironic really, but that's another story.

So enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all on Sunday night blasting away during the free roll


Wolfshead said...

Best wishes to your parents and congrstulations on their 50th. I'm sure they're good people even if they did stick us with you. :->

Have fun and enjoy.

BamBam said...

50's a big number!
So cool.


Dawn Summers said...

Yes! What Wolfshead said.