Monday, May 24, 2010

You know how I know you're gay?

L O S T finale was on last night.  I missed it.  As I did the final invitational for reasons that shall remain unspoken.  It was a tough weekend, what can I say.

Anyway, I managed to catch it early this morning without any spoilers.  I stayed off the internet, pulled it up ON DEMAND, and watched the 1:59 minutes that the screen had said.  Funny thing was that only about 1:20 minutes of it was actual show.  Lot's of commercials.

My initial thoughts are that it was good.  I liked it.  I didn't start watching the show until about season 2, missed half of season 3 and most of season 4 so my limited knowledge of back story was filled in by IM'ing the likes of Goat and reading up on some other L O S T blogs.

Honestly, I thought that the show had showed it's intentions of deviating from a story line that was built over 5 years when it came out two episodes ago that the story was really nothing more than Hurt locker (the nemesis, man in black, bad brother) versus Jacob and who would win that battle.  They talked about this war coming.  They spoke about the Island being destroyed and if that happened, all would cease to exist.  The characters really defined and seemingly an integral part of the show turned out to be nothing more than pawns in this contest between Hurt and Jacob.  I kept thinking that all would be answered. 

Well, the final episode addressed none of this.  Partially the light thing, but we come to find out that this was nothing more than Jack's journey.  I was chatting with Goat late last night before I watched and told him my theory.  That was that this whole show was about one person.  I thought that person was Locke.  I thought Jacob and Hurt locker didn't really exist.  That Locke had a journey to fulfill.  I wasn't sure whether or not he was dead.  I surmised he most likely was.  The show kinda fills it out that this was about Jack.  But I tend to lean more towards it being about all of them.  I haven't really thought about the ramifications of the writers screwing us out of what most of us felt we were due.  I don't know that it matters, or even soils the show.  I'm just not sure yet.  I will watch it again later tonight and will have something up with final thoughts tomorrow.  Most of which will be more towards what the show was telling us (or me rather), not whether or not I think the writers are dooshers.

The Flyers play tonight with a shot at ending the conference finals and getting their first shot at a Stanley Cup since 1997.  I'm sure they win tonight.  I'm not so sure about the Stanley Cup.  Chicago is good.  Real Good.  But watching and rooting will be fun.  Leighton has been playing on his head as of late and if he can manage to accomplish the same level of success throughout the Championship, well, then anything is possible!

The GODDAMN Phillies bet get their friggin' bats in gear.  That's all I gotta say.  When you let some circus act get the best of you with that stupid 60 mph knuckle ball, it's time to pick your balls up off the pink fluffy bathroom mat and start acting like friggin' men.  Complete horse shit.



Josie said...

Just so you know, I was intending to leave a NICE comment till I read your last paragraph.

Circus act? Stupid knuckleball? :P

When Wake's knuckler is dancing y'all better watch out! He looked pretty good at bat too! (so what if he went 0-3, he got a sacrifice)

And when the opposing team isn't used to dealing with Wake, the results are usually good. God knows he needed a win.

I think the circus act is coming into their own, and maybe this season isn't a total loss.

Comment isn't as mean as I intended so I'll leave off with:

Time for Riggsy to pick his balls up off the pink fluffy mat and win a ToC seat tonight. (unless you're at my table)

1Queens Up1 said...

we shoulda countered Wakefield with Moyer just to set the oldest dueling pitchers record or something.

Go Flyers!